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Iryna Kurochkina, Founder & CEO of Digital Choo (DC), exclusively shares details about the new agency’s campaign and the approach to creativity

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To begin with, congratulations on your new video for Parimatch. It’s really awesome. The Joker reference is especially memorable. The portrayal of animals has a never-seen-before touch. Could you share something about the basic concept and behind the scenes creation of the video?

Happy to hear that the high standards set by DC team hit the mark again! It was a  great new challenge for us, and we’re happy to see the result and the reaction to it. 

The main task that was envisioned for this campaign was to showcase even more of Parimatch in a renewed character: bold, bright, and epic to the core! So we approached it from all of the most unexpected angles and created images that represented the most vivid qualities of the brand’s nature. The next step was to showcase it all in an EPIC video. 

We started shooting in Dublin, at the studio where “Vikings” was filmed. We made  episodes on largest scale like Conor’s fights and animal scenes. Then in Kyiv we shot the masked girls and “The Last Supper” scenes. Each stage took a day due to this, there were really massive requirements for the logistics of the whole process, so our experience in this played an important role. The determination of all parties also greatly helped! In fact, everyone on set was so energetic and eager to get it done in the best way possible, that we had no doubt the result would be amazing. Especially when the first person to take it so enthusiastically would be your protagonist. Conor McGregor was the best guy to work with. 

How do you settle on Conor McGregor as the brand ambassador? Specifically , how did you make a video that could draw from his image as a martial arts hero. Or does he fit nicely into the branding concept for Parimatch.

It was an absolute win-win solution – to make a deal with him as brand ambassador. His nature matches perfectly with the brand’s, as well as with its audience’s – bold, stubborn in pursuing his goals, daring, and very, very true despite any circumstances. That’s what the whole DARING TO BE EPIC is about and that’s what Parimatch is about. 

In a previous interview with EG, you said the idea is to “develop new communication language … to grow the brand [Parimatch] from an online bookmaker to a lifestyle platform for the courageous.” The video seems to be in the right direction for that purpose. As the creator of the campaign, how do you see or rate the progress of branding?

It’s going great, just as it always has. We made a statement with rebranding, which showed amazing results focused at just the right target audience. Now we’re scaling up this communication with a DARING TO BE EPIC campaign, and expanding the new positioning to the core. We don’t have any quantitative results just yet, but I expect them to be impressive. 

In the previous interview, you described the creativity behind the branding process beautifully: Like “a great designer using bead after bead to string up different WOW chips”. Let us elaborate on that a bit more in the context of a betting or gaming company. Advertising is not like the crafty making of an attractive ornament, is it? How do you ensure that the craftsmanship in creativity transforms the sales part or brings in more users for the company? 

Quality modern advertising for betting or gaming businesses must be a mix of efficiency and boldness. Today, many can create bright visuals and stuff, even more run purely marketing campaigns. The Big Idea what gets in people’s heads and hearts, that sticks, and brings sufficient results, which as whole are on another level. We maintain this level by making it the norm of – every campaign, communication platform, or even the smallest solutions  that are there by default. The DC team sets higher goals for themselves and takes great pride in achieving them. We love challenges.  

Tell us more about your use of creativity in advertising, especially for betting and gaming companies. Why is it so important? What is needed for this? 

The modern betting/gambling market is oversaturated with look-alike advertising. This is why it is crucial to stand out from the crowd, to be really heard and seen by your audience; this is why it is crucial to create bold and unconventional strokes. To do this, you have to think outside the box, be courageous, to question everything, and have really high standards. Truly stunning creativity can not – and will never – rest on its laurels. It is a never-ending process of finding new angles to look at things, new ways to think.

Iryna Kurochkina-Digital Choo

Could you talk about the potential dangers and warning signs as well on how to judge the impact of creative branding campaign? What one should be afraid of, or what one should not be afraid of? 

Resting on laurels, as I’ve just mentioned, is one of the biggest traps for those who create. One shouldn’t ever think that reaching a certain level or receiving recognition will make them an invincible superman of creativity. As I said, it’s not a result but a process, and it is an evolving process on the way  to development. 

