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NSoft story: Passion and motivation behind Virtual Penalty Shootout



NSoft story: Passion and motivation behind Virtual Penalty Shootout
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Virtual Penalty Shootout celebrated its first birthday. Officially, the game was released on September 30, 2020, and instantly captured the attention of both – operators and players.

The expert community has also recognized the uniqueness and the beauty of the game by shortlisting it for the Global Gaming Award 2021 in the category Product Launch of the Year. Recently NSoft received seven nominations for the SBC Awards Latinoamerica 2021. Among others, we are shortlisted in the category Virtual Sports Supplier. The application for this award has leaned heavily on the Virtual Penalty Shootout game.

To celebrate all those milestones, we decided to tell a different story about Virtual Penalty Shootout game. We will not talk about the RNG, betting markets, how-to-play but let people who created the game say a word or two about passion, excitement and dedication.

By Amela Dedić and Biljana Haljevac, Senior 3D Artists/Animators

The team

Great teams and great ideas are all about people and the working atmosphere. We at NSoft’s former 3D Games Team, now 3D Creative Team were lucky to found each and we just can’t start this story without saying thank-you to former and current team members: Jasmin Ličina – Senior 3D artist/Team lead, Dragan Grbavac – Senior 3D artist, Dejan Boras – Senior Unity dev, Zlatko Vukšić – Senior Unity dev, Adnan Mujkić – Unity Dev, Dragan Rezo – Senior 3D Artist, Stojan Cvitković – Senior 3D Artist, Toni Matej Radoš – Senior 3D Artist. In this story, “we” are Biljana Haljevac –  Senior 3D Animator and Amela Dedić – Senior 3D Animator. We are the one who will take you behind the scene of  Virtual Penalty Shootout. 

Our Team’s job is to develop Virtual betting games such as Virtual greyhound and horse races, Motorcycle Speedway, etc.

New Project – Virtual Penalty Shootout

The virtual penalty shootout was the most challenging project we’ve worked on. It allowed us to learn and try new things such as Motion capture. Our first job was to figure out the best way for our small team to make such a big virtual game. The biggest challenge was the animation process. We needed a large number of highly realistic animations, and the best solution for that problem was a Motion Capture system. Our choice was a company from Sweden named Rokoko and their WiFi motion capture suit – The Smartsuit Pro.

After we placed our order for the suit, the waiting time was used to go “back to school” and research making of other elements of the game such as character and venue design and creation, MoCap animation recording and cleanup, new software, and game rules. Our best friends were Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning.

The Arrival- Smartsuit Pro is in the town 

The arrival of the Smartsuit Pro was the most joyful occasion. Also, the day when our colleague Toni officially became the resident MoCap test talent.

Since our open office was not suited for a proper MoCap test, our first pick was local park. Awesome place, beautiful weather, but just one problem: electricity was really hard to find. A better-suited place was found for proper test and future motion capture sessions. The Local Futsal field had everything we needed.

MoCap Time! 

Following initial tests, we felt confident enough to start official motion capture sessions. The first step was planning and creating MoCap sheets for each motion capture session.

Our motion capture crew was small but efficient: Toni Matej Radoš – Test talent & Talent Manager, Biljana Haljevac – Reference Cameras and Amela Dedić – Rokoko Studio, MoCap Sheet. And our Talents, real-life football players,  who without this would not be possible: Fedja Kulenić (goalkeeper) and Ivan Arapović (player).

Since we have only one suit, Goalkeeper and Player animations were recorded separately. Because of that, we had to be very careful during the planning process so the respective animations could match. We were a bit worried about the Goalkeeper’s recording sessions, taking into consideration the nature of football goalkeeping movements. To make everything easier we relocated Goalkeeper’s MoCap sessions to the local Judo club with a soft tatami mat surface.  We had 3 recording sessions and each was 3 hours long. That gave us 137 raw animations. We were aware that not every MoCap take will be successful or 100% accurate, we made sure that every take was also recorded with our reference cameras.

Animation Cleanup

The entire process of cleanup was done in Maya and Motionbuilder using the HumanIK system. Most of the work was root motion corrections, foot slides, and arms fixes. The final part of the cleanup was merging the animations of Player and Goalkeeper into one take and making sure that the timing fits perfectly for each take.

The ball movement was a mix of keyframed animation and Unity physics.

