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London’s Exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Casino Bets on Dutch Blockchain Leaders LTO Network and Sphereon to Revolutionize Gambling



London's Exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Casino Bets on Dutch Blockchain Leaders LTO Network and Sphereon to Revolutionize Gambling
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Dutch blockchain leaders LTO Network and Sphereon partner with the prestigious Les Ambassadeurs Casino. Today they announce the beginning of live trials for a world-first: using blockchain technology to revolutionize how the gambling industry works.

The team at Sphereon has built a solution that leverages the LTO Network’s privacy and GDPR-friendly Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifier technology to allow casino players to transfer their winnings using verified identity credentials.

Les Ambassadeurs Casino is looking to LTO Network’s blockchain to enable an improved customer experience, enhanced safety and compliance, and reduced costs and administration.

This innovative solution, to be trialled this year, will provide a secure mode with verified EDD that will enable casino players to withdraw their funds or transfer their funds to another casino within the system. This approach will ensure greater security for the player and the casino operator when the player ‘cashes out’, reducing the reliance on ‘win’ cheques.

“It is essential that the casino business finds appropriate modern methods to transact with our customers in a way that is safe, enhances AML (anti-money laundering) compliance and improves the customer experience. Cheques are a 19th-century instrument. No one carries a cheque book anymore and banks have admitted that processing cheques, particularly those banked overseas, is an outdated and expensive process, and one that they are reluctant to continue with.” – David Livermore (Legal and Compliance Director, Les Ambassadeurs)

The novel approach will allow a player’s winnings to be stored in a stable-coin wallet. Other casino operators are then able to recognise the player and the associated stable-coin crypto wallet, and the player will be able to use those winnings to gamble.

“Gambling is one of the big drivers of technology. Over 20% of the world population gambles and the global industry is worth over $711 billion. As the real world and virtual world merge together, regulations are required, and our network is the premiere solution to be the new crypto-friendly backbone for how this world now operates.” – Rick Schmitz (LTO Network CEO) 


This will become a multi-casino solution. Les Ambassadeurs is conducting the first pilot with the aim of being an industry leader in a future where blockchain empowers regulatory-guided businesses.

“The team at Sphereon and LTO Network are a key component of the vision we have for a future where casinos are interoperable. Using this technology, we can focus on bringing players a world-class experience.” – Kevin McGowen (CEO Les Ambassadeurs)

Casinos are competitive businesses seeking to leverage the compliant regulatory framework offered by LTO Network’s platforms and Sphereon’s experience. This new and innovative approach will provide a more appropriate business and operating model for land-based casinos in the modern world.

“We are committed to using our expertise to deliver unique blockchain solutions that solve real-world problems.” – Sebastian Boender (Sphereon, Managing Director)


10 Best NFT P2E Games for 2022



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Since the 1990s, the concept of playing video games/PC games has evolved significantly. In the past we had to settle for Tetris, but today’s video games are more interactive, interesting, entertaining, and life-like.

However, gaming is no longer limited to PCs, Playstation, or mobile devices, as a new sort of gaming has developed – yep, you guessed it, we are talking about Blockchain games/NFT games.

In NFT gaming, you can purchase in-game digital assets and trade them on Crypto/NFT exchanges. The NFT has transformed the online gaming business in recent years, benefiting both developers and players.

However, the question remains: which NFT games are the best?

According to our market study, the following 7 (live and upcoming) NFT games are entertaining to play, dependable, and allow you to earn crypto coins:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Cryptokitties
  3. Chain Z Arena
  4. Evolution Land
  5. Illuvium
  6. Ember Sword
  7. Gods Unchained

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of the top nft crypto games for 2022.

Axie Infinity NFT Game

Axie Infinity, sometimes known as AXS, is a prominent and profitable crypto and NFT initiative. The game allows players to play and earn tokens, which they can then trade — sometimes for genuine cash.

The game allows users to own and trade fierce monsters that enjoy fighting, known as “Axies.” Each Axie is a Non-Fungible Token/NFT that is distinct from the others. To achieve the objectives, the player can own, trade, breed, and even battle the Axies.

There are two kinds of tokens in the game.

  • SLPs (Small Love Portions) were utilized to breed the Axies.
  • The game’s governance tokens are Axie Infinity Shards/AXS.

Axie Infinity is a game that many of us wished we could play as children. Axie Infinity’s developers have taken nostalgic themes from our youth and applied them to the Blockchain concept – which is both enjoyable and lucrative.


