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What Is Triple Juicy Drops and Why Is It So Popular?



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And so we enter 2022 – and with the dawn of a new year comes the release of a clutch of exciting new slot games. One of the ones creating the biggest buzz this year is the Triple Juicy Drops game from Betsoft, which aims to replicate all the fun of a classic fruit machine with high-octane gameplay and serious winning opportunities.

The formula thus far appears to be a winning one, with Triple Juicy Drops attracting punters in their droves in the first few weeks of its release. But what, exactly, is the secret to its popularity? Here’s a brief rundown of the some of the more attractive features and functions that set Triple Juicy Drops apart from its competition.

Back to basics

Slots are the most popular casino game for a variety of reasons, but chief among them is the simplicity of the concept. With no complicated rules to master and a speedy pace to proceedings, they’re a great opportunity for gamers to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Aware of this fact, Betsoft have leveraged the love which people have had for slots since their earliest inception in the drum-and-barrel machines of the late 19th century. In Triple Juicy Drops, players spin 5×5 reels featuring all manner of fruity symbols, recalling the fun and frivolity of fruit machines the world over.

Cluster wins

However, Betsoft haven’t completely clung to tradition when designing Triple Juicy Drops and this is nowhere more apparent than with the winning combinations they offer. While most slots offer punters the chance to win along multiple paylines, Betsoft have dispensed with that idea completely.

Instead, players have the opportunity to win by landing three or more “clusters” of the same symbol adjacent to one another – both horizontally and vertically. As such, it’s a break from the norm which promises to provide a refreshing new experience for seasoned slots players.


Betsoft are also aware that variety is the spice of life, which is why matching symbols “pop” and disappear, only to be replaced by new cascading symbols. Yet this is no ordinary cascading slot game, since certain featured symbols collect bigger prizes – and these alternate on a 20-spin basis.

“Our clients have been asking us for higher variance games but still with a betting range to suit all casino budgets: we are confident that we are really delivering this with Triple Juicy Drops,” explained Anna Mackney, head of account management as Betsoft.

Bonus rounds and payouts

Aside from the cluster and cascading features, Betsoft also make Triple Juicy Drops stand out from the crowd via several bonus rounds. Landing the aforementioned featured symbols will trigger the Prize Wheel, with Large, Grand and Mega iterations available.

Meanwhile, landing five of a kind will earn you a wild icon, which gives you the opportunity to make huge winnings, while there are also up to 15 free spins available. That equates to a maximum return rate of 20,534 times your original stake – no small chunk of change for any gambler.

Due to its unique blend of the classic and the contemporary – alongside the variation in its gameplay and the sizable prizes on offer – Triple Juicy Drops continues to be a huge hit with slots aficionados. Have you tried it yet?

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Sportradar Announces New All-in-one Sportsbook Solution ORAKO



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Sportradar has announced ORAKO, an all-in-one sportsbook solution for betting operators seeking to introduce a sports betting offering or enhance an existing one. ORAKO is packed with the technology, products and tools operators need to quickly launch and establish an omnichannel sports betting service for customers.

“The sports betting industry is hyper competitive, growing at pace and offering more opportunities than ever to operators. With ORAKO, we can manage up to 100 percent of a sportsbook’s operation and alleviate their need to invest in additional technology and innovation, freeing the operator up to squarely focus on scaling their business and achieving growth,” Jacob Lopez Curciel, Managing Director for Managed Sportsbook Services at Sportradar, said.

Featuring Sportradar’s award-winning betting portfolio, the all-in-one sportsbook solution is designed to meet the broad needs of an operator regardless of their stage in the business life cycle. Optimised for intense data loads and boasting advanced platform capabilities, as well as an industry leading sportsbook engine, ORAKO provides operators with the choice of a service fully managed by Sportradar, or an option that empowers operators to manage their own service using the solution’s advanced tools and technologies.

With the ORAKO solution, operators choose how they build out their sportsbook and tailor their content in line with the interests and preferences of their customer base. In addition, ORAKO delivers unrivalled reliability and is capable of handling large numbers of bets at any one time. This is particularly important around high-profile sporting events when the number of bets placed escalates and operators need the security of a platform that can scale instantaneously without failing, knowing their business will not be impacted financially.

Furthermore, ORAKO includes the marketing services that operators need to improve business performance. Powered by Sportradar’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, ORAKO deploys deep customer insights to connect operators with a broad customer base, optimise marketing performance and deliver a personalised experience for bettors and fans.

ORAKO is compatible with existing Player Account Management (PAM) systems and is pre-loaded with Sportradar’s third-party PAM partners. Compliant in all major jurisdictions including Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America, ORAKO provides global reach and supports operators’ safe entry into new and emerging markets following ISO 27001, ISO 20,000 and ISO 9001 standards.

