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Cloud gaming industry overview: Which industry giant has the edge?



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The tech industry faces some tough challenges in 2021. The worldwide shortage has impacted many highly regarded industry players. 2022 doesn’t really differ in terms of important supply chain concerns. There are things going wrong in the world. Technology companies and gaming are known for adaptability in particular. The cloud gaming industry has been led by several major companies with various model such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming offers exceptional graphics performance without costly hardware upgrades. Unlike PC gaming consoles, cloud gaming systems run software in remote datacentres. Google has been betting on the growth of cloud games as the next major industry to be the next big game.

Technology: hardware shifts from local game processing to cloud services and local interaction devices

Cloud gaming ecosystem has profound impact on games hardware as well. In addition, huge technological advances have impacted the market. In this game hardware is changing and game processing hardware will be moved to the cloud and becomes a business service. Although the console industry dominates today, these kinds of hardware will most likely lose their importance when technology is moved to the Cloud. The model derived from these changes is therefore shifting between product and service.

Content: a high-end game portfolio will make cloud gaming relevant; scale will make it dominant

Likewise with OTT providers such as Amazon Prime, Netflix is crucial to attract and retain clients and to keep its growth a constant. The cloud gaming platform may also experience similar changes. Game selection is regarded as a vital aspect of any platform value proposition and will ultimately be either the driver of growth or the block for growth for the platform itself. The research also showed that the gaming portfolio, especially blockbuster AAA games, is the key buy-by-buy criteria for cloud games.

Monetization: cloud gaming will introduce new ways of generating value

Cloud gaming is expected to increase gaming services in an overall way extending a particular franchise’s lifecycle. We also anticipate an overall increase in gamers with the increase in the accessibility provided by the cloud. However, if ARPU average sales drop across industries, the longer-term strategy will shift its emphasis to gaming lifetime values. The rise of subscription models shows how unique and conventional sales combined with traditional purchases could eventually become much less important.

Gaming platforms

It requires an installable game CD or files on the PC/ console for running an X-Box game. Cloud gaming is an online gaming platform that enables gamers to play games directly from your device or computer like 10 euro no deposit casinos. This concept resembles Netflix – and OCS – platforms. We could already visualize a world without computers or console hardware! It offers many more options than playing games on an online platform, Video Editing – 3D renderings – Video streaming and more.

Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass (xCloud)

Microsoft will launch the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer on November 29, 2020. It also used games from third-party companies such as Forza Halo, Gear of War or independent game developers. XCloud is constantly updated with new games, and this helps to ensure strong user participation across platforms.

PS Now – Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Online platform offers more than 700 games for free to view and stream. Having an extensive userbase and Sony’s expertise on gaming has helped the company make a successful move to Cloud Games in a seamless way allowing the cloud to be used as a platform for games. A service that has more than 200,000 registered users, the company provides the catalogue of PS4 games as a free Download on Xbox 360 consoles.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia didn’t let the chance go without launching streaming platforms. GeForce Now’s first beta version was released in February 2020. GeForce now isn’t a platform with a game catalogue like Luna, but rather offers a range of compatible games at a range in Steam, Epic Games, Gog’s and Uplay. Steam now integrates GeForce Now directly into its platform, which allows players to play on Nvidia servers from their Steam account via one click.

Is cloud gaming at the tipping point

Cloud games have increased in popularity and the cloud gaming industry will soon become mainstream. Over a period of time, the gaming industry enjoyed a period of significant growth with an additional boost following the COVID-19 pandemic. Although consumers will gradually transition back into the usual routine, they should be interested in and engaged in these services for the foreseeable future.

The biggest shift in cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming is an innovative technological innovation, letting users play directly in the cloud without downloading a gaming device. Currently most video games require physical media to be purchased or downloaded on devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cloud Gaming combines cloud computing and mobile gaming with a cloud computing system. Players can play games through a variety of formats — similar to Netflix, Disney and other streaming services.

