Co-Owner and Event Coordinator

A conscientious, open minded, adaptable to new experiences and ambitious Business Development Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics – Banking, Finance and Accountancy. Through my studies I’ve also obtained many naturopathic nutrition degrees as well. Part-time jobs have added marketing, network marketing, event management and store management skills to my experience through my career. I’ve gained knowledge of costumer relationship management, by maintaining the business relationships with the company’s foreign client database. My store managing experience and skills have been developed by managing the furniture shop, showroom and online webshop of the company. Through my career I have also been a Hotel Manager and owned a Bar-Restaurant- Internet Cafe. My online marketing and social media interactivity experience was gained when me and my husband started an online, organic webshop and healthy lifestyle consultancy. I’ve improved my English at Cambridge CAE(Cambridge Academy of English – 2003). I live a conscious lifestyle, and try to protect the ecosystem where possible. Animal friendly and capable of helping others without judgement or negative reactions, this is thanked to my knowledge in holistic therapies and the naturopathy courses I’ve followed. I’ve also took part on Vegan Cooking and Raw Vegan short course in Budapest.I also had the opportunity to be a student at the Bodymindinstitute, Canada. At this moment I’m also a student at International School, learning to have a diploma in recruitment and HR assessment. I cannot leave far my spiritual growth and the continuous development in alternative and holistic therapies, so I’m learning at Kyron School of New Consciousness and to have a bioenergy therapist diploma as well. My Professional Goals include continuing to grow in knowledge and pursue a career in Management, health related retail or marketing, healthy lifestyle coaching and advisory, organisation and coordination, but open to everything new.