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Online gambling in Canada — all the facts about the entertainment industry



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Canada is a country with a fast-growing economy and maximum living comfort. Almost all sectors of the economy show steady growth, the iGaming industry is no exception. Interactive gambling is attracting the attention of many gamblers from Canada. Some of the best online casinos are registered here.


The largest gaming community is registered in Canada. The research based on the SlotsSpot .com data shows that the Canadian gambling community consists of more than 20 million active players. If you look at the world statistics, Canada is in 8th place for online gambling. The main reasons for such development of the online gambling industry are loyal legislation to gambling. Nothing prevents a Canadian gambler from choosing one of the licensed online casinos and placing some bets.


In this article, we have gathered for you all the interesting facts about online gambling in Canada. You will learn what the gambling entertainment industry is today, how it is developing and what the future prospects are. We’ll also talk about how the legislation relates to this type of entertainment, who plays online casinos most often, and what the most popular games are among Canadian gamblers. 

Canada’s online gambling industry—how it all works?

The iGaming industry in Canada is going through its best times. The total capitalization of the gambling sector is predicted to reach the value of $500 billion in 2023. The popularity of online casinos has increased significantly in the last 2 years. There is a logical explanation, the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the land-based casinos. For many gamblers, the usual gambling entertainment became unavailable, so they began to be interested in online gambling. The pandemic situation is improving, but many players who have already experienced the benefits of online gaming platforms will not be able to abandon them.


The popularity of interactive gambling is also helped by the fact that it is completely legal in Canada. It is important to note that there is no Canadian regulatory body that can issue licences for online casinos. In order for a gaming platform to operate legally in the gaming market, it must be licensed by one of these regulatory bodies:


  • Curaçao Licence.
  • Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Antigua and Barbuda licence.
  • UK Gambling Authority.
  • Licence from the Government of Gibraltar.
  • Costa Rica gambling licence.

Gamblers from Canada trust online casinos with these licences and often use their services. The attendance of offshore online casinos by Canadian players has increased so much that gaming platforms have added the Canadian dollar to the list of supported currencies. Today, more than 200 foreign online casinos are ready to accept players from Canada and provide them with access to thousands of original gambling activities.

How online gambling develops in Canada?

The Kana wake Gambling Commission was established in 1996 and is based in Canada. Kana wake hosts most of the servers of foreign online casinos that provide access to gambling entertainment for Canadian gamblers. It was the established commission that began issuing licences to legally operate offshore online casinos in Canada. 


The prospects of the Canadian gambling market have attracted the attention of many companies. Today, there is information that Kanawake has licensed more than 50 online casinos to operate legally, with the regulator taking control of more than 250 gambling sites. According to many experts, it is the regulator that contributes the most to the development of the iGaming industry in Canada.


Online gambling in Canada continues to grow, with all the prestigious gaming platforms trying to offer their services in the country. It should be noted that today, Canadian gamblers have access to the best online casinos and thousands of different types of entertainment.

Facts about online gambling in Canada

Canada is a country where gambling is considered an age-old tradition. The indigenous people of the country used sticks and dice to play a pastime called “Laval.” Since ancient times, the inhabitants of these lands have had a positive attitude toward gambling entertainment. Not surprisingly, it is the field of online gambling that is growing here at such an incredible rate. 


“Working as a Canadian expert in the field of interactive online entertainment, I notice trends of its rapid development. Canadian players love spending time in online casinos, they get big winnings, and they’re not afraid to take risks. — Charles Moore.”


We’ve gathered all the facts about Canadian online gambling for you at SlotsSpot .com. Check them out to understand the phenomenon of this country’s gambling industry.

6. The Gambling Act

The surprising fact is that Canada, despite its love for gambling, has not created a national regulatory body in this field. Players cannot find any online casino with a Canadian licence, all gamblers use services of offshore gambling platforms. Moreover, in the legislation of Canada there is no criminal responsibility for distribution of gambling, its creation and advertising. Throughout the history, there was not a single case when someone was prosecuted for gambling on the Internet.


Another legal fact is that gamblers do not have to pay taxes on their winnings. No gambler has to pay additional taxes on the amount they received as a result of their winnings at an online casino. This proves that on a governmental level, the country is trying to make the gambling industry as comfortable and attractive as possible for gamblers.

