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Esports & Gaming has risen as an engaging activity for leisure, boredom and anxiety during this pandemic



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Emerging as one of the most lucrative markets in recent times, the Indian Esports Industry ranks at No. 17 globally with an estimated net worth of over $818 million and is expected to generate revenue upto $118.8 billion by 2023.

While PC gaming is emerging globally, its counterpart is revolutionizing the Indian gaming industry – Mobile gaming. With access to a wide array of PC-like multi-genre games in mobile, the Indian mobile gaming industry is projected to reach 628 million users by 2021 positioning India to be the next major gaming market. With mobile gaming, the Indian Esports ecosystem has seen increasing engagements by attracting a wide pool of consumers which PC and console gaming were not able to tap.

Being the most interactive and community-driven industry, the gaming community has also seen a surge in online gaming content built by content creators who curate gaming news, fan-art and video content for the community. With the increase of gaming tournaments, it has opened up opportunities for casters and even managers as well.

There are several reports stating higher anxiety and depression issues amongst people who are stuck at home. Many people have lost their jobs or sent on furloughs, sabbaticals, etc. this time is the toughest for them. However, many have been leveraging this time to engage in their hobbies and other activities. Most trending and popular being – Gaming.

To cope with the isolation / work from home and hometowns during this pandemic, many gaming patrons can now indulge in the following Esports gaming platforms to diversify their time and avoid boredom of any sorts :-

1)      Indian Gaming League (IGL) – India’s most popular competitive gaming and Esports league that hosts gaming tournaments online. Games on IGL can be played on any platform including Xbox, Playstation 4, PC and smartphones.

IGL was created by a team of gamers who strongly feel that Indian players need a stage to jump start their gaming careers. Participating on IGL will not only give amateur and professional gamers the ability to earn some serious cash, top tier gamers will also receive an opportunity to compete with other professionals on a national level!

2)      JetSynthesys – JetSynthesys is a part of the JetLine group whose primary focus is on IT services, digital media and new ventures in innovative entertainment and organized consumer retail.

JetSynthesys was formed with the driving purpose to enrich the lives of all Indians. They know the terrain well and are shaping the Indian culture and consumers. They passionately keep their finger on the pulse of the shifting trends and the needs of the Indian people as well as the western world. They take pride in being agile and strategic, helping to generate and provide support structures for these different worlds to connect.

3)      Nazara Technologies – Nazara Technologies is one of the leading mobile games company headquartered in Mumbai, which is engaged in the acquisition of, value addition to and distribution, of mobile games across emerging markets such as India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

Nazara Technologies Pvt., Ltd. develops mobile content in India. The company offers games, multimedia, themes, and wallpapers. It also provides solutions for the development, deployment, targeting, and tracking of promotional campaigns on mobile platforms; and wireless solutions that integrates content of media companies, marketing messages, and the consumer reach of wireless carriers.

4)      Gaming Monk – The company started as an e-commerce marketplace for games, but recently they became an esports event organiser.

A company actively involved in conducting sports tournament in India through offline and online portals. They are striving to create a gaming community which can compete against each other and sharpens their skills for upcoming tournaments.

5)      Team Brutality – Team Brutality aims to be the best performing team of Asia and is registered with racing game squads such as Need for speed, Forza Motor Sports, etc. Team Brutality is a leading team in CSGO community.





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Monaco Esports Federation (MESF) in partnership with International Esports Federation (IESF) is pleased to announce the Monaco Sim Racing World Cup warm-up event that will take place on December 7-8, 2021 in Dubai, UAE in the Pavilion of Monaco at the Dubai 2020 Expo.

The Dubai event will serve as a promo event for the Sim Racing World Cup that will be hosted live from Monaco in May 2022.

With the warm-up event, the visitors and members of the pavilions of Expo Dubai 2020 will be able to learn more about Esports. Spectators and exhibitors of the Expo have the chance to get behind the wheel of a Racing Sim and compete in the race. Professional drivers of National Federations will also show their driving skills during the event.

Qualifiers will start on the 7th of December live from the Pavilion from 18:00 to 20:00. The 8th of December will continue the qualifiers from 10:30-16:00 followed by a showcase of professional sim drivers. The Final Races will start at 17:30.

