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4 sales-boosting modules from Slotegrator’s new platform



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On May 16, Slotegrator released a new platform for online casino operators. The main functions were updated and improved, and a number of highly functional new modules were added. The Slotegrator development team paid special attention to creating tools operators can use to strengthen their position in the market.

Business intelligence module

If information is power, analytics are what help you use that power effectively. Operators who don’t know how to manage their data are missing out on business opportunities they’re not even aware of — and wasting their budget on misinformed strategies at the same time.

The Business Intelligence module of Slotegrator’s new platform gives operators instant access to information and analytics that are crucial to the operation of their casino site.

Operators can get detailed reports covering any period of time — day, week, month, quarter — at any time. The system aggregates and processes data from internal and external sources, and then collates the data into an easy-to-understand report. The operator can track where the project is in terms of GGR, marginal profit, unique players, number of active users, and more.

By comparing indicators for different periods of time, operators can see changes in the casino’s performance. They can also simulate situations and effectively solve problems related to optimization, planning, and forecasting. With the BI module, operators can make better-informed decisions about the direction of their business and see which of their efforts are leading to increased sales — as well as make better predictions about how to increase sales in the future.

Risk management module

Gambling is inherently risky, but most of that should fall on the player — not the operator.

All too often, players try to create multiple accounts in order to take advantage of the bonus offers that are meant for new players finding their way around the casino. They start a new account, maybe with false information, satisfy the rollover requirement, withdraw their cash, and disappear. If word gets out that your platform is a soft target, bonus abusers will eat into your profit margin.

The risk management module aggregates and compares data to identify players with multiple accounts. It can display a list of accounts that exceed the duplication threshold, indicating that the account holder might not be trustworthy and that the player should probably be blacklisted — helping operators protect their profits.

Bonus module

A reward system is one of the most powerful player acquisition and retention tools online casinos have.

The bonus module in Slotegrator’s new platform opens up new opportunities for implementing bonus strategies while remaining compliant with regulators’ often-shifting requirements. Offering a bonus just for signing up, or a percentage on top of their first deposit will help attract new players, while multi-level loyalty programs and personalized offers help encourage active users and support those who’ve had a run of bad luck.

To renew the interest of players who have not visited the gambling site for a long time, operators use reload bonuses. These can be dedicated to a specific event, such as the release of a new game, a deposit bonus, or free spins.

Bonuses and loyalty programs help build long-term relationships with users and thereby strengthen the operator’s position in the market.

KYC module

KYC measures are required by law, but they also protect players — and casinos. While carrying out ID checks can take time, the KYC module on Slotegrator’s new platform can speed up the process.

Player verification helps in the fight against gambling harm and money laundering. Without KYC measures, self-excluded players can go from platform to platform opening new accounts — as could underage gamblers. And don’t forget bonus abuse; plenty of players will set up dummy accounts just to take advantage of welcome and deposit bonuses.

The KYC module in Slotegrator’s new platform smooths out the ID verification stage of player registration by allowing operators to specify the list of documents players need to submit. Operators can also determine at what stage the KYC check must be completed — before the first deposit, before the first game round, before the first withdrawal — so they can easily make sure they’re in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

Operators can also determine what kinds of data are too risky and set a list of excluded players, as well as set different requirements for players at different risk levels.

Proper KYC also helps boost sales by giving your CRM system the information it needs for proper segmentation and personalization. Segmenting players according to their interests and demographics helps operators make offers that are more likely to entice them. Including the recipient’s name in a subject line increases the likelihood they’ll open the email by 20%, increasing the conversion rate down the line.

According to Slotegrator’s preliminary calculation, the use of these features will help online casino operators increase sales by up to 23%, including by avoiding opportunity costs. The company’s existing customers are already moving to the new platform.


CT Interactive pens OlyBet distribution deal



CT Interactive pens OlyBet distribution deal
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CT Interactive has signed an agreement to provide gaming content to the operator OlyBet.

CT Interactive`s specially selected slot titles will now be available via desktop and mobile devices to customers throughout the operator`s brands in the Baltics and CEE markets. The provider`s top-performing slots will be included in the deal: Lucky Clover, 40 Treasures, Banana Party.

Milena Tsankarksa, Head of Business Development EMEA at CT Interactive, said she was delighted to pen the deal with OlyBet, which would now allow the distribution of CT Interactive`s slots to even vaster players` base in Europe.

