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World Leading In-Game Advertising Platform and Indie Sports Video Game Developer Unfinished Pixel Seal New Exclusive Partnership



World Leading In-Game Advertising Platform and Indie Sports Video Game Developer Unfinished Pixel Seal New Exclusive Partnership
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Super Soccer Blast, the popular soccer game that musters up an average of 1.5 hours of playtime per gamer per day, will now add a whole new dimension to their super-fast and dynamic arcade-gameplay on PC and console: authentic brand advertisements powered by

With a clear goal of creating fun and engaging games without the constraints of simulating reality, Super Soccer Blast brings together accessible controls, smart design, and ease of play like over-the-top classic soccer games. With a worldwide reach, Unfinished Pixel’s Super Soccer Blast aims to become the benchmark of arcade indie sports games. The game will serve as the perfect backdrop for brand ads, which will appear exactly as they do in real-life soccer games – on billboards, banners, and other natural placements. The players, heavily focused in the USA and across Europe, will benefit from the heightened realism blended in-game ads provide. Unfinished Pixel will join Anzu’s other gaming partners, including Toplitz Productions, Vivid Games, APB Reloaded, and Zula, who are adding a new, sustainable, and non-disruptive income stream via Anzu’s revolutionary in-game advertising technology.

Of the partnership, CEO of Unfinished Pixel Marcos Torrecillas Gallardo said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Anzu to make Super Soccer Blast more realistic through real-life brand ads. Soccer is a game that naturally features ads across the field, and our players want the most authentic experience. Anzu’s technology gives them that. And the fact that we can add a new monetization stream that doesn’t harm the user experience – but actually enhances it – makes the partnership that much more valuable!’

Anzu, a company positioned at the center of gaming and advertising, is creating new industry standards on the heels of their recent distinction as the first and only in-game ad company to receive an ISO 27001 certificate, which gives developers and advertisers confidence that user data is handled properly. Other partnerships, which provide confidence to advertisers and in turn translate to more revenues for game developers, include Anzu’s collaboration with fraud-detection solution Forensiq, the first-ever ad verification solution in partnership with CHEQ, and unprecedented campaign effectiveness measurement together with Nielsen Connectivity. Anzu is the first in-game advertising platform to bring these trusted AdTech solutions to in-game campaigns.

Anzu VP Games, Alex Yerukhimovich, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Unfinished Pixel to bring our amazing ad technology into their wildly popular Super Soccer Blast game! It’s always fun to work with partners who share your vision. In this case, it’s more than fun–it’s truly synergistic. Unfinished Pixel is a game studio dedicated to creating unparalleled experiences for their players, and bringing real-life brand ads into the soccer stadium is the perfect way to complement their fantastic graphic interface and gaming experience. We look forward to bringing new revenue to this innovative studio while giving global brands access to their dedicated players in a totally new, non-disruptive way.”


Fishin Frenzy Slot Game Review



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Fishin’ Frenzy at non GamStop casinos – a classic video slot with an entertaining theme. The slot machine is the result of Merkur’s cooperation with Real Time Gaming and has been around for quite a while. Fishin’ Frenzy 2023 is still a big topic among players who prefer to play video slots. As the name suggests, Fishin’ Frenzy is all about the fish and fishing. And just as it should be for a Merkur slot, there are no big surprises here, but very solid gaming fun. Let’s see how far we get in our ten payline slot test and if the Fishin’ Frenzy Free Spins get us any further.

How to Play Fishin’ Frenzy Slot at Non GamStop Casino?

As already mentioned, Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine game 2023 is about fish and fishing. Merkur came up with this slot in cooperation with Real Time Gaming and focuses on the maritime theme. The graphics are good, if not very detailed or fancy. Mercury is known to prefer familiar patterns and techniques rather than groundbreaking new ideas.

Merkur is a major game provider that has been around for decades and started out with analog slot machines. Merkur is now represented with an incredible number of slot machines in international online casinos. You won’t see any groundbreaking innovations, but you will see a well-made Fishin’ Frenzy Slot 2023. The slot machine has five reels and ten paylines. The number of paylines is actually a bit low, in other slots there are sometimes up to 243.

