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Spearhead Studios to showcase newly launched title Wilds of Wall Street at ICE London

George Miller



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Spearhead Studios to showcase newly launched title Wilds of Wall Street

Spearhead Studios, recently launched gaming development company within EveryMatrix Group, introduces new slot game Wilds of Wall Street. The newly released title will be showcased during ICE London 2020 between 4-6 February, at STAND N6-310.

Wilds of Wall Street pitches the player as a wannabe stockbroker hoping to make it big and it’s inspired by iconic movies set in the 1980s and 1990s.
Kevin Corti, Game Development Director at Spearhead, comments: “We are very excited about this game, as are all those we have shown it to. We designed a series of features that capitalise on the stockbroker theme with, for example, the core ‘Bear or Bull market’ mechanic in free spins where we sought to create an additional moment of anticipation with every spin. With multiple different optional bet boosts available in both the base and bonus feature, players will feel that they are very much part of the experience and the outcome.”
Mathias Larsson, Managing Director at Spearhead, says: “Wilds of Wall Street is an excellent addition to our portfolio. We have a robust roadmap for 2020, which consists in launching 18 new games. We are also on the forefront when it comes to certifying our games in regulated markets. Our games are already now available in 8 different jurisdictions and in 2020 we will add at least 4 more markets.”
In the base game, any paid-for win triggers a subsequent free re-spin with additional symbol positions unlocked (up to 5X5) and an increased number of active pay lines. Six wins in a row will trigger the free spins feature. An ‘Insider Tips’ meter fills up as the ‘Wild Wolf’ character appear on the reel set. This unlocks the optional bet boosts which, if used, increase the chances of triggering free spins.
During the free spins bonus feature, wins will be paid either left to right or right to left, depending on whether it is a ‘Bear’ or ‘Bull’ market. A history displays the previous market outcomes, and the player can opt to bet on the outcome of the next spin. If the players chose correctly, any wins in that spin will be doubled. Free spins are ‘endless’, only brought to an end by the appearance of three ‘closing bells’ in the centre reel. Players can even choose to opt to insure against the appearance of the final bell, potentially increasing the number of free spins they receive.
To find out more about Wilds of Wall Street and Spearheads Studios portfolio, visit Stand N6-310 at ICE London 2020 between February 4th-6th, or email us at [email protected]


How to Choose the Best Online Casino

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How to Choose the Best Online Casino
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Joining the online gambling world can look like a hard task at first. When a new player faces the hundreds of online casinos out there, it can be quite scary. But you don’t have to fear the online casino world! You can start your gambling adventure rather smoothly if you manage to find the casino that suits you most. Luckily, you can choose the best casino for you if you follow a few simple rules and pay attention to key details.

Choose your online casino carefully and strategically

Gather as much information as you can about casinos available to you and learn which venue has the most to offer you. By reading some of the best online casino reviews at Casinoproper and similar websites, you will be able to locate the gambling venue that suits you most.

While reading those reviews, you should pay attention to important details that can affect your gambling session. That includes reading all about the selection of available games, customer support, available payment options, etc.

Choose a Reputable Online casino

A casino can be deemed as respectable when a few factors are being considered:

  • The license it holds – A casino must have a gambling license to provide you with a safe environment to place bets. Most casinos have a license provided by one of the following territories: Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, or Kahnawake. In some cases, casinos also use the services of a third-party regulator like the UK Gambling Commission. If the regulator is trustworthy, you will be able to contact it when you feel abused by the casino. Therefore, if a casino is licensed by an unknown authority, you should tread carefully, as it might not provide you with the desired levels of support.
  • The security measures that are being used – Many casinos use the latest technology to protect your personal information at all costs. Make sure that the gambling venue you consider joining uses Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) and Random Number Generators (RNG). The first is an encryption method used by banks, which means it is exceptionally reliable, and the latter ensures that games of luck won’t be tampered with. Also, make sure the casino follows ID verification protocols, as casinos that don’t check your personal info can’t be trusted.
  • What customers have to say – On paper, casinos can look perfectly safe, but looks can be deceiving. To make sure the casino can be trusted, you should read casino reviews to understand what people have to say about it.

