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Glitnor acquires affiliate powerhouse KaFe Rocks



Glitnor Group and KaFe Rocks Group amicably call off the Acquisition
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Fast-growing igaming operator and games developer makes major play in the lead generation space

Glitnor Group, the fast-growing igaming operator and games provider, has acquired affiliate powerhouse KaFe Rocks Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition spearheads Glitnor’s move into the lead generation space and will add to the long-term growth of the business.

As part of the takeover, KaFe Rocks Co-founder Feda Mecan will join the Glitnor board of directors# while CEO Simon Pilkington will join the Glitnor Group executive management team. The day-to-day management of KaFe Rocks will continue in its current format.

KaFe Rocks is a leading iGaming affiliate, with multiple Power Affiliate top 10 rankings and is also based in Malta, with a successful global portfolio of assets, diversified over 10+ markets, with its user-centric flagship brands time2play, and USCasinos. com focused heavily within the US market, alongside their own previous acquisition and key asset

The acquisition complements Glitnor Group’s B2C business which currently includes online casino brands Lucky Casino and Gambola. The company is also making waves with its B2B business through its fast-growing casino content supplier, Swintt.

Founded by the creators of Maria Casino and Vera&John, Glitnor Group strives to be the most entrepreneurial business group in the iGaming industry.

The acquisition of KaFe Rocks helps progress that ambition and allows the company to drive further forward into lead generation. 

Glitnor Group CEO, David Flynn, said: “Glitnor is not shy about its ambitions to become a leading igaming group and the acquisition of KaFe Rocks and our move into the lead generation space is evidence of this.

“In KaFe Rocks we have an established business being run by an incredibly talented team that owns and operates a network of successful, reputable affiliate assets that will drive growth for the wider group.

“I look forward to working closely with Simon, Feda and the entire KaFe Rocks team of 170 Rocketeers as we further expand Glitnor Group’s Total Addressable Market across the iGaming and Sportsbook value-chain, offering reputable iGaming products and services around the world.”

KaFe Rocks CEO, Simon Pilkington, added: “I’ve been hugely impressed with the leadership team at Glitnor and am massively excited for what the future holds for both KaFe Rocks and the Glitnor Group. 

“Since initial talks began, it’s been clear that both companies share a vision for growth, but that they also value the people driving it and believe in developing a culture where people can thrive.

“The trust that they are showing in us to continue being KaFe Rocks is gratefully received and I’m extremely driven to deliver the results that will help the new group achieve its goals.”

Co-founder and Chairman of KaFe Rocks, Tim Tepass, also added: “At the heart of KaFe Rocks’ success is its people; for us as the owners of KaFe Rocks it’s been imperative that we look to accelerate growth through finding the right people to work with going forwards, and in David and his fantastic team at Glitnor Group we are adamant we’ve found just that. 

In Glitnor Group, we know that the future of KaFe Rocks and its Rocketeers is in great hands, and I look forward to being able to lend our experience and desire to help drive Glitnor forward to a level of growth that we fully believe in and support. 

We have a shared belief in creating products that are for the user, and I know that together, Glitnor will build on its already impressive progress.”

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Winlandia: responsible marketing isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a necessity



Winlandia: responsible marketing isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a necessity
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Christoffer Grönlund, Co-Founder and Head of Affiliates at Winlandia, takes a deep dive into all things safer gambling as he outlines why player protection is necessary to create a more sustainable industry.

Responsible gaming has, quite rightly, been a major talking point within the betting and casino industry over the last few months.

Regulators in markets across the world have turned their attention towards player protection. Quite often, this has involved the introduction of mandatory deposit limits, enhanced KYC checks and – in some jurisdictions – restrictions on how, where and when you can advertise gambling products.

The UK is mulling over legislation to ban front-of-shirt sponsorships from gambling brands, while Ontario has strict regulations regarding bonus offers and promotions. These are just two of the many examples of markets that have tightened their grip on advertising – there’s no doubt that more markets will follow suit in years to come.

This shift in attitude towards gambling advertising has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time. Technology advances have meant gambling is now more accessible than ever; you can visit many different apps with a few quick taps on your mobile phone, not to mention the growing number of TV, radio and online advertisements.

Simultaneously, there has also been a growing public awareness of the potential risks that are associated with the gambling industry.

As an industry, I believe that we have a responsibility to prioritise player safety – this is not only the right thing to do, but from a commercial perspective, it helps to build both trust and credibility.

