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Switching to remote working is hard, here is some help to keep you performing well

Zoltan Tundik



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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You are becoming a virtual team member and you know it!

The recent events have pushed us all to move our job and business activities to our home and even if some of you out there might have already been using up-to-date hardware and software even from your home, but not all businesses are prepared to shift that fast.

This the reason why some companies still require their team to be at the office daily in order to sustain their business.

The IT professionals might understand and are living their best days, but we need to understand that transferring the working environment in the homes of the employees isn’t as easy as it looks.

We must also mention the fact that this transfer is happening in a very short period and tech support is essential. I might add, it is so essential that the future of the business depends on it.

When moving our team’s activities to their homes, I’ve understood that this involves many questions among which also productivity and understanding the environment.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, tech support is the most needed, in the scope of understanding your environment, your systems, the interconnection of the systems which are a must for day to day work. You also need to establish a well-defined connection with your employees to ensure business continuity without problems.

Moving your business’s activities to more than one location brings some data security and non-performance threats. This is all happening while you are ensuring business sustainability. Besides setting up extra cybersecurity settings and software, you might be dealing with VPN settings which might sometimes create problems for your employee to connect due to wrong system configuration.

I know that most of the companies have an IT department, but in some cases, you as a business owner have to deal with setting this up at the most rapid time possible.

Not to mention, that the IT departments are dimensioned to handle the office work and not having hundreds or thousands of employees switching to work from home in 24 hours.

So, while setting up things for our small team of 5 and an additional setup done by our team in India, I was thinking that if I am having a hard time with this, imagine how large companies are seeing now issues that they haven’t predicted.

Then it came to me that this is why tech support and service desk service companies exist and we have a great partner from which we can get advice from.

The tech support and service desk service companies are providing ad-hoc advice and services for enabling companies to continue the business and minimize the effects of the preventive measures due to COVID-19.

The support enables solving trivial and complex problems that employees are facing with software and systems in use and take the load of the companies’ IT departments

As you can see, I’ve only used the diseases’ name once J

I think that during this crisis we must help each other even if we are sometimes competitors in business and while the IT support now is an imperative part of your daily routine, we can adapt by using some of the services which were created just for that.

Hope this advice helps and you can find the right partner to help you with these tasks. Having trusted contacts, I can recommend trying the services offered by IT Labs.


Entry into esports: Insurance group die Bayerische becomes new partner of Berlin International Gaming

George Miller



Entry into esports: Insurance group die Bayerische becomes new partner of Berlin International Gaming
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The German insurance group breaks new ground and expands its sponsorship commitments to the market of esports. At the beginning of the 2021 season, die Bayerische will start as the official insurance partner of Berlin International Gaming (BIG), one of the most successful esports organizations in Europe. As BIG’s League of Legends team’s main partner, the insurance group also backs the department that has an EU Masters championship and multiple trophies under their belt.

“We have been watching the triumphant advance of esports in Europe with great enthusiasm for some time now,” says Martin Gräfer, member of the Board of Management of the insurance group die Bayerische. “With our commitment to Berlin International Gaming, we are now taking the first step in this young, dynamic and rapidly growing environment. It gives us immense pleasure to do this side by side with one of the absolute big players of German esports clubs. We can’t wait to go on a title hunt together with BIG and the BIG Family.”

“As a club, we are very honored to be able to accompany such a traditional insurance company as a partner in esports for the first time,” says Daniel Finkler, CEO Berlin International Gaming. “The partnership is another milestone in our history and shows the relevance of the German esports market. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation.”

Based in Berlin, Berlin International Gaming (known worldwide by the acronym BIG) is one of the most successful European esports organizations. Currently, the German club employs top teams and players in the titles League of Legends, CS:GO, Quake, StarCraft, Valorant and Trackmania. Since 2017, the club has been able to establish itself at the top of the world and celebrate numerous respectable successes in various disciplines. BIG’s partner portfolio includes OMEN (HP), Corsair, Red Bull, Betway, SkinBaron, Backforce (Interstuhl) and Volvic.

