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Casino revenues are falling in Greece since 2008

Niji Narayan



Casino revenues are falling in Greece since 2008
Photo Credits: Expedia
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The Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC), the gambling regulator of Greece, reported a steady fall in gambling revenues in the country since 2008. In 2017, gamblers spent €1.58 billion, which is not even half of €3.18 billion, the amount gamblers splurged in 2008.

The HGC report reveals that the nine casinos in the country posted gross gaming revenues (GGR) of €253.5 million in 2017. This amount is lower than the GGR of 2015, which was €264.9.

The report also detailed which games were impacted the most by the segment’s crisis. American roulette saw the largest drop (71.42 per cent), while blackjack came in second (67.87 per cent). According to the HGC, the slot machines segment was the least harmed, as it posted the smallest decline between 2007 and 2017.



Niji Narayan has been in the writing industry for well over a decade or so. He prides himself as one of the few survivors left in the world who have actually mastered the impossible art of copy editing. Niji graduated in Physics and obtained his Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. He has always interested in sports writing and travel writing. He has written for numerous websites and his in-depth analytical articles top sports magazines like Cricket Today and Sports Today. He reports gaming industry headlines from all around the globe.

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Industry News

Head of Brand at Marathonbet warns of gaming brands losing identity to drive news content

George Miller



Head of Brand at Marathonbet warns of gaming brands losing identity to drive news content
Dan Towse, Head of Brand, Marathonbet
Reading Time: 4 minutes


Ahead of his participation in the new Advertising and Marketing Conference stream at this year’s ICE VOX, Marathonbet’s Head of Brand, Dan Towse explores how gambling consumers are ‘programmed to be promiscuous’, why trust is essential for brands and where Love Island influencers fit into the betting ecosystem

Story telling is an important way for brands to build their profile – how can this discipline be used by the gambling industry and what’s gambling’s most powerful narrative?

Too many brands are becoming a news feed like ‘Sky Sports News’. Whilst I do believe there is a place for editorial content – I still feel there is too much. With the recent announcement of Zlatan Ibrahimović returning to Italy – six bookmakers posted the same announcement within 30 minutes of each other. I understand, not everyone will follow all these brands like me. However, when I swipe through my feed, I have the same story and/or a variation of the same article from multiple operators and news outlets. I would suggest that consumers follow gambling brands for gambling content.

Social platforms launched for people to connect with each other. Now we find ourselves in an age where the original core proposition is still retained but brands now have social very much part of the normalised channel mix – we have an environment where social channels are broadcast platforms and should be used accordingly; ensuring a blend of content and story telling which meets the brands objectives but appeals to its audience interests and why they engaged with you in the first instance.

How do you leverage the power of the brand when the gambling consumer is apparently so promiscuous – certainly in the online sector?

The audience is programmed to be promiscuous because of the environment in which the way the industry has evolved. Brand is much deeper than just the logo. It’s your product, UX/UI, Customer service, tone of voice – the list goes on. If bonus, offers and email all stopped tomorrow, you need to ensure everything else is still stacking up. We are fortunate at Marathonbet where we have sponsorship portfolio which includes Man City and Sevilla FC. Both recognised and established brands in world football – this gives us awareness, equity and assets which enable us to do more than a badging exercise.

The former CMO of Unilever said that ‘A brand without trust is a product’ – do you agree with that definition and how do gaming companies build/earn trust especially in terms of their social media marketing?

Naturally, they are in a very different space to us and it boils down how much value the consumer puts on a product and its use. Do I care what brand of dishcloth I purchase? Not really. Do I care what brand of toothpaste I use? Absolutely.

From a gaming perspective, it’s incredibly important – especially how saturated the market now is to ensure content is original and where required you build a conversation both in terms of engagement but also responding to customer queries in a timely manner. Consumers are savvier than I think the industry gives them credit for and to a degree, the need and want of today’s customer is probably further ahead than we are able to keep up with. However, (although it pains me to say) when it comes to social I believe a high percentage of audiences still see ‘followers’ as a key number to help establish a perceived trust because of a brands ‘popularity’.

In terms of social media marketing and the different dynamics across platforms, do you see more potential for brands to appeal to the female gambling demographic?

In short, yes. Naturally, you have defined casino and or bingo brands whose target audience is clearly female. Typically, across core platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) its more female dominated however, the consumption of social content varies – as such, social campaigns need to be developed accordingly. It’s no different to segmentation/messaging for other channels.

Gaming companies have form using high profile sports influencers/sponsors to drive their product, where do you see the place for micro-influencers alongside world-class football, boxing, esports stars?