This is the era of targeted advertisement over in social media. How do you blend your theory of creativity into this algorithm-dictated ad targeting?

It is not always possible to reach your audience with traditional targeting tools. For example, when we were working on the rebranding, no existing methods could target the core audience of the brand  – rather it is a small share of active, engaged players that bring in the most revenue. That’s exactly where our creative approach kicked in, because the only way to get their attention was through resonating communication. 

And again – it’s the mix of unconventional creativity and technology that rocks the market nowadays. 

Finally, what’s next on this campaign? Any new videos coming up?

As we continue to communicate Parimatch renewed bold character with both of the brand ambassadors – Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson. I won’t be spoiler or anything, but I promise you that you will not be bored, so stay tuned!


The fun, fast and fiscal needs of millennials are no joke, claims 1xBet

George Miller



The fun, fast and fiscal needs of millennials are no joke, claims 1xBet
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Delivering entertaining, trendy and disruptive gaming opportunities is “crucial for a generation that is used to not taking everything too seriously”, stated the 1xBet team when discussing how bookmakers can attract and hold the interest of the misunderstood millennial market. Highlighting the importance of mobile apps, instant data and unique bets on Brexit, the team explores why betting’s new blood is the injection of fun the industry needs…

The younger millennial market is a key focus for casinos and bookmakers in the US, Asia, Africa and beyond, how is 1xBet targeting this segment of players responsibly?

We are carefully studying this segment of the audience and paying special attention to it. The company understands that the time of the millennials has emerged, which means that it is not only important for the future, but also the present. This is a generation that is used to acting and is not afraid to take responsibility, therefore it is vital to build an effective communication strategy with them. Being open, giving all relevant information for decision making, together with using social networks and other communication channels are the most effective ways to communicate with millennials.

Through all these channels, we can offer both potential and existing customers diversified content. And let’s also not forget that after millennials, when the so-called Generation Z are fully on their feet, they will be even more mobile in every sense.

On paper it often appears millennial players are swayed by trends and a quest for the ‘next big thing’, what can companies do to stay ahead of the curve whilst remaining true to their core player base?

There are two main routes that we use. The first is to keep abreast of all possible new products, to participate in various conferences, seminars and other events, while also exchanging experiences with colleagues and partners. The second is to set trends yourself by conducting deep market surveys and testing new products in different markets before launching them on a global scale. We combine these methods and intend to refine them further in the future.

Speaking specifically about the demands of millennials, we highlight a variety of ways to interest them. Firstly, the presentation of material in a fun, colourful, multimedia form is crucial for a generation that is used to not taking everything too seriously. Secondly, with Esports betting, which is becoming more diverse and gaining popularity. Thirdly, by providing unusual special bets on a variety of things that interest millennials – from talent shows and TV shows to the election of the US President and Brexit.

Where do you see the next big wins in terms of keeping fans loyal and how does your team balance creating engaging content with revenue?

1xBet offers a truly unique betting portfolio, which simply has no equal in the number of events. High odds also contribute to customer loyalty. Millennials specifically also seek the personalization of proposals, as well as customisable betting options.

At this stage it’s obvious that every self-respecting bookmaker should have a mobile application. We have done everything so that our app is on par with the web version of the 1xBet website. Therefore, our customers always have the opportunity to place bets and have access to the data which interests them. Live betting and online broadcasting of matches are both particularly popular from our experience.

Finally, it is important to always be in touch with customers – that’s why our support service works 24/7, and our employees carefully monitor all possible channels for submitting information about 1xBet. Together, this ensures a steady growth in the audience of brand fans – and, therefore, 1xBet profit.

Gaming is one of the earliest adopters of new technology – can the advances pioneered by gaming be translated to new avenues for players like we’ve seen with esports, live casinos, etc. and if so what does the next new gaming sector look like to you?

In 2019, it is impossible to compete if you do not use the most advanced technologies. This applies not only in gaming and betting, but in all other sectors as well. Technology can become antiquated quickly in almost any industry.

