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YouTube star, AboFlah on track to raise more than US$10 million for refugees, will continue living in a glass room near Burj Khalifa until completed



Galaxy Racer’s AboFlah is raising US $10M for charity in livestream from glass room near Burj Khalifa
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The World’s Coolest Winter campaign, which celebrates the UAE’s most beautiful tourism destinations, is extending humanitarian support to more than 100,000 refugees and people in need through a new humanitarian initiative called Warm Winter.

The campaign has collaborated with Galaxy Racer’s Content Creator AboFlah, to support hundreds of thousands of refugees and families in need in Africa and the Arab world. It aims to raise over US$10 million to provide food, winter clothing, blankets, mattresses and critical aid to help displaced men, women and children prepare for harsh winter conditions.

Launched in partnership with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and Galaxy Racer, a Dubai-based lifestyle organization that specializes in esports, gaming, lifestyle and handles AboFlah’s presence and activations, the humanitarian campaign is calling on everyone to help vulnerable people get through the winter. It will provide aid and support to the largest number of refugees and people in need in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Food Banking Regional Network.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can donate to the humanitarian initiative. Contributions can be made to the Warm Winter campaign, which started on January 7th 2022, at

As part of the campaign, AboFlah is living in a glass room in Downtown Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa, until US$10 million is collected, with USD$4m raised so far. The live-stream is taking place on YouTube and other content creators and influencers will be collaborating and creating their own posts to raise awareness of the humanitarian initiative.

AboFlah’s YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the world, with over 23 million subscribers and over 2.8 billion views. He is followed by millions of fans who avidly watch his vlogs, comedy shorts and formatted shows covering video games and popular culture.

Millions in Need of Support

AboFlah said: “Warmth in winter for those facing harsh winter conditions is no less important than food and water. There are millions of refugees and displaced people who need all the support they can get. I wanted to participate in this humanitarian initiative and hope everyone will contribute by bringing warmth to the lives of those who are deprived of it. The World’s Coolest Winter campaign deserves appreciation for launching Warm Winter in cooperation with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and I am proud to support it.”


Joint Efforts to Directly Reach Those in Need

For her part, Sarah Al Nuaimi, Director of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, said: “The Warm Winter initiative from the World’s Coolest Winter campaign represents joint efforts and fruitful cooperation between reputable institutions in charity, humanitarian and relief. We are pleased to see Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, UNHCR and the Food Banking Regional Network unite alongside influential content creators to raise awareness about this important cause. Warm Winter reaffirms the UAE’s established culture of compassion and humanitarian work. As we celebrate our nation’s beautiful natural and touristic attractions during the cooler months, we will not neglect nor forget refugees and needy families facing bleak, life-threatening conditions in other parts of the world this winter.”

Galaxy Racer Links Content Creators with Humanitarian Initiatives

For his part, Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, said: “At Galaxy Racer, we believe in giving back to the community and all of us, including our content creators such as AboFlah, share this value as well. AboFlah has done a lot of charities in the past and has been an inspiration to many. We are confident this initiative is going to be record-breaking for the right reasons and we are happy to support the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and its partners into making this a reality for the greater good with positive impact.”

Founded in 2019 with its headquarters in Dubai, Galaxy Racer is the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organization in the world, and plays a key role in supporting the campaign, by utilizing its leading global role to attract some of the most prominent content creators in the region. The organization has previously achieved several successes, including its global partnership with LaLiga, Spain’s top professional football league, organiser of the GirlGamer Festival World Finals in Dubai and organised a Dubai inter-school FIFA tournament, including awarding deserving scholarships worth a total of US$70,000 to the winners, which contributed to achieving Dubai’s vision in the field of the future of technology. Through its several activities, it encouraged young people to explore new job opportunities in the esports and gaming industry, to establish Dubai as a regional and global hub for competitive esports events.

Direct Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Beneficiaries

UNCHR and the Food Banking Regional Network will purchase basic supplies and necessities such as blankets, winter clothes and heating appliances and provide them to refugees in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. The assistance will also extend to individuals and families in Syria and Egypt. UNHCR estimates that there are 3.8 million refugees and displaced people in the Arab region, as well as millions in Africa, who need critical assistance to survive winter.

Khaled Khalifa, Senior Advisor & Representative to the GCC, UNHCR, said: “UNHCR provides vital support to millions of refugees and displaced people in the region. Through our cooperation with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, we can jointly implement large-scale campaigns to relieve hundreds of thousands of refugees from life-threatening conditions. We are pleased to support the Warm Winter initiative, which reaffirms the importance of the collective efforts led by the UAE to provide relief to those most in need, in cooperation with global partners.”

An Open Letter of Solidarity

Dr. Moez El Shohdi, Founder and CEO of the Food Banking Regional Network noted that the humanitarian initiative launched by World’s Coolest Winter campaign, which aims to provide all the necessities for a warm winter to all those in need, embodies the values ​​of compassion, kindness and human solidarity.

He said: “FBRN is proud to cooperate with MBRGI, UNHCR and content creators interested in humanitarian work on this critical project. Warm Winter will provide direct support to refugees and those in need, serving as an open message of solidarity to aid millions of refugees and displaced people facing bleak conditions this winter.”

Warm Winter is an extension of AboFlah’s past humanitarian work. A previous campaign in October 2021 raised US$1 million from 31,000 donors during a 28-hour live broadcast which garnered over 28 million total views, to support refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq in coordination with UNCHR.


