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Esports & Gaming has risen as an engaging activity for leisure, boredom and anxiety during this pandemic



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Emerging as one of the most lucrative markets in recent times, the Indian Esports Industry ranks at No. 17 globally with an estimated net worth of over $818 million and is expected to generate revenue upto $118.8 billion by 2023.

While PC gaming is emerging globally, its counterpart is revolutionizing the Indian gaming industry – Mobile gaming. With access to a wide array of PC-like multi-genre games in mobile, the Indian mobile gaming industry is projected to reach 628 million users by 2021 positioning India to be the next major gaming market. With mobile gaming, the Indian Esports ecosystem has seen increasing engagements by attracting a wide pool of consumers which PC and console gaming were not able to tap.

Being the most interactive and community-driven industry, the gaming community has also seen a surge in online gaming content built by content creators who curate gaming news, fan-art and video content for the community. With the increase of gaming tournaments, it has opened up opportunities for casters and even managers as well.

There are several reports stating higher anxiety and depression issues amongst people who are stuck at home. Many people have lost their jobs or sent on furloughs, sabbaticals, etc. this time is the toughest for them. However, many have been leveraging this time to engage in their hobbies and other activities. Most trending and popular being – Gaming.

To cope with the isolation / work from home and hometowns during this pandemic, many gaming patrons can now indulge in the following Esports gaming platforms to diversify their time and avoid boredom of any sorts :-

1)      Indian Gaming League (IGL) – India’s most popular competitive gaming and Esports league that hosts gaming tournaments online. Games on IGL can be played on any platform including Xbox, Playstation 4, PC and smartphones.

IGL was created by a team of gamers who strongly feel that Indian players need a stage to jump start their gaming careers. Participating on IGL will not only give amateur and professional gamers the ability to earn some serious cash, top tier gamers will also receive an opportunity to compete with other professionals on a national level!

2)      JetSynthesys – JetSynthesys is a part of the JetLine group whose primary focus is on IT services, digital media and new ventures in innovative entertainment and organized consumer retail.

JetSynthesys was formed with the driving purpose to enrich the lives of all Indians. They know the terrain well and are shaping the Indian culture and consumers. They passionately keep their finger on the pulse of the shifting trends and the needs of the Indian people as well as the western world. They take pride in being agile and strategic, helping to generate and provide support structures for these different worlds to connect.

3)      Nazara Technologies – Nazara Technologies is one of the leading mobile games company headquartered in Mumbai, which is engaged in the acquisition of, value addition to and distribution, of mobile games across emerging markets such as India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

Nazara Technologies Pvt., Ltd. develops mobile content in India. The company offers games, multimedia, themes, and wallpapers. It also provides solutions for the development, deployment, targeting, and tracking of promotional campaigns on mobile platforms; and wireless solutions that integrates content of media companies, marketing messages, and the consumer reach of wireless carriers.

4)      Gaming Monk – The company started as an e-commerce marketplace for games, but recently they became an esports event organiser.

A company actively involved in conducting sports tournament in India through offline and online portals. They are striving to create a gaming community which can compete against each other and sharpens their skills for upcoming tournaments.

5)      Team Brutality – Team Brutality aims to be the best performing team of Asia and is registered with racing game squads such as Need for speed, Forza Motor Sports, etc. Team Brutality is a leading team in CSGO community.


The bronze at the CEC 2022 opens up new horizons for Indian esports internationally



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India’s DOTA 2 esports team’s victory at the CEC 2022 is a significant milestone in the history of the Indian esports and gaming ecosystem. It will open up new horizons for aspiring athletes who dream to compete in international tournaments in the future, thereby encouraging young gamers to pursue full-time careers as athletes. The win will open floodgates for subsequent industries to rise, birthing new-gen pro-gamers, careers, tournaments, brand associations and sponsorship opportunities among others. As the country celebrates 75 years of Independence, this victory marks a historical achievement for India in the international gaming arena.

The Indian DOTA 2 esports team displayed a smacking performance and won the bronze at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 (CEC) held recently in Birmingham, England. The winners of the Indian DOTA 2 team, consisting of Moin Ejaz (captain), Ketan Goyal, Abhishek Yadav, Shubhnam Goli, and Vishal Vernekar, defeated New Zealand by 2-0 in an unsurpassed format.

Up until 2010, esports as a concept was relatively obscure in India and rather non-existent, with low public awareness, lack of infrastructure, and little involvement in the development of this sector. However, 2010 saw an enormous surge in the user base due to the popularity of smartphones, affordable high-speed internet, and notable investments in the space.

According to a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and EY India, the Indian esports industry rose to INR 3 billion in FY2021 and is expected to reach INR 11 billion by FY2025. This only confirms that the growth opportunity for esports in India is exponential and expansive.

