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Cloud gaming industry overview: Which industry giant has the edge?



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The tech industry faces some tough challenges in 2021. The worldwide shortage has impacted many highly regarded industry players. 2022 doesn’t really differ in terms of important supply chain concerns. There are things going wrong in the world. Technology companies and gaming are known for adaptability in particular. The cloud gaming industry has been led by several major companies with various model such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming offers exceptional graphics performance without costly hardware upgrades. Unlike PC gaming consoles, cloud gaming systems run software in remote datacentres. Google has been betting on the growth of cloud games as the next major industry to be the next big game.

Technology: hardware shifts from local game processing to cloud services and local interaction devices

Cloud gaming ecosystem has profound impact on games hardware as well. In addition, huge technological advances have impacted the market. In this game hardware is changing and game processing hardware will be moved to the cloud and becomes a business service. Although the console industry dominates today, these kinds of hardware will most likely lose their importance when technology is moved to the Cloud. The model derived from these changes is therefore shifting between product and service.

Content: a high-end game portfolio will make cloud gaming relevant; scale will make it dominant

Likewise with OTT providers such as Amazon Prime, Netflix is crucial to attract and retain clients and to keep its growth a constant. The cloud gaming platform may also experience similar changes. Game selection is regarded as a vital aspect of any platform value proposition and will ultimately be either the driver of growth or the block for growth for the platform itself. The research also showed that the gaming portfolio, especially blockbuster AAA games, is the key buy-by-buy criteria for cloud games.

Monetization: cloud gaming will introduce new ways of generating value

Cloud gaming is expected to increase gaming services in an overall way extending a particular franchise’s lifecycle. We also anticipate an overall increase in gamers with the increase in the accessibility provided by the cloud. However, if ARPU average sales drop across industries, the longer-term strategy will shift its emphasis to gaming lifetime values. The rise of subscription models shows how unique and conventional sales combined with traditional purchases could eventually become much less important.

Gaming platforms

It requires an installable game CD or files on the PC/ console for running an X-Box game. Cloud gaming is an online gaming platform that enables gamers to play games directly from your device or computer like 10 euro no deposit casinos. This concept resembles Netflix – and OCS – platforms. We could already visualize a world without computers or console hardware! It offers many more options than playing games on an online platform, Video Editing – 3D renderings – Video streaming and more.

Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass (xCloud)

Microsoft will launch the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer on November 29, 2020. It also used games from third-party companies such as Forza Halo, Gear of War or independent game developers. XCloud is constantly updated with new games, and this helps to ensure strong user participation across platforms.

PS Now – Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Online platform offers more than 700 games for free to view and stream. Having an extensive userbase and Sony’s expertise on gaming has helped the company make a successful move to Cloud Games in a seamless way allowing the cloud to be used as a platform for games. A service that has more than 200,000 registered users, the company provides the catalogue of PS4 games as a free Download on Xbox 360 consoles.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia didn’t let the chance go without launching streaming platforms. GeForce Now’s first beta version was released in February 2020. GeForce now isn’t a platform with a game catalogue like Luna, but rather offers a range of compatible games at a range in Steam, Epic Games, Gog’s and Uplay. Steam now integrates GeForce Now directly into its platform, which allows players to play on Nvidia servers from their Steam account via one click.

Is cloud gaming at the tipping point

Cloud games have increased in popularity and the cloud gaming industry will soon become mainstream. Over a period of time, the gaming industry enjoyed a period of significant growth with an additional boost following the COVID-19 pandemic. Although consumers will gradually transition back into the usual routine, they should be interested in and engaged in these services for the foreseeable future.

The biggest shift in cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming is an innovative technological innovation, letting users play directly in the cloud without downloading a gaming device. Currently most video games require physical media to be purchased or downloaded on devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cloud Gaming combines cloud computing and mobile gaming with a cloud computing system. Players can play games through a variety of formats — similar to Netflix, Disney and other streaming services.

Gaming segments and the state of play

In order understand the video gaming industry we need to look at four gaming sectors that cloud gaming services and the larger video gaming industry have tried to address. Each industry segment requires technology, as well as businesses for video game technology and operations.

Esports enthusiasts: Fast-paced, massive multiplayer, spectator gaming

Some of us understand the growth of online game competitions involving players competing for rank and prize. With an estimated market value of over 1 billion, esports is growing in popularity. While professional eSports players count thousands of amateur fans participating equally and playing Party Games, battle royale, multiplayer online battle arenas, shooter, fighter and digital version of traditional games. In essence, eSport games involve social contact, friends chatting and utilizing chat and audio headsets. Top esports games remain popular amid a wave of hype and confusion among fans.