Symbols on the Reels

In the Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine 2023 the following symbols are available: the card deck with J, K, Q, A and 10, a lifebuoy, tackle box, a blue fish, a cutter, a rod, the angler and a seagull. All symbols, of course, have a meaning and a different value.

The deck symbols are the lowest symbols. The cutter is the scatter symbol. If you play in a free spins round, you can hope for the symbol of the fisherman, which also only appears here. With a bit of luck, the angler will fish out the other symbols on the reels and wins will be plentiful! This is one of the Fishin’ Frenzy tricks that is extremely beneficial for the player.

Fishin’Frenzy Slot Machine 2023 starts at €0.01 and you can only bet a maximum of €20 per spin. Except – Play Fishin’ Frenzy for free without registration. This is possible in some UK non GamStop casinos. But more on that later.

Fishin’ Frenzy Free Spins and Bonus

The cutter is the scatter symbol and generates free spins that can be used to play Fishin’ Frenzy for free. If you get several scatter symbols in a certain formation, the player gets these free spins. With three cutters there are 10 free spins, with four cutters 15 free spins and with five cutters 20 free spins.

Free spins of non GamStop casinos let you play Fishin’ Frenzy online, for free. However, this function has one disadvantage. Because unlike in many other slots, the free spins round in the Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine 2023 cannot be reactivated. You cannot generate any additional free spins in the free spins round.

On the positive side, at the beginning of the free spins round there is sometimes a cash win that appears randomly, which depends on how much money has been used so far. Which logically applies to the whole game – deposit big, get big. It doesn’t matter if you hit the jackpot or win smaller amounts, but you can only win as much in one game as you are willing to risk. If the bet is only €0.01 (as we already know, that is the minimum bet in the casino), the chances of hitting the jackpot are rather slim. The more you risk, the higher the profit.

Play Fishin’ Frenzy for Free at Non GamStop Casinos

At a Fishin’ Frenzy Casino there is often an opportunity to try out the game before making a deposit. Normally no Fishin’ Frenzy app is necessary to play the game, you simply play via Flash Player on the casino’s website. The free version of Fishin’ Frenzy Slot 2023 is no different from the regular slot machine.

You can win, but by not making a deposit, the winnings are fictitious. Many non GamStop casinos offer this “fun version” so that players can try out new games without stress. If you like the game, you can easily transfer the first deposit. The try-out version is available on mobile, without a Fishin’ Frenzy app, but on the online casino’s mobile site. The Fishin’ Frenzy Android and iOS versions run equally well no matter the mobile device.

Jackpot and Payout at Non GamStop Casinos

Other game providers have overtaken Merkur a bit when it comes to RTP rate. Although this is not too bad at 96% in Fishin’ Frenzy Slot 2023, there are better ones. Nevertheless, we want to mention here that the winnings are high and the jackpot to be reached is considerable. It depends on the stake, but some players have already won several thousand euros.

To get more out of the Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine, one should look around for a suitable bonus, maybe even a non GamStop casino bonus. It almost guarantees that you win more and deposit less. You should note, especially with this bonus, that any winnings must always be wagered a few times before you can pay them out. How often this has to happen varies and can be found in the bonus conditions. Sometimes it’s 40 times.

If you are unsure, you can always ask the online casino customer service about the best strategies and how to win in Fishin’ Frenzy Slot 2023. You can definitely get one or the other tip.


The Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine 2023 is still on everyone’s lips and many players are enthusiastic. Even if Merkur (and Real Time Gaming) didn’t reinvent the wheel with this game, it still works according to a tried and tested pattern. The free spins feature in Fishin’ Frenzy slot deserves special mention, as it gives players plenty of chances to win and makes the game fun.

And the angler who “fishes” the symbols and connects them with each other can generate promising profits. All in all, the Fishin’ Frenzy Slot 2023 is consistent and there isn’t too much to complain about. Merkur delivers good quality here, which most players will really like.

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Why You Should Play at Non GamStop Casinos UK?



