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Infographic: Gambling Industry Expos vs Gambling Industry Summits

Zoltan Tundik



Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
Reading Time: 5 minutes


Boutique style conference organizer presents the importance of quality vs quantity when it comes to planning your events calendar.


We have decided to put together a list of strong facts why growing companies with limited budget should opt for summits and smaller conferences versus large expos.

The facts on the list have been compiled after a short survey with selected companies that are usually attending up to 90% of conferences and expos during one year.

This infographic should not be taken as a statement against expos, it is just the fact that has been pointed out during the questioning.

As seen above, attending an expo is not as simple as attending a summit and here are the main points that have been discussed during the survey:

  1. Logistics

Expo – In order to be successful at an expo, you need to book a stand and in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to come up a unique layout and design, that nobody has ever seen. It’s really hard to cope with when it comes to having all the already known brands installing their already visible branding at their stylish stands. After you have your stand’s design, the part of booking the furniture, lighting, electrics, and internet. This is only the logistics part, you need to also arrange meetings and hire staff, book the hotel for your colleagues and create the marketing materials. Not to mention, start an advertising campaign to highlight your attendance.

Summit – You ask for the organizer about the attending companies (usually not a myriad) and you can easily locate your targets/prospects to start planning the meetings. You check the agenda/program for the time schedule and you buy the tickets(s). You book the accommodation during your stay (usually 2 nights).


  1. Meetings (before and during the event)

Expo – You spend hours to browse the attending companies and making phone calls to arrange meetings out of which, usually 40% are always canceled at the last minute. You create several marketing campaigns to create leads and follow closely the prospect pipeline.

Once you get to the expo you are in a hall that has thousands of visitors, running to their meetings or browsing for freebies. Some of them even browsing for business card for database building.

As mentioned earlier, you start greeting your already set up meetings, but you are also keeping your agenda open for potential clients, that might find you offering interesting. Between meetings and staying hungry, you spend hours at your stand waiting for potential clients and doing the promo gigs with leaflet/flyer handouts.

During you already set up meetings, you are keeping track of time so you can also meet your next scheduled prospect, but your prospect is also focused on her/his own schedule. Everyone is keeping track of time and calculating how much it takes to get to their next meeting (finding the stand, finding the contact, etc.).

Summit – You arrive at to the usually luxurious venue and greeted with a smile. You receive your badge and lanyard, and you instantly meet some connection you have contacted prior to the event. You sit down in the conference room with a coffee or a tea and already start discussing your possible collaboration. You know you are not wasting your time as you are speaking with a high-level pre-qualified decision-maker who is at the summit to get quality content without the hassle of running from hall to hall and keeping track of what going on. It’s a laid back atmosphere and everyone is there to meet like-minded peers while also getting the latest quality updates.

During networking breaks and the complimentary lunch break, you sit down with 1-2 prospect that you either contact before the conference or meet in the lounge, and you engage with buyers that are actively sourcing your solutions.

In the evening you enjoy a relaxed social gathering and have a few drinks to meet other prospects before you call it a day. The next morning or afternoon you enjoy a bit of sightseeing and you jet off to your next destination.

  1. Post-event

Expo – You plan your next 3 weeks to follow up with the prospect you have met during the exhibition and try to get them to set up a new meeting at your office or their headquarters. This usually involves more travels, but at first, you have to get that response which has to be approved by the upper decision-maker, who you did not meet yet in person. Keep in mind that your prospect has also met at least 25-30 other solution providers and is now examining reviews and feedback from other clients.

During the follow-up period, you also send an email to people that you never met and have left their card at your stand, sometimes getting in weird situations, explaining where you got their contacts from.

You also have to go over more details as you due to the lack of time, you did not have the chance to explain clearly or the many questions remained un-answered while keeping track of the meetings schedule on both sides.

After you get some promising answers, you need to plan for the next expo and invite the prospects for a second face to face discussion while also maintaining the stand related standards in order to keep appearing on your advantage. It’s back to the drawing board again and back to number one on the list, logistics. During this time, you are also keeping an eye on your marketing budget to see if you are still on track and can fit in some updates to your stand.

