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FanDuel and WNBA extend deal, add more streaming and content



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FanDuel and the WNBA have signed a new multi-year expansion of their ongoing partnership. The deal is expected to transform the fans’ the WNBA experience.

The new deals come just after the first anniversary of the existing deal. It was as per the old agreement that FanDuel became the first DFS site to offer WNBA contests. Last season’s contests alone resulted in 2.2 million entries.

This season’s contests are live in the FanDuel lobby, just in time for the tipoff of the 2018 campaign. The biggest one for opening night carries a $4 entry and a $20,000 prize pool.

FanDuel/WNBA deal at a glance

Here’s what’s included from FanDuel’s perspective:

Status as WNBA’s “official one-day fantasy partner”

Rights to stream select WNBA games

WNBA content incorporated in platform

The first item was already in place from the partnership last year, but the last two are brand new. There will be single-game contests for the WNBA, perpetuating the new trend in DFS.


And this line sticks out: “The WNBA will become the blueprint for the ultimate fantasy sports experience.”

The DFS blueprint?

Here’s the rest of the blueprint paragraph:

By the 2019 WNBA season, FanDuel users will be able to pick, follow, and watch their WNBA fantasy teams, all in one integrated experience via the FanDuel app or website. In addition, users can experience premium WNBA content, such as nightly highlight packages, and win exclusive WNBA experiences, all on the FanDuel platform.

Cool. That’s starting to sound more like a more comprehensive integration between sports and fantasy sports.

DFS operators have been moving in this direction, you may have noticed. DraftKings has new content partnerships in place with the Arena Football League and EuroLeague Basketball that each includes streaming components. PlayON, which serves Europe and Australia, is aligned with Formula 1 in a similar capacity. It plans to enter the US market soon, too.

Even the NBA is separately courting this concept. Its broadcast partnership with Turner Sports includes an over-the-top platform called Bleacher Report Live, which aggregates scores and streams into one console. During the launch party, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke freely for visions about sports betting microtransactions within a similar interface.

It’s pretty hard to avoid drawing a parallel to OTT betting platforms abroad.

Okay, there might be sports betting

We can’t talk about FanDuel anymore without talking about Paddy Power Betfair.

The UK bookmaking giant announced plans to acquire the site this week, in a rumoured deal in the hundreds of millions targeting the US sports betting market.

FanDuel has shown an appetite for sports betting in recent months, and this acquisition opens up a world of possibilities.

It makes a lot of sense for PPB, too. In FanDuel, it gets one of the DFS leaders holding a database of millions of players. A good chunk of those will make easy converts over to sports betting.

PPB also inherits a couple league partnerships, including this expanded deal with the WNBA that might “transform” more than just fantasy sports.



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Daily Fantasy Sports

DFS expert DraftKings launches new Aussie Rules games with huge prize pool across 31-week season



DFS expert DraftKings launches new Aussie Rules games with huge prize pool across 31-week season
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Ahead of the launch of the new season DFS expert DraftKings has launched the industry’s most comprehensive Australian Football Rules (AFL) Daily Fantasy Sports product to appeal to an untapped global audience of hundreds of millions of fans in one of the world’s most exciting and toughest sports.

Daily fantasy sports players will be able to get involved in a multitude of new and exciting games with huge cash prize pools across a 31-week long season that includes four weeks of finals. It will be the biggest first prize in DFS history in Australia with $85,000 available on the opening night and $200,000 across the opening round.

The introduction of Aussie Rules (AFL) DFS broadens DraftKings’ already leading portfolio of daily fantasy content to more than 15 global sports and enables an even wider international fan base to get involved.

As the world’s fourth most attended sport and with more than 111.4 million people tuning in to AFL broadcasts in 2020 alone there is a huge internal fanbase as well as major cross-sell opportunities for DraftKings with AFL to attract dedicated fans as well as traditional NFL, NBA and golf customers among others. I have attached an information sheet about the sport for more information.

Jeffrey Haas, SVP International Strategy DraftKings said: “The Australian Football League boasts huge appeal both in Australia and internationally with the fourth-highest domestic audience attendance globally. This compelling sport caters to Australian players domestically along with their vast expatriate population around the world as fans in Canada, the US and the UK can all watch via the AFL’s international broadcast partners.

“With DraftKings’ rich daily fantasy heritage, we are thrilled to add these AFL contests to our industry-leading variety of DFS categories as an ‘Approved AFL Fantasy Sports and Betting Provider.’ Fans all over can discover and incorporate AFL action into their second-screen gaming experience as the 31-week-long season plus four weeks of finals gets underway where some of the toughest athletes on the planet square up for intense end-to-end action.”

