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eSport Market Is Expected To Reach around USD 5.48 Billion by 2030, Grow at a CAGR Of 21.0% during Forecast Period 2023 To 2030 | Data By Contrive Datum Insights Pvt Ltd.



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The Global eSports Market Size Was Valued at USD 1.22 Billion In 2021. The Market Is Projected To Grow From USD 1.44 Billion In 2022 To USD 5.48 Billion By 2030, Exhibiting A CAGR Of 21.0% During The Forecast PeriodWe found that the global market for eSports grew by an average of 15.4% between 2019 and 2020.

The market is growing because more games are being streamed live, big investments are being made, more people are watching, more people are getting involved, and league tournaments have better infrastructure. Because gamers, organisers, influencers, and game developers are getting better at what they do, there are more ways to make money in the market. Electronic sports can be a profession because they have big international prize pools and make money from streaming.

Also, colleges and universities have started to offer programmes that are designed to turn out skilled workers.

Recent Developments:

  • In August 2021: Gameloft partnered with ESL Gaming to enhance the mobile electronic sports-native sponsoring solutions.
  • In July 2021: Intel collaborated with the International Olympic Committee to increase the focus on hosting one of the major virtual competitions as a kickoff to the Games. The electronic sports event was mainly scheduled to be held in Katowice, a city of approximately 3,00,000 individuals in Poland, a month before the Olympic Games.
  • In June 2021: Gameloft partnered with Epik Prime, an NFT platform functioning with AAA gaming organizations & large entertainment IP and brands, which focused on launching a racing-themed set of archives within the mobile racing game Asphalt 9.

Segment Overview

Streaming Insights

There are two main types of streaming: live streaming and on-demand streaming. During the period covered by the forecast, live streaming is expected to make up the biggest part of the segment. As more attention is paid to getting fans involved, live electronic sports events are likely to become more popular. Also, as the number of smartphone users grows, more people are likely to watch live tournaments of electronic sports.

People want more entertainment at home, so video-on-demand is likely to grow quickly over the next few years. People watch more games on Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms than live because they can watch the game whenever they want. Because of this, the video-on-demand part of this business is likely to grow.

Revenue Streaming Insights

Depending on how the money comes in, the market is split into media rights, advertising, sponsorship, ticket and merchandise sales, game publisher fees, and other categories. The media rights segment is expected to gain the most market share during the time frame of the forecast. Many media companies are putting money into these games because the industry is growing and more than 380 million people around the world watch them.

Sponsorship and advertising are expected to grow quickly during the time frame of the forecast. The team that pays for the platform is putting money into it to build its brand as the number of viewers grows. In the same way, many apps that let you play games have ads in them to make more money.

Gaming Genre Insights

Based on the type of game, the market is split into real-time strategy games, first-person shooter games, fighting games, multiplayer online battle arena games, mass multiplayer online role-playing games, and other types. During the time frame of the prediction, the market for first-person shooter games is expected to grow a lot. Many different game providers offer a huge number of first-person shooter games. The 3D worlds in the games of the past looked real.

Fighting games will get better in a lot of ways. Because it is used in virtual and video games, it is becoming more popular on the market.

Over the next few years, multiplayer online battle arena games will grow quickly because they are fun and profitable. Since multiplayer is becoming more and more popular, it is likely to grow.

Regional Outlook:

In 2021, North America had the largest share of the market. There are a lot of online gamers in this area, which should help the business grow. The largest companies in the area are Activision Blizzard, Inc., Riot Games, Inc., X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd., and others. To stay ahead of the competition and meet customer needs, they spend a lot of money on research and development.

Asia-Pacific is likely to grow a lot over the next few years. Because of how quickly sports events are moving to digital platforms for entertainment, countries like China, Japan, and India are likely to have a high demand. Electronic sports are becoming more popular because the gaming and entertainment industry in Asia and the Pacific has so many opportunities.

Most European countries have a strong sports market, which is likely to give companies that offer online sports platforms more ways to make money. Fans are always looking for new ways to play games. In the same way, a lot of different people are investing a lot in this market in Europe because it has a growing audience and a higher return on investment.

