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Full Audio recordings from MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit 2020 Tallinn

  • The latest from the Baltic regulators (Restrictions, Advertisement Banning, Amendments, and more)
  • Market Rundown by the industry shareholders: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
  • The Scandinavian Gambling Industry Bloodbath and Updates from Germany
  • Fireside Chat: Discussing virtual currencies in Estonia, the AML Action Plan of the EU, and gaming regulation issues
  • Sports Betting and Casino in 2020-2021 – Cross Promotions, Betting, Game Variety, and More
  • The Growth of Global Payment Platforms Which Cater For The Gambling Industry (including cryptocurrencies)

Full Video recordings from Prague Gaming Summit 2020

  • Spotlight on the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Global Payment Platforms And Why You Need To Choose Innovative Methods
  • IMGL MasterClass – The trend towards restrictions
  • Market Rundown: Ukraine, Poland, and Greece
  • FiresideChat– Dr. Simon Planzer (PLANZER LAW) & Justin Franssen (Kalff Katz & Franssen)
  • Personalisation in the age of privacy – Keynote by Magith Noohukhan (Braze)
  • Diversity In The Gambling Industry, HR Topic Or Reality
  • Gambling And Casino Games Via Social Media And Online Technologies
  • You Thought Millennials Are Hard To Please? Are You Ready For Generation Z

Full Audio recordings from European Gaming Congress 2019 Milano

  • Focus on Italy (compliance panel discussion) – in collaboration with Gioconews
  • Benelux Market Update (Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands) (compliance panel discussion)
  • Keynote Presentation by Alex Kornilov (CEO and Founder at BETEGY)
  • IMGL MasterClass™: Ideal connection and communication between regulators and industry
  • Fireside chat – Dr. Simon Planzer (Partner at PLANZER LAW) and André Wilsenach (Senior Vice President, Government Relations at BMM Testlabs)
  • Digital Marketing and Working with Affiliates in Gaming vs Financial Websites – How to do it properly?
  • Gaming and eSports Companies entering the Online Financial Industry and vice versa – Operational, Regulatory and Compliance Aspects
  • Highlights from South West Europe (Spain, Portugal) (compliance panel discussion)
  • D-A-CH Regional Update (compliance panel discussion)
  • Marketing for Operators in Regulated Markets (panel discussion)

Full Audio recordings from CEEGC Budapest 2019

  • Regulated Central and Eastern European jurisdictions (compliance panel discussion)
  • Balkan Gaming Industry Briefing (compliance panel discussion)
  • Keynote Presentation by Alex Kornilov (CEO and Founder at BETEGY)
  • Emerging CEE jurisdictions (compliance panel discussion)
  • Compliance versus Innovation (panel discussion)
  • Fireside chat – Dr. Simon Planzer and Michele Magro
  • D-A-CH regional update (compliance panel discussion)
  • The eSports movement which is not to be missed (panel discussion)
  • IMGL MasterClass™: Opportunities in North America (compliance panel discussion)
  • 2-year revision – Payments, Fintech, and Blockchain (panel discussion)

Full Video recordings from Mare Balticum 2019

  • The Gambling Industry in Lithuania (compliance panel discussion)
  • Gambling Industry in 2020 (panel discussion)
  • Outsourcing for gaming companies – practical lessons, risks and solutions (Fire-Side Chat)
  • Focus on the Latvian and Estonian gambling industry (compliance panel discussion)

Full Audio and video recordings from Prague Gaming Summit 2019

  • Case Study: Relationships between Regulators, Operators and Affiliates Storming the iGaming and Financial Industries
  • Emergency Briefing regarding Visa and MasterCard new requirements for Online Merchants (CFD, FX, Gaming, Crypto)
  • Marketing & Innovation: Understanding Millennials – eSports, Daily Fantasy Sport, Virtual sports and Online Slots Games
  • (Keynote) Stav Zilberstein – Outsourcing for gaming companies – practical lessons, risks and solutions
  • Gambling in Czechia – Note on the 3 years of activity
  • (Fireside chat) “Key Compliance and AML issues for Gaming and Online Merchants”
  • Focus on the Slovakian market regulation and decrypting Poland’s licensing procedures
  • Safe Gambling – IT security and AML / KYC
  • (Keynote) Alex Kornilov – Use of Big Data with the help of AI in online and landbased sports betting solutions
  • DACH market industry trends
  • IMGL MASTERCLASS™ – Gambling Industry: Advertisement banning trends in the European Union and the Balkans

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