Summit – You get back to the office and follow up on the clients you’ve met earlier and ask them if they have any remaining questions after your one on one meeting during the networking break, at lunch, dinner or social gathering.

Once you follow up, you get an instant answer from the decision-maker and you close the prospective pipeline. You look for the next conference in the area you are targeting for clients and you register your delegate pass.

To sum it all up, although your brand may see an increase in visibility during an expo, it might be lost in the loudness and in the shade of larger brands. If you have a restricted budges, sometimes you might even have to break the bank in order to cover all costs.

Medium costs of attending an expo can go over 10.000 EUR in many cases while attending a summit, you only invest up to 1000-1200 EUR (including travel and accommodation costs).

If you thought that this is useful information, please share among your connections and don’t forget to consider two upcoming summits this autumn:

  • 4th edition of CEEGC Budapest – 24 September, The Ritz-Carlton – read more
  • 2nd edition of European Gaming Congress – 8 November, Radisson Blu Milan – read more

And if you are already planning your 2020 agenda,

  • 4th edition of Prague Gaming Summit – 6 March 2020, Vienna House Andels Prague – read more
  • 3rd edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit – 7 / 14 May 2020 – Tallinn, Estonia / Copenhagen, Denmark – read more

We hope that you received some useful information today and we look forward to your suggestions on our social media channels.

After starting out as an affiliate in 2009 and developing some recognized review portals, I have moved deeper into journalism and media. My experience has lead me to move into the B2B sector and write about compliance updates and report around the happenings of the online and land based gaming sector.

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Registrations are open for the 3rd edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, save the date, 7 May 2020, Tallinn, Estonia

George Miller



Reading Time: 4 minutes


The 3rd edition of the MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit will take place on 7 May 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.


Our team is excited to announce that registrations are open for the 3rd edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, the leading boutique style gambling industry conference of the Baltic and Scandinavian region.

The conference will take place on the 7th of May 2020 at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Tallinn, and the team is preparing some major updates.

“There is no doubt the MARE BALTICUM has become a tradition in the Baltic and Scandinavian region and we are blessed with the support of open-minded regulators and government officials who are interested in hearing what the industry has to say. In 2020 we will once again bring an interesting lineup of speakers coming from all sides of the gambling industry and of course give the awards for the top companies in the region via BSG Awards” stated Zoltán Tűndik, Head of Business at European Gaming Media and Events.

The MARE BALTICUM platform will continue its mission with which it has been launched in 2018 and is committed to bringing together industry shareholders and government officials from the Baltic and Scandinavian region on a yearly base.

After touring Riga and Vilnius, the conference is now heading to another Baltic destination and this time Estonia will take center stage as the host of the yearly gathering.

The agenda will include regulatory focused discussion mixed with trends of the gambling industry and the region, while the selection of speakers will once again include local/experienced speakers. In 2020, the aim is to bring start-up operators to the stage and also continue the panel discussion style with at least one panelist being an operator from the market vs. gambling authority and controlling authority discussing issues and changes in the market

Benefit of the Early Bird rates until 31 December 2019

Order your Delegate Pass or VIP Package (Delegate Pass +Accommodation) now!

The program of the conference will be available soon and if you can show your interest in becoming a sponsor here or you can nominate a speaker here.

Here are a few of the testimonials that have left by the attending delegates of the 2019 edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit:

Anastasios (Tassos) Panagiotaros (Sales Director at Golden Race – Virtual Sports & Betting Solutions):

“MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit reconfirmed the Organizers’ efficacy, to bring together the region’s main stakeholders, for structured and multi-faceted interactive discussions. In parallel to the educational aspect, though, it offered the chance of personalized networking, in a relaxed and unpretentious way. I look already forward to the next edition!”

Ineta Mačinskienė (Head of Sales at ConnectPay):

“MBGS is focused on people looking for collaboration with well-known companies in the Gaming industry.”

Lyubomira Petrova (Chief Marketing Officer at UltraPlay):

“I had the pleasure to speak at Mare Balticum Gaming Summit and present why eSports is going to play a key role in the gambling industry in 2020 and beyond. Discussing what the future holds for the industry, we see the tremendous growth of eSports and its importance in terms of betting and player’s engagement.”

