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Spearhead Studios to showcase newly launched title Wilds of Wall Street at ICE London



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Spearhead Studios to showcase newly launched title Wilds of Wall Street

Spearhead Studios, recently launched gaming development company within EveryMatrix Group, introduces new slot game Wilds of Wall Street. The newly released title will be showcased during ICE London 2020 between 4-6 February, at STAND N6-310.

Wilds of Wall Street pitches the player as a wannabe stockbroker hoping to make it big and it’s inspired by iconic movies set in the 1980s and 1990s.
Kevin Corti, Game Development Director at Spearhead, comments: “We are very excited about this game, as are all those we have shown it to. We designed a series of features that capitalise on the stockbroker theme with, for example, the core ‘Bear or Bull market’ mechanic in free spins where we sought to create an additional moment of anticipation with every spin. With multiple different optional bet boosts available in both the base and bonus feature, players will feel that they are very much part of the experience and the outcome.”
Mathias Larsson, Managing Director at Spearhead, says: “Wilds of Wall Street is an excellent addition to our portfolio. We have a robust roadmap for 2020, which consists in launching 18 new games. We are also on the forefront when it comes to certifying our games in regulated markets. Our games are already now available in 8 different jurisdictions and in 2020 we will add at least 4 more markets.”
In the base game, any paid-for win triggers a subsequent free re-spin with additional symbol positions unlocked (up to 5X5) and an increased number of active pay lines. Six wins in a row will trigger the free spins feature. An ‘Insider Tips’ meter fills up as the ‘Wild Wolf’ character appear on the reel set. This unlocks the optional bet boosts which, if used, increase the chances of triggering free spins.
During the free spins bonus feature, wins will be paid either left to right or right to left, depending on whether it is a ‘Bear’ or ‘Bull’ market. A history displays the previous market outcomes, and the player can opt to bet on the outcome of the next spin. If the players chose correctly, any wins in that spin will be doubled. Free spins are ‘endless’, only brought to an end by the appearance of three ‘closing bells’ in the centre reel. Players can even choose to opt to insure against the appearance of the final bell, potentially increasing the number of free spins they receive.
To find out more about Wilds of Wall Street and Spearheads Studios portfolio, visit Stand N6-310 at ICE London 2020 between February 4th-6th, or email us at [email protected].

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Emerging iGaming Startups Leverage Unique Strategies for Early Customer Acquisition



Emerging iGaming Startups Leverage Unique Strategies for Early Customer Acquisition
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A new study by industry investor Waterhouse VC has uncovered innovative approaches that emerging iGaming startups are using to acquire their first customers. This research involved extensive engagement with a range of companies, both B2C and B2B, in the online gambling sector, revealing a diverse array of tactics employed during the critical initial phase of their business growth.

The study found that high-touch customer engagement was the primary strategy for most startups. Tom Waterhouse, Chief Investment Officer at Waterhouse VC, emphasized that this approach, although not easily scalable, is crucial in establishing a robust customer base in the early stages. “Our findings suggest a shift from traditional methods to more organic, engagement-focused tactics,” said Waterhouse.

In terms of tactics, the report identified a clear dichotomy between B2B and B2C startups. B2B companies, like the B2B free-to-play game provider Low6, typically focus on one or two strategies. On the other hand, B2C startups, such as the online cryptocurrency casino Shuffle, tend to adopt a broader approach, often utilizing three or more diverse strategies for customer acquisition.

Shuffle’s success story was highlighted as particularly noteworthy. Ishan Haque from Shuffle explained their unique approach, “Instead of participating in traditional acquisition channels like streaming or traditional affiliate marketing, we recognized our edge in finding influencers with a small following, but that following consisted of 1000 true fans.”

Another approach that gained attention was leveraging strategic partnerships and networking, as illustrated by Circle Squared, a product and technology consultancy in the iGaming space.

Co-founder Clyde Harris shared how utilizing existing networks and forming strategic alliances helped them in acquiring new customers and raising their profile in the industry.

A surprising insight from the report was the lack of emphasis on paid advertising among these startups. This reflects a broader trend in the industry towards more organic growth methods and the importance of directly understanding and engaging with the target audience.

In addition to engagement and partnerships, incentivizing early adopters also proved to be a popular tactic, especially among startups like Voxbet, a Dublin-based ‘speak-to-bet’ technology company. “Typically, we have used exclusivity as the reward for an early adopter,” said Jonathan Power, founder and CEO of Voxbet.

