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The Different Digital Bingo Game Variants



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Bingo was once a favourite pastime in the UK, with bingo halls regularly filled to the rafters on a Saturday night. It was a game that appealed to the whole family because of its simple rules and fast play.

But by the mid-2000s, it had fallen completely out of favour with the younger generations. Images in popular culture depicted it as a game for pensioners, played in shabby halls with little excitement.

So, how did the industry turn it around? The answer is by embracing the internet and riding the wave of online gambling. Bingo is now one of the most popular online activities amongst people aged 25-54 and there are roughly 3.5 million registered online bingo players in the UK.

Online Competition

The increase of competition evoked by Bingo’s transition online has forced providers to differentiate themselves in the market

With increasing demand for games, it’s no wonder that online bingo sites began popping up all over the place. Today there are hundreds of dedicated online bingo sites operating. Players can play in their web browser or by downloading the site’s companion app, making it easy to play games on the move.

But with so many different bingo sites to choose from, differentiating between them all becomes hard. So, the bingo site operators have to work hard to make themselves stand out from the crowd. There are a number of different ways to do this:

  • Unique branding with memorable characters, adverts, and taglines.
  • Attractive sign-up offers and loyalty schemes.
  • Wide variety of bingo games on offer.
  • Payment options including cryptocurrencies and online wallets.

Which Bingo Game is Best for You?

In order to maximise the number of games available for people to play, online bingo providers like 888ladies started to offer different variations on the standard bingo game. While the main idea remains the same – numbers are announced at random and you need to match them to your card to win – changing the number of balls or the winning pattern really shakes things up.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the traditional version of bingo played in the UK and uses balls numbered from 1-90. This version has a bingo card with 15 numbers for you to match, divided into three rows of five. There are many different chances to win; be the first to fill a row, or two rows, or the whole card for different bingo prizes.

75 Ball Bingo

This variant is more common in the US and Canada and only uses balls numbered from 1-75. The balls are divided into five groups, one for each letter in the word bingo, and this how they are arranged on a 5×5 card – with one column dedicated to each letter’s numbers. The middle space in the card is always a free space, so players only have 24 numbers, and they don’t have to match them all.

75 Ball Bingo games are won by matching numbers in a given pattern on your card. Popular patterns include the outside edge, a square in each corner, and even letters like E and L. As these patterns can change with every game, it adds an extra element of excitement and frustration – especially when you get to cross off numbers, but they aren’t in winning places!

80 Ball Bingo

Similar to 75 Ball Bingo in that you need to fill a pattern to win, but this time your card is smaller, despite there being extra balls in the pot. 80 Ball Bingo cards have 16 numbers on them arranged in four rows of four. The fun here comes from the variety of different patterns available and how every game is slightly different.

30 Ball Bingo

This is speed bingo at its finest! Every player gets a 3×3 card with nine numbers on and you have to complete the entire card in order to win. Because there are only 30 balls these games are much faster, perfect for players who are filling time on a commute or lunch break, or who want to play multiple games.

Disco Bingo

This fun new spin on bingo throws out the balls in favour of disco songs and retro catch phrases. Players have a 5×5 bingo card, the same as in 90 Ball Bingo, but instead of it having 25 numbers, each square instead has a short disco reference. It could be the name of a song, a band, or a word like ‘groovy’, ‘party’, or ‘fun’.

Players tune into the Disco Bingo stream and listen out for their songs to be played. If you hear a famous disco track like Dancing Queen, Staying Alive, or I Will Survive, you can cross the artist or track name off your card. Don’t worry if you miss one though, because the online bingo software will automatically dab the square for you – all you have to do is enjoy the music.

In Summary

83% of online bingo players say that the main reason they play is to have fun, proving that modern online bingo has completely revamped the game, turning bingo from drab to fab. There are lots of different versions of bingo games available online, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Whether a long game, a traditional game, or a fun and funky disco bingo game, there’s something to appeal to everyone.


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Bacta to host Social Responsibility Exchange in November



Bacta to host Social Responsibility Exchange in November
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Bacta will host its annual Social Responsibility Exchange at the County Hall in London on Thursday 22nd November, the trade body announced today. The event will provide members with an opportunity to share best practice tactics and strategies around Social Responsibility.

