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Advantages of NSoft’s Turnkey Sports Betting Solution



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NSoft is a B2B software provider oĄering a complete package for betting business. This is possible thanks to a carefully planned and executed modular sports betting platform, a Turnkey Sports Betting Solution.
By Ana Sović, SVP Business Operations Turnkey Sports Betting Solution for betting operators and business management Seven Turnkey Solution is a highly modular and customizable platform and a genuine engine behind every betting product.
NSoft’s software architects built it using their vast knowledge and relying on diĄerent approaches to develop and optimise this software solution. They made the system, always having in mind Seven’s future tasks like integrating new features and complying with diĄerent legal authorities.

The most important thing to emphasize is that NSoft’s turnkey solution is based on a revenue share model that minimizes risk, reduces operational costs and brings benefits to diĄerent types of operators by allowing them to gain full control over their business operations, boost productivity and facilitate everyday operations in bet shops.
Preferred partner of Sportradar Seven iGaming Platform has been developed using cutting-edge technologies, and it oĄers the possibility of third party integrations of other platforms and providers. This single solution is responsible for managing core betting business operations not just for customers who are starting a betting business from scratch but also for those who have their business operations already established. With joint eĄort, the operators who are using someone else’s solution can easily move to NSoft’s turnkey solution. In that case they have our help with counseling, analysis of their shops, import of existing metadata and player base, all of which is focused to save their time by reducing the operational and manual work around the migration of existing data and maximize their revenue.
The Seven platform delivers NSoft’s proprietary
Sportsbook which is driven by Betradar data providing you with an extensive oĄer of more than 370 000 events from 60 diĄerent sports monthly together with corresponding odds and results.
Our extensive product portfolio is complemented by in-house developed
Virtual and Casino games which guarantee realistic, dynamic and fast-paced gameplay. Based on the analysis and broad statistics, NSoft’s virtual and casino games impress with multiple bonus options and betting markets designed to provide high revenues for our clients. Full in-house B2B Support and Services NSoft’s highly qualified and dedicated Support team has accumulated years of experience in the software and betting industry. When clients are in doubt about how to proceed, Support Operators are always there to lend a hand in installing and demonstrating usage of our application software providing
Preferred partner of Sportradar detailed and clear explanations. Among the regular customer support duties available 24/7, monitoring the system and network parameters is performed constantly to prevent any issues before they potentially reach the customer.
Technical Account Managers also remain in communication with the client at all times and each client has their own dedicated account management. One of their daily tasks is to constantly analyze client’s business operations and the habits of their players, so that they can improve their business further and adjust the oĄer and business operations to clients’ needs.
Remote Device Management in land-based business controls devices remotely through our software and provides real-time access to betting operations in shops, which consequently saves operators the time and money since they avoid visiting each shop because of the remote accessibility.
Risk Management tools enable operators to gain full control over the risk parameters, whether those are tournaments, market types, odds, players, retail shops, detection of the same tickets and many more. Special attention is dedicated to the Risk Management module which allows them to minimize the risk and increase the profit through the combination of automatic and manual tools. NSoft’s team of highly skilled and experienced bookmakers is also available for counseling if the operator is new in the business and requires additional assistance.
The maintenance of the
server infrastructure is under the control of NSoft’s devoted teams and one of the services provided for clients which use our turnkey solution. Our experts are there to help build flexibility into the system when the client’s engineering team faces the challenges of capacity planning and ensuring the right resources are in place to handle traąc demands.
Preferred partner of Sportradar The scalability of an application can be measured by the number of requests it can eĄectively support simultaneously. NSoft’s Infrastructure team uses horizontal or vertical scaling at the point at which a client’s application can no longer handle
additional requests and it reaches the limit of its scalability. The complete setup is led by our Infrastructure team, which
proactively monitors resource usage of our services to ensure the best results for the client.
The complete infrastructure can be built in the client’s country if required by law, and after that further administration is supervised by NSoft’s team.
Turnkey solution vs White label, which meets your business requirements?
When operators want to improve their existing business operations by extending their oĄer with NSoft’s products, or when they are just starting their online sports betting business, the Turnkey Sports Betting Solution is a better option for those operators wanting more control over their sports betting software.
For clients who have a third party platform and if they want to take our Solution, we provide help in terms of diĄerent operational tasks which are necessary to be undertaken: import of the player base, make full technical support available for their branch oące as well as employee training.
At the start of the implementation process NSoft’s team does an analysis of the existing state, client’s wishes and needs – what the client wants, whether the client is already working with an existing provider, if there are hardware requirements and whether there is any ustomization necessary. When all that comes together, the next step is Client account setup and product release. After the testing phase is delivered, then comes training of client’s employees and field installation when retail is
Preferred partner of Sportradar concerned. The time to market that we oĄer on all channels is top notch.
NSoft’s Business development and operational teams are involved in the whole process of Turnkey setup, and other departments will
also pitch in as well depending on the needs of each client individually.
Beside the Turnkey approach, another trending notion in the White label solution.
A White label is an eĄective and convenient solution created by a company with the purpose of selling or leasing it to another entity
that can brand it under its own name or label. In this way everything needed to launch an online gaming business from the
ground up, is provided by a third-party supplier – sports betting software, a casino, a license, payment processing, and more. This
includes all the products, software solutions, and even use of a gaming license. The downside of this approach would be that
there is no flexibility in terms of changing payments, products or trading strategy; and also there are not many options for product
customization. The focus is rather set on the numerous marketing possibilities which White label provides.
We conclude that a Turnkey approach is by far the best strategy because operators have a reliable partner in NSoft to gain more control over their needs for sports betting, casino, branding and software development, once their business takes oĄ. NSoft’s accumulated years of experience in the iGaming industry and our dedicated teams are available at all times for collaboration and support to meet client’s overall requirements, deliver outstanding results and revenue growth.

