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Exclusive Q&A with Joe Hall Co-founder and CEO at Gift & Go



Exclusive Q&A with Joe Hall Co-founder and CEO at Gift & Go
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Thanks for taking the time to chat, Joe. Can you tell us more about the concept of Gift & Go?

Gift & Go is an innovative gifting technology that leverages the power of Amazon Prime to help online casinos quickly, cost-effectively and easily acquire and retain players at scale. It allows player reward managers to access millions of products and a global distribution network to create fully customisable incentive and loyalty campaigns in minutes, but with no stock, no storage and no shipping to worry about. This gives casinos and most importantly, players, the freedom to choose the perfect gift each time, every time.


What are the main benefits that it allows operators to unlock, especially when it comes to acquisition and retention? 

Operators know that in order to attract new players, they must stand out from their rivals and offer something different. Because competition is so fierce, casinos must have incentives and rewards that deliver true value to players and that cannot be matched by the competition. Gift & Go gives operators the platform they need to do this and to really stand out.

Instead of players being offered the same rewards available at other brands, Gift & Go allows operators to ditch these traditional incentives and instead let players select from literally millions of different reward options. This is because our platform harnesses the power of Amazon Prime to give players the freedom to choose for themselves and not from two or three or a small selection of products. We provide real, infinite choice.

They can also instantly customise rewards by size, type, colour, etc with immediate delivery using Amazon’s global distribution network. And it is this unrivalled choice that keeps players playing. Gift & Go supercharges retention because players can see the huge range of rewards available and they want to make multiple selections. Of course, this means they have to keep playing if they are to earn those all-important loyalty points they need to access more products.


Operators are looking at different ways of spicing up their loyalty and rewards schemes with many turning to gamification. What does Gift & Go offer in this regard?

Gamification has become an almost critical aspect of any player reward and incentive experience, and this is something that we have built into Gift & Go from day one. Our platform gives operators a selection of options for every player acquisition and retention campaign they run. This includes everything from sweepstakes and give-aways to fully integrated loyalty programs with multiple tier levels.

We also have a number of Win/Lose gamification themes including Spin to Win, raffles and scratch cards. They’re all highly effective ways for casinos to provide top quality, highly personalised reward experience to their players, while still limiting the number of winners. This gives operators the chance to open up their acquisition and retentions campaigns to a much larger range of demographics, boosting the number of players they win and keep.

We are also working directly with some of our customers to leverage the power of our custom API integrations to create highly bespoke gamification features that allow them to take engagement to the next level and build fan bases unrivalled in their size and loyalty to their brands.


How does Gift & Go align with current gifting trends within the sector that we are seeing across Europe?

Regulations are tightening in markets across Europe, and this is impacting the way that operators reward loyalty and especially when it comes to VIP players. Take the UK as an example; operators are changing the terms of their VIP programmes and shifting budgets. We are now seeing more gifting options at the very highest VIP levels for players who are unaffected and less spend at the lower levels where budgets have been cut.

In Europe, we have many hyper-localised clients who prefer to have a selection of localised gifts for each of the markets they target. We offer Prime shipping in 18 countries inside Europe which our clients are taking advantage of. This includes markets such as Italy, France, Belgium and Spain where we can offer millions of products via Amazon. Over the past 12 months, the most popular gifting products have been consumer electronics, technology and smart home items.


What can we expect from Gift & Go throughout the rest of the year and beyond?

We are going to continue to focus on improving our user interface so that we can deliver the absolute best experience to our customers. We were recently granted Amazon’s highly sought-after P1 Preferred Partner status, making us the only gifting technology provider on their platform. We have also just released a new, truly dynamic product selection experience that integrates seamlessly with core Amazon systems. In addition, we have some truly exciting developments in the pipeline with a number of clients that will see them roll out highly bespoke gaming experiences to their players via our custom API integrations.


Exclusive Q&A w/ Edward Byard, Founder of Crucible Gaming



Exclusive Q&A w/ Edward Byard, Founder of Crucible Gaming
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Can you start off by telling us the story behind Crucible Gaming, what lead you to form a brand-new studio, and what are its long-term goals?

Crucible Gaming is an exciting new start for a highly experienced team made up of seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience under our belts.

We’ve been building games for other blue-chip gaming companies for some time now, and felt we could offer our own innovative products, both games and systems. In the long term we want to grow our portfolio and overall market reach, and together with our partners at Light & Wonder we are well on our way to doing exactly that!

