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What you need to consider before choosing an online lottery



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No doubt, the lottery has become one of the favorite games that you can engage at any time. The good part is that you can find various lottery games, such as regional, national, and international lotto. Keep in mind that playing these types of games (lotto) requires you to choose certain numbers to have a chance of winning a jackpot. This is an appealing game that you should never miss the opportunity the participate in.

 That said, you can find tons of different places where you can buy lottery tickets online. Many of them have exciting lotteries from across the globe. This post explains what you need to consider before choosing an online lottery.


Online lottery providers

Many lotteries can offer massive jackpots to give you a chance to win any of them. Online lottery agents usually purchase these lottery tickets on your behalf for a fee. Ideally, you can pick lotteries and purchase lottery tickets through their secure sites. They even send you a copy of proof of purchase and ownership while others may only send scans of the receipts.

Here is the deal: if you win, they usually notify you. Most agents can either deposit your winnings into your account or they may offer assistance to claim the prize yourself. 

 Regardless of whether you are purchasing online tickets from the best online lottery  operator or online agent, you may need to pay a little extra for the online tickets. This is because they may charge a service fee for the convenience. Also, some lottery agents may not ask for a service fee for their services, but they may take a commission from the winnings. In such cases, an agent can charge a commission of anywhere between 3% and 10%. 

 The good thing is that many lottery websites don’t restrict the number of lottery tickets you can buy from them for a draw. So you just need to have enough money to pay for any number of tickets.


Legitimate online lottery sites

It can be tricky to determine if the online lottery site is authentic or not. However, if you come across an online lottery website that promotes transparency and security, it’s a good sign that it’s genuine. 

That said, you can easily find online scams and legitimate lottery websites, especially if you know what you’re looking for. Below are some factors that can help you determine the online lottery site is safe:  

 Security and trust logos. When you see Norton, McAfee Secure, and many others, the online lottery site is likely safe to use. It’s worth noting that you can also find some security and trust logos that originate from lesser-known companies. So don’t think the worst when you don’t see these security and trust logos.

  • SSL encryption. Although logos are great, anyone can make fake ones. So you need to click on them for verification. Another excellent indication of safety is perhaps SSL encryption. This one can be hard for scammers to replicate or crack. With SSL encryption, all the sensitive data you provide to the site is secured. It means your email, credit card information, and others are secure.
  • License and regulations. A genuine online lottery website should be licensed and regulated by a reputable gaming authority. This can assure you that the lottery provider is adhering to local and international regulations.
  • Open communication lines. Authentic lottery websites usually have proper support channels you can use. Some of them provide email addresses, online forms, live chat, and even live phone support. Even better, others are active on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Transparency. Reliable lottery websites reveal their policies and are open about their fees they charge you. You can find such information under their Terms of Use which is usually at the bottom of the website’s landing page.       


What you need to consider before buying online lottery tickets

Now that you have decided to buy online lottery tickets, it’s a good idea to take a look at how you want to play. Here are a few factors to help you make the right decision:


Number draw or instant win

Number draw or instant win is one of the important things you need to consider when searching the ideal lottery to play. You should figure out if you want to play where you may get the result instantly. On the other hand, you can play a game where you need to wait for a couple of draws. 

The good news with the instant win is that you can find out if you are successful with a game at the moment. For example, you can choose to play a scratch card lottery, which provides higher chances of winning rather than the conventional lottery. 

The trick is to have a lot of patience when you choose the number draw lotto. This is because it occurs every week or bi-weekly, and you can score good deals and win lucrative prizes.


The jackpot’s size

The size of the jackpot is an essential factor when playing the lottery as they may vary in the amount of cash. Every online lottery provider reveals their jackpots to make sure that you can see what is on offer.

 But you need to consider that the size of the jackpot usually depends on the rollovers. So some of the online lotteries can rise significantly to reach massive amounts. They can also climb even higher depending on ticket sales.


Odds of winning

Unfortunately, winning the jackpot is not as simple as you may think. You need to consider the odds of hitting a jackpot, meaning you should have the right tactics and strategy in place. The best way to start is to try smaller lotto games because they have better odds and more prize tiers.

Many lotto games are pretty similar. You will see that many people may choose a key line of numbers with two bonus balls to choose from. These combinations can give you the proper lottery winning numbers that you need to win a jackpot.

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Stats Widgets Introducing H2H Widget for Land-Based Terminals



Reading Time: < 1 minute

FeedConstruct’s Stats Widgets is excited to introduce its new type of H2H widget for Land-Based terminals, designed to enhance user interaction and interface. This widget simplifies the presentation of head-to-head (H2H) data, providing deep insights into team performances with its non-clickable and screen-optimized design.

