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Parimatch continue “aggressive” affiliate approach into 2020

Zoltan Tundik



Parimatch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ivan Liashenko
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As one of the leading established brands in the iGaming market, Parimatch is no stranger to using innovation to make a mark in the betting market and 2019 saw them drive their brand in the affiliate sector. As the company pushes further into this new territory its Chief Marketing Officer, Ivan Liashenko and Head of Affiliates, Maxim Makovetskyi, explain why with their new commission-based program and Tik Tok growing swiftly, it’s time for affiliate marketing to shine…


“With our expertise and proficiency in the iGaming industry, demonstrating affiliate value comes naturally,” explained Liashenko.  “Despite Parimatch’s affiliate program only being launched recently, we are already receiving promising results. From a short-term perspective, the current period of active work will bring us additional business uplift. As for our ongoing success, we believe that a high-quality product that truly stands out from alternatives in tandem with a strong marketing team is the key. In line with this ethos, Parimatch successfully launched a somewhat aggressive international advertising campaign in 2019, capturing the attention and attracting the interest of potential partners.”

Parimatch is set for a crucial year ahead across its international gambling network with major new partnerships and key sporting events set to drive the brand further into the industry’s spotlight. In addition to sports betting and eSports sector growth, Makovetskyi is also excited by the possibilities for affiliates too.  “2020 will bring even more spikes to the affiliate marketing industry,” he said.  “For instance, rapid push traffic spiked over the last two years and TikTok has grown significantly in popularity as a traffic source recently. As for future trends, it is worth focusing on the emerging high-demand Tier 3 markets in 2020. From a global perspective, another trend we are going to see is native ads strengthening their position in the market.

In addition, due to major sporting events such as the Summer Olympic Games and Euro 2020, we expect a massive surge of affiliate attention to be attracted by the betting vertical and we will certainly see an increased interest in eSports.”

Affiliate marketing can be a very convenient tool for introducing a product to new markets and its adoption by the betting industry has grown unabated in recent years. With a relatively low cost of marketing, a company can receive maximum uplift in a short period of time. The advantage of this type of marketing in global gaming is its ability to drive new development in new regions with new audiences according to Makovetskyi.  “Since local affiliates know the intricacies of the local market, they are, therefore, able to get the best and most suitable traffic efficiently. Besides, affiliate marketing allows collecting feedback on the product and promotional campaigns from the partners, which helps to improve both the funnel and the product itself.

Parimatch’s Head of Affiliates, Maxim Makovetskyi

He added: “There aren’t too many drawbacks to this type of marketing, even in terms of day-to-day running such as compliance, customer service, etc.  These are realities that every affiliate program has to face daily. However, with a proper management approach and a decent level of technology, the process of interaction can turn into the most comfortable and automated operation for both parties.”

Affiliate marketing is often seen as a much quicker ROI compared to traditional business models but there is concern over how long the sector can maintain this without saturation. Parimatch entering the field with its robust affiliate program highlights how far the sector has come over the years, something which Liashenko is keen to point out won’t lead to an overload.  “Affiliate marketing has been evolving and becoming one of the most efficient tools for monetization and promotion for years now,” he added.  “However, oversaturation does not occur for several reasons. To begin with, new traffic sources regularly emerge, making the entry threshold lower for small affiliates, who manage to catch the trend.

“At the same time, competition is growing on proven well-performing traffic sources, engaging large affiliate teams with massive budgets that are already in the business. Therefore, this segment of the market is focused on the most effective monetization of each impression. As for advertisers, they are not lagging behind. On the contrary, they regularly come up with new appealing products and business models.”

Some experts predict tech tracking will impact the future of affiliate marketing forcing companies to review their current software. Going into the first quarter of 2020, Parimatch is keen to highlight how it is not merely future-proofing its platform from a technical aspect, but also preparing to wow the market with its affiliate-focused strategy. Liashenko confirmed: “The technical aspect of affiliate marketing has always been a key factor in this business. The amount of ready-made technical solutions keeps growing, and many large companies focus on developing their in-house solutions. The Parimatch affiliate program also follows the market trends, and by the end of Q1, we plan to fully utilize our platform.  In a nutshell, the platform will allow processing all the incoming traffic with even greater efficiency and, as a result, draw the attention of affiliates. Our company’s aim is always to offer the best quality betting products to a growing global community of risk-takers, but with our affiliate program, there is no risk. Affiliates find customers, and we reward them generously, there’s absolutely zero risks and everyone is a winner!”

