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Cryptocurrencies versus a financial crisis

George Miller



Cryptocurrencies versus a financial crisis
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The Crypto Market has not yet passed the most important test

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has existed for over 9 years, although the cryptocurrency market started to gain most popularity last year. However, this period of time is not that long enough to be able to assess how the cryptocurrency market will behave in the long term and if it will grow, as its supporters expect. All this is because the cryptocurrency owners did not come into contact with the key factor that allows to assess the durability of any given market – the financial crisis.

How will Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behave in the face of the financial crisis?

We can distinguish two extreme approaches to this issue. People counting on the fact that the cryptocurrencies will replace FIAT currencies in the future and completely change the financial system believe that the global financial crisis will be a period of bloom for the cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, sceptics believe that the crisis will be very acute for this market – there will be drastic falls and a large part of the projects may not survive. The latter group includes American investor James Chanos, known for catching assets that can be earned from short selling.

Chanos warns that people counting on the fact that the cryptocurrencies purchased by them will perform the function of a value storage like the real estate market during the crisis will be very disappointed. In his opinion, periods of turbulence on the markets are the worst time to keep the cryptocurrencies. He even said that it would be a much better idea to keep… food.

“The last thing I would like to have when everything falls asleep is Bitcoin,” said Chanos in an interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

According to Chanos, cryptos are only a speculative game, hidden under the slogan of a revolution of the traditional financial system. He doesn’t openly call Bitcoin fraud, but points out that some projects may be so.

The bull market is the source of the success of the cryptocurrencies?

While the usability of cryptocurrencies is a subject of discussion, Chanos draws attention to an important factor that has made investing in cryptocurrencies so popular. This is a certain repeatability of behaviour, correlated with cycles on financial markets. It’s all, of course, about the rises and the downturns, and their impact on the financial decisions.

Bear markets have it to each other that they significantly increase the level of risk aversion. During the bull market, this level of risk aversion decreases. The problem, however, is that this decline does not stop at reasonable levels. Long-lasting rallies make investors willing to take more and more risks and even make investments that they would normally consider inappropriate. As a result, a prolonged bull market is an ideal environment for the development of speculative bubbles or dishonest investment patterns (e.g. financial pyramids or ponzi schemes). This is also facilitated by low interest rate levels, which discourage people from holding savings on secure deposits. Investors in such conditions are more likely to choose riskier investments in order to achieve a satisfactory return. The gambling and sports betting industry is thriving in these conditions with sites like the Sportsbet offering traditional betting but with Bitcoins. This increases the risks associated with gambling tremendously – when we gamble using FIAT currencies we know that when we win 400$ at blackjack, we will come home with 400$ (minus possible casino fees). But when we gamble with cryptos? We can come home with our 400$ in BTC and wake up next morning to 800$ or 200$. This is indeed a silent revolution, and not only the gambling and betting sites know that.

A repetition of the Internet boom?

Chanos reminds us that the bull market ended at the beginning of the 21st century with a dotcom bubble. Just as the dotcom boom contributed to the proliferation of companies connecting to the Internet industry, so now, like mushrooms after the rain, new cryptocurrencies are emerging, and companies are appearing on the stock exchanges trying to gain publicity thanks to the link with blockchain technology. The bear market of the beginning of the last decade ended with strong discounts of the leading entities from the dotcom sector and cleared the market of smaller players and entities impersonating Internet business.

Will the same fate await the cryptocurrencies and the ICOs? Such a scenario seems plausible. As in the case of grants, the largest projects such as Bitcoin or Ethereum may remain on the market, which on the one hand will lose out on a general sale, but some of these losses will be compensated for by the capital fleeing from smaller projects.

Why should the crypto owners lose money during the financial crisis at all?

If we treat the cryptocurrency market as other investment markets, the risk parameter should be a key one. During financial crises, the highest outflow of capital is recorded in high-risk markets. This is transferred either to cash or to low-risk markets (so-called safe harbours).

The cryptocurrency cannot currently be considered to be either a cash equivalent or a safe haven. Globally, traditional currencies are preferable to cryptocurrencies and this should not be expected to change until the next financial crisis. It should be remembered that the capital circulating on the financial markets is mainly institutional capital, i.e. still sceptical about cryptos.

To put it very simply, all of this is primarily about the already mentioned risk parameter – cryptocurrencies are characterised by a much higher investment risk than financial instruments that do not use leverage. On the one hand, it gives a chance to achieve high rates of return (as in the previous year), and on the other hand, it poses a threat of significant slips, as in this year. The financial crisis and the accompanying economic collapse are making risk aversion drastically increasing. The uncertain high profit in the future is no longer so attractive, especially when the spectre of redundancies in companies and difficulties in finding new jobs arise.

George Miller started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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Cryptocurrency lands headline Watford F.C. shirt sponsorship

George Miller


on lands headline Watford F.C. shirt sponsorship
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Disruptive sports betting brand has agreed a deal to become the Main Club Partner of Premier League team Watford F.C. after securing a landmark agreement with the 2019 FA Cup finalists.

