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Notice of Extra General Meeting in LeoVegas AB

George Miller



Video: Presentation of LeoVegas by CEO Gustaf Hagman
Reading Time: 7 minutes


The shareholders of LeoVegas AB (publ), reg. no. 556830-4033, are hereby convened to an extra general meeting to be held on Wednesday 28 August 2019, at 5.30 p.m. at Baker & McKenzie’s premises on Vasagatan 7 in Stockholm. The doors to the meeting will open at 5.00 p.m.


Right to attend the Extra General Meeting and notice 

Shareholders wishing to attend the Extra General Meeting must:

  • on the record date, which is on Thursday 22 August 2019, be registered in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB. Shareholders, whose shares are registered in the name of a nominee, must temporarily register the shares in their own name at Euroclear Sweden AB. Shareholders whose shares are registered in the name of a nominee must, no later than on Thursday 22 August 2019, via their nominee, temporarily register the shares in their own name in order to be entitled to participate at the general meeting;
  • notify the participation at the extra general meeting no later than on Thursday 22 August 2019. Notice of participation at the extra general meeting may be given by regular mail to Baker & McKenzie Advokatbyrå KB, Att: Ian Gulam, Box 180, 101 23 Stockholm (please mark the envelope “LeoVegas EGM 2019”), or by e-mail to [email protected]. Upon notification, the shareholder should state their full name, personal identification number or corporate registration number, address and telephone number, and, where applicable, details of representatives, proxy holders and advisors. A shareholder who wishes to be represented by proxy shall issue a written and dated proxy to the proxy holder. If the proxy is issued by a legal entity, a certified copy of the registration certificate or corresponding document (“Registration Certificate“) shall be enclosed. The proxy must not be more than one year old, however, the proxy may be older if it is stated that it is valid for a longer term, maximum five years. The proxy in original and the Registration Certificate, if any, must be available at the extra general meeting and a copy should well before the meeting be sent to the Company by regular mail to Baker & McKenzie Advokatbyrå KB, Att: Ian Gulam, Box 180, 101 23 Stockholm (please mark the envelope “LeoVegas EGM 2019”), or by e-mail to [email protected], and should, in order to facilitate the entrance to the extra general meeting, be at the Company’s disposal no later than on Thursday 22 August 2019. A form proxy will be available for downloading on the Company´s website

Proposed agenda:

1        Opening of the meeting and election of the chairman of the general meeting

2        Preparation and approval of voting list

3        Election of one or two person to certify the minutes

4        Determination of whether the general meeting has been duly convened

5        Approval of the agenda

6        Resolution regarding warrant program and issue of warrants 2019/2022

  1. Issue of warrants to the Subsidiary 2019/2022
  2. Approval of transfer of warrants
  3. Further information regarding the warrant program

7        Closing of the meeting

Proposals for resolutions: 

Item 1: Opening of the meeting and election of chairman of the general meeting
The nomination committee proposes that Carl Svernlöv, attorney at law, Baker & McKenzie Advokatbyrå, is appointed as chairman of the Extra general meeting.

Item 6: Resolution regarding warrant programme through issuance of warrants 2019/2022
The board of directors of the Company proposes that the extra general meeting resolves to implement an incentive program through issuance of warrants in accordance with below.

Background and purpose
The purpose of the proposal, as of previous incentive programs, is to establish conditions to recruit and maintain qualified personnel in the company group and increase the motivation of the participants. The board of directors finds that it is in all shareholders’ interest that current and future senior executives, other employees and other key persons have a long term interest in developing a high value of the Company’s share. A long term ownership engagement is expected to stimulate an increased interest for the business and result in a whole as well as to increase the motivation for the participants and to create a common interest for the Company’s shareholders and the participant.

