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Is Malta Blockchain companies set to overtake iGaming?

Niji Ng



Reading Time: 4 minutes

Malta’s iGaming industry has grown spectacularly for two decades, but now they have a competitor in town: Blockchain technology. The strides blockchain technology has taken have been so considerable that it is being compared to the beginning of the internet itself.  It is hailed not just as a huge driver of economic growth, but it will also as a changer of the way we do everything, from handling data to the structure of the banking system.

According to the World Economic Forum, at least 10 per cent of the global GDP will be managed and facilitated through blockchain technologies by 2025.

Malta has managed to carve its economic success through an economic vision based on the power of regulation and jurisdictional innovation. The dedication of the government, the support of the public, and the business sector allowed the country to thrive in the regulated industries.

The iGaming industry has been a backbone of the Maltese economy for many years now and has seen the country becoming an internationally renowned jurisdiction for the registration and operation of iGaming companies. Currently, Malta is looking at repeating this success yet again by creating a regulatory framework for blockchain-based businesses, virtual currencies and ICOs.

There exist some similarities between blockchain and iGaming regarding their popularity and the way in which they have grown and could grow in the future. The iGaming industry was initially regarded with cynicism and skepticism, but with time, and adequate regulation and adherence to legal standards, it has gone on to flourish and become a massive part of the Maltese economy.

Blockchain technology is similar in some respects. A new, and to some, unknown bit of tech, it has made waves across the business community, and while some are wary of it still, it is being adopted more and more by leading companies and businesses. Its potential is vast and far-reaching, and if Malta can position itself at the right time, and in the right way, it can be set to reap the benefits of what the future will bring.

The iGaming sector was regarded with suspicion in the early days, but now, without it, the economy would not be in the same, healthy shape that it is.

It is expected that with the introduction of the government’s blockchain strategy, as well as the quick uptake of the technology from local businesses, Malta will soon lead the way in this exciting new sector. This means that not only will it improve its reputation as a digital leader, but it will also bring a massive boost to the economy and create more jobs. This is precisely what iGaming did.

Blockchain will also boost other industries that complement it – hardware, software, marketing, legal, financial, the list goes on for those stakeholders that will be able to grow and nurture their businesses when blockchain takes off.

It is unlikely that iGaming and blockchain companies will compete in the traditional sense of the word. They are entirely different industries and as such require very different legal, creative, and administrative staff. Additionally, the client base would not be affected either as the concepts are so different, it is unlikely that iGaming would lose any business to the world of the blockchain.

It is expected that the introduction of the new blockchain frameworks will influence the existing regulations around the iGaming industry. These new proposals will also provide the iGaming industry with faster, cheaper, and more efficient alternatives to traditional payment methods which will revolutionise the way in which they both take payment, and pay out winnings. Rather than pitting the two industries against each other, legislators and stakeholders need to find a way to ensure they complement each other and offer new ways to do business, and to grow their respective sectors.

Already the seeds of cooperation are being sown, and some iGaming platforms are preparing to use the Distributed Ledger Technology to their advantage. One of the primary improvements will come to the most burden area of iGaming – trust. By using smart contracts, gambling platforms can use a distributed public ledger that is entirely transparent and allows users to see the information freely at any time. Those that will increase levels of fair gambling will automatically win their customers’ trust and position themselves at the forefront.

One area, however, where there may be a bit of overlap is the talent pool. Currently there is a considerable shortage of developers that are capable and trained in matters of the blockchain. Blockchain start-ups are offering considerable salaries to those that can do the job, and this could result in a situation where developers and programmers involved in the creation of iGaming products, could be tempted to hone their skill set and jump ship to the blockchain.

While blockchain as a technology cannot be regulated as such, its use and scope can. Yet the key is not to stifle its potential and ensure it remains as a catalyst for further innovation.

By combining these two industries, we can create a fairer and more transparent gambling sector with a more secure and open infrastructure.

These two industries combined will be of a considerable benefit for Malta economically, socially, and in the world of business. It is already on the map for its iGaming industry, but with the country taking huge strides into the ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, it is set to solidify its reputation as a world leader in innovation.



Niji has been in the writing industry for well over a decade or so. He prides himself as one of the few survivors left in the world who have actually mastered the impossible art of copy editing. Niji graduated in Physics and obtained his Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. He has always interested in sports writing and travel writing. He has written for numerous websites and his in-depth analytical articles top sports magazines like Cricket Today and Sports Today. Besides reporting industry headlines from all around the globe, Niji is also head of the content management team at Impressions Content Management, based in Kerala, India, which offers writing and editing services to clients around the world.

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Record Loss for Russian Bookmakers In The World Cup Final

George Miller



Record Loss for Russian Bookmakers In The World Cup Final
Photo Credits: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
Reading Time: 1 minute

In the 2018 World Cup final, France defeated Croatia and won the world championship for the second time in its history. Deputy General Director for Trading BC “League of Stakes” Maxim Afanasyev said that the match was a record loss for Russian bookmakers.