5. Canadians treat online casino gaming as entertainment

The Canadian gambler has the right attitude towards gambling. While in other countries most players treat this industry as a source of passive income, in Canada it is simple and interesting entertainment. The Canadian player does not expect to get big winnings, he is willing to spend a certain amount and leave it at the online casino without a claim. The winnings that can still be obtained during the game are considered a nice addition here. This attitude creates a favorable environment not only for the gamblers, but also for the operation of the online casino.


It’s really important to remember that casinos are just a way to have fun, get a thrill, and let the heat out. The games are specially designed to be bright and colorful, some gambling establishments give nice bonuses upon registration, many online slots are made in the theme of your favorite games. All done so that when you play at a casino online, you escape from the monotony, feel a certain taste of the holiday. But even so, it’s important not to forget about safety.


“All gambling is monitored by the country’s regulatory agencies for honesty and safety. Users can rest assured that legitimate Canadian casinos use certified software directly from reliable developers, so these games can be played for real money without fear of fraud”, recommends one of the casino expert of such web portal, Robert Lewis.


To recharge the positive emotions is not so difficult. Enough to open your favorite casino website. Do not lose the moment!

4. Online gambling is a major employer

While players treat online gambling as entertainment, the online gambling industry itself creates many jobs. To date, the online casino and gaming industry as a whole has created more than 135,000 jobs with more than CAD 15 billion in capital. This shows that online gambling is positively affecting the well-being of the nation’s citizens and provoking economic development.

3. Equal Demographics

A study conducted by SlotsSpot .com shows equal demographics among gamblers. At online casinos in Canada, 57% of men and 43% of women bet. And it is women who are more likely to prefer online casinos, with more than 55% of them playing online. Men gambling betters are more likely to visit land-based gambling establishments. Nevertheless, every year more and more gamblers prefer online entertainment. 


2. The most popular online gambling in Canada

Online casinos provide Canadian gamblers with a wide range of entertainment. Thousands of titles can be found in the catalog of gaming platforms, from popular slot machines, to poker, roulette, and lotteries. What is noteworthy is that the majority of Canadian gamblers prefer slot machines. A recent study by the SlotsSpot .com team found that a large percentage of players are willing to bet in slots for pennies. The minimum wager allows you to spin the reels for a long time and have more fun, while reducing the risks to a minimum value.


Despite the very large variety of gambling entertainment, players from Canada most often bet on these games:

  • Slot machines are the most popular entertainment among Canadian gamblers. The main objective of the game is to spin the reels and collect several of the same symbols on the active paylines. Combinations bring certain multipliers to the gambler’s bet. Slot machines are created by the best developers, in online casinos occupy a large part of the gaming catalog. Players prefer them because of the bright graphics, simplicity of the gameplay and the ability to play with a minimum bet of 1 penny.
  • Poker is one of the most famous card games on the planet. The main objective of the game is to collect the highest combination of cards dealt by the dealer. If the combination of the gambler is higher for the combination of the dealer or other players, he gets the winnings. Online casinos have made poker more accessible, now you don’t have to go to the gambling halls, you can have fun anywhere. Canadian players prefer poker because here everything depends not only on a fraction of chance, but also on skill.
  • Roulette is one of the oldest gambling activities. It is a very simple game, you need to choose a bet and wait for the roulette wheel to stop. If the gambler manages to predict the result, he gets a big win. In Canada, American roulette is very popular, but also often gamblers make bets in European and French roulette. In this entertainment the winning depends on a fraction of chance, it is impossible to influence it.
  • Blackjack is a well-known and popular card game that has attracted the attention of Canadian gamblers. The main objective is to collect 21 points from the cards dealt, or to beat the dealer by approaching this value. You cannot exceed 21 points, as it is considered a loss. The popularity of blackjack in online casinos in Canada is due to the fact that it has simple rules and the gameplay is very fast.
  • Baccarat is another card game that is often run at Canadian online casinos. Using 2 or 3 cards, the player needs to collect 9 points, or close to that value. Because of its maximum simplicity and high odds of winning, baccarat is really popular in Canada.