A. Issue of warrants 2019/2022
The Board of Directors proposes that the EGM resolves to issue of a maximum of 1,000,000 warrants, entailing an increase in the share capital upon full exercise by a maximum of EUR 12,000. The following terms shall apply to the issuance:

  1. The right to subscribe for the warrants shall, with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, be given to the indirectly wholly owned subsidiary Gears of Leo AB, reg. no. 556939-6459 (the “Subsidiary”), with the right and obligation to transfer the warrants to employees within the group as per below.
  2. Oversubscription may not take place.
  3. The purpose for deviation from the shareholders’ preferential right is to implement an incentive programme whereby employees, through a personal investment, will participate and contribute in a positive development in the value of the Company’s shares during the period that the proposed programme covers, and to help the group to maintain and recruit qualified and engaged employees.
  4. The warrants shall be issued without any consideration.
  5. Subscription of the warrants shall take place not later than the day after the EGM.
  6. The board of directors has the right to extend the subscription period.
  7. Each warrant entitles to subscription of one new share in the Company. Subscription of new shares shall take place during the period commencing on 1 September 2022 up to and including 30 September 2022, or the earlier or later date as set out by the terms of the warrants in item 11 below.
  8. The subscription price per share shall correspond to 130 percent of the volume-weighted average price according to the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm official price list for the share for the 5-day trading period immediately prior to the EGM. The EGM is on 28 August 2019, which means that said period of 5 trading days immediately prior to the EGM will be 21 August 2019 up to and including 27 August 2019. However, the subscription price per share shall be at least SEK 50.
  9. The shares subscribed for by exercise of the warrants shall carry entitlement to participate in dividends for the first time on the next record date for dividends which occurs after subscription is effected.
  10. Warrants held by the Subsidiary that are not transferred as per below or that are repurchased from participants shall be cancelled after a decision by the Company’s board of directors. Cancellation shall be reported to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration.
  11. Other terms are set out in Appendix 1A.

B: Approval of transfers of warrants
The board of directors proposes that the EGM resolves to approve that the Subsidiary transfers the warrants in accordance with the following terms.

The right to acquire warrants from the Subsidiary shall be given to a maximum of 50 persons from the group management, senior executives and key persons selected by the board of directors of the Company (the “Participants”).

The board of directors of the Company and the founders Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson will not participate in the programme.

1. Initially, each Participant will be offered to acquire warrants in accordance with the table set out below. For cases where one or more Participant do not acquire their full allotment, the Subsidiary has the opportunity to offer other Participants to acquire the remaining warrants. Such right shall primarily be given to Participants in Category A, secondarily to Participants in Category B, and thirdly to Participants in Category C.


Number of Participants

Number of warrants per Participant

Total number of warrants
Group Management (”Category A”) Maximum 10 40,000-100,000 400,000-1,000,000
Senior executives (”Category B”) Maximum 30 10 000–20 000 250 000–500 000
Other key persons (”Category C”) Maximum 30 5 000–10 000 125 000–250 000

2. The warrants shall be transferred on market terms at a price (premium) that is set based on an estimated market value of the warrants that has been calculated by an independent valuation institute using the Black & Scholes valuation model. The value has preliminarily been calculated at approximately EUR 0.40 per warrant based on a share price of EUR 3.51 and a subscription price of EUR 4.65.

3. In other respects, the warrants shall be subject to market terms including a right for the Company and the Subsidiary to repurchase warrants if a Participant’s employment with the Company ends.

4. Transfers to Participants require that the acquisition of warrants can be lawfully made and that this can be done with what the board of directors deems to be a reasonable administrative and economic effort.

5. Application to acquire warrants shall be made by 11 September 2019 at the latest. However, the Company’s board of directors shall have the right to extend the application period for acquisitions.