The deal, the likes of which have never been seen before in the cryptocurrency sportsbook world, will see the’s logo appear on the front of Watford shirts for the next three years. branding will also feature at Watford’s home ground of Vicarage Road from the start of the new Premier League season, which kicks off on August 10 against Brighton and Hove Albion.

The announcement comes as recently celebrated its third birthday, and marks a major step up in its marketing activity. Earlier this month, sponsored the CONIFA European Football Cup, which was won in dramatic fashion by South Ossetia.

A video created by the leading online sportsbook called ‘Know No Borders’ has been released celebrating the partnership, has also kicked off the first special promo to celebrate the big news.

Justin Le Brocque, Head of Sportsbook Marketing at, said: “The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world, so we are absolutely delighted to announce a major sponsorship deal with one of its most celebrated teams.

“Like Watford, knows no borders in its efforts to bring fun, fast and fair entertainment and excellence to a truly global audience. We are both looking to disrupt more established competitors and need to be creative in the way we approach this challenge.

“We share the club’s desire to combine passion and innovation to reach the top, and we look forward to doing everything we can to support Watford next season and beyond.”

Spencer Field, Global Strategy & Partnerships Director of Watford FC, said “This is an important year for the club as we aim to improve on a fantastic season both on and off the pitch in 2018/19.

“Our desire to increase our global reach while continuing to make our fans proud by doing things differently in the Watford way is fully supported by We are thrilled to have found a partner that matches our ethos by looking to disrupt the betting industry and offer their customers a fun, fast and fair experience.”

The partnership, the largest in Watford’s history, will see’s branding across Watford FC’s home, away and goalkeeping shirts, as well as training kit for both men’s and ladies’ team.

This historic deal was negotiated and concluded by Samson Sport Consultancy and Kalus Kenny Intelex.

Operated by the Coingaming Group, has quickly established itself as one of the most disruptive sports betting brands in the world, offering players a world-class experience and the ability to bet on sports with both traditional local currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Watford F.C. enjoyed a successful 2018/19 under manager Javi Gracia, finishing 11th in the league and reaching the final of the FA Cup.


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Compliance Updates

Israeli Supreme Court Passes Landmark Verdict on Crypto Exchanges

Niji Narayan



Israeli Supreme Court Passes Landmark Verdict on Crypto Exchanges
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The Supreme Court of Israel has ruled that Leumi Bank cannot freeze the cryptocurrency exchange Bits of Gold’s account because of regulatory concerns.

The bank, in spite of the court ruling , still maintains its stance against dealing with the exchange. However, the ruling sets precedent for Israeli cryptocurrency firms to legally use traditional banking services in the region.

This history of the landmark goes like this:

In 2017, the Israeli Supreme Court previously ruled in favor of Leumi in a separate case against Bits of Gold, in which the bank restricted the exchange’s account on the grounds that bitcoin (BTC) transactions could not comply with the country’s anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

In 2018, however, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Leumi Bank could not block account transactions on the grounds that they went to BTC exchanges, purportedly “websites that execute gambling transactions.” Further, Judge Anat Baron issued a court order temporarily barring Leumi from blocking Bits of Gold’s bank account.

Judge Baron commented that since there was no indication of any AML violations over five years of exchange transactions, there are not any grounds to continue blocking Bits of Gold’s account. Baron noted, however, that the decision to issue the court order did not prevent the bank from scrutinizing the exchange’s behavior or complying with their risk management policy.

In March 2019, the Israeli Securities Authority issued its final recommendations for cryptocurrency regulations. The report includes several ideas for how to support the cryptocurrency space in the country, including the establishment of a regulatory sandbox.

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Quanta Expands Its Payment Gateway and Increase Accessibility For Game Players

George Miller



Quanta Expands Its Payment Gateway and Increase Accessibility For Game Players
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Quanta Technology the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator is excited and delighted to announce that it has introduced additional crypto currencies, QNTU and Bitcoin, as an acceptable payment to buy Quanta Game Tokens (QGT). Previously Ethereum was the only currency available to buy QGT, the in-game token in Quanta’s private blockchain environment.

With the latest Payment Gateway development, players can now use QNTU and Bitcoin on top of Ethereum. This gives players more payment options and extending the base to include those who currently only use Bitcoin, as well as increase the usage of QNTU, increasing the number of active players.

Alongside this new development, every player will now be able to withdraw their winnings back in the same currency they used to deposit in. Meaning if a player used Bitcoin to buy QGT, this will be the currency players receive by converting it back.

“This accomplishment is a significant milestone for Quanta, and align with our mission to leverage the gaming industry in the blockchain era,” said Kostas Farris, Acting CEO and Director of Quanta. “As we progress to increase the variety of acceptable currencies through our payment gateway, stakeholders in the gaming industry will see the benefits of utilizing our revolutionary blockchain technology as a part of their business and create a single trusted and transparent platform for players.”

Quanta currently runs a weekly prize draw, the ‘Quanta Prize Draw’ (, which is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and has a range of prizes and a potential jackpot. In fact, one lucky winner in the Isle of Man has very recently scooped the top prize. Look out for news about our latest Jackpot win on Facebook and Telegram.

Quanta is also the major shareholder of Naija Lottery which is currently one of the biggest game operators in Nigeria.

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