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Download Minecraft PE



Download Minecraft PE
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Download Minecraft PE 1.20 for android with a working Xbox Live: realize all your fantasies, create a world of blocks, build gigantic buildings, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the pixel world.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.20?

The developers of this version update tried to transfer into the game everything that Minecraft PE 1.18.31 release users liked so much: crafting, several important game modes, construction, an endless cubic world, dynamic change of time of day, and much more.


In the updated version of Minecraft PE 1.20, developers have added a brush and an archaeology system that should have been appeared in MCPE 1.19. Brushes can be found in archaeological excavations around the world.


NOTE: To get the great variety of worlds using Minecraft PE Maps is advised.

It is possible to determine the location of archaeological excavations by special structures. The structures will have blocks of gravel or earth on which you can apply brushes to get items.


This is the building material that makes up the pixel world of Minecraft. Blocks can be broken, it is easy to build anything from them, and it will even be possible to cross and get an unusual result. There are a lot of blocks, that make up the Earth’s firmament, clouds or trees. Others are quite rare and have a very high price.

Minecraft PE 1.20 has a large number of different blocks that can be used not only in construction. They are a source of extraction of precious metals and minerals.

The main sources of resources are copper, silver, lead, topaz, and uranium ores.


The authors of Minecraft PE 1.20 have added a Miner Zombie who is mining underground. Unlike living creatures, zombies never get tired and can work around the clock. He drops an iron pickaxe and a miner’s helmet.

The second mob is a Ghost. The creature can freely pass through various obstacles. He is not particularly dangerous for the player.

Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.20

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What are the Variations of Online Slots?



What are the Variations of Online Slots?
Reading Time: 3 minutes


There are several different online slot machine variations, which we will be taking a closer look at right here. As well as learning about the different variations of online slots, you can also find some useful tips for deciding which slots to play.

What are the main types of online slots?

There are more than ten different types of online slot machines out there today. However, you will find that one online slot machine may fall into several of these different categories. The  main types of slots you can generally find online today are the following:

  • Classic slots (aka 3-reel slots)
  • 5 and 6-reel slots
  • Bonus round slots
  • Win ways slots
  • Megaways slots
  • Multi-payline slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Fixed coin jackpot slots
  • 3D slots
  • Bonus round/free spins slots

The Diamond Mine Megaways Jackpot King (JPK) online slot machine, for example, can be classed as a Megaways slot, a bonus round slot, a free spins slot, a 6-reel slot and a progressive jackpot slot.

The Wacky Panda online slot from Microgaming can be classed as a classic slot, a single-payline slot, a 3-reel slot, and a fixed coin jackpot slot. The good news is that all online slot machine variations today can be accessed using any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device with internet connectivity.

How to find the best online slots at a fully licensed online casino

Today, trusted websites, such as the official NewCasinos website, have a comprehensive guide to new casino games and online slot machines, which explains the different types of slots in greater detail. Reading these guides can also help you choose the right kind of slot you’re looking for.

There are thousands of different online slot machines to choose from today, and there are several things you may want to consider when searching for one that you will like.

For example, some of the important questions you may want to ask yourself when you next look for a slot machine to play at your favourite online casino are the following:

  • Are you looking for a certain type of theme when you play an online slot? For example, some of the most popular slot themes out there today are Ancient Egyptian-themed slots, Leprechaun/Luck/Irish-themed slots, Western-themed slots, Greek/Norse Mythology-themed slots, Horror-themed slots, Sports-themed slots, etc. The list goes on. If you search for slots by ‘theme,’ it can help narrow down your search
  • Do you want to play a brand-new online slot that has only just been released, or do you want to play an online slot that has been around for much longer?
  • Do you want to play an online slot machine from a specific software provider/game development studio? For example, you may prefer playing online slots from Microgaming, whereas your friend may prefer playing online slots from NetEnt. There are hundreds of different companies that produce today’s best online slots, and getting to know your favourite provider(s) can also help narrow down your search
  • Are you looking for Megaways slots? These extremely popular online slots come with Big Time Gaming’s Megaways game engine. Most online casinos have a dedicated ‘Megaways’ slot section, which makes these games much easier to find
  • Are you looking for feature-rich slots that are packed with bonus rounds, such as a free spins bonus or multi-level picking bonus?
  • Are you looking for something a little more laid back that’s super-easy to play? If so, then a classic 3-reel slot would be ideal for you
  • Do you only want to play slots with higher-than-average RTP% (Return To Player) payout rates? If so, you should be looking for online slots with a 98.00% or higher RTP% rate

When you know roughly what you’re looking for, it can make it so much easier to find your favourite online slot machines. As mentioned, there are hundreds of slots to choose from at most online casinos today, sometimes more than 1,000. Several other useful features can be used to locate your favourite slots.