Gaming segments and the state of play

In order understand the video gaming industry we need to look at four gaming sectors that cloud gaming services and the larger video gaming industry have tried to address. Each industry segment requires technology, as well as businesses for video game technology and operations.

Esports enthusiasts: Fast-paced, massive multiplayer, spectator gaming

Some of us understand the growth of online game competitions involving players competing for rank and prize. With an estimated market value of over 1 billion, esports is growing in popularity. While professional eSports players count thousands of amateur fans participating equally and playing Party Games, battle royale, multiplayer online battle arenas, shooter, fighter and digital version of traditional games. In essence, eSport games involve social contact, friends chatting and utilizing chat and audio headsets. Top esports games remain popular amid a wave of hype and confusion among fans.

Immersive gamers: Realistic game worlds, big narratives, and online services

Immersive game play has the most realistic graphics, and players enjoy physics and atmospheres that are often augmented by weather systems and dynamic lights. This game has sophisticated AI animating non-player characters—Gameworld full-time residents—and these characters interact frequently producing unexpected emerging behaviour. A major AAA franchise title will require years for development as competition will increase and demand will increase. They’re attracting celebrities looking for new ways to communicate stories—and new ways for them to reach millions.

Mobile gamers: The largest audience, the simplest games (for now)

Mobile gaming currently accounts for more than half of the 139 billion video games worldwide and has grown 10 percentage points. Mobile gaming is the biggest driver of growth in the game industry, with over a billion users playing mobile apps. According to Deloitte Digital Media Trends survey 2019, mobile gaming is the most widely distributed game across all the generations. Mobile gaming accounted for nearly 70 % of smartphone spending 14. The vast and fragmented market of mobile games have shown a high quality of play that remains popular for years.

The nonplayer: The vanishing slice beyond a mature global market

The challenge in this segment boils back to convincing existing gamers to believe streaming is able to beat downloads on console, laptop, and tablet devices with better capability. Despite this, the cloud services will help to increase player participation by removing barriers to entry. This could explain why mobile gaming has increased in importance as people are increasingly interested in playing videos and apps regardless of their global smartphone use. We believe our gaming segment should consider utilizing cloud games.

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BGaming Presents Its New Eastern-Themed Slot with 4 Jackpot Levels



BGaming Presents Its New Eastern-Themed Slot with 4 Jackpot Levels
Reading Time: 2 minutes


BGaming, a fast-growing content provider to the iGaming industry, goes live with its new slot Maneki 88 Gold, packed with Asian-inspired symbols, all-the-rage features, and 4 Jackpot levels.

Maneki 88 Gold is the Asian-themed online slot with medium volatility and 96.9% RTP playing out on a 5-reel, a 3-row field with 243 ways to win.

Magnificent lotus flowers, charming music, and the magic allure of Asian symbolics coincide with the magnificent features of the slot. At the player’s option, the high-paying animal symbols turn into Golden ones, increasing the bet and opening an opportunity for the Jackpot round to be triggered. When at least one golden symbol is activated, and a player collects 12 coins during the main game, every next coin can trigger a jackpot round. The level of available Jackpot depends on the number of golden symbols activated in the main game: a player should activate 2 golden symbols to be able to hit the mini Jackpot; 3, 4, and 5 activated golden symbols can reward a player with minor, major and grand Jackpot accordingly, which increases the bet level and makes the game more risky and exciting.

The slot offers a Buy Bonus feature, meaning a player can buy a round of Free Spins any time during the main game.

Yulia Aliakseyeva, Game Producer at BGaming, commented: “Same as the Japanese Maneki-Neko cat brings luck, our Maneki 88 Gold meets players with exciting features making their way to riches easier. HD graphics, quality features, and multilevel Jackpot with potential to deliver explosive outcomes will undoubtedly attract the players’ attention, making the experience even more engaging.” 