This NFT game is based on Blockchain and revolves around breeding beautiful cats that are one-of-a-kind and owned by just one person at a time.

  1. In the Cryptokitties NFT game, you can:
  2. Buy and sell one-of-a-kind cat characters,within the community,
  3. Create collections to get cryptocurrency rewards.
  4. Improve your cat’s talents by breeding gorgeous cats.
  5. Compete against your opponents in puzzle games.

The amount of Crypto you can earn is determined by how well you hit the game’s objectives and how much time you devote to it.

The cat prices could be as little as USD 0.1 or as high as USD 6 figures. At the auction, you can select the selling price for your cat. The price of your cat’s level/skills may rise or fall dramatically depending on the level/skills of your cat.

Chain Z Arena NFT Gaming

Chain Z Arena is a dungeon-based RPG in which you must defeat your opponent in order to gain SOUL dropping NFTs. At the start of Chain Z Arena, you will be given the option of choose between three Blockchains, and your decision will have an impact on the transactions that follow. At the start of the game, you can select TRX, ETH, or EOS.

Chain Z Arena has 5 game modes:

  1. Idle mode: Bounty Mining
  2. Active Levels: To increase your talents and meet the boos at every level 15, you must fight and win.
  3. Cryptogon:A paid PVP game in which you form a team of six characters and battle the opponent.
  4. The Arena: In traditional PVP games, you will be assigned opponents based on your abilities.
  5. Crystal Orb Arena: Similar to the arena mode, but with more resources to improve your hero’s abilities.

Daily SOUL NFT drops are available for free at Chain Z Arena, but you must login every 24 hours to collect them. The SOUL drops will be placed to your in-game wallet, where you can then utilize them as needed.

Evolution Land Gaming NFT

Evolution Land is a Blockchain NFT virtual simulation game in which you can design and control a fantasy world. Because Evolution Land is based on mainstream public Blockchain technology, you may secure your ownership by using Blockchain technology. This NFT game includes the following gameplay modes: management, NFT collection, gene, battle, auction, and breeding.

Evolution Land also allows the player to own/control the economy, allowing them to purchase, sell, and exchange their game assets for cryptocurrency. You may breed and improve the Apostles (game characters) to drill, breed, and even fight better in the future, and exchange them.


Illuvium, billed as the first AAA blockchain-based game to hit the cryptoverse, is one of, if not the, most anticipated P2E titles to be released in 2022. The player goes on an adventure through a fantasy open environment, where they must explore and capture roaming animals known as Illuvials. Illuvials and all other in-game items will be stored on-chain as NFTs in the player’s wallet and may thus be profitably sold or exchanged. Illuvium also includes an auto-battler system similar to that found in DOTA Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Illuvium is similar to Pokemon, but instead of the traditional turn-based battle system, it’s a 3D auto-fight in an enclosed Arena.

In addition to the core game, Illuvium:Zero is a building game that adds a land component to Illuvium, allowing players to farm materials on their land to develop their own industrial complex.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a forthcoming free-to-play MMORPG set in the titular digital world, which is home to the four nations of Solarwood, Duskeron, Edison, and Sevrend. The gameplay is reminiscent of the internet sensation Runescape from the 1990s. Players will be able to travel the globe in search of monsters, bosses, and competing players in order to level up. Players who want to ply their trade as master craftsmen or merchants can explore the world in search of goods and rares to build unique, tradable NFT items.

Ember, the game’s ERC-20 token, may be used to purchase land, collectibles, subscription plans, and other items.

What differentiates Ember Sword is its approach to world-building. Unlike other similar MMORPGs, the lands (which are NFTs) in Ember Sword are owned by thousands of players, allowing them to play an active role in world design. Ember Sword is currently in pre-alpha and will be available for community testing in 2022.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a fantasy NFT game that features NFT cards that are one-of-a-kind and can be purchased and exchanged.

This is a free-to-play NFT card game in which you have complete control over the in-game goods. This is a competitive NFT card game in which the player must devise a game strategy in order to outwit their opponents.

The player can earn money in the P2E segment by defeating the opponents. The coolest thing is that you can earn NFTs in-game and sell them for real money. You will earn digital cards by playing and unlocking packs. As you participate in the “Weekend Ranked Tournaments,” you can earn Flux, which is an enhancing tool that increases the value of your common cards on the NFT market.

Conclusion on Top NFT Crypto Games for 2022

You can possess collectibles in the NFT games and exchange them for a higher profit.