Margo Prylypska (Director of International Sales at Hyperion Tech):

“We would like to thank Zoltan and Betty for another great event! The organization was at a very high level, great timing and amazing people attending the event! It is definitely the best place to meet good old friends and partners, as well as find new ones and of course, get insights about things happening in the iGaming industry!”

Jaka Repanšek (Media and Gaming Expert):

“Great event. Great timing. Great location.”

Domenico Mazzola (Commercial Director at Altenar):

“MBGS was a pearl in the sea of so many conferences around the world. Such interesting panels! Zoltan and Betty did a great job inviting so many relevant people from the industry, regulators, and from governments putting all of them together to discuss regulations, exchanging ideas, and solutions on how different countries regulate the gambling sector. A must-attend event!”

Kristina Bučinskaitė (Customer Experience Manager at ConnectPay):

“Well organized, industry-focused event. It is a great opportunity to connect with potential clients, partners and create valuable business relationships. Looking forward to the next year!”

Agnė Galvelytė (Head of Legal and Compliance at Matching Visions):

“Great conference, bringing together regulators, legal specialists, and igaming business professionals. Perfect opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in the region and the industry.”

Dainis Niedra (Regional Director Baltics at Enlabs – Optibet):

“This is a very nice initiative to create and develop such kind of event in the Baltic countries.  By working together and establishing a strong base no matter is it compliance or marketing, we build the right environment for the future development of the business and society.
Baltics are small but at the same time are very different in many aspects. It’s becoming challenging to replicate the previous experience in the new markets and such events are here to help us. Organizational wise – on a very high level. It’s hard to say where did we benefit more – from the main event of from the networking parts.”

Sara Urbanovicova (Chief Commercial Officer at Tom Horn Gaming):

“This is a fantastic event and it is sure to establish itself as a must-attend conference in the diary for the online gaming community. Its Baltic and Scandinavian focus, with a careful selection of high-quality speakers on the panels, an amazing location, organizers’ dedication to creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, make it a one-of-a-kind event that proved to be really productive for us. We’re sure to return next year!”

Andrius Gabnys (founding attorney at Gabnys Law Firm, Ambassador of the MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit):

“MBGS2 was literally a very pleasing event. Both content-wise and visually. It’s one of those examples when you can feel it goes smooth throughout the whole event, where the interest of the audience is not lost somewhere in the middle, and you don’t find yourself waiting for something else, other than what is happening on stage. It’s where the organizational talent of Zoltan and Betty really kicks in. This second edition proves that the idea of having the Baltics and Scandinavia in a single event is spot on. It was a pleasure to serve as an ambassador of this event and already looking forward to the third edition.”

Andrius Čepkus (Chief Business Development Officer at Ondato):

„The event was very well organized. Especially networking breaks and how participants were seated, which opened many new networking and business opportunities. The content was very up to date and valuable. Thanks again for the great experience!“

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European Gaming Congress

SKS365 At European Gaming Congress: “Responsibility, Awareness And Common Sensitivity Are The Answers Against Prohibitions And Prejudices In Italian Gaming Industry”

George Miller



SKS365 At European Gaming Congress: "Responsibility, Awareness And Common Sensitivity Are The Answers Against Prohibitions And Prejudices In Italian Gaming Industry"
SKS365’s Senior Strategic Advisor, Maurizio Bernardo.
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Maurizio Bernardo (Senior Strategic Advisor) and Francesco Gaziano (Chief Marketing Officer & Country Manager Italy) engaged in the first Italian edition of the EGC

Milan, november 8, 2019Italy in the European Gaming Congress spotlight. The international event this year dedicated an entire day to gaming in Italy to open the debate about the state of the art in the political, regulatory, technological and economic sphere, with the contribution of some of the most authoritative names in the international market.

Almost physiological, this year, the choice to bring together operators, shareholders, professionals, service providers and management from all over Europe in Italy, given the excitement and uncertainties of the last few months. For this reason, in the planning of the event, the main debates were Focus on Italy (compliance panel discussion) and Marketing for Operators in Regulated Markets, which saw the respective participation of Maurizio Bernardo (SKS365’s Senior Strategic Advisor) and Francesco Gaziano (SKS365’s Chief Marketing Officer and Country Manager Italy).