Negative publicity related to lacklustre responsible gambling practices can have hugely detrimental impacts on your brand’s long-term reputation. At Winlandia, we have made sure that responsible gambling and player protection are at the front and centre of everything we do.

A technology-led approach

For us, technology can play an integral role in not only delivering an exciting experience for players but can also play a key role in effectively monitoring bettors’ behaviour and intervening when they may display signs of problem gambling.

It may be a major talking point at industry conferences, but this is where artificial intelligence comes in handy. From a behavioural analysis perspective, AI and machine learning can help speed up and streamline the pattern identification process, pinpointing whether a player may be gambling outside of their financial means.

At Winlandia, we have tapped into AI technologies to deliver much more personalised, targeted marketing campaigns. This has allowed us to restrict bonuses and promotions to players who may be at risk of problem gambling, and instead, increase the volume of safer gambling-focused communications.

The data that we have collected from monitoring player betting patterns has also helped us improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our intervention strategies, giving us the opportunity to step in at the first signs of any problems.

When incorporating safer gambling measures into your products, gambling companies must balance player protection with the creation of an entertainment-led experience. For some, this might sound like a challenge. But at Winlandia, I’m confident that we’ve managed to achieve this.

But how have we done this? Good question. For us, content is key. You firstly need to make sure that the content available on your site is engaging, interactive and informative regarding the safer gambling tools that are available on your website.

The other major consideration is how you frame your safer gambling messaging. Ultimately, if you portray responsible gambling as something that is burdensome, it’s going to deter players. You need to show that responsible gambling is a key component of the overall fun and enjoyment of gaming – a safer experience is much more sustainable, and more enjoyable in the long-run.

Responsible gambling tools and messaging needs to also be embedded into your brand in a way that is non-intrusive. If you can achieve this and empower players with a range of tools and resources to manage their own gambling behaviours, then this will encourage them to stay with your site.

Looking ahead

It would be naïve to think that the road to creating a more sustainable industry is without its bumps. With ever-changing regulations and a growing threat from the black market, alongside increasing concerns regarding data privacy, we need to make sure that we are at the forefront of positive change.

But I do think that over the last few years, we have made some considerable progress in prioritising player protection and adapting our marketing to create a safer, more enjoyable environment for all.

By investing in new technologies to enhance responsible gambling measures, and collaborating with local regulators and stake holders, we can continue to develop best practices.

At Winlandia, we will continue to educate our players on the importance of responsible gambling and the tools available to them.

We remain strongly committed to corporate social responsibility by supporting initiatives focused on safer gambling. In 2024 and beyond, player protection will continue to be our top priority – and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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DeepCI rebrands to PartnerMatrix Intelligence to create all-in-one affiliate powerhouse



DeepCI rebrands to PartnerMatrix Intelligence to create all-in-one affiliate powerhouse
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DeepCI has rebranded to PartnerMatrix Intelligence to create an all-in-one affiliate management and data tracking powerhouse under the PartnerMatrix brand.

PartnerMatrix will combine the strengths of PartnerMatrix Intelligence’s advanced data tracking and analysis capabilities with its leading affiliate and agent management systems, providing both affiliate and operator customers with a superior, all-in-one solution.

Following its integration earlier this year, customers can access PartnerMatrix Intelligence both within the PartnerMatrix platform and as a standalone option.

Lewis Civin, co-founder of DeepCI will become Chief Product Officer for PartnerMatrix working alongside existing PartnerMatrix CEO, Vahe Khalatyan.

PartnerMatrix is the iGaming industry’s most comprehensive affiliate and agent management multi-brand system with real-time data enabling affiliate managers to create, manage, track and analyse their programs from one, easy-to-use location.

In 2023-24 the PartnerMatrix system saw traffic increase by more than 135% Year-on-Year helping to connect 170,000 affiliates to its brand partners. Total 2023 revenues increased by 175% compared to 2022, with a large pipeline of prospects for the rest of this year.

Vahe Khalatyan, CEO PartnerMatrix, said: “At PartnerMatrix we never stand still, and we are always looking at ways to enhance our customer offering.

“The integration of PartnerMatrix Intelligence into the wider PartnerMatrix offering is the logical continuation of our mission to provide our customers with a complete, all-in-one affiliate solution accessed from one source.