C: More detailed information about the warrant programme

  1. Dilution – Assuming full subscription and exercise of all warrants offered, 1,000,000 new shares can be issued, corresponding to dilution of approximately 1.0% of the total number of existing shares and votes in the Company, but with reservation for the recalculation of the number of shares that each warrant entitles to subscribe for that may take place as a result of certain issues, etc.
  2. Costs and effects on key figures, etc. – The Company’s earnings per share will not be affected by the issue, since the warrants’ strike price exceeds the current market value of the shares at the time of the issue. The Company’s future earnings per share may be affected by the potential dilutive effect of the warrants in the event the Company reports a positive result and the strike price is lower than the market value. The warrants will be transferred at market value, which means that no taxable benefit value will arise and thus no social fees for the Company. The warrant programme will give rise to certain, limited costs in the form of external consulting fees and administration of the warrant programme.
  3. Calculation of market value. – The independent valuation institute/accounting firm Deloitte AB is calculating the market value of the warrants using the Black & Scholes valuation model.
  4. Drafting and preparations for the warrant programme. – The warrant programme has been prepared by the board of directors and members of the group management and external advisors and in accordance with guidelines for remuneration to senior executives adopted by the AGM 2018 as well in accordance with guidelines from the remuneration committee, and in consultations with major shareholders. The board of directors has thereafter decided to submit this proposal to the EGM. Apart from the executives who have participated in the drafting of this matter as per instructions from the Board of Directors, no employee who may be included in the programme has participated in the drafting of the terms.
  5. Other share-based incentive programmes, etc. – For a description of the Company’s other share-based incentive programmes, please refer to the 2018 Annual Report and the Company’s website. No other share-based incentive programmes are in effect.
  6. Authorisations and decision-making rules. – The EGM assigns the board of directors to execute the decision according to point B above. The board of directors, or the party designated by the board of directors, is authorised to make such minor adjustments that are necessary for the decision’s registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and Euroclear Sweden AB. The EGM’s resolution on this point is valid only if approved by shareholders with at least nine-tenths (9/10) of the votes and shares represented at the EGM. The resolution on the transfer of the warrants shall also be approved by a general meeting of the Subsidiary.

Number of shares and votes
The total number of shares in the Company as of the date hereof amounts to 101,652,970 shares, with a corresponding number of votes. The Company holds no own shares. 

Further information
Complete proposals and other documents that shall be available in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act are available at the Company at Luntmakargatan 18 in Stockholm and at the Company’s website, at least three (3) weeks in advance of the extra general meeting and will be sent to shareholders who request it and provide their e-mail or postal address.

The shareholders hereby notified regarding the right to, at the annual general meeting, request information from the board of directors and managing director according to Ch. 7 § 32 of the Swedish Companies Act.

Processing of personal data
For information on how personal data is processed in relation the meeting, see the Privacy notice available on Euroclear Sweden AB’s website: 


Latest News

Several markets remove covid-19 restrictions – Sweden are doing the opposite

George Miller



Several markets remove covid-19 restrictions - Sweden are doing the opposite
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Authorities in Spain and the UK are now choosing to remove the temporary covid-19 restrictions. The restrictions on these markets were introduced two months ago and were linked to the marketing of games. In Sweden, new restrictions are now being introduced instead.

“These are examples of two regulated markets where authorities and players in the gaming market work together to achieve a sustainable and healthy gaming market in the long term. The fact that both Spain and the UK now return to the normal regulatory framework is in line with how the outside world relieves previous restrictions in connection with covid-19. We now also see that many sports competitions are resumed, and the football leagues start again,” says Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO.

“Unfortunately, despite criticism from several directions, Sweden is moving in the opposite direction and facing temporary restrictions. There is a great risk that this will erode Swedish regulation even more. Copenhagen School of Economics has carried out an independent report which indicates that the black market can amount to as much as 50 percent when introduced. It is far from the authorities’ goal that wants to limit the black market to 10 percent“, Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO continues.

Spain has for a time introduced a temporary marketing ban on gambling.

For a period of six weeks, the largest gaming companies in the UK (those that are BGC (The Betting and Gaming Council) members) have voluntarily opted to restrict advertising on TV and radio to only feature a safer gambling message rather than promote their products. Advertising restrictions are now being lifted, however there is still a voluntary agreement for operators to dedicate a minimum of 20 percent of their advertising on TV and radio to safer gambling throughout the period up to and including 31 August 2020.

