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Our Guide to finding the Best Online Casino



Our Guide to finding the Best Online Casino
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In the list here, you will find the casinos we recommend playing in 2020. This list is updated at the beginning of each new month and it keeps you informed about which casinos are most relevant right now. All casinos are carefully hand-picked by us to make sure you find the best online casino and we give you information about current bonuses and promotions. You are also given the option to read more about the casino in our reviews or to go directly to the casino and start playing.

What you can expect when looking for the best online casino in 2020

During 2020, we can expect major changes in the gaming market and the best online casino you might know of might not make the cut in the future. Over the past year, many casinos have had to undergo major restructuring when it comes to both appearance and range. This is due to the new gaming regulation that are constantly evolving to ensure that it stays as a regulated market. So, what do these changes mean?

Moderate marketing

First and foremost, we will see less advertising on TV, media and radio. The Gaming Inspectorate emphasizes that every online casino must market its games in moderation. Warnings will be issued to the casinos that market themselves aggressively in various media. Several warnings have already been issued and the government is not yet happy with the level of gambling advertising.

Therefore, an investigation is currently underway into a possible advertising ban for casinos, which will be presented from next year if implemented. Like we mentioned above, the race for the best online casino is well & truly on for 2020 and 2021.

Play casino without difficult registration

Another thing you will definitely see more of this year is casinos without the requirement for lengthy registration processes. It is becoming more common with casinos without complicated registration and the use of BankID, Swish and Trustly. This has become standard on the gaming market since 2019. Playing casino online with e-identification gives you the opportunity to get started in just a few minutes. Being able to make quick withdrawals from the gaming account is also a growing trend that Swish and Trustly are creating. The best online casino will most probably always put these options in offer.

Restrictions on your gaming account

Even if you re-register with a casino or if you log in to an old account, you must enter a restriction in your account. This means that you must enter a maximum amount of money that you can deposit into your gaming account every day, week or month.

You can then not insert more than what you set as the limit and if you want to change the limit, it is something of a complicated process. This should ensure that players do not waste more money than they can afford.

New bonus offers

With the gaming law, bonuses and promotions will also be offered to you as a player in a completely different way. Now casinos are only allowed to offer a welcome bonus on your first deposit, which has led many casinos to change their offers thus resulting in a shift in the race for the best online casino. This year, we expect to see more qualitative and well-thought-out bonuses that will be there to benefit the player for real. Some casinos will continue to offer free spins in welcome offers, but also only on the first deposit. You will still find many welcome bonuses, but many casinos have also chosen to refrain from giving their players a bonus. Many of these casinos are the ones that instead attract players with quick registrations.

Short summary on the future for the best online casino

As a player, you can expect a lot from in the coming years. Safer gaming, less casino advertising, simple registration processes, flexible payment solutions and much more. You can always stay up to date on the latest news in the casino world and all the exciting things that will appear in the future. The casino market is watched carefully by experts and law makers to ensure they are fair, especially since COVID-19, the use of online casinos has massively increased so authorities are out to make sure you are not tricked or scammed making your search for the best online casino a lot easier.

Best online casino payment methods to be known in 2020

One great thing about playing online today is that there are many payment methods in the market, some more well-known than others. The best online casino will always have a wide range of payment services, while others will only offer a few. The options offered can vary greatly between each online casino. Therefore, it is important to review what is offered before you start playing. What all licensed casinos have in common is that they only offer payment methods that are safe and secure to use for you as a player.


Some payment methods that have been around for a long time are credit and debit cards, payment via invoice and Paypal. You can still find these at the majority of all casinos that offer more than one payment option. However, playing casino on an invoice is something that seems to disappear over time.

Some payment methods that are significantly newer are payment via Mobile BankID and Swish. In our eyes, the best online casino should stay updated and hence should be using at least one of the new reliable payment methods. They have increased drastically in popularity since more casinos have switched to fast registrations. Using these new methods makes both deposits and withdrawals faster and smoother.

If you want to know more about what options are offered at different casinos and what is best for you, you can read more about it under payment methods of the specific casino you are interested in. Of course, we will always recommend the industry giants that have been around for a while but do not worry, the best online casino in our list will always have reliable methods.