BIG’s League Of Legends Team secured a total of six championships in 2019, including three Premier Tour wins and one German championship. The highlight of the team is considered to be winning the European Masters Summer 2019 in Katowice, Poland. Since 2020, the team has been playing in the Prime League, the most prestigious League Of Legends division in the DACH region.

As the official insurance partner of Berlin International Gaming, the two partners will develop target group-oriented esports products and services in the future.
As part of the partnership, die Bayerische acquires an extensive main partner rights package in League Of Legends as well as additional rights in the renowned game titles “Trackmania” with racing driver Dennis “Massa” Lotze and “StarCraft 2” with Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber.

Die Bayerische and Berlin International Gaming focus on brand visibility and addressing target groups via digital channels in all rights packages. In this way, the insurance group aims to raise its profile among the young target group and create added value for the esports community.

Since 2016, die Bayerische has been the main sponsor of the traditional football club TSV 1860 München and thus has a prominent presence in traditional sports as an insurance partner. In addition, the insurance company also supports clubs and projects in popular sports and is involved in social partnerships. The two brand ambassadors Samuel Koch and multiple Olympic champion Magdalena Neuner, brand ambassador of the sustainable insurance and pension brand Pangaea Life, round off the company’s current sponsorship portfolio.

The insurance group die Bayerische was founded in 1858 and consists of the companies Bayerische Beamten Lebensversicherung a.G. (parent company), BL die Bayerische Lebensversicherung AG and the composite company BA die Bayerische Allgemeine Versicherung AG. The total premium income of the Group amounts to over 600 million euros. The Group is continuously increasing its equity capital and is well above the industry average. Investments of over 4.8 billion euros are managed. More than 12,000 personal advisors are available to Bayerische customers throughout Germany. In a recent comprehensive company analysis, the rating agency Assekurata again awarded Neue Bayerische Leben a quality rating of A+ (“very good”), attesting to the company’s financial strength, which is far above the industry average.

Berlin International Gaming, known worldwide under the acronym BIG, is one of the most successful European Esport organizations with headquarters in Berlin. The German club currently employs top teams and players in the titles League of Legends, CS:GO, Quake, StarCraft, Valorant and Trackmania. Since 2017, the club has established itself at the top of the world rankings and celebrated numerous respectable successes in various disciplines. The partner portfolio of BIG includes OMEN (HP), Corsair, Red Bull, Betway, SkinBaron, Backforce (Interstuhl) and Volvic.
In 2019, the German club was able to secure a total of six League Of Legends championships. In addition to the three Premier Tour wins, they also finished the last ESL Championship season in first place. The highlight of the League Of Legends team has been the championship title of the European Masters Summer 2019 in Katowice. Since the beginning of 2020, the German team is playing in the Prime League, the highest rated national league in League Of Legends.

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Things that Online Slots Players Should Look Out for in 2021

George Miller



Things that Online Slots Players Should Look Out for in 2021
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A year can bring so much within a short time, as 2020 has shown everyone. As we usher in a new year, online casino players have great expectations for the coming year, and they wait with anticipation for recent, better trends to start rolling out.

These trends are expected to shape the 2021 betting industry better than they did the previous year. From payment options to how bettors play slot games online, there are numerous things players can expect from playing online slots in 2021.

For starters, you can expect to see more slot games introduced to online casinos. Slots are trendy among bettors, and every year, game developers are coming up with new, better games for them to sample. They are coming up with new themes every year. Some of the themes you can expect to see in 2021 include popular movies and TV shows, comics, mythology, and popular cultures.

Expect to see more of your favorite Marvel character in slot games as well as new protagonists. More slot developers will start remaking games into virtual reality, which will offer players life-like experiences. With such games, they will feel like they are interacting with the reels and characters one-on-one.

