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Why are German Casinos the Best?



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From the outside, you might not know of Germany as a significant gambling destination. However, you would be surprised by the number of casino gaming services available in the country. There are tons of casinos out there, be it online or land-based, that offer exquisite gaming services to their clients. Casinos such as offer keen players with top-tier gambling services and are spread all over the country.

There is an array of games available in German casinos. Most of them offer classic board games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and Punto Banco. Additionally, you will come across most of them offering different slot games. However, the scene is a bit different from the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. Contrary to the energy and entertaining shows in Vegas, most German casinos are all about gambling. Yes, you might find good food and drinks here, there isn’t so much more about it than that.

However, it is essential to note that the rise of casino gambling, especially online casinos, has been rampant recently. Thanks to the internet, the German gambling industry has seen immense growth where punters all over the country continue to sign up and play. This makes you wonder, what makes the gambling scene such a lucrative field? Additionally, why should you opt for German casinos whenever you want to play?

Below are some of the few things that have made the industry a heavyweight.


This always goes down as the most popular reason why there has been an increase in online gambling, not only in Germany but in the world at large. The internet revolutionized online casino operations ever since it was incorporated in it. Initially, people would have to walk or drive to their favourite casinos to quench their gambling thirst. Worse still, you might even arrive at the casino only to find that your favourite game or machine is already occupied.

When it comes to online casinos, all you need is a compatible electronic device and a strong internet connection, and you will be good to go. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is; you can play your games at during the hours of your choice. This means that even if you have a tight schedule, are bored during a work break, or just sitting on your couch, you can pull out your PC and start gambling.

Another thing that has made the industry such a cult favourite is the availability of mobile-compatible apps. Some German casinos have taken the game a notch higher by developing apps that allow their customers to play. Most of them are tailored to bypass the hassle of going through the websites and internet searching for your favourite platform.

Legal regulations by the relevant government bodies

For years on end, German regulators strived to develop the most relevant laws and regulations that would govern the gambling scene in the country. This came to an end in March 2020, when the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling was presented and approved. The treaty was to go into effect on July 1st, 2021. They would then be allowed to license online casinos, regulate their operations, and govern the industry.

This brought a massive change to the industry by presenting an opportunity for casinos and startups to establish themselves in the market. However, it still led to the implementation of strict measures that would govern how these casinos carry out their operations. The state of Schleswig-Holstein allowed online casinos to operate in its vicinity freely.

With such a keen eye on them, it is rare for casinos to operate maliciously without the relevant bodies realizing it. Additionally, every legit casino, online or land-based, has a license that allows them to carry out gambling operations. As such, there are minimal con activities and scum in the industry.

However, even with the measures in place, a few illegitimate platforms might manage running heinous acts underground. Therefore, it is up to you to also take extra caution when choosing a casino. For example, ensure that you approved the licensing of the platform and that you have done additional research prior to starting your gaming activities.

Bonuses and Promotions

Being a hugely popular pastime activity in the country, gambling casinos will put much effort to lure a maximum number of punters to bet on their platform. One way of doing so is buying offering lucrative deals and promotions for their customers to utilize. This includes bonuses such as the Welcome Bonus, the no deposit bonus, and such. They are tailored to help you kick start your gambling life on the platform and get you going as soon as possible.

As a punter, it is your duty to analyze these deals, bonuses, and promotions before starting on gambling. This means looking through them and seeing the ones that really match your preferences.

Another possible bonus that you can enjoy from these online casinos is the free spins bonus. Here, you will be granted free spins for a specific number of times when playing your go-to slot game. This gives you more chances to get a stroke of luck and win big.

These bonuses can be offered to you during your start (after signing up) or as you play. This way, the casinos ensure that they are rewarding their new customers and the old ones as well. What a way to retain you as a customer!

Take away

Germany has sixteen federal states, each of the governing and legislating gambling activities on their own. However, this raises concern due to the lack of uniform laws and regulations governing gambling activities here. The complexity of the gambling scene originates from the fact that players from different states are subjected to other laws and regulations. However, even with all these distractions, the industry still manages to attract punters from all over the country. Therefore, you can still enjoy gambling in Germany; all you have to do is pick a casino that suits your needs, and you will be good to go.

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Summary from the annual general meeting 2022 of Raketech Group Holding Plc.



Summary from the annual general meeting 2022 of Raketech Group Holding Plc.
Reading Time: 3 minutes


The shareholders of Raketech Group Holding Plc gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, on 17 May 2022 to hold an annual general meeting. The following resolutions were made.

It was resolved to approve the Consolidated Financial Statements of the company, the Director’s Report and the Auditor’s Report for the financial year ending 31 December 2021. The meeting resolved to not pay any dividends for the financial year 2021 in accordance with the directors’ recommendation.

