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Horseman GO, a Virtual Horse Racing Game Launches as the World’s First Decentralised Autonomous Game



Horseman GO, World’s First Decentralised Autonomous Game Launches on EOS
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Deployed on the EOS blockchain, the game will be fully self-operational and self-managing with players determining how the in-game ecosystem will evolve over time

Cogito, the blockchain gaming studio, announced the official launch of the world’s first decentralised autonomous game (DAG), Horseman GO. An end-to-end virtual horse racing game, players will be responsible for constructing their own ranches in order to breed, cultivate, and train horses for racing. Deployed on the EOS public blockchain, Horseman GO is differentiated by its governance mechanisms which are underwritten in code, rather than in the hands of game publishers. The first of its kind, Horseman GO is the first blockchain game to be fully self-operational, self-managing, and self-developing––with players dictating how the Horseman GO ecosystem will continue to evolve over time.

Designed to challenge the existing inadequacies of modern-day online games which are centralised by design, Horseman GO addresses the imbalance between game developers, network operators, and players observed in the industry today. With in-game assets such as horses and other core resources put on the blockchain, players are able to safely purchase, trade, and ensure the provenance of these assets which now have real-world value as part of a digital in-game economy.

Cogito Founder Kevin Yu said, “From the irrefutable success of CryptoKitties in 2017, we’ve seen that the blockchain gaming ecosystem has yet to significantly innovated since then, with today’s games bogged by laggard network speeds and the inability to retain players. With the potential for blockchain to allow for greater transparency and safety for players who look to monetise in-game assets, we wanted to create a game that took this idea of ownership a step further.”

The self-governing function of Horseman GO is enabled by the in-game Jockey Club, a decentralised autonomous organisation within the game which collectively manages a central wallet where in-game earnings are used to cover basic expenditure of the Horseman GO community. Collected through registration fees in races, auctions, and sponsored races, the majority of the funds will eventually be returned to players through bonus pools, activity rewards, and a dedicated development fund for beginners to the game. Denominated in EOS, all transactions taking place within the Horseman GO game will be fully transparent and viewable by players on the EOS blockchain.

“As the first game of its kind, Horseman GO proposes an innovative model of gameplay, distinguished by a self-functioning economy determined for players by the players themselves. Designed wholly with the spirit of decentralisation in mind, we hope to foster an ecosystem that encourages players to be fully invested in the creation of the Horseman GO ecosystem, empowered by the emphasis on community inclusion and accountability for its growth,” added Yu.

With over 20 years of extensive experience in the gaming and Internet industries, Yu is also the Co-Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Netgamer, China’s first online gaming magazine. As a first-generation game developer in China, Yu’s established track record spans across PC and mobile gaming, in areas of publishing, operation, marketing, and business development for notable first-tier titles in the country including Lineage,《兽血沸腾》,《凡人修仙传》, 《扫荡三国》,《超神名将传》, for which he generated a revenue of RMB¥300 million (US$43.29 million). Yu is also the former President of aigame100, one of China’s leading game development studios.

Noted for its high-performance, stability and robustness, EOS was selected by the Cogito team as the first public blockchain for Horseman GO. With smart contract functionalities that can best serve the game’s autonomous mechanism enabled by its use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) which allows for lower latency and greater throughput, EOS has fast emerged as one of the leading preferred platforms of decentralised applications including blockchain games, allowing Horseman GO to tap into a burgeoning global user base.

In late October 2019, Horseman GO launched its first closed beta where players were able to participate in 3 races and win up to 60 EOS. Eventually, participants were able to compete in higher level races and bid for high-value in-game resources in the closed beta 2.0 with more features gradually being added to enrich the gameplay experience. Over time, as the Horseman GO ecosystem matures, the DAG will be deployed on selected public blockchains across the wider industry ecosystem. Within the coming year, the Cogito team will be working on engaging wallet providers to explore the creation of a revenue distribution ecosystem along with other custom features within the gameplay to ensure user retention.


About Cogito:

Cogito is a Hong Kong-based entertainment studio dedicated to developing and publishing blockchain-based games. Helmed by a team of developers and executives with established careers in the traditional game industry as well as highly-skilled blockchain engineers, Cogito leverages a joint platform and content model in order to enable an inclusive game entertainment industry to the benefit of developers, publishers, and users alike.

About Horseman GO:

Horseman GO is the world’s first blockchain-enabled, decentralised autonomous game (DAG). Designed and developed by blockchain gaming studio Cogito, Horseman GO is characterised by its self-governing, self-managing, and self-developing mechanism which is fully encoded in the gameplay, presenting an innovative decentralised game experience where players are entirely accountable for the growth of the in-game ecosystem. Through the in-game Jockey Club, all in-game revenues from participation fees, auctions, and sponsored races will feed into a central wallet where funds will be further allocated for operational costs and rewards within the game. In this way, Horseman GO provides a gaming experience that is determined and developed by the players and for its players alone.