For example, at many fully licensed casino sites, you can use their filter settings to narrow down your search. If you know the name of the game you’re looking for, simply enter the name into the game search engine to locate the game instantly.

What to remember when playing online slots for real money

When playing online slots for real money, always try to gamble responsibly. This means never playing in the real money mode while intoxicated or under the influence, never chasing your losses, and setting limits. Don’t think of gambling for real money as a way to make a living. It’s not a job.

At today’s most trustworthy online casinos, you can usually set deposit limits, spending limits, and even session time limits, which is a great way to manage your bankroll and have a safer and more enjoyable experience.


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Iranian Gamers Love the Crash Game Bazie Enfejar



Reading Time: 3 minutes


Online gambling is a common activity in Iran, and players are looking for new ways to improve their casino experience. Amidst it all, the crash game has always remained a crowd favorite. Originating in Iran, the game is now popular not only among players in the country but also worldwide. Several variations of the game are available for Iranian players to try out. In this article, let’s check out the key elements of the game and why Iranian players love playing it.

The rules of the crash game

The crash game, called Bazie Enfejar in Farsi, involves simple graphic elements but generates high rewards.  The game is fast-paced and consists of several quick game rounds.

A break is provided between each game round which lasts a few seconds. The key elements of the game are a graph denoting bet multipliers and an arrow that moves along it. The arrow keeps going up and down across various multipliers on the graph. It crashes suddenly, ending the game round. The player must cash out before the arrow crashes. Otherwise, the entire bet is lost.

The game offers lots of opportunities to win big. Iranian players love the speedy nature of the game and find it highly exciting. Many celebrities in the country have endorsed the game and recommended it to new casino players. It stands out from traditional casino games and entices new and veteran players.

Advantages of playing the crash game

Iranian players find the crash game highly beneficial in many ways. There are several advantages to playing the crash game, and the major ones are as follows.

  • Quick gaming
  • High reward opportunities
  • Simple rules
  • Ideal for crypto players
  • Fun and original
  • Variations available

Quick gaming

Since the crash game has short rounds, the game is far more fast paced than other casino games. You only have a few minutes to prepare before each round too. Many players find the quickness of the game fun and exciting, especially since it enables them to generate winnings quickly without having to play for too long. This is unlike games like blackjack and poker, which require time and strategy to win. The crash game requires patience too, but the speed of the game keeps things interesting for the players.

High reward opportunities

The crash game offers players the chance to win up to 50,000x of their bet. Hitting the right multiplier on the graph can generate huge winnings for the player. Plus, some casino sites offer bonuses to top players, maximizing the chances of winning in the upcoming rounds. It is a good way to multiply winnings quickly with minimal effort. Plus, the risks can be lowered by using the right strategies.

Simple rules

It is easy to get the hang of how the crash game works. Even beginners in the online gambling space can figure out how it works. It is ideal to do a few practice rounds beforehand to get used to the fast paced nature of the game. Several casino sites offer demo versions of the game, so that new players can learn the rules and figure out the best strategies. It will help them get more value from their real money bets, and help them win bonuses as top players.

Ideal for crypto players

The crash game is popular among all types of online gamblers. However, crypto players find it particularly appealing. Several top crypto casinos offer the game as well. It is because cryptocurrency enables quick and seamless payments. The speedy nature of the crash game matches well with the quickness of crypto casinos in processing deposits and withdrawals. Crypto players can enjoy a smooth and efficient gambling experience while playing the crash game.

Fun and original

Apart from the huge winning opportunities, players of the crash game love how fun it is to play. The game prompts players to be on their toes at all times, and requires focused attention to win. Veteran gamblers love this aspect of the game. Plus, most of the top casino games are online versions of traditional games such as roulette and poker. The crash game offers something new and engaging for players to try out. While the graphics of the game are simple, the gameplay is gripping and lots of fun.

