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How the Betting Industry is Attracting Young New Customers Thanks to eSports



How the Betting Industry is Attracting Young New Customers Thanks to eSports
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It is now evident that eSports betting is not one of those passing clouds in the online casino industry but a niche here to stay. Initially, the introduction of eSports into the online gaming scene came as a mere suggestion from eSports enthusiasts. This novel concept appeared to be a fringe thing that would only attract a limited number of punters. At first, casinos offering eSports betting did not make as much money as they had expected. However, the client base in casinos began changing as the sport attracted a wider fan base.

Early Years of eSports Betting
eSports graced the online betting landscape around 2015. During these early years, larger bookmakers were still reluctant to embrace eSports. In addition, the betting markets were limited, and punters never had enough options. Fast forward, eSports now attract a massive audience. This might be evidenced by record-breaking 3,882,000 viewership in the League of Legends World Championship Finals in 2020. As you might expect, major bookmakers have since been quick to take advantage of eSports’ popularity.

eSports and the Betting Industry
Electronic sports, popularly known as eSports, are a type of computer game that is played by individuals or teams. In light of this, eSports betting mainly focuses on placing wagers on teams and video gamers competing in video gaming tournaments.

One thing that has made eSports popular in recent years is that this industry attracts huge sponsorship deals worldwide. This is evidenced by the massive prize pool payout that is awarded to winners in international tournaments. In light of this, eSports games attract the best players who have dedicated their lives to these games.

While eSports are exciting to players, sponsors, and fans, they also present a chance for punters to make money. It is worth noting that this industry is highly regulated, meaning that punters are assured of a safe and fair gaming experience.

How ESports Are Attracting New Players to Online Betting
One thing about eSports is that it was first introduced to the younger generation, which is often associated with video gaming, at its inception. However, these players are not willing to ditch eSports even after they get older. So this essentially means eSports are no longer about the younger population but also for adults.

ESports betting attracts thousands of new players to online casinos. In light of this, casinos are devising novel ways of attracting new customers using eSports as the main attraction.

ESport’s attractiveness has reeled casino brands into this industry, with bookmakers willing to seize any opportunity that comes to create partnerships with eSport’s publishers, content creators, and leagues. Here is how bookmakers intend to achieve their objectives.

As much as gambling partnerships might be a good way to pump more money into the industry, key operators are alive to the fact that lack of integrity in this industry might ruin all the progress made. In light of this, casinos are serious about enhancing integrity and professionalism to ensure that everyone benefits.

Tactful Advertising
Considering that eSports are relatively young in the grand casino industry, casino operators are responsible for reaching out to untapped markets through adverts. However, they are also very tactful in their approach – advertising to make the community feel that they are supporting the sport and not that they are in the business to make money.

Content Marketing
Besides slapping a logo on a jersey, bookmakers have been doubling their efforts to create exclusive content. A simple search on the internet or YouTube shows that major casinos offering eSports games in their portfolio of games have formed a solid partnership between these two spaces. However, they are also cautious in their dealings to ensure that they advance clean and honest efforts that will not water down the industry’s reputation.

Tournament Sponsorships
Bookmakers have been open to sponsoring major eSports events in recent years including Betsafe. Most bookmakers are turning to sponsorship deals as a way of aligning themselves with this new niche. This is also good news for the players, who now can make more money from tournament wins.

As it stands, it is an exciting time to be both an eSports enthusiast and a punter. As bookmakers devise strategies to clutch into eSports, do not be surprised to find them getting more creative.


Selecting esports titles to be played in MSSA Provincial and National Championships



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Selecting esports titles is always an emotive issue.

All esports athletes have strong likes and dislikes, gamers always want their favourite esports titles to be given preferential treatment.

In order to make the process more objective and reduce the influence of any one member club and/or individual, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has a policy in place in order to ensure that there is a due process as well as a fair system in place in order to ensure that the correct titles are selected.

However, it should be noted that MSSA currently only selects 10 titles to be played at Provincial and National Championships.

Priority is given to the esports titles that are played at IESF’s World Championships and Global Esports Federation’s Global Esports Games (GEG) in order to assist MSSA deliver a national team.

Even though only 10 titles are so selected, that does not mean that the other titles cannot be held at MSSA events.

However, it should be noted that any approved title may be played at an official MSSA Regional Championships. In fact, it is at such Regional Championships that the popularity of various esports titles is tested in order to evaluate whether such titles should, in future, be included in MSSA’s Provincial and National Championships.