What vision do you have for the future of online slots, and what will the team at Crucible Gaming do to be a part of this future?

There’s going to be a reckoning at some point. The current model of there being hundreds of new games every single month cannot continue indefinitely. There’s simply too much content, too little quality (in our opinion) and that’s where experience matters. We’re already looking beyond slots but I’m not going to share too much now…

How important of a role does good technology play in the success of new online slot, or would you argue that it’s more about the visuals and theming?

Visuals are 10%, theming 5%. The rest is gameplay. We’ve all seen stellar looking games that must have cost a fortune to produce be utterly ruined by poor math. Why would you do that?!

Again – there is no substitute for experience. Technology has its place but fundamentally, gaming is about entertainment and having the player buy into a dream of winning big. Get the fundamentals right and you won’t go wrong.

You recently released Beaver Las Vegas, what makes this game stand out from others on the market right now?

Beaver Las Vegas has a solid combination of top-notch gameplay, great visuals, audio and game feel. It has an accumulating bonus round that really gets players fired up – the chance to upgrade records again and again to make some massive wins. Players can see the value in the bonus and that is certainly being reflected in the game’s performance so far. Plus, who doesn’t love a pun?

What’s next for Crucible Gaming?

Quite simply – a handful of high-quality games each year. Innovation, passion, knowledge – that’s what we have, and what we put into our products. Watch this space!

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Breaking Frontiers: Exploring the Evolution of iGaming Tech with Atlaslive’s CPO, Lasha Kupatadze



Breaking Frontiers: Exploring the Evolution of iGaming Tech with Atlaslive’s CPO, Lasha Kupatadze
Reading Time: 6 minutes


Get ready for the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 by HIPTHER! The #hipthers are thrilled to introduce and put the spotlight on the companies and people who help us make the magic happen: our conference sponsors. Get to know them and join us in Tallinn, on 4-5 June to meet them in person!

Lasha Kupatadze, Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, will be a Speaker at the Summit, offering valuable insights at the Panel about “Future-Proofing Digital Engagement: Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era”.


Hello Lasha, thank you for taking the time for this interview. We are excited to get to know you and introduce you to our readers! Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself, your professional journey, and your role at Atlaslive so far?

I’ve been in iGaming for nearly a decade and love it! Working with like-minded people to generate ideas and build products that customers love.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in different roles at both B2C and B2B companies, focusing on building engaging and fun customer experiences.

As the Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, I get to lead our efforts in making our products the best they can be. My job involves guiding our product development while applying the latest technologies, like AI and blockchain, to make our platform even better. Since I joined Atlaslive, my focus has been on making sure our products not only meet but surpass what our partners and players expect. We’ve put a lot of effort into making personalized, fun experiences that draw players in and keep them coming back for more.

In short, my career has been all about adopting new technologies, developing enjoyable and engaging products, and leading teams to create top-notch iGaming experiences.


As the Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, you play a crucial role in shaping the company’s product landscape. Can you share with us how Atlaslive’s mission of discovering how far iGaming tech can evolve influences your approach to product development?

Our goal is to see how far we can go with technology in iGaming, and this ambition is a huge part of how we build our products. We’re really into using the latest tech to make gaming fun, personalized, and safe for everyone.

We use big data to analyze a huge amount of information, understand and track different patterns in how people play and what they prefer. This helps us deeply examine our users’ behaviors, allowing us to customize our flexible platform to fit exactly what they like and even predict what they’ll want to do next. This approach makes things a lot easier for our partners. They can spend less time and effort trying to figure things out because we provide all the insights and tools they need to make smart decisions quickly.

Our approach is tech-oriented and centered on the player, and  boosts not only engagement but also guarantees that everything is secure and perfectly adjusted to the end-user preferences.

I consider personalization paramount – and we usually focus on creating an experience that feels personal and keeps players coming back for more. I think that this user-focused mindset, combined with our love for tech, ensures that every step we take in product development not only meets the industry’s needs but often goes beyond, setting new standards for what iGaming can be.


The Atlaslive platform offers versatile delivery solutions, including Sportsbook API integration, White Label, and Turnkey. How do these different solutions cater to the varying needs of iGaming operators, and what advantages do they offer in terms of time to market and customization?

At Atlaslive, we understand that the needs of iGaming operators vary greatly depending on their business goals, market approach, and technical expertise. That’s why we offer a range of flexible delivery solutions. All options are designed to meet specific requirements, providing key benefits in terms of quick market entry, starting from two days only, and the ability to adjust services to a specific brand or market demand.

