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How to choose the best online casino

George Miller



Online casinHow to choose the best online casinoos are gaining popularity due to pandemic: how to open one
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Online casinos became possible and accessible through the invention of the internet. If you are one of those who like the unique level of excitement and fun of gaming online, then online casinos have lots to offer you. Playing is as easy as playing at traditional land-based casinos. The goal of every gambler is to make the most in a game and end up winning and making a profit. If you have not yet started playing at an online casino and you are wondering how to start, then it’s easier than you think. There are countless online casinos available trying to find their way in the internet marketplace, so it is often tough deciding which one to choose. To start with, list some of the best online casinos with detailed information on each one. By visiting our website, it will be easy for you to choose the right one for your preference from our vast list of reliable and legal options.

Key Considerations Before Making a Cash Deposit
Playing casino games online is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money. To make the experience more enjoyable, you need to choose a casino with care. Here at the Gamblescope website, there is a wide variety of online casinos available to suit every need and preference. You only need to read the reviews to gauge a venue’s reputation and reliability.

In our review section, you will find full detail of each casino, including their rating as well as the type and number of games it has available. We have collected all the information you need to choose the one and start playing your favourite casino games. Below are some key points you should consider before you make a cash deposit:

  • Before registering with an online casino, make sure the casino offers the type of games you like to play.
  • Make sure the casino offers a deposit method you can use. All our listed casinos have different deposit methods and payouts. Using a reliable method will ensure you will receive your winnings quickly.
  • Check the bonuses and promotions they are offering for new and existing players. Here you can compare each casino and choose as per personal preference.
  • Learn about the different strategies of each game available on our site. You should know the rules of the game and play with the one which offers the best advantage for the players.
  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the casino you intend to use; it’s tedious but necessary.

Where Do I Start?
As a beginner, it may be difficult for you to distinguish between legitimate and rogue online casino. Gamblescope reviews will help you to overcome this obstacle and choose the best one for yourself. Our experts wrote our casino reviews to help you confidently play games without any concern that you are playing at an untrustworthy online establishment. Our casino experts have many years of experience and can analyze efficiently and accurately to bring you the best recommendations. Areas such as bonuses and promotions, games available, licenses, payment methods, and website functionality are well covered.
So if you are looking for a trustworthy online casino, is a fast one-stop solution to access some of the best and most reputable casinos online.

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FeedConstruct’s NEW partnership to exclusively cover FeVA’s Beach Volleyball

George Miller



FeedConstruct’s NEW partnership to exclusively cover FeVA’s Beach Volleyball
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FeedConstruct and FeVA have just inked a deal that will allow FeedConstruct to provide exclusive data and video coverage for Circuito Argentino de Beach Volley.

The new partnership will provide FeedConstruct with 500+ strenuous and impromptu matches featuring female and male players from Argentinian National Team. The skilled players will demonstrate outstanding ball skills and court speed that require unique expertise.

From January to February 2021, young and ambitious players will compete in the most remarkable Argentine competition, showing the important meaning of beach volleyball.
With this new and promising partnership, FeedConstruct is delighted to cover the competition every weekend from the sunny Chapadmalal.

“We proudly greet FeVA as our exclusive partner and hope to reach mutually beneficial results by the end of the season. I am confident that the speed of our data and the quality of video streamings will be a great asset in the fulfillment of our goal.- says George Arabatlian, the head of FeedConstruct.

This year has just started, but FeedConstruct has already gained a valuable partner in this alluring sport.

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BF Games launches exclusive title Star Settler to all operators

George Miller



BF Games launches exclusive title Star Settler to all operators
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After a three-month exclusivity period with Kindred Group, BF Games has globally launched Star Settler, the latest thrilling addition to the supplier’s growing portfolio.

The game is now available to BF Games’ operator partners in numerous jurisdictions making it the 63rd game in the provider’s games library.

Star Settler takes players on an intergalactic journey and offers gameplay with universal appeal and astronomical prizes. The reels feature all the cosmic symbols one could expect such as planets astronauts, spaceships, probes, artifacts, and meteors.

The 5-reel, 3-row video slot introduces exciting new features that increase engagement levels including expanding hot and cold wilds, free spins and a bonus round where players can pick a win multiplier of up to x50 from six hidden options.