Ulrik Bengtsson was elected as board member and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Erik Skarp, Johan Svensson and Magnus Gottås were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors and Pierre Cadena and Clare Boynton were elected as new members of the Board of Directors, all directors being elected for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting in accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposal.

Annika Billberg and Fredrik Svederman did not stand for re-election.

The meeting resolved that the fees to be paid to the members of the Board of Directors shall be allocated as follows: EUR 50,000 to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and EUR 30,000 to each of the other members of the Board of Directors. No Director having an operational role in the Company or its subsidiaries under which the Director receives a salary, or a consultancy fee shall receive any compensation for the work conducted in the Board of Directors and any committees. The meeting further resolved that the Chairmans of the Audit Committee, of the Remuneration Committee and of the USA Committee shall respectively be entitled to a remuneration of EUR 10,000 each.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Malta was re-elected as the company’s auditor for the time until the end of the next annual general meeting in accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposal and Audit Committee’s recommendation. The meeting resolved that the auditor’s fees shall be payable in accordance with any invoice approved by the Remuneration Committee.

The meeting resolved to approve the Nomination Committee’s proposal on the principles for appointing the Nomination Committee of the company until the annual general meeting of 2023.

The meeting resolved to adopt the Board of Director’s proposal for guidelines for remuneration to senior management.

The meeting further resolved to adopt an incentive program in accordance with the proposal from the Board of Directors. The program comprises of share options which the participants are entitled to exercise to subscribe for shares in Raketech. The program included a maximum of 28 participants and not more than 1,080,000 share options, which may entitle to the same number of new shares. The share options will vest for three years from the allocation to each participant, whereby 1/3 will vest after the first year, an additional 1/3 after the second year and the remaining 1/3 will vest after the third year. After the vesting, the participant can receive shares in the company.

In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors, the meeting resolved to amend the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company to form a fiscal unit pursuant to Maltese law.

In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors, the meeting also resolved to amend the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company, to alter the maximum number of shares which may be issued by the Directors as payment for an acquisition of assets by the company or by any of its subsidiaries after the date of the meeting and/or as payment to a creditor in settlement of debts owed by the company or its subsidiaries after the date of the Meeting, up to an aggregate maximum of 20% of the issued shares on a rolling 12-month basis, and to extend the validity of the authorisation period set out therein until the end of the company’s annual general meeting for 2023, subject to the company’s ability in general meeting to renew this permission by ordinary resolution for further maximum periods of 5 years each thereafter.

Finally, in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors, the meeting resolved to amend the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company, for the purpose of authorising the Directors to issue shares up to the maximum value of the authorised share capital of the company for any other reasons, for a maximum period of 5 years renewable for further maximum periods of 5 years each.

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Kinguin Launches NFT Marketplace in Partnership with Immutable X



Kinguin Launches NFT Marketplace in Partnership with Immutable X
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Kinguin is launching its NFT marketplace, in partnership with Immutable X. Featuring 40+ collections and over 200,000 unique NFTs, it will give gaming and esports customers access to a vast array of exclusive NFT offerings.

The marketplace, built on top of the Immutable X protocol, is mixing the familiarity and practicality of web2 with the freedom and potential of web3. Kinguin offers its users the stability and security of an established digital goods marketplace. Some top NFT games like Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, PlanetQuest and Habbo Hotel will all offer NFTs on the marketplace, with more to be announced in the coming months.

But there’s more than just the high-quality content that will appeal to Kinguin’s vast community. Immutable X, created by Immutable and Starkware, is the technologically leading layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum. The combination of Immutable’s deep knowledge of blockchain technology with Starkware’s cutting-edge ZK-rollup technology, means the Kinguin NFT Marketplace will be lightning fast (at 9,000 TPS) and carbon-neutral, without compromising on security.

The partnership presents mass adoption opportunities for both developers and end-users. By combining Kinguin’s 13 million registered users with Immutable X’s scaling solution, you don’t have to compromise your assets’ security, transaction speed, gas fees and negative impact when diving deeper into NFT, making it easier to scale the game and NFT industries together.

Other features include a dedicated search option, making it easy for everyone to buy and sell NFTs. Users can also connect their MetaMask crypto wallet with the Kinguin NFT marketplace, a free hot wallet service available as a smartphone app or web browser extension. With that, every user can buy NFTs or deposit Ethereum for purchase purposes and also check their NFT balance.