Aside from that, the aforementioned NFT games enable you to transfer ownership, secure transactions, unique cards/characters, and an overall wonderful investment potential in the realm of digital currency.

Because the Blockchain application is new and still in its early stages, you must be extra cautious about the amount you pay. On the other hand, we can’t deny that the NFT games are attracting more and more gamers all around the world by the second. This could soon become a billion-dollar market in its own right, and you might want to be a part of it .

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Persib Become First Indonesian Club To Join



Persib Become First Indonesian Club To Join
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Fans of Liga 1 Indonesia team PERSIB will soon be able to join the most empowered and engaged community in sport following the club’s announcement that they will launch a Fan Token on Socios. PERSIB becomes the first Indonesian club to partner with the world-leading blockchain powered fan engagement and rewards app.

Fan Tokens are digital assets that give sports fans access to a new digital service provided by their favourite teams. More than 1.5M users from 167 countries have downloaded Socios, with Fan Token holders able to influence their favourite teams in polls, earn rewards, VIP experiences and access games, competitions and exclusive offers on the app.

Based in Bandung, Jawa Barat, PERSIB is one of the biggest football clubs in Indonesia and has been established since 1933. PERSIB has won the Indonesian football league twice, once in the 1994/1995 season and again in 2014/15.

Teddy Tjahjono, Director of PT PERSIB Bandung Bermartabat said, “We are very happy and proud to welcome Socios as our partner. PERSIB is a club that is very open and supportive to various innovations and new technologies. Together with Socios, we believe that we can offer new opportunities for the entire PERSIB fan base, both in Indonesia and around the world to engage more deeply and to be at the forefront with the  club.

“The PERSIB Fan Token will be a great tool for us, bringing our global digital fanbase of more than 20 million closer to the club.”

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and Socios, said:  “Socios is a truly global community, created for sports fans everywhere. “We’re delighted to enter another new market, where there is a huge passion for domestic football and love for the global game.

“A very warm welcome to PERSIB. We look forward to creating amazing experiences and new opportunities for your fans together.”

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Blockchain-Based Approach to Change iGaming Industry



Blockchain-Based Approach to Change iGaming Industry
Reading Time: 2 minutes


What has been the biggest user concern with online casinos? No doubt, it’s trust. Players have to trust the casino with their money, but they can’t make sure the casino is honest with everything, from filing small wins to paying out big jackpots. This issue has not been sufficiently dealt with for many years and there wasn’t a complete solution to make online casinos trustworthy enough for clients.

The blockchain approach is exactly what the industry needed for a while. Using blockchain to write down each casino’s transaction makes entertaining platforms transparent, therefore, attractive to players. And what happens when players find out there are in fact both trusted casinos and old-style, less transparent casinos? They’ll never go back to traditional, untrustworthy ones. Therefore, the blockchain approach will soon be compulsory in the iGaming business.

While creating a whole blockchain casino from scratch is difficult and expensive, there’s another way to make the existing casino trustworthy for players. Trueplay addressed this problem and offered a great idea to iGaming – a blockchain-based iFrame widget with tokenized loyalty programs.


What does it give to players?

  • An opportunity to get rewards in crypto tokens — a more interesting modern offer compared to traditional in-game bonuses
  • A reason to trust the casino. With Trueplay every transaction is stored in the blockchain, which means no one can edit anything. Players can see and verify each transaction in real-time, without the need to request any information from the online casinos.


And how do online casinos benefit from Trueplay?

  • Boosted average deposit per player
  • Higher time spent on the platform
  • Better user engagement and retention
  • Players’ trust


How does it work?

  • Operators create their own crypto token and add the Trueplay widget to their platform. It takes no more than 48 hours.
  • Players start receiving tokens for certain actions on the platform like making bets or staking tokens.
  • Players can verify any transaction through the transparent blockchain explorer and make sure the casino works honestly.
  • Players trust the casino’s brand, play more, spend more, and invite referrals.


You can see how the Trueplay widget works or book a call to get a personalized specialist who’ll show all the advantages of the blockchain solution.

The idea of switching online casinos to a blockchain is not new. Everyone believes in the bright future of the industry. But the solution to implement tokenized loyalty programs in less than 48 hours is something truly innovative.

Trueplay offers all the perks of blockchain transparency without the need for existing casinos to break the bank by investing a fortune. It’s an easy and ready-to-go solution that requires minimal effort from the operator’s side and no investments.


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