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Parimatch encourages European affiliates not to underestimate Africa

George Miller



Parimatch encourages European affiliates not to underestimate Africa
Reading Time: 4 minutes


Following Parimatch’s success establishing itself as an exciting and trustworthy brand in Tanzania, the company has set its sights on the wider continent aiming for key launches across affiliate, mobile and sports betting in the near future. As the brand prepares to bolster its position in the market, Parimatch International’s CEO Anton Rublievskyi and CMO Dmitry Belianin discuss the industry’s growth on the world’s second-most populous continent…

“Africa presents an excellent opportunity for affiliates,” according to Dmitry Belianin, CMO Parimatch International, highlighting how the region removes the issues of the overcrowded affiliate market and high cost advertising platforms which have become potential sticking points in Europe. 2020 will see the brand actively develop its status and the status of affiliate market in Africa as Parimatch prepares to expand its footprint on the continent.

“Since the African market is at an early stage of development, the affiliate model has not yet developed,” explained Belianin. “We are now working on this to attract existing affiliates outside the African market by sharing our experiences and case studies, and also providing training. Affiliates that have been involved in working with the African region are already seeing excellent results and their performance is even better than in some European regions. As the sector expands, we encourage all affiliates to work with reliable brands in the market, such as Parimatch.”

Africa has been of key importance for the company over the last five years, not just with affiliates but across mobile, sports and live betting, during which it has been establishing and strengthening its brand in Tanzania. Having navigated the unique rulings and intricacies of the region, Parimatch aims to develop further in 2020 determined to bring its international expertise in building a trusted brand into play wherever it develops across Africa.

While some companies have struggled to gain real traction with local audiences, the Parimatch name is already recognised in Tanzania thanks to a strong commitment to its brand and a strategic rollout of unique activities.  Mirroring their own global success with brand ambassadors such as Conon McGregor and Mike Tyson, Parimatch International has achieved significant growth in Tanzania by partnering with prominent cultural and sports influencers. “Our initial retail activity proved successful, however, we realised that in order to further scale the business we needed to focus on the online platform and invest more in this part of our offering,” said Belianin. “A major development for our brand in Tanzania was the signing of Diamond Platnumz as our ambassador. He is one of the most popular singers in Tanzania and a well-known personality. We also hold sports events, arrange match viewings and collaborate with other companies in various business areas. Of course, we plan to broaden our expansion in the African market, but we are approaching this selectively and carefully.”

Echoing this sentiment, CEO of Parimatch International, Anton Rublievskyi, stated: “Before building a brand in a new market, you need to make sure that all processes are in place, the product is competitive and that payment solutions for depositing and cashing out are working efficiently.

In Tanzania, we are promoting our brand through working with Diamond Platnumz, who has written a song for Parimatch which is now live on all local radio stations, as well as running advertising and influencer marketing campaigns. Currently we operate in Tanzania only, but this year we do have plans for expansion in Africa.”

In 2019, Lasha Gogiberidze, former Chief Executive Officer at Parimatch Africa advocated Africa’s position as an ‘excellent demonstration of a market primed to drive the next step’ in the future of both technology and the betting industry. In this new decade, aside from affiliates the next big focus in terms of gaming and technology are unequivocally mobile and live betting according to Belianin and Rublievskyi.

“With the development of mobile devices and technologies, the demand for live betting is growing rapidly,” argued Belianin. “We track customer preferences, and have found that the audience in the region enjoy user-friendly and fast products. Gaming applications with an easily accessible interface and simplified jackpots are popular in Africa. Companies that have adapted their products to this demand have shown steady growth.”

Rublievskyi concurred: “The development of mobile devices and connectivity in Africa is key to the accessibility and popularity of online betting platforms. Of course, we closely monitor the rate of digital transformation across the continent and therefore understand that the demand for retail space is gradually decreasing. Our task is to adapt the product to customer preferences, so we focus on developing convenient mobile apps for players and are moving towards the live betting market.”

In terms of ongoing strategy, Parimatch International is developing a new version of its platform for the African industry which Belianin believes will “fundamentally change the competitive landscape of the Tanzanian market”.

“Parimatch International is a multinational team, and we are working hard to expand our offer within Africa,” he said. “Although we cannot announce the markets in which we plan to launch our product in 2020 just yet, we can say we will be launching in several countries with large markets and great potential for a successful introduction of our online betting format.”

Belianin concluded: “We want to bring our innovative new product to customers in 2020. We also plan to launch several large-scale special projects focused on CSR and Tanzania’s sport industry. Similarly, Parimatch International will strengthen ties with local sports leagues and teams in the near future so in terms of Africa in this new decade, we’re definitely ‘Fired Up to Win’!”