Choose a casino with the best selection of games

Before choosing an online casino, you need to figure out what kind of games you enjoy most. There are many different types of casino games:

  • Online slots – classic slots, modern slots, progressive jackpots, etc.
  • Table games – poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.
  • Specialty games – bingo, scratch cards, etc.
  • Live dealer games – which often include popular table games.
  • Sports betting – placing bets on live events or virtual sports.

Some casinos focus on classic games like slots and table games, but modern venues offer more gambling options. Also, the number of available games varies from one gambling venue to another, depending on the number of software providers the casino works with.

So, once you decide which games you will enjoy playing the most, make sure the casino offers a decent selection of games by the top iGaming companies in the industry.

Choose a casino with the most lucrative bonuses and promotions

Casino promotions allow you to get familiar with the venue while spending little of your own money. Casino bonuses are often divided into two categories: welcome offers, which are only available to new members, and changing promos for all players.

Those bonuses often include one or more of the following:

  • Match bonuses – for every dollar you deposit, the casino will award you with the same amount of cash.
  • Free spins – available on a few popular online slot games.
  • Reload bonuses – you can get some of your money back, depending on how much you deposit in the first place.
  • No-deposit prizes – those are a bit harder to find, but some casinos still offer them.

Find the casino that offers the most lucrative offers and bonuses, and make sure you can comply with the accompanying terms and conditions.

Choose a casino with the most convenient payment options

To place real money bets easily and efficiently, you need to find a casino that accepts the most convenient payment options, while providing you with the best conditions.

Casinos often allow you to use the following options:

  • E-wallets – like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and more
  • Direct wire transfers
  • Credit\debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies

Before you choose a gambling venue, find out whether the available payment options are available in your region, whether extra fees are involved, and how long the processing time takes. All those details are often covered in online casino reviews.

Choose a casino with the best customer support

The quality of the customer service you receive at a gambling venue says a lot about the casino. There are three main ways for you to contact the support team at most casinos: a designated phone line, a live chat, and an email address.

When checking out a casino, make sure you can contact the support team 24/7, that they respond quickly, and that previous customers are happy with the help they’ve received in the past.


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What new technology is in trend in online casinos?

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What new technology is in trend in online casinos?
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The new “trendy” software is based on the blockchain technology proven by several years of reliable operation. It was decided to use it to eliminate players’ distrust of virtual services for gambling. Users will receive a program that will allow them to check the honesty of the top gambling games by comparing the entries in their personal account and the history of transactions on a third-party resource.

After starting the system on the game resource, all registered users will be able to scan a QR code or enter a digital code designation and view a report on each performed operation. Also, the system will be able to provide confirmation of the reliability and legality of the result. You can try such a technology at С

The owners of the Casinonic Australian casino have already recognized this innovation as a socially significant and effective event aimed at increasing players’ confidence in online gambling. Despite the criticism and statements that this is just a commercial move, the program still attracts interest not only among casino representatives, but also among players.

Due to the growing number of cases of fraud against gamblers, players demand more advanced protection measures. With the help of the new extension, they will gain confidence in the honesty of the site, and will also be able to bring online resources to justice in case of violation of their rights to fair and safe play.

Experts are confident that the functionality of the new software will make it possible to use it to develop new offers for players, more active registration of new users, and subsequently to control all stages of the casino’s work and indicators of each game action. Gamblers and operators will be able to exchange information about the game in real time, monitor the integrity of all parameters, including the frequency and probability of winnings. If you want to try such system in action, you can play top gambling games here.

The development of the extension was carried out with the direct participation of E. French, who has the status of Doctor of Medical Sciences. He helped to select aspects that, on a psychological level, are able to relieve the player from mistrust of the casino and collect the evidence base to confirm the legality and fairness of the game. Today, only a third of players consider online casinos to be fair playgrounds.

The new application is intended to be a benchmark of responsibility, to visually show and prove the transparency of all operations performed and the desire of the gambling market to become even more understandable for online casino visitors.