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Scout Gaming signs agreement with ATG



Scout Gaming signs agreement with ATG
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Scout Gaming has entered into an agreement with AB Trav & Galopp, ATG (the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board), Sweden’s largest gaming operator measured by turnover.

The companies have agreed to jointly launch Scout Gaming’s award-winning DFS product on with a soft launch aimed at the second quarter 2021, followed by a wider marketing push in the third quarter, in time for the start of English Premier League and other major European sport leagues.

ATG is owned by the Swedish trotting and thoroughbred associations and was the exclusive provider of horse betting on the Swedish market from 1974 until the end of December 2018. When the Swedish market re-regulated in 2019 the company was able for the first time to expand into other product verticals such as sports betting and casino.  ATG has since quickly proven to be successful in what is a highly competitive online gaming market – having held the largest market share of the total gaming market in 2019 and engaged over 1.3 million customers in the Swedish gaming market. This is the first time a major leading operator launches Scout Gaming’s DFS product on the Swedish market.

“I’m very excited to have the privilege of launching our fantasy sports product on, thus reaching a wider potential player base than ever before. ATG has in a short time proven to be very agile in its expansion into new products, therefore not a surprise when they now are first to seize the opportunity of being early mover in a fast-expanding trend within fantasy sports “, comments Scout Gaming’s CCO, Joakim Renman.

“We try to constantly offer our customers exciting new experiences and are keen to add fantasy sports as, what we hope will be, a key vertical offering for ATG moving forward. We have watched this game format grow in popularity around the world and believe that Swedish customers will also appreciate this exciting product. With our almost 50-year legacy of offering pool games and recent expansion into sports betting we believe that we have primed for a successful rollout of daily fantasy sports to the Swedish sports audience”, comments ATG’s Head of Sports Betting, Christian Erlandsson.

The agreement is expected to have a moderate to high impact on Scout Gaming’s revenues from the second half of 2021 onwards.

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DraftKings kicks off first-of-its-kind DFS World Cup



DraftKings kicks off first-of-its-kind DFS World Cup
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10 global teams will battle it out over two weeks to find the ultimate Daily Fantasy Sports nation

What: The DraftKings World Cup sets national teams of the best DraftKings DFS players from around the world against each other to determine the elite DFS playing nation, and to crown the first DraftKings World Cup Champion.

Ten teams from each country where DraftKings operates DFS are represented in this special two-week series that aims to both fuel the competitive spirits and sporting rivalry between nations.

Who: 10 teams of 10 players will be participating.

The teams include USA East, USA West, Canada, England, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland, Wales, Germany, Australia and the Rest of Europe, with each country having 10 players representing the nations. The individuals selected are some of the best DraftKings DFS players from across each of the countries as well as several ‘wildcards’ filled through qualifier contests.

When: The DraftKings World Cup will be run over two weeks, from 22nd October to 1st November.

The top four teams with the highest combined points in week one will progress to the final, with the remaining six teams eliminated.

Scoring: The teams will collect points by betting on six different events in the first week including the English Premier League (EPL), PGA golf, Major League Baseball (MLB), Australian Football League (AFL), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and the NFL. Only the top four teams will qualify for the final week where the events will be PGA, UFC, EPL, NFL and Nascar.

Week one has a total of six events. All 100 players enter each contest. If you get first place, you get 100 points for your country and if you get last, you only get 1 point. Second place gets 99 points, third place 98 points, and so on.


Yellow events highlighted above are the five Premiere Events, where points count as double (first place gets 200, last place gets 2).

Payout Structure: As this is a team competition, all overall prizes are split between team members. However, there will be individual prizes for the winner of each contest ($500 or $1000 for premiere events). The top prize is $10,000.

1st – $10,000 2nd – $7,500 3rd – $5,000 4th – $2,500

Engagement: To further build interest and engagement, DraftKings has created a shadow contest that will run alongside the main event where any DFS players can win a share of a prize pool if they beat the top score of those participating in the DK World Cup. All shadow events will offer $1,000 with the final contest NFL (11/1) being $3,000

A landing page will be live later this week which will be the one-stop-shop for those wanting to follow and it will include teams, live leaderboard, contests and shadow links etc.

Clinton Gray, VIP Manager at DraftKings, said: “Fan engagement is paramount at DraftKings and, ahead of a packed lives sports schedule next year, we are fueling the competitive spirits of our player base by launching a World Cup featuring teams from every country we are active in across an array of daily fantasy sports categories. It will be a thrilling two weeks of fierce competition and we look forward to crowning the first DFS World Cup team winners.”

A landing page will hopefully be live later this week which will be the one stop shop for those wanting to follow and it will include teams, live leaderboard, contest and shadow links etc.

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