Sweden into temporary restrictions
As of July 2, Sweden will impose temporary restrictions on, among other things, online casinos that extend until the turn of the year 2020. The restrictions include a deposit limit of SEK 5,000 per week and licensees, and only one bonus, in the form of a welcome bonus, which may amount to a maximum of SEK 100.

Responsible Gaming
Regardless of the world situation and business cycle, LeoVegas puts its customers’ safety first. LeoVegas works with several customer tools that are used in the form of setting deposit and loss limits. The company actively helps customers with this and continuously informs them about playing responsibly. In a digital world, everything is measurable and LeoVegas works proactively, using algorithms, to detect trends in unhealthy behaviour at an early stage – before gambling becomes a problem. During the covid-19 period, LeoVegas see no tendencies for problem gambling to increase.

“The Swedish Gambling Authority notes that Spelberoendegruppen (the Gaming Addiction Group) has not noticed any change in the number of contacts and the Spelberoendes förening (the Gaming Addict’s Association) notes an increase in people who state trot as a source of problem gambling,” concludes Gustaf Hagman.

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LeoVegas Press Releases

LeoVegas AB Q1: Quarterly report 1 January – 31 March 2020

George Miller



LeoVegas AB Q1: Quarterly report 1 January – 31 March 2020
Reading Time: 7 minutes


“LeoVegas advocates for a sustainable gaming industry, responsible gaming and positive social development” – Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO


  • Revenue increased by 4% to EUR 89.4 m (86.3).
  • EBITDA was EUR 9.0 m (7.2), corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 10.0% (8.3%).
  • The number of depositing customers was 413,269 (388,747), an increase of 6%.
  • The number of returning depositing customers was record-high 219,841 (200,040), an increase of 10%.
  • Earnings per share were EUR 0.02 (0.00) before and after dilution.


  • LeoVegas’ Chairman, Mårten Forste, hired as new Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Malta.
  • The Nomination Committee presented its proposal for a new board.
  • The Board of Directors proposed a dividend of SEK 1.40 per share, to be paid on two occasions during the year.
  • LeoVegas reached an agreement with the sellers of Royal Panda on the earn-out payment for the acquisition.
  • Following the COVID-19 outbreak, operations are continuing without significant disruptions. LeoVegas’ employees are working from home, and a travel ban has been issued for employees.


  • Preliminary revenue in April amounted to EUR 37.6 m (30.5), representing growth of 23%. Growth was positively affected in markets where LeoVegas has carried out product improvements and in markets where the land-based gambling industry is currently shut down. At the same time, the dramatic decrease in sporting events had a negative impact on growth in April.
  • The assessment is that thus far COVID-19 has had a neutral to slightly negative revenue impact for LeoVegas on the Swedish market. Moreover, the assessment is that international revenues have increased somewhat relating to market shares moving from land-based to online gaming.
  • LeoVegas completed the migration of 12 brands in the UK to its proprietary technical platform.
  • The brand was launched on 4 May 2020.
  • LeoVegas’ 2019 Annual Report published on
  • LeoVegas has summoned its Annual General Meeting to be held on 8 May 2020. Shareholders who are ill are urged to not attend but can vote via proxy.



The effects of the COVID-19 crisis are hard to assess, and the conditions are changing constantly. As an entrepreneur I have great empathy for other businesses that have been forced to fight for their survival. For us, the health of our employees and their families is of utmost importance right now. I am incredibly proud of how our employees have handled this difficult situation, which has required that we conduct our operations without significant disruptions even though most of our offices have been closed since mid-March.