Scope of Report:

Report Attributes Details
Growth Rate CAGR of 21.0% from 2023 to 2030.
Revenue Forecast by 2022                        USD 1.44 Billion
By Streaming Type On-demand, Live, Others
By Revenue Streaming Game Publisher Fees, Media Rights, Advertisement, Sponsorship, Ticket & Merchandise, Others
By Gaming Genre Real-time Strategy Games, First Person Shooter Games, Fighting Games, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games, Mass Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games, Others
By Companies  Sony Group Corporation (Japan), Twitch Interactive, Inc. (U.S.), Activision Blizzard, Inc. (U.S.), Tencent Holdings Limited (China), Riot Games, Inc. (U.S.), Gfinity plc (U.K.), X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. (U.S.), Loco (Stoughton Street Tech Labs Private Limited) (India), Caffeine (U.S.), DLive Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (U.S.)
Regions and Countries Covered
  • North America: (US, Canada, Mexico, Rest of North America)
  • Europe(Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Nordic Countries, Benelux Union, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • The Middle East & Africa(Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East & Africa)
  • Latin America(Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Rest Of the World
Base Year  2022
Historical Year  2017 to 2022
Forecast Year  2023 to 2030


Advertisements aimed at people who watch electronic sports, like those shown during live streams on online platforms or electronic sports TV, bring money into this market.

Advertising is likely to bring in a lot of money in the coming years as more people watch online platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Streamlabs says that in 2018, the most money was made by YouTube and Twitch. Twitch had 4.32 million quarterly active streamers, while YouTube had 1.13 million.

So, as the number of streamers grows, advertising-related content is likely to increase, which will help the market make money.

Driving Factors:

Because technology is always getting better, people all over the world have become dependent on smartphones, other high-tech gadgets, and the internet. Because so many people want to play games, video game companies have moved to a model where they make money over and over again. Also, as technology keeps getting better, there are more and more video game tournaments, virtual reality products, and people spending a lot of money on video content all over the world.

The online gaming market is growing because more people are using advanced gaming technologies, people have different tastes in entertainment, and more people want to play games on their phones. Because more people have smartphones and the internet is better, the number of players has grown quickly.

Restraining Factors:

LED computer monitors can cause metabolic disorders, and gambling addiction and social behaviour disorders can cause psychological problems in gamers.

A recent study by Zwiebel et al. on the health effects of electronic sports players found that they are more likely to get back, neck, and upper limb injuries. The same thing can happen if you spend too much time in front of a computer screen. Most of these problems happen because these players don’t move around much and stand in an awkward way.

Key Segments Covered:

Top Market Players:
Sony Group Corporation (Japan), Twitch Interactive, Inc. (U.S.), Activision Blizzard, Inc. (U.S.), Tencent Holdings Limited (China), Riot Games, Inc. (U.S.), Gfinity plc (U.K.), X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. (U.S.), Loco (Stoughton Street Tech Labs Private Limited) (India), Caffeine (U.S.), DLive Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (U.S.), and others.

By Streaming Type

  • On-demand
  • Live
  • Others

By Revenue Streaming

  • Game Publisher Fees
  • Media Rights
  • Advertisement
  • Sponsorship
  • Ticket & Merchandise
  • Others

By Gaming Genre

  • Real-time Strategy Games
  • First Person Shooter Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
  • Mass Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games
  • Others

Regions and Countries Covered

  • North America: (US, Canada, Mexico, Rest of North America)
  • Europe: (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Nordic Countries, Benelux Union, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific: (Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • The Middle East & Africa: (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East & Africa)
  • Latin America: (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Rest Of the World


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Team Top-G crowned champions of NESC 2023; become first ever Indian female CS:GO team to qualify for World Esports Championships



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Scripting history, team Top-G emerged as champions of the inaugural all-female CS:GO qualifiers with a stunning 2-1 victory against team Purr-ple at the ongoing National Esports Championships (NESC) 2023 organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI). Following this monumental result, Top-G has become the first Indian female CS:GO team to qualify for the global finals of the World Esports Championships (WEC).

With ace CS:GO athletes such as captain Swayambika Sachar (Sway), Shagufta Iqbal (xyaa), Nidhi Salekar (Stormyyy), Dilraj Kaur Matharu (COCO), Aastha Nangia (CrackShot) and Priyanka Choudhary (ALEXAA) as Substitute in their squad, Top-G proved their mettle against team Purr-ple in the closely-contested finals.

Expressing her feelings on the stellar victory, the team captain of Top-G, Swayambika ‘Sway’ Sachar said, “Winning the finals was an unreal feeling for all of us. We felt so many emotions before, after, and most importantly during the match and the adrenaline rush was on another level. Triumphing in this tournament and representing India on an international stage is a dream come true for all of us and we aim to prove on the world stage why we deserve this spot. We are grateful to ESFI for providing us with such an amazing opportunity and we truly appreciate the efforts put in by them to uplift women in Esports.”

Top-G dominated the first map by 16 -10 before Purr-ple made a stunning comeback to win the second map 16-14. While both teams were going toe-to-toe in the enthralling finals, Top-G utilized their effective teamwork and proficient attacking tactics to edge out their opponents and take the last map by 19-15 in overtime.