An exciting development is the unique interaction between the most popular sports and betting. For example, in American leagues, it’s possible during the broadcast to bet on how the attack of a basketball team will end. All this occurs while seeing the statistics of previous attacks from a particular zone appear on the screen. Such integrations offer unique opportunities for bookmakers and players.

Which sectors outside gaming do you admire in terms of their approach to the millennial market and how can the gaming industry adopt these ideas into its strategy?

Millennials really appreciate new technologies, which is why the IT sector is constantly evolving and offers them more and more new developments, services and products. Forward-thinking IT companies are constantly striving to surprise, because today millennials have access to an increasing number of different technological innovations. Of course, some gambling companies are following in these footsteps. Those of them that can constantly offer technological innovations for the convenience and comfort of users will achieve greater success among millennials.

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Betinvest sets sights on expansion in 2020

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Betinvest sets sights on expansion in 2020
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Betinvest has seen its profits rise by 27% year on year, and experienced a 9% growth in net revenue in 2019. According to COO Max Dubossarsky, the company is keen to invest in its future by “actively building a presence” in the new markets that it has been researching this year. Looking ahead with 2020 vision, Dubossarsky reports on the company’s successes of 2019, its plans for ICE London, and why the brand is prioritising its client-led approach.

What has defined the past 12 months for Betinvest?

Throughout 2019, we have proven ourselves innovators in the betting industry by bringing our brand-new approach of providing Sportsbook as a Service (iFrame API) to the market. Not only have we seen an increase in profits from our pre-existing products and partners, our client network has expanded thanks to our new SaaS solution, making it one of our biggest revenue drivers and also inspiring other positive changes in our annual financial results.

We are delighted with this so far and predict more long-term commercial success as we continue to invest in people and innovation.

We also formed our eSports department, launched a new platform for our partners OMG.BET – providing up to 1,000 events for live betting and up to 3,000 events for pre-match betting every month. In addition, we became the first supplier in the gaming industry to use Oracle Monetization Cloud. This solution provides our B2B partners with a single system through which they can manage player information, currency balances and digital wallets, and track all transactions and financial activity.

This year also saw our sports betting solutions shortlisted for widely respected awards such as Global Gaming, SBC and EGR B2B Awards. It is a big honour for us to be named among the best providers in the industry and it motivates us to keep doing what we do best.

By the way, we entered this year with a new creative concept: Betting Genesis. It underlines what our company is all about – we know what is needed to successfully start a betting business and we have all the necessary resources and experience to create and develop one in any region. And we continue to provide our partners with a single entry point into the industry.

You’ve focused a lot of resources on international expansion, what lies ahead in terms of building your global footprint?

During the course of the year, we have been striving to learn as much as we can about markets all over the world and ensure that we have sufficient understanding of their key features and how best to fulfill their needs with our solutions.

We find that flexible solutions are always required and have therefore developed an approach to providing our Sportsbook as a Service, which has been another important step for us in our mission to develop international gambling markets in 2019. We ensure that our solutions are flexible and customisable for our clients around the globe.

Our team has been reinforced with competent new C-level managers, meaning that we are well prepared for 2020 to be a year of further expansion.

Outside of new markets, are there any other areas of primary focus going forward?

Maintaining a client-centred approach continues to be a priority for us. With this in mind, we are working on our approaches for providing the sports betting solutions. Technology is always evolving and unearthing new possibilities for business, so our aim is to stay up to date with these changes.

Are you hoping to branch into any new areas in the new future?

Our expertise and years of experience in the betting industry is a vital part of our product. Our clients know that they can trust us to provide them with reliable odds on absolutely any event, as well as to manage the risks. As a result, we are always looking to continue developing in this area and perfect our current software, developing new products and approaches to business operations.

With regard to new areas, we plan to present all our new 2020 releases at ICE London, so we will be sharing these with you very soon!

How do you want Betinvest to be seen by the rest of the international gaming industry in 2020 and beyond? 

With our experience in the industry, and the range of sports betting solutions we offer, we can be a single entry point into the gaming industry for our clients. We offer them a fully integrated solution and support with any issue – from launch to day-to-day business operations.