The findings of this study underscore the significance of creative and high-engagement strategies for customer acquisition in the iGaming sector. As these startups continue to evolve, their innovative approaches to building customer relationships are setting new trends in the industry.

For a detailed exploration of all the tactics used, Waterhouse VC’s full report is available on their website.

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Gaming Corps: innovating the classics with Piggy Smash



Gaming Corps: innovating the classics with Piggy Smash
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Author: Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps

Arcade-style games have long been a firm favourite for casino players, and in 2024, there are very few signs of that changing anytime soon. But what is it that makes them appeal to players?

Well, for Gaming Corps’ Head of Games Connor Blinman, the answer lies in the simplicity, clarity and nostalgia of these types of games; this is what makes arcade games stand the test of time.

Over the years, Gaming Corps has garnered a wealth of experience in the arcade space. But back in January, the games developer set out on a mission to combine that love of arcade-style games with the world of traditional slots. This blend, Blinman believes, will no doubt cement Piggy Smash’ position as a player-favourite.

A twist on a classic

From the outset, it may then seem that adapting a player-favourite would be extremely difficult. As the adage goes, why fix what’s not broken?

Gaming Corps’ Piggy Smash is, however, promising to bring something completely new to the overall gameplay experience with the incorporation of mechanics that “the casino industry has never seen before”.

Blinman said: “Gaming Corps is one of the very few providers within the iGaming industry that is able to offer such a wide variety of products in our portfolio. From classic slots to table games, and from Mine to Crash games, we really do have it all.

“When we were creating Piggy Smash, we have found the perfect balance between all of these products. We wanted to emulate the style and design of the arcade-style games that we all know and love but combine that with the style of mechanic that you would find in a traditional slot game.

“It’s the best of both worlds; Piggy Smash appeals to both slot and arcade fans, and we’re so happy with the results.”

According to Blinman, the secret to combining two classic verticals is ‘simplicity’. This is where the Smash4Cash™ comes in.

Piggy Smash is the first of Gaming Corps’ titles to incorporate the new Smash4Cash™ mechanic. When the player places a bet, a hammer comes smashing down to smash open the different coloured piggy banks in the hope of revealing different cash prizes. As the name suggests, you smash things open … for cash.

“You don’t want to over complicate the experience for players,” Blinman continued. “This is why we wanted to keep the Smash4Cash™ mechanic as simple as possible. This new mechanic is offering something to the online casino space that hasn’t ever been seen before; “the way the game plays, the way the wins and features are awarded, and also the way the player can look forward to see their potential upcoming winnings where if you trigger these features you instantly know you’re going to get a significant win, this makes the game like nothing else on the market.”

“During the development process, finding the balance between simplicity and innovation wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We had to make sure that the game we created appealed to all our players. Slot players know what they like, and more importantly, what they don’t.

“We had to try balance that sense of innovation with something we knew players would enjoy. That’s part of the reason why we went for a nostalgic theme too – there is a reason these classic themes become player-favourites.”

A sense of nostalgia

It’s evident from playing Piggy Smash that the team wanted to create that sense of nostalgia and familiarity – you only have to look at the inclusion of piggy banks as the main symbol to see that.

As Blinman explained, everyone grew up with piggy banks. They would sit proudly on your windowsill until the point when you were able to smash them open to count how much you had saved up.

Blinman continued: “It’s hard to find one symbol that everyone can resonate with. But when the team were brainstorming ideas for Piggy Smash, it soon became apparent that everyone had a piggy bank in one form of another.

“Once we had settled on the idea of piggy banks, we turned our attention to the wider design. We thought it would be quite fun, but also slightly cheeky, to theme the game around a bank vault.

“From an audio-visual perspective, we wanted to give our team the opportunity to express themselves. They managed to come up with something that is very quirky, but highly engaging. The simplicity of the Smash4Cash™ mechanic really helped the design elements shine through to create something truly exciting.”

Keeping players on their toes

Since the base game for Piggy Smash has stuck with a relatively simple concept, Blinman explained that Gaming Corps wanted to find new and innovative ways to make the overall experience engaging for players. This is where the idea to add additional features to the game came about.

