Position: Former Romanian Regulator, President at Asociatia Organizatorilor de Jocuri de Noroc la Distanta (AOJND)

Odette Nestor is a Gambling specialist with a decade of successful experience in regulatory affairs.

Embracing the core values of integrity, analysis, and growth,  was a valuable asset for the Romanian Government, being nominated for Secretary of State – National Gambling Office.

Under her rule as the President of the National Gambling Office, Romania has become one of the best countries among the European Union with the best legal regulations in the online gambling sector.

During the last years, Mrs. Nestor was a gambling regulatory consultant for governments such as the Republic of Croatia, the Federal Republic of Mexico, and the Republic of Tunisia, where due to her legislative know-how she helped in the process of legalizing the gambling sector.

She also represents the Remote Gambling Operators Association, the only remote gambling entity that represents and protects the sector’s interests in the Romanian market.

Odette Nestor holds a Finance Ph.D. She is a former professional finance Solutions and has 17+ combined years of experience in the finance and economic arenas, being also a valued speaker in this area of the field, being invited to speak about regulatory affairs in gambling in more than 20 international conferences.