 “It gives us immense joy to see a female team representing India at the World Esports Championships for the first time in history. The electrifying finals were a testament to the ability that our country’s female athletes possess and why ESFI has constantly been taking significant efforts to provide them with opportunities to display their talent and high-quality gameplay. We would like to congratulate Top-G on their remarkable accomplishment and look forward to them winning at the regional & global finals in Romania,” said Vinod Tiwari, President of the Esports Federation of India.

The ESFI will now be organizing friendlies against distinguished CS:GO teams from other countries for team Top-G before their participation at the WEC 2023 which is scheduled to take place in Iasi, Romania.

With a whopping prize pool of $500,000 (INR 4.12 crore) and at least 130 countries participating, the 15th WEC is set to be the largest edition of the tournament to date. The global finals of the prestigious tournament will take place from August 24 – September 4, 2023.

One of the country’s top sports & Esports communication agencies, Artsmith-Concepts & Visions, will continue its support to the Esports Federation of India as their official communication partner.

The ongoing NESC is witnessing the participation of 275 athletes across four different titles – CS:GO, DOTA 2, Tekken7, and eFootball 2023 and its exciting action is being streamed live on ESFI’s Youtube, Facebook, and Glance Gaming channels.

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MSSA’s view of encouraging females to play esports



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Esports, or electronic sports, has become a global phenomenon, with millions of people tuning in to watch competitive video game matches online or in person. As the popularity of esports continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the industry, particularly in terms of gender.

Since 2009 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has had an active policy to increase female representation in esports. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it is simply a matter of fairness and equality. Women should have the same opportunities to compete and succeed in esports as men. By promoting gender diversity in the industry, we can help to break down barriers and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

However, as MSSA President, Colin Webster, stated, “There are also practical reasons why having more females play esports is important. For one, it can help to grow the industry. Women make up a significant portion of the gaming market, and by tapping into this market, esports organizations and companies can reach a wider audience and increase their revenue streams.”

Webster added, “Additionally, having more females involved in esports can help to address some of the toxic behaviors and attitudes that have plagued the industry in the past. Women have historically faced harassment and discrimination in the gaming world, but by promoting gender diversity and inclusion, we can help to create a more welcoming and supportive community.”

There are also potential benefits to individual female players. By participating in esports, women can gain valuable skills and experience in areas such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving as well as earn Regional, provincial, and National Colours that may help such females obtain bursaries in order to study further. These skills can then be applied to other areas of their lives, such as their careers or personal relationships.

However, increasing female representation in esports is not without its challenges as MSSA is painfully aware. Women are still underrepresented in the industry, and those who do participate often face a range of barriers and obstacles. Some of these include online harassment and discrimination, a lack of female role models and mentors, and limited opportunities for sponsorship and funding.

MSSA faced very stiff opposition from many gamers, some of them who even have daughters, over the years when promoting its policies of enablement and inclusion.

To address these challenges, MSSA has always taken proactive steps to promote gender diversity and inclusion. This has included initiatives of providing incentives and creating real and credible upward movement. MSSA is the only esports national federation, world-wide with 40% of its Board consisting of female Board Members.

In conclusion, increasing female representation in esports is not only a matter of fairness and equality, but also a practical way to grow the industry and create a more inclusive and supportive community. By taking proactive steps to promote gender diversity and inclusion, we can help to build a better future for esports and for everyone involved in it.

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Removal of Hearthstone as Contested Esports Title At Hangzhou Asian Games 2023



Reading Time: < 1 minute
Esports is going to make its debut at the Asian Games 2023 as a proper medal event, earlier in 2018 it was there as a demonstration title. The Asian Games 2022, originally scheduled for September last year, will now be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023. This multi-nation event will cement the industry mark into a mainstream sports scene. 

The seven official events, and publishers, are:

1. Arena of Valor Asian Games Version

2. Dota 2

3. Dream Three Kingdoms 2

4. EA SPORTS FIFA branded soccer games

5. League of Legends

6. PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version

7. Street Fighter V

Showing his disappointment, please find below the quote on behalf of Mr. Lokesh Suji, Director, Esports Federation of India & Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF) on this announcement:

“It is unfortunate to hear that Hearthstone will not be included in the upcoming Asian Games, especially because India’s first Esports medal at the tournament came in this very title in 2018 when Tirth Mehta clinched the bronze medal. That achievement holds a special place in our Esports community and we were hopeful that our talented athletes Shikhar Choudhary and Karthik Varma would be able to bring similar honour to the country by competing in this official medal sport.

Nonetheless, we respect the OCA’s decision and remain confident that our athletes will perform at the highest level in the other titles to make the country proud. We look forward to supporting them as they represent India in the prestigious tournament.”

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