There will also be an increase in life-like 3D slot games that will feature realistically designed symbols. You can also expect a slight change in slots gameplay to make everything more captivating.

Upcoming Slot Titles in 2021

Numerous slot titles are waiting to be unleashed on online casinos. In January, Yggdrasil will release Frost Queen Jackpots, which will match the cold weather this winter. Fans of the frost queen character will have a field day playing the title. The storyline follows a beautiful blue-skinned lady who has white hair. She has evil intentions and magical powers emanating from her tiara. You will have to fight her to reach lucrative jackpots as you spin the snow and icicle-covered reels.

The same month, NetEnt is expected to release the Fruit Shop Megaways game. It is a fruit-themed title with extra details to create more realistic and exciting gameplay. Some of its symbols include lemons, cherries, oranges, and watermelons. These fruits are so realistic that they will leave you with a craving to have some.

Security will Evolve for New Slots

In 2021, online slots will come with top-notch security technologies aimed to protect bettors from hackers. The security will use artificial intelligence to spot any suspicious IP addresses, malicious files, and threats players might face.

Using artificial intelligence to strengthen security measures means detecting any issues within seconds and sending reports to security departments who immediately neutralize the threats. Bettors will, therefore, not be worried about sharing their personal and bank details with online casinos.

Playing More Slot Games on Mobile Devices

While mobile betting is not new in the online casino industry, more bettors will prefer playing slots on their mobile devices. More players own smartphones, and they view them as a great and convenient way to bet online.

With the pandemic that forced many people to remain indoors, more bettors realized that playing online slots on their mobile devices was safer and more comfortable. The trend is likely to continue in 2021, and players can expect to find more mobile-friendly slot games this year.

More Online Pokies for New Zealanders and Aussies

New Zealand and Australia are known for their love for slots, or pokies, as they fondly call them. For that reason, slot developers are designing games aimed for Kiwis and Aussies, with titles resonating with them. In 2021, these players can expect to enjoy more NZ online pokies options at online casinos. These pokies will come with better gameplay, more appealing graphics, and more significant rewards. They will also be from reputable game providers who don’t compromise on quality.

Games developers compete to design new mechanics, especially those with more significant rewards and high volatility. Kiwis and Aussies will now get more number of ways to win playing pokies. These games will come with better features, and they can expect some to feature progressive jackpots.

What is the Future of Online Slots?

In 2021, online slot players will enjoy numerous perks from both developers and betting platforms. Ranging from new title games to software and types of games, the fun is just kicking off. Emerging new online casinos will offer players more slot options accompanied by bigger bonuses and more exciting gameplay. Hit television series and movies will also continue to inspire game titles in 2021. Get started by playing your favorite slot title today.

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George Miller



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The Casino Hipódromo de Palermo, recognized for offering a wide range of entertainment at the forefront of technology, added to its slots room the recognized and most successful progressive multigames of the moment: Link King and Link Me, by Zitro.

“As a reference in the gaming industry in our country, at the Hipódromo de Palermo we constantly work to expand and diversify our entertainment offer. We like to innovate, and we seek to incorporate new products that renew and satisfy the experience we offer to our customers. The incorporation of Link King and Link Me arose with that objective: to renew the entertainment offer guaranteeing the technological vanguard in games and our public has received them with great enthusiasm”, said Carlos Casasa, Operations Manager of the Palermo Hippodrome.

Alejandra Burato, Zitro Sales Director for Latin America, commented: “Our objective at Zitro is to offer the best products to assist the operator in the recovery of the damaged to business caused by the pandemic. Link King and Link Me are highly contrasted products that represent a safe bet, since, where they have been installed, they have succeeded. I want to thank the Hipódromo de Palermo for giving us this great opportunity. ”

The Casino Hipódromo de Palermo provides the highest quality of service in its slots halls, implementing the approved Protocol and the measures provided by the authorities.

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