The game is certified in numerous jurisdictions and is immediately available to operators in the UK, Romania and under an MGA licence.

BF Games’ ever-expanding portfolio now comprises over 60 titles that offer a great mix of classic and innovative games to appeal to a wide demographic of players.

Piotr Szpoton, CEO at BF Games, said:Star Settler is a thrilling feature-packed title that is sure to have players coming back for more. The game has already proven successful with Kindred’s customers and we are excited about this global launch and offering even more players astronomical entertainment coupled with meteoric win opportunity.”

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Top 10 countries with the highest earning prizewinning esports players (Data)

George Miller



Top 10 countries with the highest earning prizewinning esports players (Data)
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Paxful has analyzed the highest-earning prizewinning esports players from around the world to see which countries have the most esports players per million and where the world’s top gamers are earning more than their country’s average monthly salary.

  • China has the highest earning prizewinning esports players in the world compared to salary with gamers earning 1237% of the average wage in the country.
  • UK gamers earn on average 225% of the average UK salary. 
  • Belarus has the most prizewinning esports players per million with 1011.4 esports players per million people in the country.
  • The UK has 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million. 
  • Switzerland is the cheapest country to be a gamer when comparing popular console prices with the average national salary.

The 10 countries with the highest-earning prizewinning esports players 

  • Prizewinning esports players in China take the lead with the highest earnings compared to the country’s average salary (1237%).
  • UK ranks 27 with gamers there earning 225% of the average UK salary.
Rank Country % of average salary
1 China 1237%
2 Philippines 1145%
3 Brazil 1014%
4 Jordan 879%
5 Argentina 557%
6 Bulgaria 534%
7 Pakistan 528%
8 United States 515%
9 Lebanon 501%
10 Ukraine 493%
27 United Kingdom 225%

The 10 countries with most prizewinning esports players per million 

  • We analyzed the number of prizewinning esports players per million against the population of 109 different countries.
  • There are more prizewinning esports players in Belarus than anywhere else in the world.
  • The UK comes in at number 24 with 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million.
Rank Country gamers per million
1 Belarus 1011.4
2 Malta 565.8
3 Iceland 315.8
4 Finland 279.7
5 Denmark 274.7
6 Sweden 258.2
7 Norway 173.4
8 Estonia 156.6
9 Latvia 111.6
10 Singapore 110.7
24 United Kingdom 51.2

The 10 cheapest countries in the world to be a gamer

  • To calculate how affordable a console is, we measured the retail price of each console against the average monthly salary in each country in this study.
  • Switzerland takes the top spot in our affordability ranking.
  • The UK comes in at number 20 when comparing the console prices to the national average salary.
Percentage of salary
Rank Country Nintendo Switch iPhone SE PC Index
1 Switzerland 6.5% 7.6% 16.3% 3
2 United States 8.4% 11.2% 28.1% 6
3 Singapore 9.0% 13.3% 30.7% 9
4 Australia 10.0% 14.4% 33.7% 13
5 Japan 10.7% 16.2% 34.7% 18
6 Denmark 11.2% 16.6% 30.9% 18
7 Hong Kong 10.2% 15.0% 44.7% 25
8 Canada 12.4% 18.6% 35.8% 26
9 UAE 12.7% 17.7% 40.8% 31
10 Germany 13.9% 20.4% 37.0% 35
20 United Kingdom 15.0% 21.4% 48.2% 55



  • The sample of esports players in our analysis consists of every prizewinning player from countries with $20,000 or more in historic tournament wins.
  • Esports earnings are sourced from the top-earning players per country for 2019, with a maximum sample per country of 100 players’ earnings
  • The retail prices of the products were gathered from various sources, including official brand websites and regional online stores.
  • The cost of the gaming PC in our analysis is based on the cost of a Dell G5 Gaming Desktop with a GTX 1660 graphics card.
  • Prices may reflect the retail price for a console that is shipped from an international retailer.
  • Average monthly salary data was sourced from Numbeo.
  • Index score – Countries ranked as a cumulative price ranking per gaming hardware; a lower score = more affordable country.



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