Visuals & Final Render

Cleanup done. Next: Dressing up. The entire time of animation cleanup our player and goalkeeper rigs were dressed in nothing but their birthday suit. That caused a lot of funny looks from our other coworkers. But fear not! Our 3D artist Dragan Rezo was on the task of dressing them up for their final render.

Visuals & Final Render

Cleanup done. Next: Dressing up. The entire time of animation cleanup our player and goalkeeper rigs were dressed in nothing but their birthday suit. That caused a lot of funny looks from our other coworkers. But fear not! Our 3D artist Dragan Rezo was on the task of dressing them up for their final render.

Every visual element of the game can be easily changed. Character appearance, jerseys, crowd, banners. All this can be altered according to the client’s requirements. We had a test client request just to see how much time would be needed for all the changes and rendering.

  • Lions on background video banners
  • Goalkeeper jersey with leopard pattern and panther head as front logo
  • Penalty taker with a red jersey and white sun on blue background (Taiwanese flag) as a front logo. Number 88 on the back and name “Tigers” above it
  • Additional but not requested, all resolve screens translated to mandarin

Final words

Almost nobody was injured during the making of the game. Our Goalkeeper had some bruises from the suit’s sensors, and we almost had a heart attack when our suit had a minor malfunction.

All jokes aside, our small team is very proud to have managed to complete such a large project, learn a bunch of new things in the process, and use Motion capture technology. It was an awesome experience from start to finish.

In the end, we would like you to take a look at our little video presentation of the Motion capture animation process.

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Entain empowers over 200 aspiring sports champions and backs 100 grassroots football clubs with vital funding



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Entain, the global sports betting and gaming group, has supported over 200 aspiring Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth and World Champions through its partnership with SportsAid, and provided grants to 100 non-league football clubs through its multi-million-pound, multi-year programme, Pitching In.

These two milestones are highlighted in Entain’s latest Social Impact Report, which highlights progress made by the Group’s registered charity, the Entain Foundation, as part of a commitment to invest £100 million in its communities over five years.

The report is published alongside the Group’s latest sustainability strategy and kicks off Entain Sustain, the Group’s dedicated ESG event that will take place virtually throughout the week here.

Entain’s sustainability strategy has been informed by an extensive double materiality assessment and is structured across the four pillars of: 1) leading on player protection, 2) providing a secure and trusted platform, 3) creating the environment for everyone to do their best work, and 4) positively impacting our communities.

Virginia McDowell, Non-Executive Director and Chair of Entain’s Sustainability and Compliance Committee commented: “I’m extremely proud of the long-term collaborations Entain has built with charities and academic institutions across the globe, supporting them to achieve our common goals and positively transform our local communities. We’ve made brilliant progress this year and look forward to continuing our leadership in this important area, guided by our latest sustainability strategy.”

Other Entain Foundation highlights, included in Entain’s Social Impact Report, are:

Safer betting and gaming

14 peer-reviewed papers were submitted by the Cambridge Health Alliance Division on Addiction since 2019, contributing to the body of knowledge on safer gambling.
24,920 student-athletes and staff across 112 US colleagues were trained by EPIC Risk Management in 2022 on the increased risks of gambling-related harm for elite athletes.
6.1 million customer interactions and interventions were made through the ARC™ programme between January and October 2023, representing 710,301 unique customers.

Diversity in technology

10,680 girls and non-binary people across 410 Girls Who Code clubs have received free coding and tech education since 2021.
13 scholarships were offered in 2022 to talented female students in Germany and Australia to pursue their passion for tech and computer sciences.
800 computers were shipped to Kenya with the Turing Trust in 2023, providing digital access and education to local students.

Supporting communities

5,000 Ghanaian children were screened for disabilities and learning delays with Chance for Childhood’s new Disability Detect App.
Half a million pounds was fundraised for Prostate Cancer UK, helping to improve the testing, treatment, and care of prostate cancer.
£1 million has been fundraised for Chance for the Children, funding life-saving research and treatment.

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Calling All Gamblers: BGaming to Become a Partner of The First-ever Online Streamers Awards



Calling All Gamblers: BGaming to Become a Partner of The First-ever Online Streamers Awards
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Scatters Club, a global community of passionate gambling streamers and players, announces the first-ever online Streamers Awards. Popular iGaming content provider BGaming with a portfolio of over 100 products, has partnered with Scatters Club, in order to contribute creative offerings to the world of online gambling.

