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Top Features of Slot Machines to Maximize Your Winning Odds



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With most things now moving online, gaming has also changed tact to attract more players and maximize wins. As such, online casinos are now becoming as popular, if not more popular, than land-based casinos. Slot machines are among the favorites in online casinos like Nitro Casino. This is because of their immense payouts, simplicity, exciting games, incredible bonuses, and flexibility in stakes.

The slot features meant to make the games exciting while boosting a player’s chances of winning are the main attractions for most slot game players. Each game will have a unique combination of slot features to heighten your experience. Below are some of the common slot features you will come across and how best to use them in your game.

Progressive jackpots

The prizes of progressive jackpots are the main attractions in online slot games. Progressive jackpots will accumulate as more people place a wager across different casinos. Each bet will contribute a certain percentage towards the total jackpot amount. This means you will win a higher amount when you leave the jackpot to accumulate over time. Thankfully, the jackpot reaches millions in hours because of the many players in online casinos. Progressive jackpots are the main features in online slot games that have turned gamers into millionaires.

Payback percentage

In slot machines, the payback percentage will depend on the coin denomination being used and the price per spin. Higher denominations will generally have better payback percentages. The prudent choice when you play slot machines is to make the maximum wager so that all your lines will be active during a spin. This will increase your odds of winning. Likewise, when playing slots with bonus rounds, place the maximum bet to have the highest winning chances.

Bonus rounds

All 5-slot slot games have bonus rounds. These bonuses are fun ways of earning extra payouts and increasing your enjoyment of the game. The bonus rounds are different from your main game though both games aim to award players with more wins. In most instances, the bonus rounds will be triggered when you land a specific combination of symbols. The casino’s wagering requirements will determine the term and conditions of the bonus rounds, so pay attention to these before signing up for bonuses. There are two categories of bonus rounds: bonus games and free spins. The free spins give you several spins that do not affect your available play balance. Depending on your game, you can trigger 5-10 free spins when you win a bonus round.


These are the most common features for slot games. Wilds can appear as slot heroes or simple logos based on a game’s theme and its developer’s imagination. They are usually used as substitutions to help players get a winning combination that would be otherwise incomplete. In basic slot machines, wilds can replace all paying symbols other than scatters and special characters like jackpot symbols. However, bonus-rich, complex slots have unique variations shown during bonus rounds.


These are your most valuable companions in online slots. Most games have scatters, but if one does not, it is often replaced with something like a bonus symbol that works in the same way. Scatters can trigger bonus games, meaning you can get mini-games, bonus rounds, and free spins with them. The rules of your game will let you know how many scatter symbols it will take to activate your bonus feature, but in most cases, you need at least three scatters. More scatters generally mean a bigger award, like more free spins. Unlike other slot game features, scatter symbols often have no payline rules to follow. You can spin the scatters in any position and still win.

Win boosters

In some slots, win boosters like multipliers, respins, avalanche, and nudge increase your win potential. Respin allows you a second chance to win while the multipliers will double, triple, and sometimes quadruple your winnings. Nudges or nudging reels introduce a new row of symbols that give you a second chance at winning by helping you complete wins. Tumbling reels or avalanches will fill the empty positions left by winning symbols with new symbols. This results in possibly bigger wins for one spin.

Choosing the best slots with the above features to maximize your winning odds is not so easy. Nonetheless, you can ease the task by reading the paytable, which contains the rules, special features, how to trigger the features, and the symbol payouts. The paytables will also include the key statistics that will determine your betting range and playing style. You can become one of the latest millionaires from online slots with the right features. 3-5 gamers out of 100 struggle with a gambling addiction. Remember to play responsibly because it is easy to get overwhelmed by the high payouts of online slots.


BLAST to launch new esports collection with Nike branded apparel



BLAST to launch new esports collection with Nike branded apparel
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Collection will look to celebrate gaming culture through an esports-inspired apparel line

Esports entertainment company BLAST has launched an esports-inspired Nike branded apparel collection.

The BLAST and Nike branded collection will look to encapsulate gaming culture and lifestyle through spotlighting and celebrating the people and personalities behind esports – from the talent and players, all the way through to the unsung heroes behind-the-scenes.

The collection will incorporate the iconic colours and design of BLAST Premier with the Nike emblem and will include a t-shirt, cap, hoodie and jersey.

Faye Marlborough, Head of Create Solutions at BLAST, said: “Our ambition is to work with the most reputable brands in the world, and they don’t come much bigger than Nike. Gaming has become a lifestyle over the last few years with the rise of esports, we are excited to be able to encapsulate the passion and uniqueness associated with competitive gaming through this collection.”