Bonuses offered by the best online casino

If you are eager to start playing at the best online casino, we can advise you to take advantage of a nice welcome bonus at one of the casinos we recommend. These welcome bonuses are often generous as each online casino does its best to get you started playing at their casino. However, it can be tricky to find the best casino bonus just at the time you want to start playing. But you can rest assured, we have compiled the best bonuses in clear lists.

Keep in mind that all bonuses carry special bonus terms that are unique to each casino and bonus. Always check exactly what applies regarding wagering requirements, winnings and the like at the casino before you start playing. As usual, there is also a strict 18-year age limit for online money games.

How to look for the best online casino?

As you have probably noticed if you have started looking for a casino, there are a plethora of options. Of course, we think this is very fun, and it gives you as a player a diversity that is important for you to constantly find a new favourite. However, there are always amazing and relatively not as great online casinos. Of course, we only want to suggest to you the best of the best online casino. This in the form of user-friendliness, bonus offers, game offerings, security and many other factors. Therefore, our goal is to give you an overview and comparison of the best and most popular gaming sites on the market that meet these requirements. The taste is also, as you know, always like the butt, so look around yourself before you decide on an online casino that seems to fit.

Experience the best online casino

For those of you who have played casino online before, you may be primarily interested in discovering which new casinos have taken place in the ever-growing casino market. New casinos usually offer a little extra in the form of a unique gaming experience, odd games or a fun theme. This is of course a way for new casinos to quickly attract a large crowd of players. Advantageous welcome bonuses can often also be used, and it can also be a reason to register at a new casino.

Reliable and secure online casinos

Of course, there are some online casinos that are better than others. We want you as a reader to play on the best gaming sites so that you do not get disappointed and regret your choice. We try to avoid listing casinos that can give you various problems. Such as tough payouts, poor support or sending an outrageous amount of advertising emails. Through many years of experience and daily contact with all casinos, we are constantly updated with the latest. We want to convey this knowledge to you so that you can make a good choice and be satisfied. It should be fun and easy to play casino and you should not have to worry about spending time fussing with anything.


Good luck and have fun!

Finally, we wish you good luck with your gaming. Try to take advantage of the opportunities that exist to make your playing time more enjoyable. That’s still why you play, to have fun! Do not miss to take part in at least one of the best welcome offers by the best online casino.


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Astralis Capital lauds success of PlayAIO as its first incubation investment



Reading Time: 2 minutes

PlayAIO announces its landmark partnership with Astralis Capital and an investment from Astralis Fund I LP (together “Astralis”). This marks a first for Astralis as PlayAIO becomes part of a newly created gaming incubation strategy.

“With Astralis Capital, it has been a truly synergistic partnership, I couldn’t think of a better way to start a business. With Astralis on board, we have continued to see rapid growth as we grow to be a market leader within the industry” said Josh Gibbs, CEO of PlayAIO.

“It’s been great working with both Evan and Tisno. They, along with PlayAIO, continue to see the untapped potential data brings to any organization.”

PlayAIO was founded in 2023 by Josh Gibbs, formerly of Kambi and Strive Gaming in customer data leadership roles. It has quickly grown an established contracted customer base and having gone live in May 2024. The launches have been smooth and well received by their customers.

Steven Farrugia, an iGaming data veteran who built models for ComeOn Group among others, recently joined PlayAIO as CTO, and the company has bolstered the team with staff members for their bases in the UK and Malta over the past months.

PlayAIO is a data and AI business that focuses on simplicity through understanding, aiming to aid businesses to unlock the power of their biggest asset: their data. This is all done through PlayAIO’s proprietary PlayAIO Engine. The PlayAIO Engine provides an always-on strategic insights and recommendations tool.

On a real-time basis, users are guided on where action is required and where focus should be placed, recommending AI models that will provide the highest impact to customers and their revenues, be it LTVs, game recommendations, responsible gaming, and a plethora of other models that are being leveraged by customers.

Astralis’ incubation strategy is incredibly helpful to new and experienced founders alike because, alongside investment, the firm provides dedicated strategic and operational support to founders including go to market and partnership guidance.

