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Creating Your Own Gaming Skins: A Step-by-Step Guide



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The gaming skin market has seen a fresh wave of impressive growth. This growth has attracted various individuals, including artists, designers, and enthusiasts. The goal of these people is to benefit from the gaming skins market by using their skills. But one question remains, how does one go about creating a gaming skin? Knowing how to make your personalized gaming skin puts you at an advantage in the market. In this guide, we will discuss how you can design your game skin.


How to Create Your First Game Skin

Creating game skins can be fun and rewarding. It’s a great scene for players when they get a CSGO case opening for free or get another cosmetic boost. Creating game skins is a skill that can be learned. It is the first step in becoming a seller of game skins on popular online marketplaces. Learning how to create your own skins is not easy, but following the steps below, you will be on your way:

Pick a Software

This is the first step in your journey to become a game skin designer. There are different software choices to make, and they all have their pros and cons. The best iGaming professionals will tell you to always pick software that you are comfortable using. Do proper research before you settle on software. One rule of thumb is to always have an idea of how you want the finished product to look. Working your way backward, you will be able to discover which tool is right for you. You can also use review sites to compare and contrast the different tools and their requirements. Here are some of the tools that are available to you:


  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • Substance Painter


UV Map

The UV Map is a 2D rendering of the parts that make up your 3D skin. It is modeled on a flat plane and is a crucial step in your skin design. Creating a UV map allows you to add texture to your skin design. There are different software programs you can use for this step, including Blender and 3ds Max. Maximize the use of space when creating your UV map and increase the resolution for maximum effect. You should also strive to minimize distortion and stretching so that your skin has a decent finish. This part of the process needs careful attention to detail. Do spend as much time as you need.



The game skin design is the visual part of the process. You have to come up with a color scheme that matches the theme, genre, and mood of the game. The style, details, and effects you use must also be perfect and match the game. You can compare your design to other designs on the market and see how your design composition matches up. Take advantage of concept sketches and reference images to design your skin. Do not get stuck in design hell. It is important that your work is finished rather than perfect. You can make changes after the release if there are any corrections that must be made.



Painting the game skin involves adding texture to your UV Map. There are different methods you can use to achieve this, including stencil painting, normal mapping, bump mapping, and projection painting. While adding paint, you should note the effects of light, shade, and shadows on your final work. This helps your game skin to maintain a consistent look and feel. Make previews after the painting is done to see if there are any corrections necessary.



This step involves saving the skin and getting ready to place it on your character. You should select the file format that is appropriate depending on the game engine and platform. For example, Unity uses the PNG format so their skins must be exported in that format. Other file formats for game skins include JPG and TGA. Ensure that you export the file with the correct size and quality. Remember to save your game skin file with a clear name. This helps you to avoid mistakes or accidently deleted files.



After your hard work is complete, it’s time to apply the skin to your game character. Import the skin file to the game engine and assign it to a character model. You can customize the settings, such as the shader, reflection, and transparency. These should match your character to create the correct effect. You should also test the skin for glitches or issues, which you should fix if there are any. The skin can be tweaked and adjusted later on if there are any upgrades you want to make.


Other Considerations

If you want to sell your game skins, you must consider the game you are designing for. How popular is the game? What is the value of cosmetic items being traded? And what unique angle can you exploit? Answering these questions will give you a clear line of sight toward achieving your goals. These considerations are the next steps you should take once you have gotten the hang of designing game skins. If you want to get the most value from creating game skins, you must have a plan of action.

The game skin industry is large but still growing. Many enthusiasts are looking for a way in, but material is not readily available on how to break into the industry. If you hope to become a designer, the steps we have listed above will guide you in your quest to make your first game skin. Learn how to use the tools mentioned properly before you dive into making skins. You can take advantage of platforms like YouTube, where free tutorials on how to use these platforms are posted. Have fun designing!

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Southampton Football Club announces Rollbit as its Front-of-Shirt Partner



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Southampton Football Club has announced that Rollbit, an innovator in the world of online gaming and entertainment, has become its official Front-of-Shirt Partner.

The partnership will see Rollbit’s logo front and centre of the Men’s First Team shirts and they will have visibility around St Mary’s through LED advertising and hospitality.

Launched in 2020, Rollbit is making huge strides in the online gaming, esports and entertainment space. Through their platform, Rollbit blends entertainment with investment in an innovative way, including the creation of digital gaming spaces for its users to explore.

The company has grown to have a huge global presence, with recent partnerships including the likes of Serie A giants Napoli and with the world’s most subscribed esports gaming team, FaZe Clan, who have over 8.5million subscribers on YouTube alone.

Southampton Football Club becomes Rollbit’s first partner within the Premier League, bringing together two organisations that share a commitment to innovation and delivering great experiences for their respective audiences.

Greg Baker, Chief Revenue Officer for Southampton Football Club said: “We’re pleased to welcome Rollbit, a leader in the online gaming space, into the Saints family as our official Front-of-Shirt Partner. This partnership marks a dynamic fusion of technology and sport, at an exciting time for the club as we embark on our journey back in the Premier League. Together, we look forward to creating unforgettable moments for our fans.”

