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What do you need casino credit for?



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It often happens that gamblers lose control over themselves and they have a great desire to enter the game, despite the fact that there is no money left in their pocket. They start looking for money and borrow it from friends, some even take online loans from microfinance organizations, which absolutely should not be done. At the same time, many people forget that there is an opportunity to take out loans in the casinos themselves. Of course, this is risky, but it is by no means always dangerous. And if you prefer big bets, it can even be a real advantage for you.

What is casino credit?

The most successful local gambling houses posted nearly $ 130 million in debt, according to published reports from the US State of Nevada’s Department of Gambling Control over the past year. True, the casinos themselves do not cover how much and what kind of loans are issued to visitors. And yet, in these reports, these amounts are marked as debt.

An interesting fact is that local casinos began to practice playing on credit for a long time. In other words, if a person has lost in the casino all the money that he took with him, but feels that luck is somewhere nearby and only a few hundred (thousand, etc.) dollars are missing in order not only to recoup but also to hit a good jackpot, then such a person does not need to go to the bank. Now the loan can be taken directly at the casino, which greatly facilitates the task of the gambler.

Sometimes players choose quality casino so as not to visit land-based casinos. This type of online casino always provides bonuses at registration, with which the player can win the jackpot even without leaving home. But the only disadvantage here will be the lack of credit. Accordingly, it is more appropriate to play here for those players who treat the game more responsibly.

Another advantage of casino credits is the safety of the game. Even if you are able to pay your large bets yourself, it may not be safe to carry large amounts of cash with you. The ability to play on credit solves this problem.

Many articles have been written on the topic of loans and debts – both about the mechanisms for obtaining casino credits and about the repayment of funds by debtors. You can always get detailed information in the event that debts in the casino suddenly become your problem.

How to borrow money from a casino?

In order to take out a casino credit and place bets on the borrowed money, in most casinos, it is enough to submit an application. Specific rules for filing are usually spelled out in the rules of the casino or published on the official website if the gambling establishment has one.

Also, information letters and invitations explaining the lending mechanism can be sent to the e-mail address. Therefore, the gambler should indicate to the casino administration the valid email address to which he has access. Perhaps the player will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, where it is necessary to indicate the minimum set of information, including the name of his age. Please note that access to gambling is only allowed to persons who have reached the age of majority. Otherwise, the casino lending money to use the slot machine will refuse the client a casino credit.

To obtain a loan, it is imperative to present an identity document.

After completing these formalities, you will be able to replenish your deposit and play for real money. In addition to your own funds, you will also receive bonus money, which can also be used to play in an online casino that lends money. If you are a fairly reliable client with a good history in this casino, an automatic line of credit will be installed for you, i.e. you will be able to borrow money for gambling as needed, without re-applying.

You can be more confident in the safety of cash if the casino operates legally and is licensed by the government.

Marker and its capabilities

In fact, the market is something like a bill of exchange, only it is issued not by the bank, but by the casino. The token is issued after you have applied for a loan at a gambling establishment and presented to the casino administration this or that document confirming that you are you.

With the help of the marker, you can exchange the credit issued to you by the gambling house for gambling chips. In the overwhelming majority of casinos, such loans are issued without interest, but the possibilities to use this money are limited. For example, you cannot use credit to pay for most casino services. Also, a number of gambling establishments prohibit betting borrowed funds in some gambling games – for example, poker.

It should also be remembered that the token is not a casino bonus. This is borrowed money that will need to be paid back no matter how successful your gambling is.

Is it difficult to get a marker?

Due to numerous legal restrictions, getting a token in a casino is somewhat more difficult nowadays than it used to be. However, this is still quite easy to do. The only problem is that the casino loan amount is limited. When submitting an application, you will be required to indicate information about yourself, on the basis of which the amount of the amount that you may be given is determined.

Central casino lending

When you apply for a loan from any bank, the administration can check your credit history in all financial institutions that you have applied to before. Exactly the same checks have been in effect in casinos lately. Therefore, if you are in debt in one gambling house, you will not be able to have an impeccable reputation in another.

Converting a marker to tokens

To convert the marker into chips, you can contact the dealer or the casino administration. Chips will be converted to you for the amount that you name. It is only important that it does not exceed the amount for which you took out a loan.

What if you are overdue on a loan?

As a rule, a gambling house requires that the debt be repaid within one month, regardless of how successful your gambling was. If you have not been able to do this, you are better off using the help of an experienced lawyer.

Almost every seasoned gamer has a trusted lawyer. Such connections are often useful if you want to borrow money. Even if such a lawyer cannot defend your interests in court, he will surely share the information you need to give you a chance to avoid bankruptcy.

The Nevada State Court has to deal with cases of loan repayment for a given casino quite often. So, on average, there are about a hundred such cases per week. In general, the gambling establishments of Nevada issued loans to those who lost their money in the casino but wished to recoup, in the amount of approximately 2.2 billion US dollars.

The process of collecting a loan in a casino

Usually, after the agreed payment period, the administration of the gambling house sends a certified letter to the debtor. If the gambler does not repay the debt ten days after that, the administration will file a lawsuit against him.


Those wishing to take out a loan from a casino should remember that this makes sense only in the case of large bets. Debt should be repaid in full immediately if you have the opportunity. If timely payment of the casino credit is not possible, enlist the support of professional lawyers.


