Position: Business Development Director at Parimatch Holding

Tamara joined Parimatch in December 2018, whilst the company was in the midst of rebranding and restructuring. In her role as Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, she is responsible for strategic planning and control of penetration, development and strengthening of position in the markets that the Parimatch Holding company and partners operate. In addition, her role entails developing and searching for new engagement channels, devising creative marketing solutions and undertaking key promotional activities.

Tamara’s notable achievements whilst working at Parimatch include recruiting a new marketing team at the company’s headquarters after restructuring, conducting a rebranding PR campaign for the company, and strengthening SEO positions for high-frequency queries.

Outside of Parimatch, Tamara has nine years of experience in the gaming industry. Her experience thus spans both the gaming industry’s emergence, and also its subsequent evolution, in the CIS regions – from the poker boom, to the heyday of online gaming and the legalization of interactive bets.

Tamara has experienced marketing first-hand since her youth, when she worked in the field of sales. But it was the digital marketing route which she eventually decided to go down, beginning with SEO optimization and now more recently strategic and tactical mix-media planning.

During her career, Tamara has worked with sports stars and CIS showbiz celebrities. She has also been successful in running a dozen promotional image campaigns against budgetary constraints. Additionally, working on a white-label platform enabled Tamara to work in European markets regulated by GDPR and other additional local licenses.

Before beginning her professional career, Tamara gained a business management qualification from the enterprise and personnel management faculty at Mainor University of Tallinn in Estonia.

In her spare time, Tamara enjoys yoga, skiing, fishing and light mountain hikes.