The ongoing crisis has had a minor impact on online-based businesses. Gaming online is part of the entertainment industry, and when people can no longer go to cinemas, restaurants and similar, more of their leisure budget can be spent on other entertainment, such as gaming. For LeoVegas, cancelled and postponed sporting events have resulted in a sharp drop in revenue from sports betting, which accounted for 9% of revenue before the crisis. At the same time, LeoVegas has likely taken market shares in casino mainly from the land-based industry as well as from competitors that are more sports book oriented. Our assessment is that the COVID-19 crisis thus far has had a neutral to slightly negative impact on the Group’s Swedish revenues. Moreover, the assessment is that international revenues have increased somewhat relating to market shares moving from land-based to online gaming. At the same time, we are cognizant of the risk for a global recession, during which people’s leisure budgets would likely decrease, in turn affecting the company.

Regardless of the situation in our external operating environment or the economy, we put our customers’ safety first. We are sympathetic to concerns about the risk for problem gaming during the current crisis. We have customer tools that can be used to set deposit and loss limits, for example, and we are actively helping and informing our customers about how to play responsibly. In a digital world, everything is measurable, and we are working proactively with the help of our algorithms to detect tendencies for unsound behaviour at an early stage. This allows us to act before a customer’s gaming becomes a problem. In addition, we are exercising extra restraint in our advertising. Thus far we have not seen signs from our data that problem gaming among our established and new customers has risen, and we are paying great attention at the individual level to ensure that this remains the case.

We therefore feel it is unfortunate that the Swedish government on weak grounds recently proposed a number of new, temporary restrictions in the Swedish market, including new deposit limits. If the proposal goes through, the new limits will undermine the existing legislation and drive the most vulnerable players to the black market, where there is no consumer protection. According to the independent research consultancy Copenhagen Economics, channelisation in Sweden today is only approximately 75% for online casino, compared with the Swedish government’s goal of above 90%, and the trend is declining. Our hope is that the government and authorities focus their work instead on improving channelisation, so that we and other licensed operators can contribute to high consumer protection and help reduce problem gaming. Otherwise there is a risk that the state will once again lose control over the Swedish gaming market.

LeoVegas has decided to set clear ambitions, targets and measures for sustainability based on Environmental, Social and Governance factors. We have done this to show in a transparent, clear and concrete way what LeoVegas aims to achieve in building a sustainable company and advocating for a sound gaming industry. Today approximately 10% of the Group’s employees work in specific roles in compliance and responsible gaming.

Revenue during the first quarter amounted to EUR 89.4 m (86.3), representing organic growth of 4%. EBITDA was EUR 9.0 m (7.2), corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 10.0% (8.3%). Unfavourable currency movements resulting from turbulence in our operating environment had a negative earnings impact of EUR 1.4 m. Our operating profit grew 24% compared with the same period a year ago despite negative currency effects and a high level of investment, which confirms that our focus on operational efficiency and cost control is generating the desired results.

At the end of the quarter we completed the platform migration of 12 brands in the UK. Now all of LeoVegas’ brands in the UK are run on the Group’s proprietary technical platform. The migration has contributed to an improved customer experience through a dramatically expanded game offering, payment opportunities, faster functionality and loading times, and significantly reduced complexity in the daily activities. Owning and controlling our own technology is a major competitive advantage that eliminates complexity, offers faster speed, and provides necessary control and flexibility in the face of the rapidly changing demands for compliance. Our proprietary technology also enables a scalable multibrand strategy, where we launched in a number of English-speaking countries in the second quarter.

We have a solid performance with profitable growth in most of our markets. Above all, we are proud that we succeeded at attracting a record-large depositing customer base during the quarter, with sequential growth of 11% versus Q4.

We are now beginning to see a clear effect of the measures we have taken in the UK, and the remaining brands grew in total compared with both the same period a year ago and with the fourth quarter. With all brands now operating on the same platform, we have created a good position to grow in the UK.