Our Sportsbook API integration is perfect for tech-savvy operators who have their platforms but want to enhance them with our top-notch sportsbook features. This solution allows for high customization and rapid deployment, enabling operators to quickly adapt and scale their offerings. On the other hand, our White Label and Turnkey solutions are ideal for those looking to launch their operations quickly without the heavy lifting of developing the technology from scratch. These options offer the fastest route to market with a high degree of brand customization, allowing operators to maintain their unique brand identity while using our robust platform.

When Atlaslive offers its three solutions, we ensure care for all parties involved in this integration process, guaranteeing smooth implementation and an exceptional gaming experience for end-users. Quality and innovation are steadfast allies for Atlaslive, helping our partners to be satisfied and stay successful in the market.


One of Atlaslive’s core values is creating live connections between business ambitions and opportunities. How does the Atlaslive Platform facilitate these connections, and what impact does it have on the overall iGaming experience for operators and players?

Yes, at Atlaslive, we’re really focused on connecting business goals with opportunities. Our platform uses smart data analysis to give operators the insights they need to understand what players want. This means we can help them tune their offerings to fit player preferences, which makes the gaming experience much more personal and exciting for everyone.

We also make sure our system works smoothly with other tech tools out there, which keeps things running seamlessly for operators and enjoyable for players. Overall, our “creating live connections” approach helps provide a lively and engaging environment where businesses can grow and players are more engaged with the offerings they choose.


With your extensive experience in the iGaming industry, including leadership roles focused on product development, how do you ensure that Atlaslive remains at the forefront of innovation while meeting the evolving needs of the industry and its partners?

While working in the iGaming industry, I’ve learned that staying ahead isn’t just about catching the latest trends, it’s about creating them. At Atlaslive, we keep our finger on the pulse of technology and user expectations. My approach is direct: listen, innovate, and adapt. First, we listen. We’re in constant dialogue with our partners to understand their challenges and preferences. This feedback is very important — it drives our product development. At the same time, we conduct market research and trend analysis to stay informed about the latest in technology, player preferences, and regulatory changes. In such a way, we can anticipate shifts in the market and adapt our products accordingly.

Then, we innovate by infusing our platform with the latest technologies — whether it’s AI to enhance personalization or blockchain for security. Finally, we adapt quickly. The iGaming world moves fast, and flexibility is our superpower. We’re always ready to tweak our offerings to better serve our clients and stay relevant in the market.


Atlaslive recently underwent a rebranding process. Could you discuss the connection between this rebranding and the strategic vision of the company, particularly in terms of enhancing the iGaming experience and staying ahead in a competitive market?

The rebrand to Atlaslive is a future-proof of the company’s vision to stay dynamic in terms of technologies and boost the user experience at the same time while giving our partners even more freedom during different sports events and adjusting the necessary settings timely and effectively.

The recent rebranding of Atlaslive shows our direct ties to our vision and a fresh start in staying true to our core values. With this rebranding, we’re emphasizing our focus on being a tech-forward company that always prioritizes our partners. Atlaslive – the tech behind the game.


At the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit, you will be joining the discussion about the strategic integration of gamification to boost player retention and loyalty in the iGaming sector. In a nutshell, what is your perspective on the matter, and how does gamification align with Atlaslive’s vision?

Well, what is gamification? To keep it simple, it’s about making the journey from point A to point B fun for the user. That’s what gamification is all about, in a nutshell.

I prefer using both quantitative and qualitative data to understand our customers and build user experiences based on this knowledge.

One of my first experiences with gamification was one of the world’s largest producers of soft drinks campaign where each bottle cap had a letter. If you collected all the letters to spell ‘happiness,’ you could exchange them for various prizes. I remember the excitement I felt before opening each bottle. I bought many of them just to see what letter I’d get. That’s a perfect real-life example of gamification.

We create similar experiences for iGaming users at Atlaslive. For instance, they might open a mystery box without knowing what’s inside. We use gamification techniques that evoke excitement and fun, drawing on our understanding of what users enjoy.

To put it simply, we understand our end-users and strive to create products and services that bring smiles to their faces. We monitor the effectiveness of our gamification tools through direct customer feedback and analytical data. Some of our projects that employ these techniques have seen a significant 30% increase in engagement and conversion rates.

By focusing on personalized and interactive experiences, we create a dynamic and engaging environment that keeps players returning, ensuring long-term success for both our platform and our partners.

Thank you for this insightful interview, Lasha! We look forward to meeting you in Tallinn, and hearing your valuable insights on Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era!