Latest News research: The Voice, Big Brother – The Dutch TV shows that became an international success


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Why you love Dutch TV and you don’t even know it! has researched the Dutch TV programs that became an international success. Do The Voice, Big Brother or Deal or No Deal ring any bells? These TV shows and many more have all originated from the same place: The Netherlands. Even though the US and the UK tend to steal the headlines when it comes to popular TV content, the Netherlands has long been a hotbed of creative talent.

Table 1: The most successful Dutch TV exports

# TV Show # countries aired in
1 The Voice 64
2 Big Brother 57
3 Deal or No Deal 13
4 Fear Factor 26
5 The Bus 5
6 Dating in the Dark 4

Countries where Dutch TV Exports have been

Figure 1: Countries where Dutch TV Exports have been aired

The Voice – First shown in The Netherlands in 2010, the singing show is now available in 64 countries. In fact it has been running for 22 seasons in the US, 12 in Ukraine, and 11 in France.

Big Brother – Since 1999, the show has been watched by more than 600 million viewers across 57 countries, including the US, the UK, India, Australia and Brazil. In the UK alone, Big Brother accounted for 23% of Channel 4’s £664 million revenue in 2007.

Deal or No Deal – From its original name Miljoenenjacht (Hunt/Chase for Millions), the UK version has become the most popular worldwide in 2022 with 13 seasons on Channel 4. The US, Australia and Bulgaria have also aired the show for over a decade (11 years).

Fear Factor – Joe Rogan’s version of the TV show may be seen as the most popular one yet, however, more seasons have aired in India: nine compared to seven in the US . The fear-inducing game show has been exported to 26 countries since its launch in 2001.

The Bus – One of the less talked about shows in the list, yet the luxury bus show has been spinned off in several European countries (Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia) and South America (Brazil).

Dating in the Dark – This rather atypical concept that features contestants trying to find love in a pitch black environment has had international exposure across four continents, namely Europe (UK), North America (US), South America (Brazil) and Oceania (Australia).

What are the longest running shows?

German participants of Big Brother 5 and 6 were getting pretty cosy and enjoyed a stay in TV’s most famous house for one year. Audiences and cast alike were also captivated in the Philippines with three of their seasons being almost a year long.

Country Season Start Date End Date Duration
Germany Big Brother Germany 5 02/03/2004 01/03/2005 365
Germany Big Brother Germany 6 01/03/2005 26/02/2006 363
Philippines Pinoy Big Brother 8 10/11/2018 04/08/2019 268
Philippines Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 11/07/2016 05/03/2017 235
Philippines Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10 16/10/2021 29/05/2022 226
Germany Big Brother Germany 10 11/01/2010 09/08/2010 211

But this trend is not consistent across all countries where some seasons were abruptly cut short, like Spain’s Big Brother spin-off’s Sálvame Okupa which lasted precisely one working week.

Country Season Start Date End Date Duration
Spain Sálvame Okupa 12/04/2019 15/04/2019 4
Hungary Big Brother Hungary VIP 3 19/01/2003 23/01/2003 5
India Bigg Boss Kannada: Mini Season 14/08/2021 05/09/2021 6
Hungary Big Brother Hungary VIP 1 05/01/2003 10/01/2003 6
Hungary Big Brother Hungary VIP 2 12/01/2003 17/01/2003 6
Sweden Big Brother Stjärnveckan 20/01/2002 25/01/2002 6

Fun facts you never knew about Dutch TV exports

It is well known that reality TV shows don’t come without their controversies. Entertaining millions of viewers around the world often requires a lot of on screen drama, yet there is also a lot going on behind the scenes that the producers cannot necessarily control. Here are some unbelievable facts about Endemol’s biggest shows:

  1. A French group called Activists Against Trash TV protested Big Brother by clashing with security guards and throwing eggs and tomatoes at the house.
  2. Contestants who took part in the US version of Fear Factor had to sign a contract that, among other things, prevented them from running for public office for 12 months after the show.
  3. Contestant Lucas Koka Penteado exited the Big Brother house following a kiss between him and openly gay contestant Gilberto Nogueira. When Penteado was confronted by his housemates, he told them he was bisexual, but few seemed to believe him and instead accused him of strategic play that harmed the plight of the LGBTQIA+ community.
  4. In January 2005, a paralegal from Ohio sued NBC for $2.5 million because of the effect watching an episode of Fear Factor had on him. He stated that he watched the episode where contestants had to puree rats in a blender and then eat them and he was so disgusted by it that his blood pressure rose to the point that he became dizzy and vomited. He was then so disoriented that he ran into a doorway and injured himself.
  5. According to leaked docs, producers on the Voice can allegedly ignore contestants completely. They can also reportedly switch up the rules whenever they want, or eliminate contestants on a whim — even if those contestants happen to be “winning” in the eyes of the public.
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Raptor PR hires top strategic advisor as it levels up
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Raptor PR – a leading b2b communications agency for games industry, web3 gaming, and media brands, has supercharged its leadership team with the appointment of Merve Liebelt as a Senior Strategic Advisor. Boasting over twenty years’ experience in strategic comms for major global brands and agencies, Liebelt will work with Raptor PR CEO and Founder Rana Rahman to lead the agency into its next phase of hyper-growth.

Liebelt brings a wealth of experience and a data-driven mindset to strategic communications, having worked with brands including Puma, Tinder, Christian Louboutin, Allianz, and IONITY, in both brand-side international marketing and communications roles, as well as in renowned agencies. Her recent experience includes pan-European work as VP and General Manager Europe at the award-winning international PR agency JIN Group, and as MD of ML Brand Consulting.

Since January 2021, Raptor PR has been powering b2b comms campaigns for games industry, web3 gaming and media brands. The agency doubled in size this year, and Liebelt will help spearhead a transformational drive, empowering Raptor PR to scale more effectively in 2023 and beyond. Its experience features over twenty brands like Xsolla, Dubit, Admix, Bidstack, Sandsoft Games, Kinetix, and The Tiny Digital Factory.

Rana Rahman, CEO and Founder at Raptor PR, commented:

“Having consulted for a multitude of comms agencies over the last decade, I’m acutely aware of the growth challenges faced by many SMEs. Merve’s fabulous appointment as Senior Strategic Advisor empowers team Raptor to tap into her industry-best brand and agency experience, which will prove invaluable in helping us scale much more effectively over the coming years. We have an ambitious growth roadmap for 2023, and Merve joining means it’s very much ‘game on’.”

Merve Liebelt, Senior Strategic Advisor at Raptor PR, added:

“Raptor’s incredible growth is testament to Rana’s vision and lifelong passion for gaming and tech brands. Having worked closely with Rana before at JIN, I know just how passionate he is about the worlds our clients are creating and defining. I’m confident my experience delivering growth and reputation for brands and international agencies is a perfect fit for his drive and creative flair. There’s an incredibly tenacious team in place, a great client portfolio, and a lot of exciting work ahead.”

Liebelt’s appointment follows Raptor’s recent appointments as the retained agency for a trio of clients: Bidstack, the leading in-game advertising company; Sandsoft Games, a AAA-powered MENA games publisher; and Kinetix, a pioneering 3D animation and Artificial Intelligence tech startup.

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EGT is the “Best Equipment Supplier of the Year” according to BEGE Awards



EGT is the "Best Equipment Supplier of the Year" according to BEGE Awards
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For another year in a row, EGT received an accolade from the BEGE Awards competition. In this edition of the awards, the company was acknowledged as “Best Equipment Supplier of the Year“ because of the large number of installations of its products and the overall contribution to the development of the gaming industry. The ceremony was held on 23 November: the evening after the first day of the BEGE Expo, in Marinela Hotel Sofia.

“For us at EGT, giving the best quality to our customers has always been the top priority and I believe that this is the main reason why we have so many friends who choose to work with us again and again for so many years,” said Biserka Draganova, sales manager for the Balkans and Egypt at the company, when accepting the award. She continued: “It is a great honor for us to receive this distinction, as it reflects precisely this pursuit of continuous improvement of ours, which is of crucial significance for the good performance of our partners’ business as well.”

The BEGE Awards competition has been held since 2008 and honors individuals and companies, which offer new and innovative gaming solutions and contribute to the industry development.

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