Astralis Capital, has invested in a number of iGaming and sports startups, including the leading daily fantasy operator PrizePicks, sports/betting micro-influencer aggregator SGG Media, sports social media platform Takes, Inc. and the leading US PAM startup Strive Gaming. Astralis has developed a reputation for astute iGaming investments supported by providing expert advice to founders to help accelerate company growth.

On PlayAIO, Evan Meyer, Co-Managing Partner, Astralis Capital, said:

“What Josh and Steven are driving at PlayAIO falls exactly within the scope of startup successes we’ve seen before. They have a clear vision, execution plan and technical product know-how in a developing iGaming and online sports betting market that is quickly becoming more sophisticated and understanding of the value of effective usage of Machine Learning and data analytics. We’ve been incredibly impressed by the pipeline of potential client discussions, new customer uptake and smooth launches thus far.”

Fellow Co-Managing Partner Tisno Onggara of Astralis Capital added: “The mission of PlayAIO is ultimately the reason we decided to partner and help incubate PlayAIO. We see growing trends within the industry surrounding AI, but very few companies have the internal technology and ability to act on this. We believe PlayAIO will be one of a select group of trusted partners to the industry and will continue to competitively strengthen over time given their models and a positive market outlook. The data market is an area within gaming that will change rapidly in the next few years, and we are excited to be on that journey with PlayAIO.”

PlayAIO Unlocks the Power of Your Data with AI-Driven Optimization.

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Sigma X SmartSoft Present: Malta IGathering



Sigma X SmartSoft Present: Malta IGathering
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Mark your calendars for an exciting addition to the already packed autumn calendar. As a warm-up to Malta Week, before Grand Sigma Europe event, Sigma & Smartsoft will host an exclusive gathering for industry key representatives. This modest IGathering will bring together industry leaders and professionals for a chance to connect, exchange ideas, and discuss emerging trends.

Creating meaningful and valuable experiences for its partners remains a priority for SmartSoft, a commitment they stick to. This event is just another example of their ongoing effort to build long-lasting relationships. Such gatherings are important for getting to know industry representatives, deepening ties with partners, and who knows how many new ideas and collaborations will take start there?

The dinner event will take place on the 10th at Gracy’s Arts and Supper Club, nestled in the heart of Valletta. Set in a historic 17th-century Palazzo, this venue embodies the best of Maltese hospitality. This exclusive event promises to be a highlight for industry professionals seeking innovative partnerships and networking opportunities.

Guests are invited to embrace the fun theme, ‘A Touch of Red,’ by incorporating red into their attire. The evening will feature a live lottery, and plenty of surprises, and gifts, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

The iGathering is the perfect introduction to SiGMA Europe’s Malta Week event, celebrating 10 years of success in the gaming sector. The November event is set to take place at the Malta Maritime Hub, an operational shipyard accessible by both car and water taxi.

From the 11th to 14th, join us for expert-led conferences on online and offline gaming, AI, and blockchain, set against a well-curated expo floor. The event features two major award ceremonies for the B2B and B2C markets, several dinners in Malta’s stunning locations, and wraps up with a lively party featuring really fun entertainment lineup.

SmartSoft is the pioneer crash games provider that has been creating innovative games and operating on the B2B market since 2015. SmartSoft offers a diverse portfolio of non-traditional casino games, including the pioneering flying crash game, JetX. Along with the fact that for so many years SmartSoft has been shaping the igaming industry, creating groundbreaking and innovative games, SmartSoft made a significant stride last year by joining the prestigious Argentine National Team as their digital sponsor and became a proud member of World Champion’s family.

At SmartSoft, every game is created from scratch, featuring inventive design, a steadfast engine, and enhanced functionality. The games boast a variety of stories and features, ensuring an imaginative gaming experience. Every product offered by the company is compatible with all platforms and devices.

SmartSoft is just as committed to offering unforgettable experiences to its customers as it is to its partners. Because one is linked to another and represents company’s core values. Join the event, meet interesting people and fly even higher with SmartSoft.

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Go direct – Fantasma Games strengthens partner collaboration with proprietary platform



Go direct - Fantasma Games strengthens partner collaboration with proprietary platform
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Check out our latest Q&A w/ Fredrik Johansson CEO and Founder, Fantasma Games


Fantasma has recently launched its own FantasmaXpand platform, could you please let us know more about this initiative?