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Since the arrival of non GamStop casinos to the British gambling market, more and more people choose to gamble online. Of course, the land-based casinos are still accessible and fun. But now, non GamStop casinos Just UK offer even more advantages. This way you can take a gamble at any time without having to travel a long time first. Do you want to know what the advantages of online gambling are? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to tell you!

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home to Play at Non GamStop Casinos UK

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to leave the house. Do you want to take a chance on, for example, a fun slot machine or do you want to play a table game? Then you no longer have to take your car or bicycle to end up at a land-based casino. You can simply look up the non GamStop casino from your home via the internet and this is very fast. If you fancy online gambling, you can actually get started in an instant. In addition, it does not matter what you look like, because there is no dress code that you have to take into account. So even if you’re in a suit, pajamas or you haven’t done anything to your hair, you can just take a chance.

No Opening Hours at Non GamStop Casinos

Another advantage is that you will not encounter any opening hours that you have to take into account. The non GamStop casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can play your favorite Roulette game online at any time.

Whether this is early in the morning, in the afternoon or very late in the evening, you can always go to the gambling sites. So you don’t have to rush yourself to be on time to play, because you always decide when you are going to take a chance.

It Is Always Possible to Stop Anytime at Non GamStop Casinos UK

If you have seen it again after a while, you can always leave the online casino not on GamStop. Then you can return when you want. If you play at a land-based casino, you don’t just leave the casino in the meantime and return after half an hour. You often linger much longer and that is not the case at an online casino not on GamStop. You come and go when you want.

Low Bets Can Be Placed

At the non GamStop casino UK, you will have to deal with betting limits just like at land-based casinos, but the minimum bets are much lower online. At a land-based casino, the minimum bet is often between 1 and 5 euros. If you play online you can often take a gamble from 10 cents per round. This way you can always play within your budget and spend much less money than you would like.

Wider Range of Games

Online you will come across a much wider range of games than at a land-based casino and that makes it immediately interesting. There is much more choice and you can alternate much more often. Due to the wide range of games, you will certainly not have to get bored, because you almost always come across a game that interests you. At the online casino, you can play slots, for example, but also video slots, table games, bingo, scratch cards and of course the popular and indispensable Roulette. You will find countless games in all game categories. For example, you will come across a lot of variants in the section of Roulette that you do not have at a physical location.

Live Casino Games Are Available at Non GamStop Casinos UK

Playing at an online casino is of course possible on many Roulette variants. If you choose RNG Roulette you may miss the interaction after a while, but in that case, you can also just choose the live casino. There you play live Roulette via a video connection. The game is then streamed from a real studio and is therefore also called studio Roulette. A professional host will guide the game and it will seem as if you are playing at a land-based casino.

Mobile Play

A gamble at the online casino is also possible on mobile. That’s an advantage because that way you really play when it suits you. You are not always near a computer or laptop, but you almost always have a smartphone or tablet at hand. So you can also take a chance during a break at work or if you have to wait somewhere. Online gambling at non GamStop Casinos does not necessarily have to be done from home, but can also be done away from home.

A Higher Return to Player

When you opt for online gambling, you will also have a great advantage in terms of the Return to Player. For example, the Return to Player, also known as the payout percentage or RTP, is much higher online than at land-based casinos. This is because the online casino has to incur less costs to be able to offer the games of chance and can therefore use a lower house advantage. This increases the Return to Player and that is in favor of the player. If you opt for online gambling, you can secretly say that you have a better chance of winning than with physical providers.

Non GamStop Casinos’ Games Have More Additional Features

The games at online casinos also have more extra features to offer. Take roulette as an example. At the online casino, you can choose Lightning Roulette, which is full of sky-high multipliers. These can go up to 1000x, so any cash prizes can also run very high. At a physical casino you do not have this and you will therefore only encounter the standard variant, such as European Roulette.

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What Are Pay N Play Casinos?



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Opening an account at an online casino is usually a simple process that is completed quickly. However, these casinos are not the most optimal option for those games that are reluctant to share their personal information. Here the No Account Casinos or Trustly Pay N Play is the winning concept! A Pay N Play casino not on GamStop offers security and allows you to start playing almost immediately.

What Is Trustly Pay & Play Casino?