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MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024


Metalottery Launches Blockchain Lottery Revolution: Zero Fees, Instant Wins and Life-Changing Jackpots in Crypto



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A brand-new online lottery portal built on blockchain technology is shaking things up in the world of chance. Metalottery, the first-ever decentralised blockchain lottery platform, officially launched, introducing a new era of transparent, thrilling and rewarding lottery gaming. By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with the excitement of lotteries, Metalottery offers players unprecedented fairness, security and the potential to win life-changing prizes.

“Metalottery is not just another lottery; it’s a paradigm shift. We’re giving power back to the players by offering a transparent, secure, and exciting lottery experience that’s built for the web3 age,” Dioni Bouropoulos, COO of Poollotto Finance, said.

Unlike traditional lotteries, Metalottery uses Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to ensure provably fair and unbiased results for every draw. And with new lottery rounds starting every 8 hours, players can enjoy the thrill of winning more often than ever before.

At the heart of Metalottery is the PLT token, the fuel of the platform’s ecosystem that players can use to purchase tickets. Metalottery makes purchasing Pool Lottery Token (PLT) available and straightforward on their website. Players can also spin the “Wheel of Fortune” for additional rewards as well as participate in a growing community of lottery enthusiasts on Telegram and Discord.

Bouropoulos added: “Our platform is designed to be inclusive and accessible to a global audience. By combining innovative technology with a user-friendly interface, we empower players to take control of their lottery journey. We are charging no fees for participation and all proceeds from tickets go towards the jackpot. Our goal is to build the biggest lottery community in the world.”

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Kore Digital Mining Ltd Announces Additional 14 PH/s Bitcoin Mining Capacity



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Kore Digital Mining Ltd, a UK based Bitcoin mining company, announces that effective 1st May 2024, an additional 14 PH/s mining capacity will be added to its existing infrastructure.

This additional capacity will be provided by a major Bitcoin mining corporation and will be operational until 30th June 2024.

Derek Nisbet, Kore’s Founder & CEO, said – “We are pleased to work with a leading Bitcoin Miner in securing a large amount of mining capacity, for a 2 month trial period. We look forward to hopefully extending this period and engaging more with major mining corporations offering Bitcoin hashing opportunities, in the future.”

This additional 14PH/s Bitcoin mining capacity adds to the existing 2 PH/s currently operational with Kore’s own infrastructure and an additional 4 PH/s is due to be added over the next quarter, totalling 20 PH/s.

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After Crossing 100,000 Active Users, Announces The Launch of Its Utility Token $HPLT



Reading Time: 3 minutes


Hypeloot was established in 2022 and has processed over 50 million bets for over 100.000 Users worldwide, being one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency casinos, releasing new game modes almost every week and a recent surge in growth which is likely to accelerate.

Hypeloot Originals cross 50 million bets mark

With new game mode additions, the number of daily bets and also bets placed per user is increasing by the day. Hypeloot adds some of the most popular Casino games but is also not afraid to add an innovative touch to the platform by developing new games that are gaining a lot of popularity, for example, the Plinko game with a 100.000X multiplier, making it the first-ever Plinko game with this high of a multiplier which is not only something innovative for the Gambling industry but also a great marketing tool as users always try to chase high multipliers.

Hypeloot .com profit share with $HPLT holders

All $HPLT holders will indirectly profit from the rampant Hypeloot .com growth and its already increasing profitability via daily buyback & burn events. Hypeloot profits will automatically go towards purchasing $HPLT tokens on the open market and burning them right after – on a daily basis!

The Hypeloot $HPLT Token

The $HPLT Presale will start the 1st of February at 15:00 UTC directly on presale.Hypeloot .com, the presale is split into different stages in which the first investors get the cheapest possible price and are also eligible for the Hype NFTs which will be tradable right on token launch. 40% Of the total supply will go towards Presale contributors, rest is split between liquidity, marketing, team, airdrops and more. All Team tokens will be locked and vested on a transparent level.



Fueling The Hypeloot Ecosystem

Hypeloot is one of the only Crypto casinos offering Fiat payment gateways and all major payment providers making it easy for every user. On top of that, Hypeloot also currently offers all major Cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. All Games are 100% provably fair with an open and transparent guide on how to check each roll, the EOS and Chainlink Blockchain hashes are being used to generate 100% randomness.



Hype NFTs

Hype NFTs are the official NFTs of Hypeloot .com ($HPLT), it will initially only be available to presale contributors, on launch, these NFTs can then be traded, bought, sold and used on Hypeloot .com for free bets, staking pools, increased rakeback and much more. These NFTs are strictly limited and will not be minted more than the given supply.

Hypeloot .com Numbers and Outlook

Hypeloot has generated over $1 Million in revenue in 2023, given that regular slot and live casino games will be added soon, it is expected to have a significant surge in the coming weeks as this is anticipated by a lot of current users, this new addition also open the door to a lot of new user acquisition as well as higher profit per user given all the new game modes.

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