In public gaming market and actors are in continuous and rapid evolution, so it’s necessary aim for a single and widespread regulation, in order to penetrate the territory through management and control actions by the institutions and of the Authorities all and, in this sense, the Municipalities could play a fundamental role – said Bernardo in his morning speech, focused on the consequences of the Dignity Decree and on the lack of effect of the distance meterThe role of the Municipalities is essential for a framework law governing the location of sales outlets in the area. An perfect machine, which considers the different needs and all local and national actors, could even be able to feed itself: just think of what it could mean to include the Municipalities and local authorities in the revenue, aiming to establish a virtuous circle in which part of the revenue could be used for the prevention of gambling addiction and for responsible gaming training.

In the afternoon, it was Gaziano‘s turn to intervene on the aspect most linked to the operators: “In a context where communication activities are drastically reduced, we must focus on the recognition and reliability of the product on the one hand, and on an ethical approach and aware at all levels, especially at the physical level – continued Gaziano, referring to the importance of retail for the identity of each operator – Today more than in the past it is necessary to ‘put your face’, which in this case means to present ourselves to the customers throughout the national territory. Therefore we could not miss this meeting to make our voice heard also in such a crucial phase for the Italian market and beyond, given that this European Gaming Congress is the evidence that the importance of the Made in Italy industry goes well beyond the borders of our Country.

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Conferences in Europe

NetShop Internet Services, Leading Data Center Provider, Official Supporter of the European Gaming Congress (EGC) 2019

Zoltan Tundik



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Leading Data Center Provider announced as General Sponsor at EGC2019 Milan!!


The second edition of European Gaming Congress (EGC) is breaking all records in terms of support and there is no doubt that we need to supplement the seats.

As announced in earlier press releases, the location of the conference is Radisson Blu Hotel Milan and the date is the 8th of November.

If you haven’t marked this in your calendar, you best do it now and secure your seat now!

Make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity of learning and networking with the gambling industry in Europe via the EGC platform every year.

With so many companies lined up as sponsors, we are happy to welcome NetShop Internet Services as General Sponsor in the impressive list of supporting companies.

George Sarris, CTO at NetShop Internet Services, commented about the announcement: “We, at NetShop ISP, are proud to be among the Official Supporters of the European Gaming Congress in Milan.

This particular conference has a significant value to the iGaming industry as it is happening towards the end of 2019; a year full of regulatory updates and announcements from new jurisdictions and upcoming legislation changes.

In addition to the regulatory frameworks introduced or updated by new and existing jurisdictions, Suppliers and Operators have to face technical challenges; a multi-jurisdiction license requires a multi-location server setup.

Myself, as an Infrastructure Solutions Architect, as well as our dedicated iGaming Specialists,  look forward to the Panel discussions at EGC 2019. Finally, I would like to thank all those who voted NetShop ISP in order to be Award Shortlisted as “Best iGaming Service Provider”. It would be my honor, as the CTO of the Company to receive the award on behalf of my super dedicated and talented colleagues.”

About NetShop Internet Services – Leading Data Center Provider

NetShop Internet Services Ltd is a leading Data Center Provider n with a privately-owned infrastructure in more than 9 Datacenters in Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, and Los Angeles.

With more than a decade of presence in the iGaming industry, NetShop ISP is today, one of the most preferred choices for Startups, B2C and B2B Operators, iGaming Suppliers and Payment Providers. Our wide range of IT services includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Colocation
  • Bare-metal Dedicated Servers Leasing
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Cloud, SaaS and PaaS Platforms
  • High-availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Technical Documentation Drafting
  • IT Audit Assistance
  • DataCenter Managed Services

In just a couple of days, NetShop ISP is officially going to be present at the EGC2019 in Milan where will have the chance to present the igaming oriented hosting solutions to the participants of the event.

The Company has been Nominated for the Award of the “Best iGaming Service Provider” at the SEG Awards2019. You can register here or view the agenda here!

Browse the official event website here:

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