The apparel line will be launched and made available for general sale in August during the BLAST Premier Fall Groups (19-28 August).

BLAST Premier is the world’s leading Counter-Strike tournament series, hosting the best players and teams, offering opportunities to regions across the globe and crowning the world champions of CS:GO. Up to 32 of the world’s best teams take part in the seven BLAST Premier events across the year with a combined prize pool of $2,475,000 on the line.

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How To Find The Safest Online Casino: 6 Useful Tips



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Playing games online can be a lot of fun, and is a great way to pass time if you’re bored or have some free time before you need to do something pressing. So are online casinos: gambling is just as fun, and can help make some of the long summer days a little less dull. 

If you have long stretches of time where you’re unsure of what to do and feel like you’ve already binge-watched your favorite shows at least twice, then online gambling may just be for you. However, you definitely need to make sure you stay safe while playing online, and you don’t want to freely give out your information without exercising caution.

1. Make Sure You Can Read the Fine Print

Online casinos have been a thing for a long while now, and unfortunately, lots of scammers have been exploiting the phenomenon for just as long. That means that they’ve figured out little details that will throw people off. For example, you may be able to play the games just fine, but the fine print may be in another language altogether. That’s usually a red flag, and it’s best to avoid any website whose rules are hard to read.

2. Get Paid Immediately

If you’re playing for real money, then make sure you don’t get involved with a site that promises to mail a check. Look into options like fast payout casinos to help ensure that you get the fastest payment possible. They offer different ways of securely receiving money, and you can either make a deposit or use cryptocurrency – whichever is more convenient for you. 

3. Check Your Options

Before you start gambling online, make sure to check your deposit and withdrawal options. It typically takes about seven days to be able to withdraw money – any site that allows for less or more time should be avoided. Also, make sure the site offers different kinds of payment methods, and that these methods work for you. Finally, if the site doesn’t ask for your ID while you set up the account, it’s probably not legit. 

4. Stay within Your Territory

A legit website won’t allow players from beyond their territory. Very rarely are international browsers allowed to play. Try to make sure that the site you use allows people from the same countries to play since each territory will have a different set of applicable legalities. 

5. Check the Reviews

A good website is bound to have a slew of reviews online. Plenty of people – who aren’t bots – would be recommending it, and you could rest assured that you’re gambling with a safe casino. If you can’t find enough information to vouch for the quality of the website, then it’s best to avoid it.

6. Make sure It’s Licensed

This may be the most important tip here: definitely make sure that the online casino has a license. They cannot operate without one, and it’s the best safety measure you can have in place in case the casino refuses to release payment. In that case, you can always show the license to the relevant authorities and take action to receive your compensation.

blue gambling neon signage

Online casinos can be fun, especially if you don’t have the time or means to go to a traditional brick-and-mortar one. However, they do come with several caveats, so you need to be extra careful with where and how you choose to spend your time and share your personal information. 

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Gaming veteran joins the Board of Nordisk Games



Gaming veteran joins the Board of Nordisk Games
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Copenhagen-based Nordisk Games today announces that Ebba Ljungerud, former CEO of Paradox Interactive, has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

In her new role, Ebba Ljungerud will support the leadership team, by scoping new investment targets and strengthening partnerships with existing partner studios, as it continues to expand its portfolio of game studio investments in 2022. In recent years, Nordisk Games has built a high-growth portfolio of minority and majority-owned game studios that includes Avalanche Studios Group, Star Stable Entertainment, MercurySteam, Nitro Games, Flashbulb Games and Supermassive Games.

During her time at Paradox, Ebba Ljungerud led the company during the development of popular grand strategy series like Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Stellaris. Prior to this, she spent eight years at Kindred Group holding various executive management positions, including CCO. Outside of her role on Nordisk Games’ board, Ebba Ljungerud works as an independent advisor in the games industry.

“I’m thrilled that Ebba has joined the Board of Directors. We have ambitious growth and development plans going forward, and I’m certain her experience and knowledge of the games industry will play a vital part in this in the years to come,” says Nordisk Games’ Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nordisk Film, Allan Mathson Hansen.

“The Nordisk Games team has built a really unique portfolio of artistic and creative studios, so I’m really excited to begin working alongside them. The company also puts a lot of focus on delivering real strategic support, giving partner studios the tools to create the best games possible. I’m looking forward to being able to contribute to their continued success, and make some great games along the way,” added Ebba Ljungerud.

The announcement comes as Nordisk Games plans to add more new members to the Board of Directors throughout the rest of 2022. Nordisk Games is owned by entertainment company Nordisk Film – a part of the Nordic media group Egmont – and has since 2017 invested more than EUR 200 million in European game studios.

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