Sam Norman, Head of Partnerships for Rollbit said: “Rollbit is delighted to announce its latest partnership with Southampton FC following on from their incredible win in the playoff final. We feel Southampton is the perfect club to embark on this journey with as we look to continue to expand our presence globally with one of the Premier League’s most respected teams. We believe in the vision of the club that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence and look forward to cheering on with Saints fans everywhere in this exciting next chapter for Southampton.”


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Compliance Updates

Amid Public Outcry, Montenegro’s Anti – Digital Gambling Law Set for August Revisions



Reading Time: 2 minutes


In January 2024, Montenegro enacted amendments to its gambling laws that effectively ban the use of modern electronic payment methods, including Apple Pay, PayPal, mobile banking, IPS, and e-banking. This move has raised eyebrows across the global financial community, including the European betting and iGaming sectors.

Public Outcry and Anticipated Changes Expected in August

The controversial ban led to significant public outcry and industry backlash. In response, a new version of the law is allegedly expected in August, yet remains to be seen whether it will address some of these concerns.

The Montenegro EU Paradox

Ironically, a few months ago, the case gained media focus and went viral after the Minister of Finance stated that the country has no obligation to comply with EU rules. This paradoxical stance is surprising for a nation actively seeking EU membership and aiming to integrate into the digital business world.

Historical Context

In 2021, the European Commission urged Montenegro to strengthen its efforts to counter money laundering. However, the January 2024 amendments seem to move in the opposite direction, potentially isolating the country from EU practices and global financial community trends.

Industry Response

Since the beginning of 2024, Montenegro’s gambling sector has been in turmoil. The amendments, which force bettors to use cash or specific terminals for transactions, have caused significant inconvenience. This has led to business disruptions and investor uncertainty.

The industry has responded strongly against these changes. A petition to halt the amendments received 25,000 signatures in just five days. Montenegro Bet, the country’s trade association, has submitted the petition to the assembly and initiated a constitutional review. They are also engaging with international institutions to highlight the negative impacts of the law changes.

Massive Lawsuits Ahead

Multiple operators are preparing legal action, including a lawsuit before the International Court for Settlement of Investment Disputes, due to the apparent corruptive practices and unequal market access facilitated by the new law.

Looking Ahead

As August approaches, the industry and public are hopeful for revisions to the law that will align Montenegro with EU standards and global financial trends. The prohibition of safe and advanced online payment methods, in favor of promoting cash transactions, remains a troubling development that demands urgent attention and action.


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eSports fuels Dafabet with its esports odds feed and a variety of fast betting content including eCricket



Reading Time: 2 minutes is proud to announce its new partnership with Dafabet, a globally recognized platform and online betting powerhouse with global reach.’s awarded odds feed has further improved the offer of one of the world’s biggest online bookmakers.

Dafabet stands out as one of the premier online betting platforms, boasting a vast, worldwide user base and a top-quality selection of offerings. With the integration of’s comprehensive suite of esports products, Dafabet will enhance its esports betting experience for bettors by providing creative, esports-only markets and superior betting odds.

Leveraging’s cutting-edge odds feed, known for its reliability, industry-leading uptime, and profitability, Dafabet will offer an enriched betting experience. The Dafa Sports betting site will also feature’s fast betting content, including eFootball, eBasketball, and a unique eCricket.

Additionally, it will introduce a globally unique Counter Strike 2, 1 on 1 format and both male and female versions of a fast-paced table tennis betting product.

By incorporating’s advanced technology, Dafabet will expand its esports markets, offering a broader range of options to its users regardless of their preferred platform: desktop, Android, iOS. This integration not only enriches Dafabet’s esports portfolio but also sets a new industry standard, combining Dafabet’s robust betting infrastructure with’s expertise in esports betting.

James Barnfather, Head of Sports at Dafabet, comments: “With the esports industry skyrocketing, a trend we’ve already observed in our sportsbook, we recognized the need to supercharge our offerings to match market demand. Choosing was an easy choice due to their unparalleled expertise and ideal product suite for our needs. This new alliance with empowers us to intensify our commitment to esports betting globally. We have been eagerly anticipating the launch of these enhanced features for our players. On top of it, we see great potential in a 24/7 eCricket solution in line with growing appetite for cricket betting, yet lacking enough content such as football. The product is a perfect solution to fill the gaps. On the integration side, we have collaborated with various partners, and the feedback on Oddin’s integration has been overwhelmingly positive. Our team rates it as one of the best experiences, noting the prompt and precise responses.

Marek Suchar, Managing Director and Co-founder at, explained why he is enthusiastic about the partnership: “We are really excited about this partnership with such a strong and well-known traditional brand. We admire the top expertise of Dafabet’s team combined with the massive community impact they have with their sponsorships. We feel honored to bring the most engaging esports betting experience to all Dafabet’s clients globally. Dafabet is also renowned for their commitment to responsible gaming and integrity which is in line with our long-term vision for the esports industry.”


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