Robert Kalbarczyk, Chief Operating Officer & Acting CEO at Kinguin said “We remain focused on our community’s interests and passions. With Play and Earn on the rise, this felt like the natural next step for us. We’re thankful to have partners that share our vision and we’re looking forward to working with Immutable X to offer our customers a range of exclusive NFT gaming assets.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Kinguin’s 13 million users to Immutable’s open order book, and help power the next generation of mainstream gamers to truly own their in-game items,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable. “This is an incredibly significant move — one of the powerhouses of digital goods trading from web2 is expanding their offering to NFTs, and they’ve chosen layer-2 Ethereum as the way to do it. We look forward to helping Kinguin scale this marketplace across hundreds of games and millions of players.”

The NFT marketplace may still be in early stages but long term plans are being considered to ensure its continuous evolution. As well as collaborations with big marketplaces, Kinguin also hopes, in time, to develop its own NFT games.

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Online Casino Games Tournaments



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Casino games are always fun and full of excitement, and online tournaments are designed to add a dose of adrenaline with the element of competition between participants. In this guide we will try to summarise the features of the main online casino game tournaments.

One thing all tournaments have in common is the payment of an entry fee to obtain a number of credits to use. Participants are then given a time frame, or alternatively a number of games, to compete directly against their opponents.

At the end of the allotted time or matches, the players with the most credits accumulated will win a share of the prize pool and shares of the winnings will be awarded according to the order in which they are ranked.

Although these are the most common mechanisms of online tournaments, you should always be sure to read the rules, as sometimes there can be important variations.

How to choose an online gaming tournament site

Most internet tournaments, such as online poker tournaments and slots tournaments, are characterised by large prize pools and strong competition. The motivation for gaming rooms to organise online tournaments is very often to attract new users through the emulative element and thus offer the games in a sporting way.

For players, the advantage is that they can enjoy themselves by paying small entry fees, with the ambition of being able to access rich prize pools in conditions where the element of luck is limited thanks to the large number of rounds that are played against other participants.

As a result of these considerations, when signing up for a site that offers online gaming tournaments at the most popular slots sites, it would be necessary to make a choice based on parameters that mediate personal preferences with the necessary features that every online casino should possess.

While there is little question about personal taste, we can advise users to consider certain essential aspects before registering. Let’s take a look at the points to consider.

Frequency of online gaming tournaments

Type of tournaments offered (esports tournaments, online poker tournaments, online slots tournaments)

  • Average amount of prize money
  • Loyalty programme of online games tournaments
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Available payment methods
  • Brand reputation
  • AAMS ADM licence

Types of online tournaments

When it comes to online gaming tournaments you are exploring a territory full of options and variations. Generally online tournaments are organised for the most popular games but also for some newer ones such as blackjack tournaments, mixed casino games tournaments and live casino tournaments.

Generally, tournaments of popular games are offered several times a day, and special tournaments with guaranteed prize pools are organised weekly or monthly. For popular disciplines such as online poker, competitions are organised on a cyclical basis, starting at the same time and forming part of a series of events that compete for weekly, monthly or even yearly rankings; the winners of these rankings receive attractive prizes.

At certain times of the year, special tournaments are added to the casino schedule for major holidays such as Christmas, Easter or the summer holidays. Of course, during these times there are also tournaments for less popular games such as Sic Bo online, Baccarat and Roulette.

It also happens that there are tournaments organised for the launch of a new game added to the casino, or tournaments reserved exclusively for players who have reached particular goals proposed by the operators and for which entry is free, as well as being by invitation only.

Games available in online casino tournaments

As mentioned above, there are many games for which you can find online tournaments, so let’s try to list some of them with a brief description:

Slot machine tournaments

They can be for a specific slot machine or they can cover several titles at once; sometimes they are organised by certain software providers (e.g. NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming). Even if they are slot machines, jackpots are deactivated during a tournament.

Online poker tournaments

The largest number of online poker tournaments are poker tournaments, where thousands of players compete for the ultimate prizes in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, HORSE and many other variations. Another type of online poker tournament is that of video poker tournaments, which is less common to encounter and is a distinct category.

Blackjack tournaments

Blackjack, which is one of the most popular games in online casinos, is also played in tournaments where players sitting at the table compete against the dealer to win individual hands and against other participants to accumulate more credits in order to eliminate their opponents from the competition.

Roulette tournaments

These games are very similar to blackjack tournaments, but there are many variations: French roulette, American roulette, European roulette and alternative roulette.

Live Casino Tournaments

The same considerations made for blackjack and roulette apply to live casino tournaments as well, the only difference being that tournaments are streamed live and can be structured for any of the titles present in the live casino rooms, i.e. blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino hold’em etc.

Mixed games tournaments

Involve a number of different games in the same structure in which you participate in a pre-established manner and at pre-established times. For these special tournaments, it is always best to read the rules carefully in order to understand how to participate and how to win.

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