Variations available

Thanks to the rising popularity of the crash game, there are now several versions available for players to check out. Fans of the game can switch between different versions to keep things interesting. The basic rules generally are the same across different versions. Therefore, players do not have to spend time understanding the rules each time either. All in all, the crash gaming experience is worthwhile regardless of which version it is.

As it has been established, there are several advantages that Iranian players find in playing the crash game. With simple rules, great rewards and guaranteed excitement, the crash game’s popularity is expected to keep growing in the future.


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The best places to visit in Madrid



Reading Time: 4 minutes


As tourism is on the rise and has increased massively in recent decades, many locations are becoming appealing for travellers. One of the main tourism destinations that is increasing in popularity is Madrid which is the capital and largest city of Spain. As it is the third biggest city in the EU, there are many reasons why people visit Madrid. In this context, although it can be an overwhelming task to plan your itinerary, if you are visiting Madrid there are a number of places you should prioritise.

Firstly, there are many visitors from around the globe that are growing to appreciate the beauty of Madrid. It is also a location that is hailed for its historical significance with the Royal Palace of Madrid Building being a famous historical landmark. This is the official residence of Spain’s royal family and members of the public can visit the palace and check out centuries worth of paintings, furniture and armour. It is a great thing to tick off your bucket list especially if you appreciate architecture and you value history. Of course, another attraction to visit is the Prado Museum which is a Spain’s world-famous museum of art. One trip to this museum and you will be able to glimpse some of the most popular artists in Spain including El Greco, Goya and Velázquez.

Moreover, Madrid is also known for its splendid nightlife with an array of clubs, bars and restaurants to try out. A key part of the night scene is also the myriad of casinos that are available for visitors to play their favourite casino games. Two of the main casinos in Madrid are Casino de Madrid and Casino Gran Via. Casino de Madrid has been established since 1836 and is globally renowned for its opulent decor where visitors can relax and unwind in a luxurious setting. Casino Gran Via is perfect for those casino fans that want to have a more cosy night and who don’t want to adhere to a strict dress code. They also have a variety of games available and visitors will find the classics – blackjack, roulette and three variations of poker. Their opening hours are quite relaxed also which means that visitors are given a lot of freedom to explore the games they want to play. Indeed, as many people find it difficult to find time to travel to places like Madrid, technological innovations have now allowed people to recreate their experience in a casino in Madrid online. In fact, if you play online bingo on sites like Jackpotjoy it is easier than ever and you do not even have to leave your house.

Furthermore, for fans of the outdoors Madrid is also the perfect location to visit. Gran Vía in particular has a whole host of shopping facilities in the centre of the capital. El Retiro is also one of the largest parks of the city of Madrid and offers a great alternative for those who want to visit the beach. El Retiro’s gardens boast even more beauty, including a rose garden, the Casa de Vacas cultural centre, and numerous fountains and statues, among which is the famous ‘Ángel Caído’ (‘Fallen Angel’) sculpture. In general, it is a great idea to visit Madrid in the summer time as there is a hot and dry temperament which allows you to get a tan or visit one of the waterparks in the city. During the summer there are also plenty of music festivals to attend with your friends which allows you to unwind and destress from your everyday life. Rooftop bars such as The Principal Madrid, Ginkgo Sky Bar, and Generator Madrid are also commonplace in Madrid which permits visitors to get a glimpse of the city from a birds eye perspective while cooling down with a nice cocktail.

On top of this, if you are a food fanatic there are a range of food markets and stalls that allow you to not only sample cuisine from Madrid but also try out food from all over the world.  The Vallehermoso Market is a notable traditional market and is known to serve up international cuisine. If you have a sweet tooth, a trip to San Ginés should satiate this craving as it is known for serving some of the best churros in Madrid. This venue has a long standing history with reports of it serving chocolate and churros 24/7 since 1894. Its popularity can be reflected in the sheer volume of people that are queuing outside it at all hours of the day. It is definitely not something you should miss if you ever find yourself in Madrid.

In conclusion, as more and more people are seeking to visit other locations Madrid is quickly sticking out as one of the most attractive cities out there. Not only does it boast an array of cultural sites, stunning scenery and night time activities but there is a lot to learn if you visit the city of Madrid allowing you to broaden your knowledge and expand your horizons. From visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid to trying out one of the casinos in this fantastic city you are never short of something to do. Remember that if you are visiting Madrid to make a list of the activities you want to partake in prior to visiting it so that you can be prepared and check off everything you want to see.

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