The H2H widget showcases detailed analysis across various metrics, including team performances, H2H comparison data, and recent match results. Here is the data you can find in this widget:

· H2H Comparison Data: Detailed comparisons between two teams, including historical matchups and relevant statistics.

· Team Performances: Highlighting the recent form and efficiency of both teams.

· Last 5 Matches: Reviewing the outcomes of the last five matches of the teams.

· Current Standings: Quick reference to the teams’ positions in the current league.

The widget is a ready-to-go solution, with easy iFrame integration into the sportsbook, and individual branding to reflect a personalized touch. The introduction of the new type of H2H widget makes a big step forward in simplifying the sports data presentation for the Land-Based terminals, thus enhancing the user experience and supporting our partners.

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Slotsjudge Expands Its Presence on Discord and Kick



Reading Time: 2 minutes

It has been announced that Slotsjudge has expanded its presence by launching on new digital platforms, including Kick and Discord. The expansion will allow the team behind the brand to reach a wider audience for valuable reviews and insights. By introducing Kick video live streaming and a social Discord server, Slotsjudge aims to foster its vibrant community and provide even more interactive ways for users to discuss and engage with their insights, reviews and recommendations.

Details of the Expansion

Slotsjudge on Kick
The video live-streaming service from Kick offers a myriad of streaming topics and interactive features. It allows users to engage with Slotsjudge streamers in real-time through chat discussions and polls. By bolstering its digital platform expansion with Kick, Slotsjudge can create a dynamic and immersive streaming experience with community engagement and interaction at the forefront.

Slotsjudge’s Discord Server
Discord is a versatile communication platform that provides users with seamless cross-device syncing. By joining the Slotsjudge Discord community, users can benefit from in-built game streaming capabilities, and a wide range of chat and voice features for collaboration and community engagement within the iGaming industry. Additionally, the Discord community from Slotsjudge provides a streamlined platform for content sharing and community support, while maintaining a focus on creating a welcoming environment without promoting iGaming activities.

Impact and Expectations

For the iGaming Entertainment Community
With its new digital platform expansion, Slotsjudge brings a host of mutual benefits to the community. These include enhanced access to information and increased opportunities for engagement. Ultimately, it broadens the platform and reaches for shared experiences, strengthening the bond between players and creating a thriving iGaming community.

Future Directions
Leveraging the community foundations already established, Slotsjudge’s Kick and Discord channels are poised to build upon previous successes and bring even more engagement and enjoyment to users. They will foster a thriving community that continuously evolves and adapts to meet the needs and interests of its members.

Closing Remarks
With the expansion onto Kick and Discord, Slotsjudge aims to bring more fun and interaction to the experience. It is consistently creating spaces where like-minded users can easily connect, engage, and interact with one another, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.

Pauls Spakovskis, live streamer and game expert at Slotsjudge commented:

“This is amazing news as Discord is the number one community hub to have and where I and Krista can interact with everyone interested in and about Slotsjudge. And streaming on Kick was just a question of time – fast growing streamer-friendly platform where we can build an even bigger community!”

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Play with the Ugliest, Quirkiest Pets Around in Stakelogic’s Fugly Pets



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get your eyes ready because it’s time to take a trip to the pet centre to meet the ugliest, quirkiest, wildest-looking pets you’ve ever seen in the brand new slot, Fugly Pets, from Stakelogic.

Fugly Pets takes players to a banged-up old pet store to explore its collection of weird and charming, downright ugly pets. Meet a scruffy parrot, a catnip crazed kitty, and an unfortunate-looking little dog.

The slot uses a 5×5 grid with 3,125 ways to win on each spin and is packed with a plethora of unique and exciting bonus features.

Landing Bonus symbols trigger up to 15 Free Spins! Keep your eyes peeled for symbol multipliers of up to 64x landing on any spin. What’s more, these become persistent during the Free Spins, only adding to the game’s huge winning potential.

Roadkill might spell bad news for these fugly-looking creatures, but it is a great thing for players! The Roadkill symbol lands on reel five and will remain inactive until no cascades are possible. The Roadkill symbol then moves across the reels, destroying everything its path or turning it into Wilds.

Fugly Pets is a Stakelogic slot, so there is always something a little extra. If you thought those animals were ugly in regular size, wait until they land in super-size! Super Symbols can land in 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4, allowing players to win big!

Speaking of big wins, players can grab wins of up to 5,000x their stake in this slot, with RTP models up to 96% available.

Daniela Fricchione, Head of Account Management at Stakelogic, said: One thing we love to do at Stakelogic is to play with player expectations. When you think of a pet-themed slot, you imagine something cute and cuddly. Well, we’ve taken that rulebook and fed it to the dogs, putting a fresh spin on the genre with Fugly Pets.

It’s not just the theme that is unconventional, either. The game is jam-packed with special features, with the Roadkill bonus and Super Symbols really helping the slot stand out from the pack.

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