Scatters Club rolls out the red carpet online for top streamers. The event will celebrate the creative achievements of gambling streamers, and awards and global recognition will go to the best performers.

Nominees will vie for the ultimate prize: the audience’s love and the Scatters Crown Trophy. Everyone is welcome to nominate their favorite streamer on this website, or streamers can self-nominate in a category that highlights their flair and creativity.

Nominations are open from December 4 to December 30 for international applications:

  • Most Hilarious Reaction to a Win
  • Most bright Reaction to a Lose
  • Coolest Background
  • Craziest Outfit
  • Best Streamer Collaboration
  • Community Champion
  • Rising Star in Gambling Streaming
  • Most Responsible Streamer
  • Everyone’s Favorite Gambling Streamer
  • The Best Female Streamer

All submitted and approved applications are placed on the long list for their respective nominations, and the vote-casting period begins. Every fan of gambling can vote for their favorite streamer on a dedicated page.

After that, the TOP-5 streamers in each category will be shortlisted, and public votes will determine the leaders in various nominations.

As gambling fans cast their votes for the shortlist, the jury voting begins. The jury choice will remain under wraps and will only be revealed during live air on February 1, when the winners will be crowned as streaming legends.

The voting period wouldn’t be complete without the audience’s favorite bets. Top Five Streamers will be chosen for the Legend of the Year title based on the stats provided by Casinolytics, a Scatters Club’s partner. Everybody is invited to place bets on who they think will be crowned with the title. Predictions can be submitted from December 8, 2023, to January 30, 2024. The winners will be announced online on February 1, 2024.

To make the award night genuine and thrilling, Scatters Club will invite a secret host. Amping up the fun, famous gambling streamers will make guest appearances to announce the nominations and winners chosen by a special jury. The names of the jury and guests will be revealed soon along with many more mind-blowing features of this event.

During the Streamers Awards event, Scatters Club will have the support of its partner, BGaming.

Stay tuned for the Streamers Awards updates while spinning your reels!


About BGaming: BGaming is a fast-growing iGaming content provider converting gambling into gaming. Thanks to an expert team and a player-driven approach, the studio creates innovative and engaging products featured on reputable platforms and 1,000+ online casinos worldwide. BGaming is the world’s first to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games. Today the brand’s portfolio includes 100+ products with HD graphics and a clear user interface for every device. The studio is also known for its brand exclusives created in partnerships with leading operators in the industry.


About Scatters Club:

Scatters Club is a global community of streamers, players, and fans of online slot games. The community provides a captivating and supportive environment for like-minded people to come together, share tips and tricks, and enjoy playing online slots. Streamers who are members of Scatters Club can grow their audience faster and increase revenues.

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Belatra Games Celebrates the Festive Season with Mesmerising Merry Hog



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Belatra Games, the specialist online slots developer, has proudly unwrapped its festive inspired title, Merry Hog.

Players will be able to immerse themselves amongst a variety of special symbols across the main game and free games. The wild symbol hog serves as a substitute for a wide selection of medium festive themed symbols. Magic safes are introduced in both the base and free games. These safes trigger the Open and Nudge bonus, revealing paid symbols or the sought after Golden Hog symbol, which returns even more prizes.

The Golden Hog, bonus, and +1 scatters play a pivotal role in this game. Exclusively in free games, the Police Control and multiplier symbols appear, freezing the Magic Safe reel and offering 2x and 5x multipliers to boost winnings.

Merry Hog is enhanced with its yuletide symphony that complement the innovative mechanics. The game remembers the position of the reels after each bet, adding a strategic element for players. Free games, the gift that keeps giving, is activated with three or more bonus scatters. It starts with an accumulative multiplier at +1, which increases with each spin. A special horizontal reel at the top of the screen will fill reels with stacks of magic safes.

The joy in Merry Hog is heightened through the clever Police Control symbol and scatter +1, both of which extend free games. Additionally, the game features coin symbols with values ranging from one to 2,500, catering to a diverse range of players.

Merry Hog also features Belatra Games’ Buy Bonus, which allows players to enter the bonus game directly if they have the required number of credits.

“Merry Hog is more than just a game; it’s a celebration of the festive season that is packed with surprises and potential big wins,” the Chief Commercial Officer for Belatra Games, Sergey Chernyavski, said. “We invite players to dive into this joyful adventure that promises a blend of fun and excitement.”

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Prague Gaming and TECH Summit 2024


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