The full rules on how titles are selected are as follows:

  1. The periods (titles) selected shall be decided upon by the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Not more than ten (10) titles shall be selected every year from nominations received.
  3. The titles played at the most recent IESF World Championships shall automatically be selected.
  4. The remaining titles may then be selected.
  5. Should IESF introduce new titles into its World Championships which have not been selected by MSSA, then the least popular game in its genre (excluding titles that are being played at IESF’s World Championships) shall immediately fall away in favour of the new title.
  6. The popularity of a period (title) shall be based on attendance at MSSA events.
  7. Should IESF introduce new titles into its World Championships which have not been selected by MSSA, and no MSSA event have been held in such period (title) then the Board of Control shall decide which period (title) falls away in such genre (excluding titles that are being played at IESF’s World Championships).
  8. Should IESF introduce new titles into its World Championships which have not been selected by MSSA, and there are no other periods (titles) within its genre, then the least popular game (excluding titles that are being played at IESF’s World Championships) shall immediately fall away in favour of the new title.
  9. For any period to be nominated, such period (title) shall have been played at any two Regional Events at which there were at least three teams per event.

All proposals for titles must be submitted to MSSA by 1 November 2022 for inclusion in the Agenda for the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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TenZ and Prodigy Agency Celebrate Six Figure Turnover After “Project T” Merch Launch



TenZ and Prodigy Agency Celebrate Six Figure Turnover After “Project T” Merch Launch
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“Project T”, a limited merch launch between professional VALORANT player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, managed by esports leaders Prodigy Agency, and Warren James, has now concluded its initial drop, which can be considered a massive triumph. The drop garnered 20 million total impressions online and a six figure turnover, making it one of the most successful merch launches for an esports athlete ever. With the promise of future drops, “Project T” will undoubtedly go from strength to strength and smash the high expectations already set!

The “Project T” drop was a success internationally, with sales and web traffic from all corners of the globe, highlighting the worldwide appeal of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo to esports fans in every continent!

First launching at the end of August, “Project T” featured 13 unique products including shorts, hoodies, hats, and crewnecks, launching alongside a web-accessible manga, available on

Discussing what the future has in store, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo said ‘definitely for other [drops] we’re going to be doing a lot more graphics stuff’, as he initially opted for ‘a simple drop’ to allow the clean and distinctive logo of “Project T” to take center stage.

Hosting a series of watch parties during VALORANT’s most important event of the year, Champions 2022, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo told his viewers, which peaked at over forty-five thousand viewers, that “I wanted embroidery as I wanted it to feel [higher] quality and last longer”. Providing value for money was key to the successful launch of “Project T”, combining both affordability and quality across the range.

“I’m very proud of the quality of the merch and this first drop with Warren James.

It really fits the personality and universe of TenZ, and the amazing sales prove that the fans loved it. It’s also proof that TenZ and esports players can sell products if done properly and it’s paving the way for others, showing brands the true potential of players. I can’t wait for the next drops!” said Jérôme Coupez, Founder and CEO of Prodigy Agency.


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India thrashes Pakistan and Bangladesh to qualify for 14th World Esports Championships in CS:GO



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India’s CS:GO team produced vigorous performances in the South Asian Regional Qualifiers of the 14th World Esports Championships after hammering Pakistan and Bangladesh in the South Asian regional qualifiers.

The team, comprising of skipper Ritesh Sarda (Defaulter), Shuvajyoti Chakraborty (Mcg1LLzZz), Anshul Adardkar (KiiLSwitCh), Hrishikesh Shenoy (Crazy_Gamer) and Harsh Jain (lynX), recorded identical 2-0 victories over Pakistan and Bangladesh in the semi-finals and final respectively.

Besides CS:GO team, prominent Tekken 7 athlete Hitesh Khorwal (rcool) and well renowned eFootball professional Hemanth Kommu (peshemak7) will also represent India at the World Esports Championships, scheduled to take place in Bali from Nov 29 – December 12, 2022. Hitesh and Hemanth secured their berths by winning the National Esports Championships (NESC) 2022, conducted by Esports Federation of India (ESFI) earlier this year.

Organised by International Esports Federation, the prestigious event will witness participation of top athletes from over 120 countries, competing in six different Esports titles—CS:GO, Dota 2, Tekken 7, eFootball, as well as PUBG mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which will be making its debut at the championships. The 14th WEC has a prize pool of USD 500K (~INR 4 Crores).

“The team was simply too good for the opposition in terms of their skills, strategies and coordination. They won comfortably against Pakistan and Bangladesh shows the confidence they have in their gameplay. We are extremely proud of their performances and are now looking forward to seeing them compete with the best teams from all over the world in Bali. Everyone at ESFI wishes them the best of luck for the grand tournament,” said Lokesh Suji, Director of Esports Federation of India and Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation.

Led by Sarda, the dominant Indian team hardly had to break a sweat in their matches as they comprehensively defeated Pakistan in two different maps by 16-6 and 16-4 and then displayed a similar aggressive performance to outperform Bangladesh in both maps of the final by 16-7 and 16-5.

“It feels amazing to represent India again at the World Esports Championships in back-to-back years. We definitely want to improve on our performances from last year and have been working very hard to do so. The team has done very well in showcasing its qualities in game while prevailing in all these qualifiers but the WEC final will be a stern test on a much higher level and we want to match that. I have high hopes from the tournament and we want to bring some glory from it back home,” said Sarda, captain of the Indian CS:GO team.

The same CS:GO team had participated in the last edition of World Esports Championships, held in Eilat, and finished eighth in the final.

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