They have a place but it links back to the trust element. I was asked a similar question at a forum earlier in the year. Whilst I agree there is a place for them – we have to be mindful that they need to be relevant. Chris Hughes (Coral) whose popularity came from Love Island already had a deep affinity with horse racing and therefore has opinion/stories which are relevant & credible. However, when other brands choose reality TV stars or influencers with reach, who clearly have no affinity to a sport and or an understanding of an event – it can come across as ‘forced’ and a freebie for the individual. In addition, I’d always question if their followers are the right target audience. Age? Possibly. Prospective gambling customers? Unlikely.

ICE VOX which is part of ICE London, the world’s biggest gaming technology event, comprises two days of comprehensive learning with streams entitled: Modernising Lotteries, Hospitality Technology, Marketing & Advertising, Cybercrime & Security, as well as the World Regulatory Briefing and the International Casino Conference. Dan Towse will form part of the Social Media & Influencer Marketing: Stuck in (low quality) traffic? session, alongside John Cole, Group Director – Brand Partnerships – Sport, Gambling and Alcohol, at LADbible Group, as part of the new Advertising and Marketing stream on the second day of this year’s conference (February 4, 2020).

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Gambling in the USA

Google allowing gambling advertisement in the US

George Miller



Google allowing gambling advertisement in the US
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We can say that Google is generally gambling-friendly and permits related advertisements in 30 different countries, but not the United States. At least, up until now.

However, it was recently announced that Google will expand the range of online casino advertisements in about 9 different states. Notably, in June, they have already launched several ads across Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia on a trial basis. But now Google also signed an agreement with Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Gambling advertisement in 2020
Google hasn’t yet announced an exact date of when the project will be officially launched. But many believe that it should happen at any time at the beginning of 2020.

Another mystery circles around whether online poker advertisements will also be included in the list of permitted gambling areas.

Regulatory requirements and restrictions
Google has imposed several regulatory conditions that include age verification and ‘the presence of responsible gambling messaging.’

If a gambling business trying to apply for licensing will fail any of the requirements, it will be restricted from any operation in the United States.

The regulatory hurdle, however, is not the only thing online casinos should be worried about. As cultural resistance is still quite high in certain parts of the country, thus it can give casinos a hard minute to find ad platforms that would be eager to post their advertisement.

A director of group acquisition marketing at Better Collective, Gavin Moore, said:
“This move for unblocking online casino ads in 2020 clearly establishes that Google is looking to take full advantage of the growing industry in the U.S.”

Moore also added:
“Awareness really is the keyword here. Google is giving digital betting operators and affiliates a huge potential reach and opportunity to get their brands in front of qualified, interested users.”

Breaking down channels of influence
Google Ads
Specialists believe that pay-per-click strategy won’t really work in this case, as those searching for online gaming websites already have an intention and know exactly what they are looking for.

Gavin Moore commented on this:
“It will prove crucial as an acquisition channel, as it gives an edge to digitally savvy operators and affiliates, as they will have the opportunity to fill the need of these searchers with their sportsbook, casino, or affiliate site. It gives advertisers the chance to place themselves front and center when a player is most likely to start playing online, and ultimately, be there at the micro-moment when it counts and determines where that player will go on to play online.”

Meanwhile, YouTube, operated by Google, would be a perfect place for affiliates to drive brand awareness and recognition among gamblers.

“So advertisers have the opportunity to spend huge budgets to put their ads in front of potential new customers who fit the bill, who are 21-plus, live in the legal states, and have shown an interest in gambling with their previous online behavior,” – mentioned Moore.

Google Display Network
According to Mr. Moore, that, again, would be the most prominent and easy way for operators and gambling websites to put a message right in front of their target audience.

This is a platform that will specifically allow developers to drive traffic to their mobile apps. Thus, it will be another great customer acquisition channel for operators and affiliates out there.

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Latest News

Gaming Innovation Group is set to launch next-generation data platform

George Miller



Gaming Innovation Group is set to launch next-generation data platform
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) is set to launch its next-generation data platform, GiG Data. GiG Data has been designed to be integrated with GiG Core (the Company’s iGaming platform) or can integrate with third party solutions.  The data platform enters the market as a real-time, cost-effective, secure and compliant tool.

GiG Data will bring improved data integrity, efficiency,  speed and a stronger offering to both GiG’s internal operations and those of its customers. Existing customers will be migrated from the current data platform in 2020. The offering will also be available for new customers from the end of 2019.

The solution offers operators a fast and scalable self-service tool, that will produce data and back office reports in real-time and improves business intelligence. The tool provides a secure and compliant data framework, which is responsive to the critical data needs for both GiG and its partners. It comes with standard KPI libraries across all tools and incorporates artificial intelligence applications, which work together to implement responsible gaming tools.

Richard Brown, chief executive officer at GiG, says: “We are pleased to be adding a new data platform to our B2B solutions. The vision behind the product was to invest in creating a data platform to drive new cutting-edge solutions that we can use internally and offer to our customers. The platform improves the way we store and manage data, with the real-time reporting leading to significantly increased service level to our partners, acting as the one account for all data services.”

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