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NBA 2K League Season 3 Draft Lottery: What Will Happen?

George Miller



Thibaut Courtois
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The third NBA 2K League Draft Lottery will be held on Friday, October 4th at the National Basketball Association (NBA) office in New York City.  The NBA 2K League Draft Lottery will determine the order of selection for the 13 lottery teams in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.  The two expansion teams, Hornets Venom GT and Gen.G’s recently announced NBA 2K League team, are ineligible to win the NBA 2K League Draft Lottery but will hold the fifth and sixth picks in each round of the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.

Fourteen ping-pong balls numbered 1 through 14 will be placed in a lottery machine.  There are 1,001 possible combinations when four balls are drawn out of 14, without regard to their order of selection.  Prior to the lottery, 1,000 of those 1,001 combinations will be assigned to the 13 participating lottery teams.  If drawn, the combination 11-12-13-14 is disregarded to preserve an even 1,000 combinations.  By inverse order of their regular-season records, Pistons GT, Lakers Gaming and Knicks Gaming share the same chance of receiving the No. 1 overall draft pick and will be assigned the same number of combinations (150 each).  Grizz Gaming, the best team in the lottery at 9-7, will have 10 combinations out of 1,000.

The drawing process occurs in the following manner: All 14 balls are placed in the lottery machine and are mixed for 20 seconds; then the first ball is removed.  The remaining balls are mixed in the lottery machine for another 10 seconds, and then the second ball is drawn.  There is a 10-second mix, and then the third ball is drawn.  There is a 10-second mix, and then the fourth ball is drawn.  The team that has been assigned any combination of the first four numbers drawn will receive the number one pick.  The same process is repeated with the same ping-pong balls and lottery machine for the second pick and then again for the third pick.

If the same team comes up more than once, the result is discarded and another four-ball combination is selected.  Also, if the one unassigned combination is drawn, the result is discarded and the balls are drawn again.  The length of time the balls are mixed is monitored by a timekeeper who faces away from the machine and signals the machine operator after the appropriate amount of time has elapsed.

The order of selection for the teams that were in the draft lottery but do not win one of the top three picks will be determined by inverse order of their regular-season record.  Thus, Pistons GT can pick no lower than fourth, Lakers Gaming can pick no lower than seventh and Knicks Gaming can pick no lower than eighth.

The order of the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft will run as follows: 1) top-four lottery teams, 2) two expansion teams, 3) remaining nine lottery teams, and 4) eight playoff teams.  While the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft will be a “fixed” draft, the two expansion teams will reverse order each round.

The teams that qualified to participate in the 2019 NBA 2K League Playoffs will select in inverse order of their playoff finishes.  For instances where teams were eliminated in the same playoff round, draft order will be determined by the inverse order of the teams’ seeding in the playoffs.

The 2020 NBA 2K League Draft order is subject to change based on trades and additional player retainment.

More details on the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft will be announced at a later date.

2020 NBA 2K League Draft Order (FIRST ROUND)

1. Lottery Team
2. Lottery Team
3. Lottery Team
4. Lottery Team
5. Expansion Team
6. Expansion Team
7. Lottery Team
8. Lottery Team
9. Lottery Team
10. Lottery Team
11. Lottery Team
12. Lottery Team
13. Lottery Team
14. Lottery Team
15. Lottery Team
16. Pacers Gaming
17. Kings Guard Gaming
18. Mavs Gaming
19. Blazer5 Gaming
20. Warriors Gaming Squad
21. Celtics Crossover Gaming
22. 76ers GC
23. T-Wolves Gaming


The following are the 13 teams in the NBA 2K League Draft Lottery.  These teams did not qualify for the 2019 NBA 2K League Playoffs.  Each team will be assigned a certain number of combinations out of 1,000.  The third column below lists the number of combinations each team will have in the NBA 2K League Draft Lottery.  The fourth column below lists the percentage chances that each team will have of getting the first overall pick in the NBA 2K League Draft.

2020 NBA 2K League Draft Lottery Probabilities

Pistons GT
Lakers Gaming
Knicks Gaming
Hawks Talon GC
Heat Check Gaming
Wizards District Gaming
Jazz Gaming
Raptors Uprising GC
Bucks Gaming
Cavs Legion GC
Magic Gaming
Grizz Gaming


The second NBA 2K League Expansion Draft Lottery will also be held on Friday, October 4 at the NBA office in New York City to determine the draft order in the 2019 NBA 2K League Expansion Draft. The 2019 NBA 2K League Expansion Draft will begin the roster construction of the two expansion teams, Hornets Venom GT and Gen.G’s recently announced NBA 2K League team.

10 balls will be mixed in the lottery machine and mixed for 20 seconds.  Each expansion team will be assigned five balls. After being mixed for 20 seconds, one ball will be drawn out to determine who will have the first pick in the expansion draft.  The expansion draft will consist of three rounds, with each team’s third-round pick being optional.  Expansion teams have the option of selecting a third player in the expansion draft if they forgo their second-round pick in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. The expansion draft will be a snake draft, so the pick order will alternate in the second and third rounds (i.e. 1, 2, 2, 1, 1*, 2*).

*Indicates optional picks


Global Esports Federation Announces Launch of New Commission

Niji Narayan



The Global Esports Federation Ramps Up International Commercial Focus
Reading Time: < 1 minute


The Global Esports Federation has announced the formation of a Brand, Marketing, Commercial and Communication Commission to create opportunities within the community and propel esports to the forefront of global events and entertainment.

“Esports has emerged into the mainstream in recent years, evolving to hit the mainstage of entertainment globally. The whole of the Global Esports Federation and the global esports community are optimistic about its continued growth and expansion. We are excited to share our progress and new developments in esports,” Chris Chan, President of Global Esports Federation, said.

