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NSoft: Why do we have three variations of Lucky Six?



NSoft: Why do we have three variations of Lucky Six?
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Do not fix it if it isn’t broken, right? Well, no, not really, and let us tell you why. This is the story on how we upgraded the perfect game by adding necessary variations to global success based on our customers’ feedback and our own know-how.

Lucky Six back story

Our draw-based, bingo-style game Lucky Six is almost as old as the company. It was our firstborn child and the first asset for the foundation of soon to become a successful business in the betting and gaming industry on a global level. Everybody loves Lucky Six. Since the V1, the game was simple, neat, running on any device, with good (configurable) RTP. The RNG driven entertainment soon became a must-have for any betting shop. And yes, it was first made for bet shops.

How to play

A total of 48 numbers are divided into eight groups. Every group has its colour, so the player will find red, green, blue, purple, brown, yellow, orange and black coloured balls with numbers. The player chooses six to ten numbers, and 35 out of 48 numbers will be drawn from the drum.

To win the draw, the player has to guess six numbers correctly.

Evolution of the game

Ever since this basic setup, the game has been continuously renewed, always featuring something new – visual enhancement, better performances, new bonus games, simpler UX, richer statistics, sound effects, etc. It was and still is the ongoing process that resulted in one of the best bingo-style games on the market for the retail distribution channel.

In cooperation with our partners, and betting operators, we have gathered invaluable information from the players themselves, and that is the secret of Lucky Six – the players helped us polish it!

Satellite distributed

Lucky Six is available to the operators and players even in areas with a poor internet connection, thanks to satellite streaming. The satellite stream is performed via the shared channel and with no additional fee for the satellite steam service.

Lightning Lucky Six is born.

After conquering retail, naturally, we have released the game on the online channels: web and mobile. The process demanded the adaptation of the well known and lovable product to the somewhat different surroundings. Online Lucky Six needed to meet quite different expectations of online players. The biggest one was speed-related.

So, fast Lucky Six was born, and it was named accordingly: Lightning Lucky Six.

As we have already mentioned, and as the name itself suggested, the main change of Lucky Six for web and mobile app were speed rounds. The number of markets was optimised as well. This was done in order to keep desired dynamic of the game even with the speeded process and not to overwhelm the players. The entire setup of the Lightning Lucky Six game had the basic premise of creating a fast bet experience for the players. The backend used for the game is similar to one at Lucky Six, with the same flair and simplicity. It can run on almost any device as well.

Although the round duration is configurable in both games, it is evident that the optimal time between rounds for the online is significantly different from the land-based presentations. The payment procedure in a physical shop lasts longer, thus the longer in-between desired time, while online players can only be annoyed with a long delay between rounds.

Optimised markets do not diminish the overall betting experience. On the contrary, it lifts the game and aligns with the desired fast betting experience. Predefined systems 6/7, 6/8, 6/9 and 6/10 in both games give the players more options for winning.

Lucky Six in the Casino category

The expansion of Casino content spin games and video slots is exponential. A lightning-fast!

Online players have easily related to the fast, flashy games, IT games for the online channel.

NSoft has offered and still offers third party integration with leading casino providers covering every aspect of this industry niche. Recently, our Games team have started an exciting journey: the production of our own video slots and casino content. Together with several exciting slots representing the vertical, like Classic Neon, Temple of Horus, and Vice Nights, there is also a spin version of Lucky Six. The game is called Slingshot 6 and proudly represents the latest upgrade of our classic.

Slingshot 6 is a casino game for the online channel. It is a spin game based on bingo which brings diversity into inevitable video slots category and ultra-popular crash categories.

The game’s duration is configurable, but being an on-demand game, there is no waiting time between rounds unless the players choose to have one. The round duration spans from up to 3 sec in turbo mode to 35 seconds.

Similar to Lightning Lucky Six, Slingshot 6 offers optimised betting options, sweetened with the possibility to play on favourites and run the game within one second. A system bet is also available, as well as the bonus symbol, a star, which multiplies the winnings.

User Interface differences

Lucky Six UI differs from the UI made for lightning and casino game categories mainly due to the differences between the number of markets. Still, all of them offer neat design, simplicity, showcase round history, statistics, favourite numbers and appealing drum visualisation.

All games share the same legacy, yet every one of them has its place in the operators’ setting. The popularity of Lucky Six made Lightning Lucky Six desirable online content, which led to a version for the popular casino category.