1. Cities that have become famous for Casinos

Canada is home to many casinos that are known around the world for their scale. Canada’s loyal legislation on gambling has led to the fact that some cities are now associated with gambling establishments. In some regions, the economy of certain cities is completely dependent on casino activities. We have highlighted several cities that have gained notoriety because of gambling activities:


  • Niagara Falls, the city of the world’s most famous waterfall. For gamblers, this city is known for the Falls view Casino, which attracts players from all over the world. In addition to a wide variety of entertainment, several restaurants, clubs, and a large stage for events, the casino also sells hotel rooms overlooking the falls.
  • Isle of Notre Dame in Quebec City—made famous by the Casino de Montreal, which began operations in 1993. Inside, visitors will find 26 poker tables, 115 different table games and more than 3,000 slot machines. 
  • Windsor—The city has found fame thanks to the Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino entertainment complex. This casino has been voted the best in Canada 18 times in a row. Inside, the gambler expects more than 100 gaming tables and 2,200 slot machines. It also has a 400 room hotel, many restaurants, and clubs. Most of the visitors to the city are gamblers who have come to the casino. 
  • Edmonton—here is the oldest casino in the province of Alberta, River Cree Resort. It is thanks to it that the city has gained popularity and hosts hundreds of thousands of gamblers each year. The casino offers players more than 400 slot machines and tables. The environment here is very relaxing and lacks almost all the restrictions that others have.


For decades, the gambling industry in Canada has been growing and has not been hindered by the government. It continues, but land-based casinos are being replaced by online gaming platforms. The coronavirus pandemic has made a difference, with many gamblers sitting at home and beginning to explore the online gambling industry. Many have found undeniable advantages in it, so they will not give up online casino services in the future. Undoubtedly, it was this fact that gave another impetus to the development of interactive gambling on the Internet. 


It is important to note that on the part of the legislation, there are no obstacles for the gaming industry to develop. That is why, in the near future, we can expect an increase in the number of gaming platforms and a more pleasant environment for online betting in Canada.


First tabletop role-playing game on the blockchain



Reading Time: 2 minutes


On March 30, GRIPNR will launch  The Glimmering, a next-generation TTRPG experience designed to be played with Genesis Collection NFT heroes that let players’ character progress live on the blockchain.  The company over a three-day period will mint phase two of its collection of characters, available for 250 MATIC (which gets one much more than a jpeg, I can tell you what holder benefits include) to play on-chain. Unlike countless NFTs that mint with the promise of “future utility,” players will take their freshly minted characters and schedule sessions to play The Glimmering starting the same day (this hasn’t been done before).

Recently it was announced that a strategic partnership with famed NFT collector and evangelist Jimmy McNeils, a.k.a. j1mmy.eth to bring several of his Mutant Apes (Bored Apes who have been mutated by Mutant Serum) to The Glimmering as villains in the game. The collaboration will be celebrated with a future Glimmering Mutant Ape derivative collection.

The Apes will be reimagined by GRIPNR Lead Artist Justin “Angryblue” Kamerer and will be included in future adventures of The Glimmering game. Owners of the Glimmering’s Genesis Collection of heroes will be given first dibs to mint the Glimmering Mutant Apes, when they’re released in the spring of 2023.

The Glimmerings takes place in a tiny corner in the far north of a world called Asuwa in the Moonstone Empire. It’s a world that thrums with magic. Danger lurks everywhere in the world of Asuwa; but fame, glory, and riches wait for those willing to take the risk. The first six adventures of The Glimmering will be available for character levels 1-3 and rooted in a modified version of the 5th Edition ruleset, players already familiar with D&D can easily transition to The Glimmering without learning a new system.

Using the Polygon blockchain, all games will be logged, and players can track character development, loot, and campaign progress transparently. As players’ characters level up through gameplay, each character’s artwork will morph visually over time based on in-game outcomes, allowing NFT holders to influence their own rarities. Digital collectibles allow players to resell characters, weapons, armor, treasure, and other items acquired through play or purchase.

The team creating the world of The Glimmering are some of the best in their respective industries, including game design, art, technology, and storytelling.  GRIPNR is a New Orleans-based web technology company bringing tabletop games to the blockchain.  Its mission is to preserve the magic of classic TTRPGs while expanding player capabilities beyond the traditional gaming world and onto the blockchain.

Please let me know if you would like to speak with Brent and/or if there’s anything I can assist you with.

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Movie Games S.A. just announced a much-anticipated co-op mode in the upcoming Drug Dealer Simulator 2



Reading Time: 3 minutes


Movie Games S.A., a game publisher and producer listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, has just confirmed the co-op mode in Drug Dealer Simulator 2, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the biggest indie hits in the last few years. The series will thus be expanded with a multiplayer element, one of the most important components ensuring the titles’ longevity and the so-called long sales tail.