Bharat Patel, Co-Founder, and Director, of Yudiz Solutions Limited, said, “A big congratulations to team India for claiming the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championship for DOTA 2. A remarkable achievement, considering the countless scrims, lengthy LAN games, and complex strategies involved.” With reference to esports athletes, he further shares, “the intelligence, mettle, and enthusiasm DOTA players display is utterly amazing. This win will boost the morale of the younger generation to become more active participants, encouraging the industry and the gaming community going forward.”

Anurag Khurana who is the CEO & Founder of Penta Esports said, “Congratulations to team India on winning the bronze medal at CEC for DOTA 2. This win will surely bring esports more recognition in India and inspire more aspiring esports athletes at the grassroots level in the country.”

Talking about the win Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Trinity Gaming India, said, “These are exciting times for the esports industry and a very proud moment for the country and the gaming community. This win by the DOTA 2 team at the Commonwealth Esports Championship has earned a spot for India on the global gaming map and the future of esports looks very bright. This will encourage a new breed of gamers to build their careers leading to a larger pool of talent in the country. This is also an opportunity for brands to step forward in supporting the industry and encouraging the new athletes who aspire to have a career in this arena. We, as industry players, are confident that the government will support this form of the sport by providing adequate support to the esports athletes.”

The Indian esports ecosystem witnessed its first international representation (demonstration) at the Asian Games in 2018. Tirth Mehta, who won a bronze at the time, drew the attention of many developers and investors and their interest in Indian esports grew. Coverage and promotional campaigns on various online social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram increased public awareness and further stimulated the popularity of esports in India.

As esports is declared as a medal event at the next Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, India’s performance and win at  CEC 2022 have upped the ante for Indian esports in the international arena.

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Revenant Esports to represent India at Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022



Revenant Esports to represent India at Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022
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Hustling their way amongst the top Esports teams in the country, Revenant Esports booked their spot in the Pokemon UNITE World Championships 2022 by clinching the Indian regional qualifier with a dominating performance.

They thrashed Ascension by 3-1 in the final and also took home the prize money of $20,000.

A total of 24 teams, including popular Esports teams like True Rippers Esports, Enigma Gaming, Entity Gaming and S8ul, featured in the regional qualifiers.

Revenant Esports were impressive throughout the tournament, winning all of their nine games in the group stages and playoffs.

The team will now represent India at the Pokemon UNITE World Championship, scheduled to take place in London from August 19-20. The tournament will feature a massive prize pool of USD 500,000.

“I am extremely delighted that the team has qualified for the World Championship, considering the fact that these qualifiers were the current roster’s first competitive appearance. The way they sailed through the group stage and playoffs was impressive. Being the first Esports team to represent India in this particular tournament is a commendable achievement for us and we are confident that the team will make everyone proud. We are looking forward to the tournament and competing with the best teams from all over the world,” said Rohit Jagasia, Founder & CEO of Revenant Esports.

The team, comprising captain Raunak Sen (Crowley), Omkar Sawardekar (Omen), Adnan Badshah (Badshah), Jeet Kundra (Swifty), Anklesh Satelkar (Novaa) and Vishnu Khatri (Xesol), were assembled recently on June 13.

“Having earned a lot of recognition through DOTA 2, it feels like a great accomplishment to represent your country on the international stage for multiple games. Everyone in the team put in a lot of effort and was confident about our chances right from the beginning. This was visible in the qualifiers as we went unbeaten in the regional championships in spite of the high level of competition. I hope that we transition that form to the World Championship as well and bag the trophy,” an elated skipper Raunak “Crowley” Sen expressed.

The event will feature 16 teams, qualified from 26 countries across the globe, battling to win the inaugural edition of the tournament.

The teams will be divided into four groups with the top two teams advancing to the playoffs. All games will be played in a double elimination best-of-three format while the final will be played in a best-of-five format with a bracket reset.

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fnatic Rising is the New Champion of WePlay Academy League



fnatic Rising is the New Champion of WePlay Academy League
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For the first time in five tournament seasons, the WePlay Academy League has got new winners. This year, the players of the fnatic Rising team became the champions – in the grand final, the guys won with a score of 2:0, having put up a fight against Team Spirit Academy.

After 19 intense tournament days, the fifth season of the WePlay Academy League has ended. For the first time in the history of the tournament, the champion title was won by the fnatic Rising team.

The winner was determined during the playoff stage, in which four teams took part: Astralis Talent, fnatic Rising, BIG. OMEN Academy and Spirit Academy. As a result of a series of matches in the bo3 format, fnatic Rising and Spirit Academy made it to the grand final. With a score 2:0, fnatic Rising managed to win.

Season 5 final prize pool breakdown:

  • 1st place – $45,000 – fnatic Rising
  • 2nd place – $20,000 – Spirit Academy
  • 3rd place – $15,000 – BIG. OMEN Academy
  • 4th place – $8,000 – Astralis Talent
  • 5th place – $4,000 – YN.GamerPay
  • 6th place – $4,000 – NAVI Junior
  • 7th place – $1,500 – OG Academy
  • 8th place – $1,500 – FURIA Academy
  • 9th place – $500 – mouz NXT
  • 10th place – $500 – ENCE Academy
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