Immersive gamers: Realistic game worlds, big narratives, and online services

Immersive game play has the most realistic graphics, and players enjoy physics and atmospheres that are often augmented by weather systems and dynamic lights. This game has sophisticated AI animating non-player characters—Gameworld full-time residents—and these characters interact frequently producing unexpected emerging behaviour. A major AAA franchise title will require years for development as competition will increase and demand will increase. They’re attracting celebrities looking for new ways to communicate stories—and new ways for them to reach millions.

Mobile gamers: The largest audience, the simplest games (for now)

Mobile gaming currently accounts for more than half of the 139 billion video games worldwide and has grown 10 percentage points. Mobile gaming is the biggest driver of growth in the game industry, with over a billion users playing mobile apps. According to Deloitte Digital Media Trends survey 2019, mobile gaming is the most widely distributed game across all the generations. Mobile gaming accounted for nearly 70 % of smartphone spending 14. The vast and fragmented market of mobile games have shown a high quality of play that remains popular for years.

The nonplayer: The vanishing slice beyond a mature global market

The challenge in this segment boils back to convincing existing gamers to believe streaming is able to beat downloads on console, laptop, and tablet devices with better capability. Despite this, the cloud services will help to increase player participation by removing barriers to entry. This could explain why mobile gaming has increased in importance as people are increasingly interested in playing videos and apps regardless of their global smartphone use. We believe our gaming segment should consider utilizing cloud games.

Gambling in the USA

Gaming Americas Weekly Roundup – November 28-December 4



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to our weekly roundup of American gambling news again! Here, we are going through the weekly highlights of the American gambling industry which include the latest news and new partnerships. Read on and get updated.

Latest News

Novibet has entered the Mexican market. This is Novibet’s first move outside of Europe, and it is a key step in its strategic expansion plan as it seeks to enter new markets including Latin America and North America.

Greco has registered as a vendor in New Jersey, where it plans to start its US operations in enhancing risk management for online casinos and iGaming operators. Resorts Digital Gaming has already announced it has an agreement in place with Greco, which the New-Jersey-based arm of Resorts Casino and hotel hopes will “herald a wider shift in the local industry, worth $3.12 billion to the state economy”.

The ACMA has requested that Australian internet service providers (ISPs) block more illegal offshore gambling websites, after investigations found 9 services to be operating in breach of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The latest sites blocked include Winning Days, 21Bit Casino, Oshi Casino, Lucky Elf Casino, NeoSpin, Lets Lucky, Boho Casino, Ripper Casino and BC.Game.

Scientific Games has announced that it will provide the company’s latest WAVE point-of-sale technology across Atlantic Lottery’s retailer network of 3000 locations in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

PointsBet Holdings, the leader in live betting, announced the company has officially unveiled its market-leading mobile app and digital sports betting product in the state of Maryland.

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke has launched a constitutional challenge against iGaming Ontario and the Attorney General of Ontario over the provincial government’s unilateral changes to the way gaming is managed. It says the changes are illegal and unconstitutional and is contesting Ontario’s re-interpretation of Section 207 (1) of the Criminal Code, which permits provinces to regulate single-event sports betting.

Underdog Fantasy has been named “Fantasy Sports Site of the Year” by the 2022 edition of the American Gambling Awards. The American Gambling Awards are produced by Group Limited, a leading provider of player acquisition services for the regulated global online gambling industry.


Pragmatic Play has established an agreement with Peruvian operator Tinbet for three of its leading verticals. Tinbet’s customers will benefit from Pragmatic Play’s leading Slots, Live Casino and Virtual Sports content, featuring a vast collection of exclusive products that are proven to boost player engagement. has entered into an exclusive multi-year Partnership with Berlin-based Data Sports Group. The Partnership will allow to provide world-class sports content to digital publishers. The Partnership will be the first solution marketed under the brand.

Gift & Go has finalised a long-term extension to its partnership with a subsidiary of Light & Wonder to continue its growth and expand its revolutionary gifting technology software across U.S. markets. The three-year agreement will further enhance Light & Wonder’s position as a global leader in land-based casino ecosystems and cross-platform game experiences.