Players were informed about the new co-op mode on the Steam platform, where the footage was published showing multiplayer gameplay mechanics in a test environment based on token visuals, which will eventually be replaced by final detailed models and textures.
Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is the sequel to 2020’s hit Drug Dealer Simulator, which has been updated with 6 free expansions to date. The release of the last of the expansions in November 2022 generated a peak of over 2,000 concurrent players, which is comparable to the successful launch of the new title. At the time of writing this, Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is in 379th place among the most wishlisted games on Steam (globally) and is constantly improving its position. It is worth noting that the Steam website had its launch 5 months ago, on 17 October 2022. So far, the wishlist growth has been organic without any marketing activities. The announcement of the coop is the start of a more active marketing approach.

“When designing Drug Dealer Simulator 2, we wanted to bring the gameplay to a new level. Our goal was to keep the essence of the original while improving and expanding it in many aspects. The experience gained since the release of part 1 and the better structure of the project, built from scratch, allowed us to expand the game’s sequel with a cooperative mode, which is not only an element desired by fans of part 1, but also, in my opinion, represents the future of gaming, offering a new kind of experience, combining the advantages of single and multiplayer modes,” says Rafal Pecherzewski, creator of the Drug Dealer Simulator series.

“The co-op in Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is a fulfillment of the wishes of a huge community of fans, with whom the dialogue is one of the pillars of our publishing activities. At the same time, as a publisher, we are opening up to the players, offering them the opportunity to see what working on their favorite titles looks like. The strategy of publishing the so-called developer’s diaries worked perfectly for the Alaskan Truck Simulator project. It is also well-suited to games from the DDS universe. These titles have an international and very active community of fans, for whom the value is not only the game itself, but also the interaction with the developers and the opportunity to learn about the behind-the-scenes of production,” says Piotr Gnyp, Chief Marketing Officer of Movie Games S.A.

“The added value from a marketing perspective is that fans of Drug Dealer Simulator, thanks to the recent showcase, had the opportunity to see what the game looks like at the prototyping and testing stage of the mechanics. This addresses the frequent questions and requests from community members to see the various stages of development work. The footage we showed is a glimpse behind the scenes of the work to sublimate the best possible form of designed gameplay even before the final implementation of the content. This is a common practice in the industry and a very effective one to get the best possible product even before the stage of final polishing. In due course, and with pleasure, we will also share with the world and fans the final visuals, which the developers are currently carefully refining behind the curtains,” says Michal Puczynski, Head of Content at Movie Games.

“We are very pleased with the pace of work and the commitment of the team working on Drug Dealer Simulator 2. We are confirming this year’s release date for the sequel to Drug Dealer Simulator with confidence,” adds Mateusz Wcześniak, CEO of Movie Games S.A.

The accepted release window for Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is the year 2023

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Outfit7 Celebrates the First Anniversary of Mythic Legends With New Guilds Feature and Orc Origin



Reading Time: < 1 minute

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Mythic Legends, Outfit7 and Hyper Dot Studios have today announced two new exciting additions to the action-packed strategy RPG. The new Guilds feature allows players to connect and collaborate with each other, while the newly added Origin unlocks the savage power of the Orcs.  

 “Mythic Legends is a fast-paced, dynamic game that’s constantly evolving,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “And with the introduction of Guilds and Orcs, we’re opening up whole new worlds of strategic possibilities. Players can now unleash even more powerful Champions, potentially turning the tide of their battles, and connect with other fans to form alliances and lasting bonds in the game.” 

With Guilds, players can team up to take on battle challenges and earn rewards. The player who creates the Guild becomes the “General” and invites others to join forces and establish their own roles with different responsibilities. Together, they can plan strategies to dominate their enemies in the arena, while plotting masterplans via the in-game chat function. 

Players can now also tap into the power of the Orcs, a new Origin ruled over by the Legend Ghokan. This vicious group of warriors will inspire all-new battle strategies and add fresh blood to the Champion deck. The Orc Sorcerer, for example, can control the minds of his enemies, while the Orc Knight has the ability to taunt ranged enemies, attracting all of their attacks and gaining a defence boost. One that can change the battle outcome completely.  The ferocious new Orc Legend and its Champions can now be recruited through the game’s Token Shop. 

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