Techxhub, our Dubai-based technology partner will be setting up high-end Sim racing rigs for all enthusiasts to experience what it’s like to race as a pro. Winners will receive valuable prizes provided by event partners Techxhub and Passport. GG.

Everyone interested in participating should submit an application no later than the 6th of December.

The race registration form can be found at DUBAI2020.PASSPORT.GG. Updates & additional information, including the race schedule, will also be available there.


“The race in Monaco 2022 aims to have 111+ nations compete against each other to showcase the skills of their national Sim Race heroes & to find the fastest Nation in the world. Monaco is home to many famous sporting events in both racing and other sports. The Monaco Sim Racing World Cup 2022 is a great opportunity to put Monaco on the map as the Sim Racing Capital of the world. We aim to create a truly international race, so where better than to kick it off at the Monaco Pavilion during the World Expo in Dubai!” Said Louis Ducruet – President of the Monaco Esports Federation.

“In order for Monaco to succeed in their search for the fastest Sim Racer and the world’s fastest nation, it is important to engage the international esports community. The International Esports Federation sees the 2022 race in Monaco and the kick-off in Dubai in December as a great opportunity to engage with new international audiences and form stronger ties between our 111 member esports federations.” Said Vlad Marinescu – President International Esports Federation.

“Sim Racing is still fairly small compared to other esports but due to the fact that several real races have been canceled during the corona pandemic, famous drivers participated in online Sim Races which rapidly skyrocketed the awareness of the Esport. This growing trend has also hit the Gulf Region and we see the kick-off event in Dubai as a great opportunity to present the magic of Sim Racing to our audiences in the Gulf Region and ultimately increase our sales of top-notch Racing Rigs in the MENA Region.” Said Sanjay Holmukhe – CEO of Techxhub in Duabi, UAE.

“Dubai event is a great platform to show the future of the World. Countries are showing their vision on the future in their Pavilions. We are happy to support this great Esports event organised by the most famous in the racing world venue, Monaco in partnership with the global Esports governing body, International Esports Federations, IeSF. We are thrilled to showcase our Digital ID and NFT ownership developments during this event” – said Ignat Bobrovich, Founder of Passport.GG.

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NASR Esports takes Global Esports Tour 2021 Dubai title in undefeated run



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United Arab Emirates-based team NASR Esports lifted the Global Esports Tour 2021 Dubai title in style, winning the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in an undefeated run on November 27.

The team beat Doomsday 2-0 in the semi-finals in a best-of-three tie, before whitewashing Triple 6 3-0 in the best-of-five grand final to win the US$8,000 pay cheque.

The runners-up took home US$4,000 while Doomsday and Level E-sports won US$1,500 for making it to the final four.

They came through a field of 30 teams that took part in the open qualifiers, all vying for a spot at next year’s Global Esports Tour Dubai.

NASR Esports’ victory will assure them a spot at the event in March, where they will compete against the world’s best professional CS:GO teams for a total prize pool of US$250,000.

The Dubai event wraps up the 2021 season of the Global Esports Tour, following successful stops in Los Angeles and Riyadh. Next up on the GEF calendar is the inaugural edition of its flagship event: the Global Esports Games held from December 17-19 in Singapore.

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”Back to School”: Epic Esports Events and RuHub talked about the theme of DPC tournaments in Eastern Europe



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Tournament operator Epic Esports Events and RuHub Studio shared an idea that formed the basis for the studio space design and will manifest itself in all activities during DPC 2021/2022 in Eastern Europe.

Mark Averbuch, Product Director at Epic Esports Events:

“As you might have guessed from the RuHub Studio teaser, we have based the storyline on the theme of growing up, becoming, and learning. It will connect all three seasons of the DPC with a single line, and you will be able to observe with your own eyes how the tournament will develop and “grow up” from match to match, just as the intensity of passions increases from the group stages to the grand final.”

Nikolay Petrossian, Head of RuHub Studio:

“In the first tournament of the season, the studio familiar to viewers will turn into an apartment of the 90s. Imagine that behind the scenes of the tournament is a hero, a future graduate of the school, who has a whole life ahead of him (and Dota 2, of course). His story will inspire us during the broadcast, and its elements will be reflected in thematic content and special activities for viewers. I won’t reveal all the details, I’ll see you on the broadcast! And remember: every stage of life — like every season of DPC — is interesting in its own way.”

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