“Now, equipped with a powerful data analytics and optimisation tool accessed via PartnerMatrix, our customers can take their brands to even higher levels, managing, tracking and analysing all their activities, their competitors and key trends across millions of data points empowering them to make instant decisions to drive further efficiencies and maximise revenues.”

Lewis Civin, CPO, PartnerMatrix, said: “PartnerMatrix Intelligence, formerly, has established itself as a ‘must-have’ data management tool for affiliate managers.

“Today we’re officially joining forces with the most powerful affiliate management platform on the market in PartnerMatrix so we can now uniquely present brands and affiliates with all the financial data they need plus the ‘why,’ pinpointing the precise pages anywhere in the world that bring brands the most first-time depositors.

“PartnerMatrix Intelligence has access to every traffic insight that matters so we can give you the why behind FTDs, where you’re best performing and where you could do more, enabling brands and affiliates to take instant, actionable decisions. This combination simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

PartnerMatrix will exhibiting at stand 10-D50 iGB Live in Amsterdam on 16th to 19th July. Don’t miss the chance to meet the team and take a dive deep into all the new opportunities we can offer you. Book a meeting today!

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Engagement and retention: Keys to affiliate marketing success in iGaming



Engagement and retention: Keys to affiliate marketing success in iGaming
Reading Time: 3 minutes


By: Anastasiia Kapsha, Chief Marketing Officer at Alpha Affiliates

When we look back, even to just a decade ago, we can see just how far the affiliate marketing sector has come and the rapid advances as new technologies and tactics entered the sector. Affiliate marketers have witnessed first hand just how important it is to leverage these technologies and create new strategies to keep pace and engage audiences.

Today, amid the widespread interest in AI to deliver more personalised experiences, and shift to audiences seeking more captivating experiences from Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), the strategies for building and retaining engagement are changing.

To stay ahead and foster long-term engagement, affiliate marketers must familiarise themselves with the latest technologies, trends and techniques. Let’s look at the key trends ahead to driving engagement, and retention in 2024.


Leveraging AI to better understand your audience

AI has been much welcomed by marketing professionals, who are seeking more effective and efficient ways to connect with their audiences, and drive more personalised experiences. At Alpha Affiliates, we’re already seeing AI prove invaluable in areas such as banner creation, enhanced analytics and predicting user behaviour.

As well as supporting content creation, AI can amplify the effectiveness of campaigns, ensuring they resonate with the target audience. AI’s ability to analyse past patterns and behaviours, means affiliate marketers gain valuable insights which allow them to anticipate the actions a user will take, and offer more tailored content and promotions as a result.

In the iGaming sector, engagement is everything. Personalising affiliate marketing campaigns with the help of AI can be a gamechanger. Just imagine being able to predict when a user is likely to become a VIP player, and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly. This level of personalisation not only enhances the user experience, but fosters long-term loyalty and engagement, as a result.

Embracing AI tools will be crucial in producing more effective, creative and impactful affiliate marketing campaigns in the iGaming sector.


Captivating audiences with immersive experiences

iGaming is all about excitement, interaction and engagement. We find that users want to experience more tangible, fun and immersive experiences. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can be leveraged to create a sense of realness and blur the lines between the digital and physical world.

Although AR and VR technologies are still in developmental stages within the iGaming sector, they hold huge potential for captivating audiences and driving engagement. AR and VR can take campaigns in the iGaming world to new heights. Imagine an VR experience that transforms users to a virtual casino, surrounded with lifelike graphics and social interactions. By offering these immersive experiences, affiliate marketers can create “pinch me” moments that leave a lasting impression and foster deeper connections with their audiences.


Diversify your strategies to reach different audiences

The future is multi-channel. Diversifying content and communication channels is key to engaging different audiences across different platforms, and retaining them.

What is the most effective way to connect with your audience? How will they respond? These are a few of the key questions to ask yourself as an affiliate marketer working within the iGaming space. With these considerations, you can work out the best strategy based on your targets. It could be crafting blog posts that resonate with industry enthusiasts, or leveraging influencer marketing to tap into niche communities.

Taking a multi-channel approach that looks at diverse strategies, affiliate marketers can ensure that they can reach different audiences globally and provide value in a way that aligns with their audiences’ unique preferences, interests and tastes.

The reality is, the sector is constantly evolving. And with the introduction of new technologies and trends, affiliate marketing strategies have to evolve too. By embracing the latest technologies, diversifying communications with different audiences, and prioritising personalisation, affiliate marketers can position themselves for success in 2024 and beyond.

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