We have seen exceptional interest and demand for Fantasma’s premium and innovative online slot games and we wanted to take our offering to the next level. Launching our own platform, which we call FantasmaXpand, is a strategic initiative driven by our operator partners’ desire to collaborate more closely with us to improve overall business operations and access to our portfolio of games and wider development capabilities. The desire for deeper collaboration from our operator partners clearly indicates that our focus on providing high-performing slots with engaging game mechanics has enabled us to take this next important and natural step to support our partners’ local and global business growth strategies. It is very important for us to maintain the highest level of trust and reliability as we roll out Fantasma Xpand to our network of operator partners and the team we have built at Fantasma is more than capable of doing this.


How will you use FantasmaXpand to deliver more value to your operator partners?

We are all very committed to maintaining the highest level of quality assurance in everything we do, and we follow a clear plan as we expand our operational capabilities to our partners. In short, FantasmaXpand will provide local and global operator partners with a truly reliable, scalable and seamless gateway to access Fantasma’s “beyond gambling” portfolio of premium and innovative content, along with easy-to-use gamification tools. FantasmaXpand will also enable us to drive continued operational excellence while offering our collaborating partners outstanding flexibility and a reduced time-to-market (TTM) for our premium roadmap and the rollout of new innovative features and functions.


How does it enable you to push the boundaries with development?

We pride ourselves on having trustful and meaningful long-term relationships with our partners. FantasmaXpand will allow us to capitalise on these close partnerships and expand our joint collaborative initiatives both locally and globally, in a way that means our partners will be an integral part of how the FantasmaXpand roadmap is prioritised and developed. This means that our teams can focus on enhancing the technology roadmap, tuned and calibrated to our operators’ specific needs, which in turn enhances the overall strategic business partner value we bring and the experience our operators receive when accessing our premium offerings.


Why don’t all studios have their own platform? Does it bring challenges? If so, what?

Fantasma has seen outstanding growth from its operations to date, and as mentioned, our FantasmaXpand initiative is a direct response to our operator partners wanting to expand their overall business relationship with us. Not all studios have the strategy or capability to achieve the organisational readiness required to roll out such initiatives. Instead, many studios choose to focus solely on content development, which may be absolutely fine for them, allowing others to do the heavy lifting. Being ready and planning ahead has been key to maintaining focus and quality in legacy operations, and it is crucial for us not to impact the trust and reliability we have built with our operator partners over the years. As an organisation, you need to be prepared and willing to follow through on strategic initiatives that truly matter for continued sustainable growth in a hyper-competitive environment. One challenge may be daring to take this next step. But with our operator partners behind us, it has been a natural and necessary step for us to take.


Does FantasmaXpand help you enter new markets? If so, what markets have you got your eye on?

FantasmaXpand allows us to be in full control of our business strategy in close collaboration with our operator partners. From a go-to-market perspective, this is crucial, as seamless rollout and release management are necessary to maximise business value for us and our partners. FantasmaXpand is currently certified in many regulatory markets, and we will continue expanding the reach of FantasmaXpand in close collaboration with our partners. In terms of market reach, we currently offer our premium content in all of the major regulated markets in Europe. Our clear organisational objective is to be live with FantasmaXpand in all our regulated markets globally. However, like any expansion, we will implement a phased rollout approach for FantasmaXpand as this is the only way to ensure we don’t drop the ball with our legacy operations and partnerships.


What other developments from Fantasma can you share with us?

We have seen exceptional performance from our 2024 games portfolio, driven by titles such as Gold Pigger, Circle of Sylvan, Pirates Multi Coins and Shadow Summoner Elementals which have surpassed all KPIs. The US market has developed exceptionally well for Fantasma, and we have our eyes on LatAm as an exciting emerging growth market with plenty of opportunities to explore. In addition, our operator partners will benefit from a very exciting roadmap for the rest of the year. This, combined with the rollout of FantasmaXpand, means I am very excited to build continued positive momentum together with our partners. I am very optimistic about the future and our current momentum.

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