About Parimatch International:

Parimatch International is a part of the Parimatch holding, responsible for the international markets, such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The company uses the newest version of the Parimatch products, which offer an exciting form of entertainment that enhances customers’ enjoyment of sports and gaming.

The commitment to sports as entertainment is reflected in the sponsorship partnerships: UFC, Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, and Diamond Platnumz are amongst them.

Parimatch International invests in the building of strong and agile business culture and constantly empowers employees’ development.

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GiG offering free Coronavirus compliance check to all online operators

George Miller



GiG offering free Coronavirus compliance check to all online operators
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has added Coronavirus keywords to its proprietary affiliate monitoring and compliance software, GiG Comply.

In direct response to the criticism of a few unethical affiliates exploiting the current Coronavirus crisis by supervisory authorities, GiG is offering free searches to operators that are concerned that their brand might be promoted inappropriately.

“We don’t believe anyone should be profiteering off this crisis, which is having a huge effect on so many within our industry and through many others. Therefore we at GiG are running checks against COVID-19/ Coronavirus (and other associated keywords) for operators for free. Our technology can scan and analyse thousands of web pages within a short space of time and therefore is well placed to support our industries fight against those profiteering off the back of this crisis.” James King, Director of Sales.

For more information or if you would like us to run a search against your brand then please email [email protected] and we’ll set you up on the next check and email you the results.

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Which Euro-based bookmakers are making the biggest gains in the Indian market?

George Miller



Which Euro-based bookmakers are making the biggest gains in the Indian market?
Reading Time: 3 minutes


With a population of more than 1.3 billion, analysts are predicting that more than 600 million people will have access to the internet in the subcontinent by 2021 with the potential of the online betting market in one of the world’s biggest countries looking to be simply astronomical. 

Yet the online betting market in India is still largely underdeveloped. This is in part due to the murky legal status of online gambling in India. Gambling is illegal in India and often takes place illicitly under the radar of government authorities. The current legislation under The Public Gambling Act of 1867 unsurprisingly does not take into account the role of online gambling.

It leaves off-shore international operators free to offer their services to Indian players – a trend that is increasingly on the rise, as serious attempts by European based and licensed bookmakers looking to tap into the lucrative Indian are already well under way.


A question of trust

The likes of British based Betway and Bet365, as well as Swedish-founded operators LeoVegas, Unibet and ComeOn! have all expanded their portfolios to meet the needs of, and to attract Indian players. However, the big issue in reaching Indian players is the question of trust. 

When speaking to leading sports betting affiliate and CEO of Leadstar Media Eskil Kvarnström he emphasised the importance of enforcing the trust factor in using major online bookmakers. 

“With on-shore gambling illegal in India and with recent betting scandals in the IPL, many Indians are reluctant to gamble with online betting sites, even if it might be something they are interested in”. 

“With our Indian products, particularly our Indian betting sites page on, we aim to reinforce the legitimacy of major international bookmakers, not simply just to present an overview on what is on offer”.


Specialise and localise

Many of the aforementioned betting sites are starting to meet the challenges of the Indian market head on, and are beginning to understand the basic needs of the average Indian player. 

Offering payment methods that are compatible with the Indian market is an important ground principle in allowing players from India to access global operators, particularly as some Indian banks seek to block transactions related to gambling. A variety of payment options such as e-wallets to circumvent this obstacle are particularly important. 


The role of affiliates

The unique position of the Indian market in this respect is something that some affiliates such as Leadstar Media have sought to take a hands on approach to tackling. 

“Because India is still such a young market, we find it extremely important to provide an overview of what is on offer, but also the basics on how to access betting sites and how to actively participate.”

“If you take our Betway review for example – as one of the leading online bookmakers in the world today, their expansion into India has been quiet but extremely successful. We see it as our job to rank and review the pros and cons of betting sites, but with such a nascent market as India we also offer tutorials on how to use betting sites like Betway, as well as how to access all the features available to Indian players.


Challenges going forward

The question of internet access, especially on mobile platforms, is still an issue for online bookmakers. However exposure to wireless internet is set to increase in the coming years, a trend that has been seen in Africa in particular. 

The question of accessibility, but also of education is a core principle that online bookmakers and only the most service-conscious affiliates are seeking to tackle right now. However, the fact of the matter is, European-based bookmakers such as Betway, Bet365 and Swedish operators are already taking the lion’s share of gains in the Indian market by offering tailor-made products to entice potential Indian players. 


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