“We recorded a record for the loss – 3.5 times more than at the Champions League final. They played all the outcomes, which were mostly put by the clients: the victory of France, the handicap (-1.5) for the French, both will score, goals in both halves, and, of course, all conceivable and inconceivable totals, ” said Mr. Afanasyev.

He also noted that the final match was probably the most record on payments in the entire bookmaker industry.

“The loss on the Russian market from one final match, according to my estimates, is about $ 100 million,” the expert believes.

In the final match of the 2018 World Cup, France defeated Croatia 4: 2.

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Eastern Europe

Roundtable discussion on Romania’s current gambling issues

George Miller



Roundtable discussion on Romania's current gambling issues
Photo credirs:
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Association of Distance Gambling Organizers (Asociația Organizatorilor de Jocuri de Noroc la Distanță) and Casino Inside offered an exciting event


The Association of Distance Gambling Organizers (Asociația Organizatorilor de Jocuri de Noroc la Distanță), a representative association of the largest and most respected authorized gambling operators in Romania, held the first working meeting last month in the Fortuna Hall of the Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest dedicated to the latest developments in the countries gambling regulation.

The meeting was honored by the presence of several officials:

  1. Liliana Kleininger, Vice-President of the Competition Council
  2. Daniel Staicu, President of ONPCSB
  3. Lilian Onescu, Secretary General ANAF
  4. Rodica Tuchilă, ARB Executive Director
  5. Mihăiţă Ruiu, Director of Authorization Division, ONJN
  6. Tudor Simota, Director of Control Department, ONJN
  7. Alexandru Enăchescu, Chief Commissioner, Economic Police
  8. Dana Cristina Matache, GDPR Expert, lawyer
  9. Iulian Matache, GDPR Expert, lawyer
  10. Monica Gubernat, Member of CNA
  11. Odeta Nestor, President of ADGO
  12. Dr. Sorin Constantinescu, gambling expert

The Roundtable discussion was a good opportunity for authorities, gaming operators and media outlets to be together and to discuss and share information, ideas and opinions about the latest and upcoming trends in the industry.

“There is a need for industry to continuously participate in debates and to support authorities in improving the regulatory framework,” said Odeta Nestor, ADGO President. “We are a success story at European level, and the effects are particularly good, reflected by players’ satisfaction and the contribution of the field to Romania’s economic development,” added Nestor.

Organized in partnership with CasinoInside, the event approached subjects such as:

  • Competition in the gambling industry
  • Problems encountered by gaming operators in relation to banking institutions in our country
  • Latest Tax Changes in Gambling
  • Draft Law on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing on Transposition of
  • EU Directive 2015/849 into national legislation
  • The CNA Order on Gambling Advertising
  • Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

In conclusion, the event organized in June at the initiative of the Association of Distance Gaming Organizers (ADGO) was a majir success and arose from the continued need of our gaming industry to discuss and debate the stringent issues of this moment and willingness to support state authorities to improve the current regulatory framework.

The gaming industry has reached a high level of transparency and regulation precisely because of this type of events.



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Northern Cyprus to remove casino gambling ban on residents

Niji Ng




Northern Cyprus to remove casino gambling ban on residents
Photo Credits:
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Northern Cyprus authorities are planning to remove a long-standing ban on its Turkish Cypriots to engage casino gambling.

Discussions are believed to have been triggered by the recent opening of a casino in the Republic of Cyprus’ city of Limassol. According to media reports, Northern Cyprus officials have expressed concerns that Turkish Cypriots could feel tempted to cross the Green Line (the United Nations Buffer Zone that separates the two parts of the island of Cyprus) and visit the new gambling venue.

While it was only last month that the Republic of Cyprus opened its first legal casino, Northern Cyprus has long been home to flashy gambling facilities.

However, residents of the northern portion of the island are prohibited from visiting and gambling at the local casinos.

Hong Kong-listed gaming and hospitality giant Melco opened late last month its temporary casino in Limassol, while a larger integrated resort is under construction in the city. The facility features 242 slot machines and 33 gaming tables. Melco said yesterday that Cyprus Casinos or C2 as the property is branded welcomed more than 34,000 unique visitors during its first three weeks of operation to beat owners’ expectations.

According to reports from Turkish Cypriot news outlet Haberal Kibrisli, Northern Cyprus Finance Ministry Serdar Denktash has revealed that discussions over the potential lifting of the casino gambling ban have been taking place.

However, in a separate rollout of reports, Kudret Ozersay, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, has denied the move on social media. The official has pointed out that there were no such plans and that there was no need for such reports to be spread around.

Mr. Ozersay further explained that instead of offering residents of Northern Cyprus a free entry into casinos, the government should introduce stricter controls at the gambling venues and stricter license conditions as well as increased taxes.

Another local news outlet, Vatan, has cited the leader of the United Cyprus Party, Izzet Izcan, saying that Turkish Cypriots should not be encouraged to gamble at casinos and that the Prime Minister of the republic should clarify the ongoing debate.

Aside from its temporary casino in Limassol, Melco is also set to open four satellite facilities across the Republic of Cyprus, with the first two of these likely to be launched by the end of the year.



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