Join us in Tallinn to connect with Lasha and the Team of Atlaslive – the dynamic iGaming platform focusing on “THE TECH BEHIND THE GAME”

Get your Tickets to the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit Now!


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Interview with ProgressPlay on their Groundbreaking Standalone Product and Asian Expansion



Interview with ProgressPlay on their Groundbreaking Standalone Product and Asian Expansion
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Interviewer (Edwin Ward, WX2): Welcome, Itai Loewenstein and Marina Nahhas from ProgressPlay! We’re thrilled to discuss your latest advancements and your presence at SIGMA Asia 2024 in Manila. Let’s start with you, Itai. ProgressPlay has been named one of Europe’s Top 10 Casino Tech Solutions Providers in 2024. How does it feel to receive such recognition?

Itai Loewenstein: Thank you! It’s an honour to be recognised among Europe’s top casino tech providers. This accolade reflects the hard work and innovation our team has put into developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the iGaming industry.

Absolutely. Now, you’re set to make waves in the Asian iGaming sector with your standalone product. Can you tell us more about it?

Itai Loewenstein: Our standalone product is truly revolutionary. It allows our partners to target all markets, offering them unprecedented control and flexibility. This platform was designed to empower operators by giving them the ability to manage their own operations while we provide the robust technological backbone.

That sounds impressive. Marina, how important is the SIGMA Asia 2024 event for ProgressPlay, and what do you hope to achieve there?

Marina Nahhas: SIGMA Asia is incredibly important for us. It’s our debut at this prestigious event, and we’re super excited to showcase our latest products. The exhibition is the perfect opportunity to present our standalone product to a large number of potential new customers, especially those looking to tap into the rapidly growing Asian iGaming market.

With the event expected to attract over 20,000 delegates, it’s sure to be a bustling hub of activity. Can you shed some light on the current trends driving the growth of the Asian iGaming industry?

Marina Nahhas: Certainly. The Asian iGaming industry is booming due to several factors, including technological advancements, the widespread adoption of mobile devices, and the increasing popularity of online gaming. Digital payment methods have also played a crucial role, making it easier for users to engage with online platforms. This creates lucrative opportunities for gaming entrepreneurs.

Itai, your standalone licensee offering debuted at ICE in January. How has the response been so far, and what makes this offering unique especially for the Asian market?

Itai Loewenstein: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our standalone offering is unique because it allows operators to fully control their operations, from branding to regulatory compliance, while we handle the technological aspects. This arrangement provides immense flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for operators looking to expand into new markets. ProgressPlay’s unique platform capability allows operators to open many multi-brands in a matter of hours, as the latest-generation platform supports the white-label offering. This new proprietary multi-brand platform allows operators to streamline their casino brands fast thanks to ProgressPlay’s flexible high-performance technical platform.

That’s great to hear. Can you elaborate on the technological aspects of your platform and the team behind its development?

Itai Loewenstein: Our platform has been meticulously developed over the years by a team of top-notch professionals dedicated to serving regulated markets, including the UK. We’ve incorporated many proprietary services developed in-house, ensuring that our platform meets all diverse requirements. This includes our proprietary AI capabilities for safer gambling, which have been shortlisted for the EGR Awards again.

Marina, how does ProgressPlay ensure that its platform remains flexible and adaptable to various regional and regulatory requirements?

Marina Nahhas: Our platform’s flexibility is one of its key strengths. We enable operators to tailor their offerings to specific regions and regulatory requirements. This is achieved through a strategic joint venture with a reputable cashier, facilitating seamless integration of various payment methods. This approach ensures that we cater to the diverse needs of our partners.

Itai, what are the main advantages of the standalone platform for operators, particularly in the Asian market?

Itai Loewenstein: The biggest advantage is the wider selection of countries and regulatory territories operators can choose from based on their licenses. As Marina said, our built-in proprietary cashier can be easily adapted to relevant markets and payment processors. Additionally, the ability to create brands under the standalone platform is especially beneficial for generating healthy ROI in Asian markets. We’ll be showcasing all these features at stand BR917 at SiGMA Asia.

Thank you, Itai and Marina, for sharing these insights. We look forward to seeing ProgressPlay’s innovations at SIGMA Asia 2024!

Itai Loewenstein and Marina Nahhas: Thank you! We can’t wait to connect with everyone at the event.

Interviewer: Remember to visit ProgressPlay at stand BR917 at SIGMA Asia 2024 in Manila from June 3rd to 5th.

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