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PayPal Introduces New Software to Help Block Gambling Transactions



PayPal Introduces New Software to Help Block Gambling Transactions
Reading Time: 3 minutes


PayPal, one of the largest and most popular online payments services, has recently adopted new software to help give customers better control over their gambling habits. The software, developed by Gamban, allows users to set up a block to prevent their accounts from being used for gambling transactions. This move comes not long after the UK banned gambling sites from accepting credit card payments.

PayPal is widely used around the world, processing over 3 billion transactions a year, with a value of $311 billion US dollars. While the majority of these are for online shopping and other online purchases, the service is also used on gambling platforms. PayPal has become a popular way of making deposits and withdrawals at online gambling sites, as it’s fast, safe and easy to use. Users can create an account, add funds from their bank or card and then make simple online payments.

Because of how popular it is all over the world, most online gambling services accept payments made using PayPal. It’s used international, so a wide range of the best online casinos and sports betting sites offer support for PayPal payments. Most iGaming platforms advertise this fact to their users, letting them know they can sign up and easily make a deposit to start playing.

Why Does PayPal Allow Users to Block Gambling Transactions?

Although gambling is fun for most people, it can become a habit and even an addiction. There has been a strong push lately for iGaming sites to encourage responsible gaming, as well as offering support for those with a problem. Most iGaming licence providers will only offer licences to sites that protect players and encourage them to gamble responsibly.

One of the most effective ways of encouraging responsible gambling is giving users the ability to block transactions. Most sites will offer deposit limits that allow players to set how much they’re allowed to deposit each week or month. In addition, the UK recently banned all gambling sites from accepting payments from credit cards.

In 2019, PayPal reviewed its services and found that a significant percentage of transactions were used for online gambling. While this wouldn’t normally be an issue, the review also found that a lot of these transactions were linked to problem gambling. As such, it partnered with Gamban, a software provider, to introduce an automatic blocking system.

PayPal users can now go into their settings and set the service to automatically block all payments made to an iGaming site. This allows anyone with a gambling problem to easily refrain from adding funds to a gambling site if they’re trying to recover. In a statement, Gamban announced that the move was a welcome one that, along with self-exclusion and support, would give players a better chance of recovery.

What Does This Mean for the Future of iGaming Payments?

With gambling authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission now paying close attention to responsible gambling, iGaming sites need to be more mindful of what payments they offer and how they treat players. Additionally, payment services themselves need to consider the impact of allowing unrestricted gambling payments.

As software solutions improve, payment providers have more options that allow them to give players control over their spending habits. This software can automatically detect if a payment is made at any kind of gambling site, including those that are gambling-related. Users can set it to block transactions at gambling tip sites or other sites involved in iGaming.

Other payment services may also follow suit over the coming months and years, with most payment providers also wary about being associated with problem gambling. The more payment services that get on board, the better, as problem gamblers will be able to control their habits more easily and avoid falling into debt. 

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OKTO joins bacta



OKTO joins bacta
Reading Time: < 1 minute


OKTO, the award-winning fintech specialist, has strengthened further its relationship with the UK market by joining the domestic trade association bacta. The announcement follows the appointment of experienced gaming industry senior executive Rob Peché to the position of UK Country Manager.

Simon Dorsen, CCO of OKTO, believes joining bacta reflects OKTO’s commitment to the UK industry and is indicative of the brand’s strategy moving forward. He explained: “Rather than being an arms-length technology provider OKTO’s approach is to immerse itself in the markets where it is active. The UK is one of the most important jurisdictions internationally and one in which the brand has rapidly achieved considerable success partnering with leading brands.

“Being a member of bacta places OKTO where we want to be, which is at the centre of all of the key discussions and debates surrounding payments in the UK gaming industry, across AGC, Bingo, Casino, LBO, Pub and Bar sectors.”

Simon added: “This is another example of our company showcasing its ongoing commitment to work with the local industry in order to provide safe, secure, and responsible payment solutions in the gaming, leisure and entertainment sectors.”

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Bali Confirmed as Host of the 2022 World Esports Championships Finals



Bali Confirmed as Host of the 2022 World Esports Championships Finals
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Indonesia looks to set new standard of Esports competition at the 14th WE Championships

 The International Esports Federation (IESF) has confirmed that Bali, Indonesia will be the host of the 2022 World Esports Championships Finals. Bali was handed over the honors during a special ceremony following the conclusion of the 13th World Esports Championships in Eilat, Israel.

The 14th edition of the WE Championships Finals is slated for 27 November to 8 December 2022 and will feature the world’s best Esports athletes competing across multiple games on the beautiful island of Bali. Over 120 countries are expected to compete in the regional and national qualifiers for a coveted spot in the Finals. 

IESF President Vlad Marinescu congratulated host city Bali and said: “Big thank you to the President of the Indonesian Olympic Committee and to the entire Indonesian team here with us. We appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing the biggest and most inclusive World Esports Championships in history! We are bringing the largest and freshest sport to this beautiful tropical destination for the first time.”

IESF has staged the WE Championships every year since 2009, and it remains the sole international Esports event where athletes represent their countries. After a successful 2021 edition, the World Esports community looks to come back even stronger and generate more international opportunities and media exposure for the sport in the lead-up-to and during Bali 2022. 

Indonesian Olympic Committee Commission Chairman Desra Firza Ghazfan said during the press conference: “Bali is the island of GOD, it’s always been the melting pot of rich traditional and modern culture. Now with the 14th World Esports Championships happening in Bali, Bali is the melting pot of the past, the present and the future. I would like to welcome you all to Bali 2022 and to meet with our 45 million players in Indonesia. Be prepared and let the best win!”


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