React Gaming to Offer LOOT.BET Esports Wagering Skin via HHRP in the Philippines



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Generationz Gaming Entertainment, a subsidiary of the React Gaming Group, has signed a white label revenue sharing agreement with HHRP Inc to operate LOOT.BET’s esports wagering platform in the Philippines, pending successful certification of the LOOT.BET platform by Gaming Laboratories International.

“We are thrilled to have HHRP as a partner for the Philippines market, HHRP being one of only four companies holding online gaming licences in a country of more than 109 million people,” Laurent Benezra, President and CEO of React Gaming, said.

“This agreement is part of our two-pronged growth strategy to expand LOOT.BET’s reach into the B2C and B2B markets. The advantage of the B2B market is that LOOT.BET’s platform will be offered to established customer bases, thus involving no customer acquisition cost on our part. Our partner will offer our white-label platform as its own to its customers and we will receive a portion of the revenue generated when those customers use the platform. The more popular our platform, the more revenue it will generate. The great thing about this model is that we can replicate it in multiple markets and with multiple online gaming providers at minimal cost,” Laurent Benezra added.

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Subway and Guild Esports Celebrate First Year of Game-changing Partnership



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Subway and global esports company Guild Esports are celebrating their first year of a successful brand partnership. The EMEA-wide partnership engages Gen Z consumers with esports and gaming activations. So far, the collaboration has generated nearly 9000 posts and streams, and over 1800 hours of exposure time, and more coming from Subway and Guild, soon.

Just over a year ago, Subway launched a two-year EMEA-wide brand partnership with Guild Esports, the global esports business co-founded by football star, David Beckham.

As esports continues to grow across the world, with an audience of over 450 million in 2021, expected to rise to 570 million by 2024 (according to market research firm Newzoo), this market is a way for Subway to connect with Gen Z consumers.

But there’s more to Subway’s partnership with Guild than esports alone. It also helps Subway to promote its belief in nutritious food, choice, and variety, to an audience that doesn’t always eat as healthily as they could.

David Beckham set up Guild Esports to take a holistic view of its players’ wellbeing – not only advancing skills in gaming, but also taking care of good nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing. With over 80% of gamers eating or drinking while playing (Newzoo), Guild hopes to promote a healthy relationship between gamers and food. And this aligns with Subway’s values of helping consumers make better and healthier choices.

“It’s great to have Subway on board to help us educate gamers and esports players. We are currently working closely with Subway’s nutritionist to further develop our Health and Nutrition section on our Academy platform, aiming to equip young players with the tools and knowledge needed to improve their relationship with food. The lessons will cover everything from healthy habits around nutrition, improving relationships with food and the benefits and dangers of common nutrition supplements in esports. Keep an eye out on our Academy and Guild social channels for more game-changing content,” Luke Hall, Nutritionist at Guild Esports, said.

“One year on, our partnership with Guild has become a powerful asset across EMEA. We’ve turned it into a far-reaching and multi-dimensional asset with many opportunities for our franchisees to engage local consumers. Esports is a new area for Subway, and we are enjoying the journey. And as Guild is an esports organisation which talks so passionately about nutrition, they offer us a unique and well-rounded partnership,” Louise Wardle, the EMEA VP of marketing for Subway, said.

“It has been great to work with Subway as our brand has grown and we’ve built the range and reach of our activities. We are also excited about the future direction of Guild Academy which has a huge focus on the holistic wellbeing of gamers and are pleased to be working so closely with Subway on the development of our Health and Nutrition section. One year on, it’s been quite a journey and we are now set for our next burst of growth. So, look out for more exciting activity with Subway in EMEA in 2022 and beyond,” Michelle Tierney, CCO at Guild Esports, said.

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Challengermode signs deal with KRAFTON, Inc. to host new grassroots PUBG Esports initiative



Challengermode signs deal with KRAFTON, Inc. to host new grassroots PUBG Esports initiative
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Challengermode, a leading global esports platform, today announced its partnership with KRAFTON, Inc. to be the official platform partner for the PUBG NextPro series – a tournament series giving grassroots esports players the chance to experience pro play in a professional esports setting.

For the remainder of 2022, the best amateur PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) PC gamers in Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa will be able to prove themselves in weekly tournaments that will feed into monthly leaderboards with prizes. These week-by-week competitions give esports hopefuls the chance to play like the pros in a continuous competitive experience all on one centralized platform.

This initiative will see KRAFTON, Inc. use Challengermode’s automated esports platform for the PUBG NextPro esports events – ensuring that competition at the grassroots level keeps up with the development seen across Western Europe, Middle East and North Africa for pro-level leagues and events. It will also bolster KRAFTON, Inc.’s efforts to expand the amateur playerbase of PUBG Esports after the transition of the title to free-to-play.

Robin Svensson, Esports Partnerships Manager at Challengermode, said: “We’re delighted to bring KRAFTON, Inc’s grassroots PUBG initiative to life on Challengermode.Together with one of the most popular IPs in the world we are creating a bedrock ground for players looking to ascend to higher tiers of PUBG-endorsed tournaments, which aligns perfectly with Challengermode’s goal of making esports truly accessible for all. We look forward to working closely with KRAFTON, Inc. on this series of competitions and other collaborations in future”

Erin Hughes, EMEA Esports Manager at KRAFTON, Inc. added: “Our main goal for this initiative is to inspire those who have recently taken up PUBG to take the plunge and embark on a new journey through the PUBG Esports ecosystem. Partnering with Challengermode has allowed us to create this grassroots competitive experience, and we look forward to working closely together over the coming months to make this tournament a success, attract new PUBG Esports fans and deliver something that players look forward to returning to again and again.”


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