The event will be introduced by Elizabeth Speech, chair of bacta’s Social Responsibility Committee. YGAM and GamCare will also be speaking at the event alongside Social Responsibility updates from the Gambling Commission.

Bacta Membership, SR and Compliance Manager Russell Edge said: “Our Social Responsibility Exchange will allow members to hear crucial updates on Social Responsibility from the likes of the Gambling Commission, YGAM and GamCare.

“The day-long event will also provide a structured forum for discussion around the tactics and strategies bacta members are employing across the country.

“Ultimately, we hope members leave the event knowing more about Social Responsibility and having exchanged their knowledge where they can.”


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Massive News for the Esports Industry with Potential Inclusion in the Commonwealth Games



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and there’s no limit to how big it could become. It’s already breached a valuation of $1 billion, and it’s expected to grow to $13.05 billion by 2025.

One of the greatest indicators that competitive gaming is going mainstream is the fact that it has been recognised by the Commonwealth Games. Indeed, it is expected to be included when the event takes place in Victoria in 2026.

Test Run Has Already Taken Place

A few years ago, the thought of seeing Esports at the Commonwealth Games would have been laughable. Now, it is a realistic prospect. It was recently reported that a dry run of the Commonwealth Esports Championships was held in Birmingham, England, at the 2022 Commonwealth Games to see if this type of competitive action could be included as an official event in 2026. It went well and garnered positive feedback from the people involved.

The Victoria edition of the Commonwealth Games is set to take place in 2026, with 16 sports already confirmed. However, the organisers are hoping to add more to the schedule with Esports being strongly considered. Competitive gaming has proven to be a popular spectator sport, with more people tuning in to watch it every year. By 2026, there could be close to a billion people watching Esports, meaning that it would be a popular inclusion at a major event.

Esports has been referred to as the “new sporting frontier,” and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it gaining even more credibility in the next decade. Even the world’s biggest traditional sports had to start somewhere. Football and cricket are now well-established and loved the world over, and there’s nothing stopping Esports from following a similar trajectory.

How Will This Affect Related Industries?

With the Commonwealth Games set to take place in Australia next time, the country could be in a prime position to capitalise on the inclusion of Esports. Part of the success of competitive gaming up to this point has been thanks to related industries pushing it, along with big name companies striking sponsorship deals. Australian companies, therefore, will most certainly seek to capitalise in 2026.

The betting industry was built around traditional sports, and it is now a behemoth industry around the world. In Australia, online betting is so popular that there are countless sites vying for bettors’ attention. Indeed, there are so many to sift through that people turn to comparison sites that list the best ones based on their offers and ratings. Bettors simply scroll through and then click a link to be taken directly to a site.

Many of these online sportsbooks are already offering eSports betting, and the number of markets available is only set to rise in the future. When the Commonwealth Games rolls around, betting sites could benefit from special offers. They may also start to have a greater focus on Esports, thus drawing more attention to the competitive gaming industry.

Esports at the Commonwealth Games isn’t just huge news for the industry itself, but it’s a great move for related industries. Australian companies are set to benefit in 2026, with the betting industry being in a particularly strong position to take advantage.

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Nigma Galaxy female CS:GO Champions: New docu-series follows rise to becoming champions



Nigma Galaxy female CS:GO Champions: New docu-series follows rise to becoming champions
Reading Time: < 1 minute


This Sunday 14th, Nigma Galaxy is set to release the first episode of their new docu-series, Jiggy Biggy Best: A CS:GO Story, which follows their hugely successful female CS:GO team and their journey to becoming champions at two major tournaments this year.

The first instalment of the series will be launching on Nigma Galaxy’s YouTube channel at 1pm CEST on Sunday. You can find more information below, in case the team’s story would be of interest to your editorial plan:

  • Fans will get a behind the scene glimpse into the female Nigma Galaxy CS:GO team preparing for two of the biggest tournaments of their careers – ESL Impact League Season 1 in Dallas to the stand-alone ESL Impact tournament in Valencia
  • The docu-series also offers an exclusive peek into the teams journey to the top – their training regime, team cohesion and a deeper dive into the world of female esports
  • Uncover the dedication and support Nigma Galaxy have placed on the competitive female esports scene, one of the fastest-growing sub-genres in the industry
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