We strongly believe that our success is possible only thanks to the success of our clients, and that is why a client-centered approach plays a key part in our strategy.

Next year is likely to be a year of expansion for Betinvest. By this I mean that, while 2019 was a year where we predominantly studied emerging markets, in 2020 we will be aiming to actively build a presence for ourselves in those markets.

What is more, given that the company is developing, our product range is expanding, and that our client base is increasing – and thus so are our staff numbers, we are making concerted efforts to iron out our internal processes. This is important so that we can be adaptable and are able to react quickly to the demands of the market and the demands of our partners and the times that we live in.

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Exclusive Q&A with Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at Betby

George Miller



Exclusive Q&A with Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at Betby
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Betby is an exciting new entrant to the sportsbook provider arena. Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at Betby, discusses what makes them different, and what is in the pipeline for the company. Chris Nikolopoulos is an experienced commercial director who leads the international sales and business development teams at Betby. His responsibilities include the company’s rapid global expansion and spearheading its entry into multiple new markets. He has extensive knowledge of the retail and online sports betting and casino sectors, having previously worked at EveryMatrix, Playson, and Altenar.

1. How does Betby differ from the other sportsbook providers on the market?

There are a number of providers in the industry but we believe we are coming to it with a fresh approach. It is important to keep in mind that we decided to invest in sportsbook software because we saw a gap in the market, both from a product and services perspective, and we were confident we could fill it. So far, everything is going according to plan – if not better. For us it’s very important to offer not just a product, but a complete business relationship to our partners, which means that we are listening to them, we are prioritising their needs and we are not afraid to develop further.
With regards to our product, we have some significant USPs, such as the ability and the focus that we have on being able to deliver customisation based on an operator’s needs. For instance, we have developed several UI layouts which can cover different segments of players, no matter if they are coming from a traditional sportsbook, or a more modern, casino-related background. At the same time, we are putting lots of effort on data and BI, by harnessing machine learning software, which is used to predict and detect customer behaviour, whilst also facilitating automated personalisation techniques. Our team is a mix of industry veterans with huge experience and young, motivated people with innovation in their blood.

2. What challenges do Betby face as a newer provider, competing against bigger, established giants?

I would say that the biggest challenge that most of the new companies have to face is proof of concept. It’s absolutely normal for clients to require some certainty before they choose the provider they will work with and for this they need to see some success stories. However, with regards to us, I wouldn’t say this is that big of a problem at the moment. Within a year of being operational, we have managed to agree commercial deals with several well-established brands and we are already looking further into the future. Possibly, the biggest challenge we are facing is the fact that we don’t have as many licenses as the established yet. As a result, we cannot compete in all of the regulated markets. However, time will change that and we have already taken the necessary steps to earn the necessary accreditation.

3. What markets are Betby targeting as part of its expansion?

We are growing quickly, not only in terms of new clients but also in terms of human resources and technical infrastructure. Our goal is to be a worldwide provider and from launch we have been taking the necessary steps toward that goal. However, if we exclude the European and Asian markets – where we are already operational today – I would say that our growth is very likely to come from territories in Latin America, which is set to become an incredibly exciting region.

4. Betby offers a significant array of sports markets. Is this choice vital when entering new markets?

Yes, it’s necessary. In European markets more or less everything is similar. But try to enter Indian market without cricket or UK without horse racing for instance, and it will be a struggle. Localising the sportsbook content in terms of sports, tournaments, events and markets offered is key. At the moment we are offering more than 55 different sports with a huge variety of sports markets and we are constantly adding more.

5. What is in the pipeline for Betby?

We are in a stage of growth and we are excited about it. At the moment we are focusing on the upcoming SIGMA exhibition which will be a wonderful chance to meet with old and new partners and friends. At the same time, we have finalised our presence at ICE London, where for the first time we will have our own BETBY stand. And we are also progressing with our MGA license application, which is expected to be confirmed soon. Finally, in terms of new sales, we are having some great cases in the pipeline and I believe we will soon be able to share some exciting news but at the moment I cannot comment further. Stay tuned!

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