Germany continues to grow and is nearly back to the same levels as in September last year, when we were negatively affected by the decision by a key payment services provider to put restrictions on gaming payments. After many years, the German federal states have now agreed to regulate the online gaming market at the national level at the end of 2021. This is a positive development and something that we have long looked forward to. However, there are certain elements and restrictions in the draft regulation that may have a negative impact on the attractiveness for the players and on the player value. Over time this may be compensated by lower competition and greater access to payment options and marketing channels. We are waiting with confidence for all of the details surrounding future regulation in the market and hope that Germany draws from the experiences of other regulated markets to ensure successful regulation with a high level of channelisation. On the whole, the Nordics region had a slightly weaker quarter, which was partly affected by a decrease in sports betting activity at the end of the period and greater restrictions on bonus and deposit limits in the Danish market. In Sweden we continued to gain market share during the quarter. Following the successes in Sweden, a launch of the GoGoCasino brand is planned for the Finnish market during the second quarter.

Revenue for the month of April amounted to EUR37.6 m (30.5), representing annualised growth of 23%. LeoVegas’ favourable performance in April was driven by the successful migration in the UK, a number of improvements in the payment flow in a number of markets, and by a record-large customer base at the start of the period. Moreover, LeoVegas’ assessment is that the company has taken market shares from the land-based gambling industry, mainly in markets where the land-based industry has been totally shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as from competitors with primary focus on sports betting. Sweden, which has been in the spotlight recently, generated flat revenue growth in April versus the first quarter average monthly revenue and has thus not been a driver of growth at the beginning of the second quarter. At the same time, the assessment is that the total gaming market in Europe has contracted as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

It is hard to predict the long-term effects for LeoVegas, but the longer the crisis continues, the greater the risk is that revenue will be negatively impacted by consumers’ reduced purchasing power. At the same time, an accelerated structural shift is expected from land-based to online gaming, which makes LeoVegas well-positioned for the future.

Finally, I would also like to thank my co-founder Robin Ramm-Ericson, who has declined re-election to the Board of Directors, for his superb work and partnership in building LeoVegas.


  • To participate in the conference call, and thereby be able to ask questions, please call one of the following numbers: SE: +46 (0) 8 50 69 21 80, UK: +44 (0) 20 71 92 80 00, US: +1 63 15 10 74 95, Confirmation code: 7696603 or join at the web

This information is information that LeoVegas AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation 596/2014. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 08:00 CET on 6 May 2020.

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Industry News

Pragmatic Play And LeoVegas Announce Highly Awaited Bingo Deal

George Miller



Pragmatic Play And LeoVegas Announce Highly Awaited Bingo Deal
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Pragmatic Play and LeoVegas have announced a ground-breaking deal which sees the award-winning casino launch top bingo games from one of the industry’s leading content providers.

Existing players on LeoVegas brands such as LeoVegas UK, Crown Bingo, Pink Casino and Legs Eleven will now have access to one of the most innovative and multi-featured bingo products on the market, offering highly competitive daily jackpots and prizes.

This deal strengthens Pragmatic Play’s strategy to offer a full suite of cutting-edge iGaming products to a wider audience.

Claire McDaid, Vice President of Bingo at Pragmatic Play said: ‘I am thrilled and thoroughly looking forward to working with the LeoVegas team on both their existing bingo brands and their new launches.”

“The Pragmatic Play bingo team have worked vigorously to ensure we have a stand-out product across UX, UI and Back Office features which I am confident will enable LeoVegas and the Rocket X managed brands to drive their bingo business forward.

A spokesperson at LeoVegas said: “We are delighted to further enhance our agreement with Pragmatic Play and take their revolutionary bingo offering.

“We have a close relationship with the supplier already, taking both slot titles and Live Casino products, so it was the next logical step to take another vertical from them, considering how well their products have performed in our portfolio.”

The provider’s Bingo product offers a market-leading number of variants including 90, 80,75,50 and 30 ball bingo. At ICE 2020, the supplier created much excitement with the launch of a unique mobile-first bingo game, ensuring partners have innovative and exciting content to attract and retain both bingo and softer gaming customers in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

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