The first of the four features, Instant Win, gives players the chance to win a mega-jackpot of up to x1000 the total bet. When activated, the Rampage feature – which Blinman noted was “an equivalent to free spins during a traditional slot” – triggers the hammer to transform and smash up to ten different piggy banks in a row, for free.

As the name suggests, when the multiplier feature is activated, the value of the next piggy bank that is smashed open will be multiplied by up to x10. And the final feature, Multiplier Rampage, is a combination of both the Multiplier and the Rampage feature. When this is activated, consecutive piggy banks that are smashed open will be a Multiplier.

Blinman said: “Since the concept for Piggy Smash is quite simple, we wanted to find a way to keep the game as dynamic for players as possible.

“The RTP of the game is 97% – the reason for this is that it gives players the chance to get a feel for the overall game and the experience it has to offer. Traditionally, arcade games tend to have a high RTP, so we wanted to bring that to Piggy Smash.

“But if you look at the game’s volatility, this is considered to be low-medium – I’d say this sits at a 4/10 on our scale. The maximum payout that we observed in simulations is 1120x total bet but wins of 1000x via the fixed Jackpot feature are more likely – hitting on average 1 in 99000 bets. We are confident that players will thoroughly enjoy Piggy Smash and any new additions to the Smash4Cash™ series.”

A look ahead to the future

Of course, when Blinman mentioned “future games”, we had to ask him about what the industry can expect to see from Gaming Corps in 2024. It would be rude not to.

As expected, the Head of Games wanted to keep his cards relatively close to his chest, as not to give Gaming Corps’ secrets away. However, he did tell us that there is plenty more titles in the pipeline for 2024 – “at least one a month”, to be exact.

“As we edge closer into 2024, I feel like it’s important to highlight that we are always looking for new ways to elevate the player experience and introduce new ways for our players to enjoy our games. With that said, the team has been brainstorming ideas such as “Bonus Buys” which would allow the player to get a short cut to the Rampage or Multiplier Rampage feature,” he concluded.

“There are also new themes and narratives on the horizon too, as you’ll soon see with our upcoming title “Rampage!” so stay tuned for that!”

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How has 3 Oaks Gaming’s Flip to Win promotional tool set the market alight



How has 3 Oaks Gaming’s Flip to Win promotional tool set the market alight
Reading Time: 2 minutes


In 2023, 3 Oaks Gaming enjoyed a breakthrough year, with its powerful portfolio of slots and promotional tools resonating with players worldwide. With 2024 still in its infancy, 3 Oaks’ Flip to Win tool has proven to be one of its most successful released, with impressive stats showcased across a number of facets. We caught up with 3 Oaks Gaming’s Promo Marketing Lead, Maria Osyka, about how the tool has put the distributor on the map.


Promotional tools still have a hugely important place within the market. Much like a new slot game, a successful promo tool needs to be unique and stand out in a saturated environment. Numerous tools will keep being churned out with no outstanding differentiator, and this is what makes Flip to Win so distinctive – an emblem of how a tool can entice players by keeping it relevant and fast-paced.

How Flip to Win works

Flip to Win is a proprietary in-game bonus engine, guaranteeing randomly generated prizes to reward players throughout a gaming session.

A trio of cycles takes players on a rapid adventure, returning to the main game after the initial flip, repeating the sequence twice more, with the ability to enhance player retention and acquisition. This provides the ultimate gaming experience. Since being introduced to the market, the tool itself has gone from strength to strength, enjoying spectacular results since launch.

Positive results across multiple indicators

Within two hours of the campaign going live, the Average Bets and Average Rounds indicators of the promo winners showed an increase of 127% and 143% respectively.

When we compare a player’s session to the following week,   with the same number of hours by the Average Rounds indicator, we can conclude that participation in the Flip to Win campaign has a positive effect on the length of the spin session, exhibiting a 45% increase.

With the Flip to Win tool to the fore, the average session duration indicator shows that the length of time participants play for is extended by approximately 25%, ensuring that retention dramatically increases.

Thanks to these results, the effect of the Flip to Win promo tool has reached its goal in terms of retention, extension of sessions, and bets placed.

It has shown that it primarily affects important KPI indicators as short, three-hour campaigns can influence these parameters, which means a win-win situation for both the operator and us at 3 Oaks Gaming.

The quality and unique nature of promotional tools has never been more important!

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