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Compliance Updates




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We are thrilled to announce that LEAP’s online video slot games are now certified and soon live in Denmark! We are therefore equally excited to announce that a selection of LEAP’s best slot games, including ‘C-Punk 5K’, ‘GangStar’, ‘Gold Bonanza’, ‘Hercules, Do or Die’, ‘Party Fruits’, ‘Secrets of the Nile’ and ‘Wild Jokers’ will now be available on and – a leading Danish online provider offering an exciting ecosystem of sports and gaming media.

The company features sports betting-based games, horse racing, and leading casino titles, and provides streaming and publishing services, enabling gaming enthusiasts to enjoy a wide range of games online.

Lasse Larsen, SYV25’s Product Owner, commented: “We have found in Leap the perfect partner who will support us with a wide variety of high-end online video slot games and casino titles. Their advanced 3D graphics and unique game features, combined with highly intuitive UI, provide an excellent immersive and engaging gaming experience, that we are proud to offer to our clients exclusively on our online platform.”

Isabella Avidar, Commercial Director for LEAP added:
“We welcome our partnership with the leading Danish online gaming provider SYV25, and we are sure that LEAP’s superb range of online video slot games with top-notch 3D graphics, will prove to be popular on their platform. All our online video slot games are customised for mobile devices, which makes them easily accessible to entertain their players from anywhere and at any time.”

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SYBO Strikes Acquisition Deal with Game Developer and Publisher Miniclip



Reading Time: 3 minutes


SYBO, maker of the smash mobile gaming hit Subway Surfers, has announced that it has been acquired by Miniclip, a world leader of market-defining mobile games. The acquisition is set to complete this July following the legacy game’s 10th anniversary and a record-breaking banner year across daily installs, daily active users and daily revenues. The combined companies reach over 70m daily active users.

“We are so thankful for the vision, expertise and execution from Mathias and the whole SYBO Team, who have strengthened Subway Surfers both creatively and commercially during this past decade. Subway Surfers has continued to be a successful mobile game for millions of fans worldwide, year after year,” Sylvester Rishøj Jensen, Co-founder of SYBO, said.

“When we started this 10 years ago, our dream was to create something special that would be loved for generations to come. The whole company, and our incredible fans, have driven the game to stellar heights. We have really had perfect flow in our partnership and gaming adventure, which has now culminated in what is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – deals in Danish gaming history. It’s a legacy we are both very proud of,” Bodie Jahn-Mulliner, Co-founder of SYBO, said.

“We are incredibly thankful to our Founders for their vision and trust. 15 years after Sylvester and Bodie started working together, 10 years after Subway Surfers came to market and 5 years after I took the helm as CEO, we now wrap up the first season of SYBO’s journey with a great promise of what’s to come,” Mathias Gredal Nørvig, Chief Executive Officer at SYBO, said.

“Miniclip brings to SYBO added experience, reach and strength as we celebrate our tenth anniversary and look to the next decade and beyond. I am so proud! Proud of our game development teams, all support functions, and management team, for passionately expanding the Subway Surfers game experience, remaining committed to the formula our community loves, and to continue delivering surprise and delight for Subway Surfers fans on multiple platforms and genres. Miniclip offers us an opportunity to further grow and amplify, while still keeping to our core values and Team culture,” Mathias Gredal Nørvig added.

“Since its launch in May 2012, the Subway Surfers mobile game has grown to more than 150 million monthly active players, it holds the title as the most downloaded mobile game, it was the world’s first game to cross one billion downloads on Google Play, and the most downloaded endless runner game in Apple’s App Store’s history,” Saad Choudri, CEO of Miniclip, said.

“Miniclip has always had a strong focus on building high quality games that unleash the gamer in everyone, which has helped define the business and allowed us to lead in a crowded marketplace, delivering consistent growth through building our M&A with fantastic and innovative new partners. Which is why the SYBO Team felt like such a natural fit, having developed one of the world’s most popular games. They have a proven record of delivering and maintaining an incredible gamer experience, as well as continuing to grow virally. We are beyond excited to welcome them into the Miniclip family as we empower them to keep running and running,” Saad Choudri added.

Under Gredal Nørvig’s leadership, a team of savvy and experienced executives has navigated an industry of opportunities and challenges. The company plans to keep the current Management Team in place with David Byrne, who joined in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Games; Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, who joined in 2017 as Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Marketing; Anne Schnack Hansen, who joined in 2018 as Chief People Officer; and Andreas Glenvig, who joined in 2019 as Finance Director.

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