She added: “We’re a great fit, and we are happy to offer quality products which will increase excitement and retention rates for operators“.

„The deal is the next step in fulfilling our strategy to significantly increase our market share in Europe. Our games offer a wide variety of themes and maths models which perform equally well in every gaming environment“, commented Lachezar Petrov, CEO at CT Interactive.

Erika Padisaar Casino Managerat OlyBet said: “CT Interactive’s slot games are a great addition to our wide range of existing gaming content and will provide our customers with a new selection of high performing products“

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Industry News

Casino Plus Bonus: New English Edition is live!



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Casino Plus Bonus, the leading German gambling news and review portal has finally launched its English language Edition! It features exclusive news covering everything you need to know about the international Gambling scene. The goal of the new Casino Plus Bonus version is to bring the successful concept of this leading iGaming informational platform to an international scale. While the portal has originally been a reference point for gamblers across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is now available for a Worldwide audience.

What is new for Casino Plus Bonus?

With the beta-testing complete, the English Edition of Casino Plus Bonus is now fully functional and available on all devices. One interesting feature is that the English-language version has a special technological focus on mobile devices. This is due to the ever growing popularity of mobile gaming.

Jack Bannon, publisher of the English Edition, said:

“The English-language version of Casino Plus Bonus is a very challenging and motivating undertaking. We are starting from an influential position with credible brand recognition crossing over from the German language versions of the portal. We are already taking the different cultural and behavioral particularities of an international audience into consideration, as well as recognizing the multiple regulation frameworks across various jurisdictions. Naturally, our goal is to consistently keep readers fully informed on developments in their respective market and offer the best casino promotions available to our audience.”

What does Casino Plus Bonus feature?

Casino Plus Bonus is a leading informational platform that covers news about the casino industry, game producers and new game releases, as well as interviews with important personalities in the gambling industry.  It also has a dedicated team of experts in the casino testing field, that review and provide ratings for online casino provider. Additionally, Casino Plus Bonus offers a great selection of service articles, such as how-to-guides, as well as a wide selection of exclusive casino bonuses.

The International Edition will have a focus on Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland as main English-speaking countries. However, also India and other countries that have an audience that searches and reads iGaming content in English, for example CEE will be taken into consideration. Each country has licensed casino operators that offer special deals and Casino Plus Bonus takes that into account with dedicated casino listings.

What does the English Edition of Casino Plus Bonus focus on?

Apart from the usual features of Casino Plus Bonus, the new English version will have a new focus:  The new English-language portal will pay particular attention to special promotions. Every promotion will be tested and validated before it is published to the target audience. Most of those promotions  include no deposit bonuses and free spins and are exclusive for the readership.

Moreover, the English Edition will have a focus on English-speaking countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, as well as India and other countries that have an audience that searches and reads iGaming content in English.

Georg Heinrich, Founder and Publisher of the German edition added:

“We are extremely happy to have Jack Bannon and his team on board. We believe that parts of our winning concept translated into leadership on the German market can also be transferred into the creation of an informational iGaming portal for an international audience. Furthermore, Jack has extensive publishing experience in the gambling field and will develop the international edition of our iGaming informational product further.”

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PopOK Gaming is over the moon as it was recognised as a Rising Star in Casino Innovation at the SBC Awards 2022.

The long-awaited SBC Summit Barcelona proved its worth, going well beyond all expectations. At the amazing Palau Nacional in sunny Barcelona, the very best in the iGaming industry was rewarded and celebrated on September 20-22, 2022.

There was an indescribable emotional overload and an incredibly warm atmosphere prevailed when various qualified operators, affiliates and providers gathered and had heated discussions, riveting networking and plenty of fun. On the last day of the event, the SBC Awards ceremony took place, with the purpose to acknowledge the achievements gained so far and award prizes to the winners.

The modern iGaming content developer PopOK Gaming was recognised as a Rising Star in Casino Innovation. During the summit, the brand brought its wonderful solutions to the table, showcasing Crazy Poki, Yummy, Diamond Quest, Flaming Fruit and many other engaging games to the attendees and receiving tons of positive remarks.

PopOK Gaming Product Manager, Tsovinar Elchyan said, “We are extremely thrilled to receive the SBC Awards 2022 as an innovation and a good example for all involved. It was certainly an evening to remember. Now we are even more motivated aiming for greater accomplishments.”


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