The Commission will be led by senior Italian football executive and GEF Board member Lorenzo Giorgetti. Throughout the year, the GEF celebrates the universality of global esports through the staging of regional, continental and international events.

“The Global Esports Federation convenes the stakeholders in the world’s dynamic esports community from different backgrounds, geographies and business models. I look forward to engaging with the world’s commercial brands – established and those emerging – and the market at large to bring tremendous value to the GEF and our worldwide properties,” Giorgetti said.

The Brand, Marketing, Commercial and Communications Commission will drive key priorities in elevating esports globally – to convene an evolving industry, cultivate commercial opportunities and build revenues by driving strategic brand initiatives and partnerships.

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Zwift Set to Launch Z PRO June Invitational

Niji Narayan



Zwift Set to Launch Z PRO June Invitational
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Global online training platform Zwift is set to launch Z PRO June Invitational. This is a four-week series where each rider chases general classification over four races during the month of June. Fans can tune in to watch pro triathletes race from June 10.

“The ZPRO Tri Race series has been a great success. I’m excited to see how the athletes take to the 4-week race series and which pro is best over such diverse terrain,” Eric Min, CEO and Co-Founder of Zwift, said.

The start list for each race contains 30 of the biggest stars in the sport of triathlon, in both short and long distance racing. Confirmed athletes include Lucy Charles-Barclay, Sophie Coldwell, Flora Duffy, Jess Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown. On the men’s side, Kristian Blummenfelt, Terenzo Bozzone, Alistair Brownlee, Braden Currie, Gustav Iden and Lionel Sanders are all confirmed to race.

“The ZPRO Tri Race series has been a great outlet to get in some real racing. I’m really looking forward to the June Invitational, it will be hard racing but I’m excited to go up against the other women and leave it all out there on the bike,” Lucy Charles-Barclay said.

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LG Partners With Esports Pioneer ‘Evil Geniuses’

George Miller



LG Partners With Esports Pioneer 'Evil Geniuses'
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Raising the bar in competitive gaming and demonstrating innovation beyond boundaries, LG Electronics USA has launched a multi-faceted integrated marketing partnership with one of the original and most iconic esports organizations in the world – Evil Geniuses. The centerpiece of the partnership is LG UltraGear,™ which has been named the Official Gaming Monitor of Evil Geniuses.

LG UltraGear advanced monitors are well known to serious gamers for lightning speed, offering the world’s first 1 millisecond (ms) display combined with QHD Nano IPS technology for lifelike images with rich, natural colors and consistent contrast across a wide viewing angle. LG UltraGear monitors are fine-tuned to respond incredibly to the most demanding titles, helping lead gamers to victory.

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses (EG) has shaped the history of esports. EG is a leader in the worldwide competitive gaming community, maintaining elite globally and nationally ranked rosters across major game titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO as well as players competing at the highest level in various FGC games and Fortnite. The EG Dota 2 team is the most victorious in North American history, with 4 top three placements in world championships and the only North American team to win The International, while the EG CS:GO team are champions of the two biggest fall tournaments (2019 ESL One New York, 2019 StarSeries & i-league Season 8), and in their first LCS split, EG surged to 2nd in the regular season.

As the Official Gaming Monitor Partner of EG, LG UltraGear monitors will be installed and utilized throughout the competitive practice and streaming rooms at the EG training facilities in Seattle and Los Angeles. LG UltraGear gaming monitors will also be featured in the team’s digital content, and Evil Geniuses players will highlight key features of the monitors through exclusive online LG UltraGear streams. Further, LG is systematically matching their broad array of monitor products to uniquely fit the needs of Evil Geniuses’ day-to-day business across content development/editing, team operations and the EG business staff.

“This partnership with LG UltraGear is a testament to delivering ‘best-in-class’ across all aspects of our organization,” said Phil Aram, chief gaming officer of Evil Geniuses. “EG’s insatiable desire to outperform ourselves continually fuels us to be in top form competitively, and with LG UltraGear, we have a partner that’s hand-in-hand with us in sharing that mindset.”

As part of EG’s recently unveiled rebranding, the newly debuted crest and LG UltraGear logo were incorporated into the complete overhaul of the 2020 player jersey design. The new jersey celebrates individuality by incorporating details unique to each player, while standing out from the competition with bold design and intricate details.

“This is the perfect partnership of industry-leading gaming technology and world-class esports professionals,” said Michelle Fernandez, head of home entertainment marketing, LG Electronics USA. “Evil Geniuses features some of the most talented and accomplished esports competitors in the world. LG UltraGear delivers the performance the world’s top professionals and all serious gamers need to gain that edge and win.”

The partnership between the two companies is rooted in the shared belief and unquestioned pursuit for excellence which starts by using the best products, such as the LG UltraGear monitor. Neither company is bound by what is standard and strive to pursue what is right.

2020 LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor Lineup*

The 2020 LG UltraGear lineup features the largest lineup of gaming monitors with high performing features such as NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and AMD FreeSync.™ Debuting later this year, the 27-inch UltraGear 4K UHD monitor (model 27GN950) delivers a 1ms Nano IPS display with a refresh rate of 144Hz, over-clockable to 160Hz. This CES® 2020 Innovation Award Honoree offers hardware calibration to maximize the ability of LG’s IPS technology to realize precise color reproduction. For gamers looking for extra screen real-estate and more immersive gameplay, LG UltraGear models 34GN850 and 38GN950 feature large 1ms IPS displays and a 160Hz refresh rate.**

Specific events featuring LG UltraGear and Evil Geniuses will be announced at a later date. For more information on LG’s ultra-fast gaming monitors, visit

*The 2020 LG UltraGear lineup features an expansive range of screen sizes from 24-inches to 38-inches
**With overclocking.


SOURCE LG Electronics USA

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