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FDJ and Heritage Foundation Donate €1.26M to YMCA Paris for Restoration Project



Reading Time: < 1 minute


French national lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has made a €1.26m donation to mark this year’s European Heritage Days.

Late last month, FDJ embarked on its fifth “Mission Patrimoine,” a scheme to raise money for protecting and restoring heritage sites.

Now, in the same vein, FDJ and French heritage foundation Fondation du Patrimoine have joined forces to help restore a piece of Parisian history.

The YMCA Paris, located at 14 Rue de Trévise, was inaugurated in 1893 and houses the world’s oldest basketball court.

In a bid to maintain this site, a registered historical monument “weakened by time,” FDJ and Fondation du Patrimoine have awarded the YMCA €1.26m.

“Contributing to the renovation of the YMCA site, weakened by time, and bringing it back to life is a source of great pride for FDJ, our Corporate Foundation and employees,” FDJ Chairman and CEO Stéphane Pallez said.

“The YMCA project allows us to combine our various societal commitments in the areas of heritage, sport and youth,” she added.

In August, FDJ launched the latest incarnation of its Mission Patrimoine. This involved a scratch card campaign and several Loto draws to raise money for Fondation du Patrimoine.

Célia Vérot, General Manager of Fondation du Patrimoine, said: “The YMCA Paris site proves that beyond its cultural or architectural interest, heritage can play a very useful social role.

“With the support of FDJ and the FDJ Foundation, Fondation du Patrimoine promotes the financing of heritage projects with an impact in terms of inclusion and integration.”

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Gaming Corps Appoints Victoria Bonner as CMO



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Stockholm-listed Gaming Corps has appointed Victoria Bonner as its chief marketing officer and confirmed the departure of chief communications officer Erika Mattsson.

Mattson is leaving the Malta-licensed supplier at the end of this month after nearly four years in the role, with Gaming Corps chairman Claes Tellman temporarily taking on responsibility for communications and investor relations until a replacement has been appointed.

New CMO Bonner boasts extensive industry experience, having held marketing roles at leading gaming suppliers including Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

Gaming Corps CEO Juha Kauppinen said: “I would like to wish Erika the best of luck in her new role and at the same time take this opportunity to thank her on behalf of everyone in the leadership at Gaming Corps for these years. I also want to welcome Gaming Corps’ new chief marketing officer Victoria Bonner who I am confident will to bring the knowledge, network and commitment to the industry, which is necessary for the further expansion and marketing of Gaming Corp’s next generation casino slots and other games.”

Commenting on her appointment, Bonner said: “Gaming Corps is at an exciting point in its journey where organic positioning has translated into an impressive commercial pipeline.

“The products and strategy of the company’s branded offering are exactly what the industry is asking for right now, and with a new, greater focus on marketing, I am very happy and excited to join a company that is right on the threshold of becoming a prominent name in the industry. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Erika for her work and the incredible foundation she laid.”

Mattsson added: “Warm thanks to everyone I have had the privilege of working with during these almost four years, above all thank you to my friends in the management. I am also very pleased to have recently welcomed Victoria and that the company has reached the point where a wholehearted investment in marketing is possible.

“I have great confidence in Victoria as well as in Gaming Corps facing a bright future and looking forward to closely following the continued journey as a friend and shareholder.”

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International Game Technology PLC Announces Completion of Sale of Italian Commercial Payment Business to PostePay S.p.A.



Reading Time: < 1 minute


International Game Technology PLC announced that its wholly owned subsidiary IGT Lottery S.p.A. has completed the sale of its Italian proximity payment business to PostePay S.p.A. – Patrimonio Destinato IMEL for €700 million.

The negotiated sale price represented an enterprise value of €630 million and approximately €70 million of net unrestricted cash. The business held approximately €140 million in unrestricted cash at the closing. The increase in unrestricted cash is primarily attributable to timing of vendor payments and operating cash flows generated since December 31, 2021. IGT will use the proceeds from the transaction primarily to pay transaction expenses and reduce debt.

UBS AG acted as lead financial advisor and fairness opinion provider to IGT, UniCredit S.p.A. acted as financial advisor to IGT. Advant-Nctm acted as legal advisor to IGT and KPMG acted as financial due diligence and tax advisor to IGT.

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