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Explore the mythic origins of Made-In-India Indus Battle Royale’s Avatars



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Indian games are now increasingly getting more recognition for seamlessly blending mythology and tradition, which offers players a culturally rich experience. These games weave together ancient narratives and art with modern gameplay, resonating deeply with players and elevating India’s standing in global game development.

One standout example is the highly anticipated Indus Battle Royale by Pune-based SuperGaming, which has garnered over 11 million pre-registrations on Google Play. The Indo-Futuristic game is set in the distant future on the island of ‘Virlok’, which was once home to an ancient race of intergalactic explorers, ‘the Yaksha’. Players assume the role of Mythwalkers in search of the rare resource ‘Cosmium’.

For any battle royale, Avatars are integral to providing immersive gameplay as they allow players to choose their unique styles and skills. In Indus, Avatars are inspired by Indian history, mythology, and culture, each with its own captivating backstory. Despite their standardized functions, they come in diverse forms, enabling Mythwalkers to select models that best fit their preferences. Here is a glimpse into the fascinating legends behind the Avatars of Indus:

1. Adi and Adya

Series: Challenger

Background: Adi and Adya are the inaugural standard-issue Avatars, crafted after billions of credits and countless hours of research and development. Designed to embody and cater to the competitive spirit of Mythwalkers, they represent the cutting-edge technology that defines the Indus Battle Royale experience. These Avatars are chosen by those looking to balance efficiency with style.

2. Null and Void

Series: Explorer

Background: Null and Void are the initial prototype models that successfully landed on Virlok. Their utilitarian design reflects their age. Despite the creation of more sophisticated models, their charm and reliability make them a common choice for Mythwalkers. They symbolize the call of the infinite void, daring Mythwalkers to venture into the deepest secrets of the Cosmos.

3. Diya

Series: Yaksha Vintage

Background: Diya represents a connection to the happier times on Indus. This vintage icon has been revived with the hope of rekindling the past’s joy and celebration. Her design serves as a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Yaksha race.

4. Neo Yash

Series: Yaksha Culture

Background: Neo Yash showcases the cultural values and aesthetics that were integral to Yaksha life. This Avatar embodies the fashion and artistic expression native to Indus, providing a glimpse into the cultural richness of the Yaksha civilization.

5. Rana and Arya

Series: Yaksha Glamour

Background: Known as a celebrated entertainer and dancer, Rana was the headline act of a traveling dance troupe. However, classified documents reveal that his glamorous public persona masked his true role as an elite agent working covertly for the Yaksha Council.

Similarly, Arya was renowned as a performer and master thief who used her performances as a cover for infamous heists. Despite appearing to reform, her continued collaboration with Rana hints at ongoing involvement in clandestine activities.

6. Heena

Series: Indus Icon

Background: Modeled after India’s well-renowned Olympic shooter, Heena is the greatest living bounty hunter in the Indus universe. Frequently summoned by COVEN, an intragalactic syndicate, the sharpshooter is called upon when Mythwalkers need exceptional skill or more often than not, a miracle.

7. Mor-ni

Series: Yaksha Heroes

Background: A legend in exile of the Champions Conclave, Morni is the rare female representative of the Immortal Peacock. Her indomitable will, tenacity, and deadly grace in combat have made her one of the most formidable warriors in Indus.

8. Mech Balika

Series: Indus Automata

Background: Originally a marionette in a theater run by automatons, Mech Balika’s design is inspired by the Rajasthani “Kathputli” string puppet. It remains unclear how or why she became a renowned combat unit, considering the Yaksha’s reluctance to weaponize their robotic creations, viewing it as a loss of innocence.

9. Pokhran

Series: Indus Automata

Background: Developed by the famous Indian scientist Homi J. Bhabha, Pokhran units were rescued by the Yaksha and widely deployed across Virlok. They powered the planet’s most remote corners and facilitated progress. Eventually, their resilience caught the attention of a Mythwalker who captured an intact unit, leading to the creation of this Avatar.

10. Sir-taj

Series: Indus Automata

Background: Sir-Taj is a technological marvel, representing the Yaksha’s deep reverence for their heritage. Universally adored on Indus, he has regained celebrity status among Mythwalkers due to his antics and viral videos on the internet.


AFK Gaming announces India’s first-ever premium insights dashboard for esports analytics



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In a bid to provide authentic data and unparalleled insights into the nation’s esports industry, AFK Gaming has announced the beta launch of ‘AFK Gaming Insights’, India’s first-ever premium analytics dashboard.

This first-of-its-kind powerful tool offers real-time data and analytics to help users, brands and other stakeholders make informed decisions and stay ahead in the esports landscape of the country.

AFK Gaming Insights features three core analytics modules:
Tournaments Analytics: Access detailed information on prize pools, sponsors, players, teams, and more. This module provides a comprehensive view of the financial and competitive aspects of esports tournaments, enabling users to strategize effectively.

User Analytics: Discover valuable insights into demographics, occupations, interests, income ranges, spending habits, and more. This data helps users understand the diverse backgrounds and behaviours of the Indian gaming community, facilitating targeted marketing and engagement efforts.
Social Analytics: Track key metrics such as Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and the country’s top live streamers.