Fandifi Technology Corp has announced that the company is teaming up with Esports Awards to present day #1 of LVL Up Las Vegas. LVL Up Las Vegas is taking place December 11-13 coinciding with the 2022 Esports Awards.

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How Online Casino is Changing the Gambling Landscape in Europe



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It is no mystery that the advancement of the internet has facilitated the rise of several industries, with the online gambling industry serving as one of the finest examples. This is unsurprising to the majority, as we live in an age where digital technology is constantly evolving. Due to the proliferation of online casinos, the gaming environment in Europe is undergoing a rapid transformation. Today, more individuals prefer to bet online rather than in traditional casinos.

This tendency is most prominent in Europe, where many nations now regulate and legalize internet gambling. Moreover, with the onset of modern technologies such as blockchain, which has allowed Bitcoin bookies and gamblers to access casinos with altcoins, making it safer and faster, it is fascinating to witness how the market is shaping up.

What trends are emerging in the online casino industry in Europe?

Some of the latest trends in the online casino industry in Europe include the rise of mobile gaming, the popularity of live dealer games, and the growth of social casinos. Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people own smartphones and tablets. Live dealer games are also growing in popularity as they offer a more realistic and immersive experience. Social casinos are also becoming more popular as they allow players to interact with each other and compete for prizes.

  • There are numerous reasons why internet gambling in Europe is growing in popularity. It is significantly more handy than traveling to a physical casino. Using a mobile casino app, you may bet from the comfort of your own home or even on the go.
  • Another reason internet gambling is so prevalent is that there are now many more possibilities than in the past. In the past, most gamblers were restricted to land-based casinos with a limited number of games. Today, however, there are countless online casinos to pick from, each with its own distinct game selection. Therefore, regardless of your gambling preferences, you can find an online casino that suits you.
  • The improving safety and security of internet gambling in Europe is a further element contributing to its growing popularity. In the past, there were concerns over the security of internet gambling. But technological advancements and increasing government regulation have mostly remedied these worries. Nowadays, online gambling is safer than land-based casinos.

All factors considered, it is not surprising that online gambling is gaining popularity in Europe. Due to its convenience, variety, and security, an increasing number of consumers prefer online gambling to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

The impact of technology on online gambling in Europe

The impact of technology on online gambling in Europe is significant. Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry, and technology has played a significant role in its growth. The availability of online gambling services has made it easier for people to gamble, and mobile devices have made it even more convenient.

Technology has also allowed the development of new gambling games and platforms, making online gambling even more popular. Furthermore, it has also enhanced security through blockchain, and with the combination of AI, not only is online casino more interesting but even more reliable and safe.

The future of online casino in Europe

The future of online casinos in Europe is looking very bright. With the recent legalization of online gambling in many European countries, more and more people are turning to the internet to play their favorite casino games. This trend is only expected to grow in the coming years as more and more people discover the convenience and fun of playing online.

A prominent reason why online gambling is growing in popularity is that it is becoming increasingly safe and secure. With the latest advances in technology, online casinos can now offer their players a very high level of security, ensuring that their personal and financial information is always safe.

So what does the future hold for online gambling in Europe? It looks like it will continue to grow rapidly, with more and more people discovering its many benefits.

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Compliance Updates

Gaming Corps Announces Approval for Netherlands Launch



Gaming Corps Announces Approval for Netherlands Launch
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Up-and-coming Swedish developer, Gaming Corps, has expanded its reach within regulated markets by meeting approval requirements to launch its diverse portfolio of Plinko, Mine, Crash, Table and Slot content within the Dutch market. Gaming Corps has already announced that its growth strategy will include a number of new markets over the next year and is thrilled to begin with certification for its proprietary content to Dutch players.

With a commitment to integrity and player protection, Gaming Corps’ will soon be live with several operators in this new market with titles that include: Penalty Champion, Tikiz N Juice, Stormy Witch, Coin Miner, Jet Lucky 2, Skyliner and Cat Ching.

Juha Kauppinen, CEO at Gaming Corps, said “New markets expand the reach of our popular titles and add a new audiences. We see these strategic entries as important to the future of the company while we strive to make the most of our existing titles and those in development. We’re pleased that our content has already received a warm reception amongst the new set of operators we’re now able to open communications with and look forward to announcing those deals soon.”

Gaming Corps is an established gaming company with a background in video games that is now experiencing growth in the iGaming sector. Having recently attracted some of the industry’s leading talent, its strategy is to grow within regulated markets.

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