Proshirt SRL was founded in 2007 as a company which encouraged branding and marketing via personalized t-shirts. The early days of the company focused on helping clients increase their visibility at live events and also encouraged out of the box thinking for individual clients.

First Move

The first move towards the gambling industry started in 2009 when we started our first affiliate websites which focused on poker room reviews.

New website

In 2010 we have also included a casino review and a sports betting agencies review website in our portfolio.

Football Statistics

In 2012 we have developed our first football statistics website which calculated H2H compares for upcoming matches in the European football leagues. The website was later sold and continued development under a different brand by one of the leading sports betting affiliate in the UK.

Game Changer

January 13, 2015 was a game changer for our company as we have moved from the affiliate industry to a different sector and ventured in online news publishing for the B2B sector of the online and land based gambling industry in Eastern Europe. Eastern European Gaming ( the most read source of information in the industry when searching for compliance updates, interviews and updates from Eastern and Central Europe.

Out of print

On the 1st of October, 2015 the first edition of EEGReport Magazine came out of print and was soon available at most of the industry events in Europe. The magazine also announced the launched of the parent brand EEGMedia (Eastern European Gaming Media) and the company started creating special compliance reports with the help and expertise of local lawyers and regulators.

Went Live

On January 8th, 2016 the first posts and articles went live on the dedicated website which helps the gambling affiliate industry keep up with the latest updates about SEO techniques, affiliate programs, affiliate profiles and many more. GamblingAffiliateVoice.comThe portal offers a large variety of information about the affiliate industry and is greatly appreciated as a source of knowledge.

Nina Sparv of said: “It´s a good and important iGaming magazine, since I like to keep up to date what´s happening within the business I try to check the website few times a week. There´s a great variety of different news and updates which I usually find very interesting and worth reading.”

Live Event

On the 10th of May, 2016 we have started organizing our first live event/conference and implemented an events sub-division. The is formerly known as EEGEvents and we organize boutique style executive gaming events which focus around bringing inside information from the top gaming experts around the Eastern and Central European compliance vertical. Our first event was held in Budapest on the 19th of September 2016 and since then we have implemented more destinations into our event portfolio.


On the 1st of July, 2017 we have implemented a project which brought lots of excitement and innovation in the field of news spreading. is the first online radio which streams the headlines of the industry via hourly news broadcasts, but also helps industry peers keep up with the latest trends of the industry by tuning in on dedicated shows. Between the newscasts and radio shows, iGaming Radio also plays the latest trending music to make the office hours more easier and relaxed.

Events Division

Starting 2018, our events division is known as European Gaming Events and we now cover most areas of Europe with international events that serve the local and global industry, optimize networking opportunities and bring the hottest topics into scope.

2018 is also the year when we have launched our newest portal ( and started the re-branding of EEGMedia into European Gaming Media.

The re-branding is part of our expansion which will increase the visibility of our brand in the industry while also increasing the volume of regions we cover. Additionally to the European gaming environment news coverage we are also including news from Non-EU countries where our audience can invest or learn more about compliance and market status.

Dedicated Social Media

Special features such as a dedicated social media platforms and premium content will also be implement in the first half of 2018 as we are gearing up to create the ultimate platform for online and land based gaming industry.

Future Plans

Our future plans include opening regional offices Prague, Vienna and Budapest to increase the connections of the industry.

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Our mission is to provide premium news, compliance updates, live networking & educational events, interviews and services that empower gaming companies around the world to participate in industry we are all building together.


The information volume a person receives on the daily base is very high. It is really hard to filter out the real news and updates while also focusing on business development. We believe in breaking news and exclusive interviews that serve an important topic. We chose to organize boutique events in order to avoid the overcrowding and loss of networking quality.


European Gaming media was proudly founded and headquartered in Transylvania, Romania. Our office is located in the city center which helps us to hire many talented professionals looking to experience the media sector of our industry.

The location of our timezone enables us to provide the first batch of information daily and featuring the news first. Our talent search and expansion plans include opening offices in Budapest, Prague and Vienna.



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