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4 Ways in Which Online Gaming Is Evolving

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4 Ways in Which Online Gaming Is Evolving
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A look at the way things are changing in the online gaming world.

Entertainment is something human beings have always enjoyed. From the time of the ancient Greek people, to the famous Romans, even till today, humans have always looked for and devised means of taking care of boredom. In the present day world, one of the most popular ways of taking care of boredom is through online gaming.

Casino and gambling games have been one of the most popular internet activities in the last couple of decades, but a new form of gambling online now has its time in the limelight – CS:GO betting. Players are now able to visit some of the top CSGO gambling sites like where they can bet on matches, gamble skins and even trade their items to upgrade them or for real money.

As an industry, the world games market made revenue of up to $150 billion in 2019, and a greater part of this money came from online gaming. The UK online gaming sector is worth up to £2 billion, according to the 2019 estimate, and this is a revelation of how big the industry is.

Online gaming continues to grow in popularity as a form of social interaction, and because of the convenience involved. This is akin to the technology that propels it and the fact that it is always advancing and innovating. Further growth is expected in the online gaming niche, which covers the video gaming and casino gaming subsectors in the future. Having said all these, we have the pleasure of ruminating on the four major ways through which change is coming to the online gaming arena. Read and understand these.

Free Slots

When you consider online casino gaming currently, you will realize that something is changing in the way that players approach it. The popularity of free slots is growing by the day, and this is because many people like to enjoy or test the online casino games without any monetary risk. The best of these free slots come in different designs and themes that players can choose from, and this makes them very attractive. Some of them are even adapted from very popular TV shows and movies.

Most of them can be played on any device at all, be it mobile or PC and they mostly require no downloading. With them, people can conveniently spend their spare time. Another thing that attracts people to the free slots is that, with them, you are able to test the new games free of charge, so as to ascertain if they are good for you and if you will like to go ahead and bet your money on them. These types of online slots are offered in almost all the online casinos, and they are ideal for you to start with, so as to know if they are worth playing, before you delve into the real money version.

Augmented Reality

The technology behind Augmented Reality will add your real world environment to the gaming environment, making it more exciting. The first of such games was Pokémon Go. It was the first that used AR in games to show the industry the way it is done. Currently, the entire industry is working on bringing it into more casinos and video games. When this eventually happens, it will be possible for online casino players to see computer players standing face to face before them, and also see the cards as they are dealt out in their very before. This same tech could be transferred into online video games. Consider how good it will feel when you are able to see other players as they play or where the in-game features are made look like they are in the real world in games like Fortnite,

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is the thing that could bring about a very huge change in online casinos in the near future. One of the major ways this could be implemented is in the safety and security angle.  When you sign into an online casino for games, you would be identified with 100% accuracy by the facial recognition tool before you are logged into your account.

Of course, we cannot overemphasize the benefits of this. We can also use the facial recognition tool to inject higher levels of personalization on online gaming.  When we do this, it will allow us to import people’s faces into video games, and with this, the faces could be used as avatars or profile pictures. Facial recognition could also be used by casino and video games to identify individual players. This way, it would be much easier to deliver personalized rewards and target ads on specific groups of people.

On Demand Game Streaming

This is coming as a change in the online video gaming sector, and it’s already happening at the moment, and looks like something that will grow even bigger. This boils down to the fact that purchasing physical copies of video games to use in your console or PC is now outdated. This is very costly and also time intensive. The solution to this therefore is on demand streaming.  When gamers make use of this, they have the leverage to enjoy a very huge array of slots whenever they like. The Google Stadia that was released in November 2019 typifies this service, and many other services and sites are also coming up in this niche. Digital streaming and online gaming will seemingly take over the crux of how people play video games in the future. This idea is already widely used by casino gaming, though video gaming is still playing a fast catch up at the moment.

Online Gaming Is Evolving Swiftly

The fact that online gaming is witnessing a very swift change is not in doubt. Whether you play online video games or not, the truism of this remains constant. It even extends to the online casino games. We can have a lot of debate about the trajectory of things in the future, but within the entire sector, the aforementioned technologies are undoubtedly staking a huge claim.


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