Expressing his enthusiasm on the beta launch of AFK Gaming Insights, Nishant Patel, Co-founder and CEO of AFK Gaming stated, “AFK Gaming Insights is a product built to address a critical market need. In the absence of reliable data to aid their decision making, key stakeholders in the Indian gaming, esports and youth culture industries have been struggling to make informed decisions. With this launch, we hope to empower tournament organizers, brand managers, team owners and industry observers with a single source of truth that they can turn to for industry knowledge and information that will drive the sector’s growth as a whole.”

According to a report by Niko Partners, India is the fastest-growing gaming market, with over 450 million gamers and more than USD 830 million revenue generated in 2023. This expansive market requires a platform that enables stakeholders and brands to access insights on the go and use these metrics for their engagement and campaigns.

To address this, AFK Gaming Insights, which will be available exclusively to annual subscribers, has been devised to cater to a diverse spectrum of users. For newcomers, the dashboard serves as an entry point, providing information that helps them understand trends, player performances and tournament dynamics.

Gamers can optimise their strategies and refine their performances while hardcore audiences will benefit from the deeper insights on their favourite gamers and teams’ social media engagements, viewerships and tournament statistics. For example, the tool reveals that Total Gaming is currently the most viewed Indian gaming YouTuber, with an average of 4.25 million views per video over the last month.

On the other hand, industry stakeholders can leverage detailed analytics into market trends, audience behaviours and sponsorship opportunities to make strategic decisions. For instance, the dashboard uncovers significant trends, such as the fact that more Indian gamers spend money on a daily basis rather than not spending at all.

This pioneering platform promises to redefine the analysis of competitive gaming and change the way esports is perceived in the country.

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Gen.G Launches Official 2024 Summer Jersey with LIBILLY



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Global esports organisation Gen.G announced their newest apparel collaboration with LIBILLY, a Seoul streetwear culture-based brand led by rapper Changmo. The “2024 Gen.G x LIBILLY Collection” represents icons of youth and passion in cross-cultural scenes; the two brands are teaming up to promote K-culture worldwide, beyond Korea’s domestic stage.

“Every year, we are proud that we get to be a part of some of the biggest esports moments in the world. This year, we are excited to partner with Changmo and the team at LIBILLY to introduce a new kit during such a historic season,” Arnold Hur, CEO of Gen.G Esports, said.

The new collection with LIBILLY consists of six pieces, including the official jersey and jacket as well as short-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and ball caps featuring both organisations’ logos. The official jersey, accented in Gen.G’s signature gold colour, is designed to be breathable and comfortable for both players and fans to wear. Gen.G’s iconic slogan “Change the Game” is printed on it to encourage fans to collect. LIBILLY is the latest in a series of successful lifestyle collaborations for Gen.G, with brands like The Hundreds, PUMA and Heron Preston in past years.

The lifestyle apparel features a mashup of Gen.G adorable mascot “Genrang” wearing clothes with LIBILLY’s symbol “031” logo, among other cobranded apparel items. Images of the Gen.G League of Legends team, currently competing in Riyadh for the 2024 Esports World Cup, have captured the hearts and minds of fans since they first leaked.

“I’m excited to wear new uniforms this season through our collaboration with the hip and young brand LIBILLY. It was fun to try out and shoot content in a different look than we did before, so I hope the fans enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this process,” said Gen.G’s Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Gen.G, a representative of the esports scene. We hope that this collection, which reinterprets the passionate brand image of Gen.G from our perspective and expresses it in a new dimension, will be a meaningful gift to Gen.G fans around the world. We also look forward to the various collaborative activities that Gen.G and LIBILLY will continue to launch,” said rapper Changmo, head of LIBILLY.

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With only three weeks left before the July 31 deadline, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is calling all photography enthusiasts to submit their final entries for the 2024 PAGCOR Photography Contest with the theme, “Harvest Time”.

Interested amateur and professional photographers have until 10 p.m. on July 31 to submit their entries which should highlight the Filipino’s strength, patience and hard work during harvest season.

The images may also depict the dedication of farmers, fishers and other workers who help ensure the country’s food production and sustainability through the harvest of their crops and seafood products.

“We invite all those who have not yet submitted their entries to start uploading them now through the PAGCOR website as the submission deadline draws nearer,” PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco said.

The PAGCOR chief said the agency has allocated a total of Php2.23 million for this year’s cash prizes to honor the outstanding work of Filipino photographers and to promote the country’s rich traditions.

The contest’s main categories are the Conventional Category for photos taken using all types of digital cameras; Mobile for entries taken using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; and Drone – a newly added category – for aerial photos taken using drone-mounted cameras.

Each of the eight winners from the Conventional Category is ensured of a Php100,000.00 cash prize while each of the 16 winners from the drone and mobile categories will take home Php50,000.00 each,” Mr. Tengco said.

“We are also giving away Php35,000.00 to each of the eight consolation prize winners from the Conventional Category and Php20,000.00 to each of the 16 grand finalists from the Drone and Mobile categories,” the PAGCOR chief added.

PAGCOR has also lowered the age eligibility from 18 to 16 years old to encourage more participation, especially among the youth.

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