Trustly also introduced a new brand in 2018 and that is Pay N’ Play. With Pay N’ Play as a payment method, Trustly has helped make signing up and playing at online casinos not on GamStop even easier.

Incidentally, Trustly was founded in Sweden in 2008 and since then the company has developed quite a bit. Trustly has won many awards and now has an impressive number of customers. You don’t have to worry about security with Trustly, as the company is officially approved as a payment service provider in Europe.

What is particularly striking about this e-wallet is that, unlike the other e-wallets, you do not have to open an account. As a player from an online casino, you do not have to register with Trustly. The non GamStop uk sites takes full responsibility for using Trustly and deposits are made through your bank account. This means that if you choose pay play casino as a payment method or Trustly, simply call up the Trustly page, select your house bank there and simply log in to the house bank and the first deposit can be made.

In addition to the great advantage that you do not have to open a new account for Trustly, it is completely free of charge for you as a private customer. There are no fees for either deposits or withdrawals and the best thing is that you can easily make deposits and withdrawals using your smartphone, whether it’s IOS or Android. There is no need to download an extra app for pay n play casino Trustly.

Another great advantage of Trustly, although it may sound quite unspectacular, is that Trustly can be used to make both deposits and withdrawals. This is a great advantage as many payment methods do not support both deposit and withdrawal.

In most online casinos that offer Trustly or Pay N’ Play, you must first register with the online casino. Our advice here is to always provide correct details as withdrawals are subject to strict checks and verification and if you have provided incorrect details your winnings will not be paid out to you as you cannot change the details afterwards. After registering, all you have to do is select the payment method or Trustly or Pay N’ Play and the first deposit can be made. You do not need to have an extra Trustly or Pay N’ Play account for this. Trustly’s PayN’Play is particularly well suited for casinos that do not require registration. So you can immediately make the first deposit and get started

There are no problems with the payouts in the Trustly and Pay N’ Play casinos not on GamStop. All you have to do is select the Trustly payment method and the desired amount to be paid out, and the amount will be credited to your bank account. In contrast to the classic bank transfer, with Trustly you don’t have to wait days for your money.

Also at the Pay N’ Play Casino, we advise you to always read the terms and inquire just before making your first deposit, as each online casino and even each Pay N’ Play Casino has its own terms and conditions.

Updates of Pay N’ Play Casinos Not on GamStop 2023

In 2019 we saw a huge increase in Pay and Play Casino. And the trend is still going strong. Here are some things that could be promising in terms of pay n play casinos.

New Casinos Offers Hybrid Pay N Play

The hybrid brands are casinos not on GamStop that offer both Pay N Play and a regular sign-up casino platform. This is a great way to diversify and reach a larger customer base.

It’s also easier for an already established casino to market a new section like Pay N’ Play than going for a brand-new casino.

Pay N Play Casinos Already Offer Reload Bonuses

This is fascinating because not only can you deposit your money within seconds, but you can also get a decent cashback from your losses. This is of course meant to keep you playing – but the fact is that you practically have a higher win rate when you have more money to wager.

Interacting With Customer Support Becomes Easier

Since this is rather vague, let me explain. As a brand new customer representative you are not always used to dealing with Pay N Play customers as the way of playing is very different compared to the standard sign-up casinos.

Why Just Pay N’ Play?

Many non GamStop casino players do not only have a customer account at one online casino. In each of these casinos, as you are probably familiar with, there were some types of online forms to be filled out, most of which require a lot of personal data that you provide to the casino. It is clear that the registration process can be very boring and of course time-consuming. It is not uncommon for one to lose the desire to play. This is also the reason why many choose an online casino that has simplified this process. Pay N Play is a great development in this process as it offers the fastest registration process ever.

The biggest advantage of Pay N ‘Play is definitely that not only the deposits can be carried out immediately and that you can start playing immediately, but also the almost instant payout. It’s almost fair to say that this is a real battlefield among online casinos when it comes to the speed of payouts since non GamStop casinos are of course aware that every player wants to get their money as quickly as possible. Pay N’ Play is definitely the front-runner here as it allows for quick withdrawals. Of course, this also means that more and more players want to play in a Pay N’ Play casino and prefer it.

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