The Maneki 88 Gold follows the launch of the recent ‘hold and win’ slot Miss Cherry Fruits Jackpot Party, which enlarged the collection of over 90 titles in BGaming’s high-quality games portfolio. The slot is already available to players of Mbit Сasino and online casino


BGaming is a fast-growing game provider converting gambling into gaming. Thanks to an expert team and a player-driven approach, the studio creates innovative and engaging products featured on reputable platforms and 700+ online casinos worldwide. BGaming is the world’s first to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games. Today the brand’s portfolio includes 90+ products with HD graphics and a clear user interface for every device.

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talkSPORT BET to combine BetVictor’s technology with talkSPORT’s trusted editorial brand

BetVictor is partnering with talkSPORT, the world’s biggest sports radio station and global audio rights holders of the Premier League, for a new UK sports betting brand, talkSPORT BET.

talkSPORT BET will bring together talkSPORT’s trusted editorial brand with BetVictor’s market-leading, proprietary sports betting software and proven operational capabilities.   The service will offer sports fans a range of exciting features, innovative promotions and exclusive offers.

In addition to the long-established BetVictor B2C brand, the new partnership with talkSPORT is the latest white-label deal for the group and aligns with its overall business growth strategy, following on from the successful launches of Parimatch, BildBet and Heart Bingo.

The talkSPORT BET brand will be featured alongside talkSPORT’s existing bookmaker commercial relationships such as show sponsorships, advertising and affiliate partnerships.

CCO of the BetVictor Group Brent Almeida commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with such a well-respected sports brand. talkSPORT BET will take the great things about talkSPORT radio and add a betting experience to offer players more ways to enjoy sport and engage with their favourite sporting events. We are fully committed to creating a safe and entertaining gambling experience with everything a sports fan could want in a betting brand.”

Gareth Williams, Betting and Gaming Director, talkSPORT, said: “talkSPORT is the world’s biggest sports radio station with a loyal community of listeners. This partnership showcases the power and reach of the talkSPORT brand across its audio and digital properties.   As well as the potential for on-air commercial partnerships, talkSPORT BET will be able to access our digital audiences through creative online activations such as odds integrations and betting widgets.”

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BWF, together with major sponsor M88 Mansion, will be holding the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2022 in Japan on August 22-28.

This is the first time the east Asian country will host the competition, and the fifth Asian nation to do so. Matches will be played at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

Over 300 competitors from more than 40 countries will slug it out to emerge as the best in five events, with the host and last year’s overall winner taking the lead.

Reigning champions for each category are: Loh Kean Yew of Singapore (men’s singles), Yamaguchi Akane of Japan (women’s singles), Hoki Takurō and Kobayashi Yūgo of Japan (men’s doubles), Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan of China (women’s doubles), as well as Dechapol Puavaranukroh and Sapsiree Taerattanachai of Thailand (mixed doubles).

The draw was held on August 10 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, producing interesting brackets.

Men’s singles world number one Viktor Axelsen is set on a collision course with fellow Dane Rasmus Gemke in the quarter-finals, while Indonesians Jonatan Christie and Anthony Ginting are also both on the top half of the bracket and could possibly meet in the semis.

Over in women’s singles, top seed Yamaguchi and 14th-ranked Takahashi Sayaka can tentatively clash on the third round, with An Se-young of South Korea and PV Sindhu of India as probable semi-final round opponents.

Hoki and Kobayashi journey back to the top have them starting in the bottom half of the bracket, with the more thrilling matchups found in the upper half of the draw. Chen and Jia also averted some early tough challenges in their section.

Finally, Puavaranukroh and Taerattanachai could feasibly contend against two Japanese pairs en route to the final.

The BWF World Championships follow the single elimination knockout format.

As part of the partnership between M88 Mansion and BWF, updates and highlights will be provided on the M88 Mansion-BWF website and social media accounts before, during, and after the event. A top BWF player will also be featured and interviewed.

First organized in 1977, the tourney has been held annually, except for Summer Olympic years, since 2005. It was last staged in 2021 in Huelva, Spain.

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