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Fish Games in Latin America: a Real Catch



Fish Games in Latin America: a Real Catch
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With their roots in the Asian iGaming market and a long history of success in the region, fish games have now found a new wave of popularity in Latin America. Thanks to their easy-to-learn gameplay, the chance to catch a big win while playing something other than slots, these games have quickly become a favourite pastime for many LatAm players. The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, with its partner, game provider KA Gaming, have been observing their rise of popularity and are ready to cover this trend in detail in this article. 



Fish games are RNG games for online casinos. These games are based on the concept of fishing, where players use virtual fishing nets or guns to catch fish or other aquatic creatures on the screen. Each shot or reel accounts for a bet, and every fish or character has its ‘value’. When the shot hits the fish, the winning prize is awarded to the players. 

These games often have colourful graphics, lively sound effects, a variety of characters with different point values, and, consequently, the potential for big payouts. Players can win prizes by catching fish and accumulating points for this, and some games even offer bonus rounds or jackpots for particularly skilled players. 



Diving back into the history of fish games, they grew from simple arcade video games in China in the 2000s. Over time, the games became more advanced, with improved graphics, gameplay, and online connectivity, leading them into online casino portfolios. Many Asian iGaming companies now offer players a wide range of fish game options. 

KA Gaming is one of the game providers whose portfolio includes around 50 fish games. In partnership with the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, they supply these games to operators in different markets via API, including LatAm, where the demand for fish games has increased significantly during the last year.

Argentina, in particular, has emerged as a hotbed for fish games, with KA Gaming’s average number of ‘fish’ bets exceeding 8.5 million a month. This is a significant milestone, especially when compared to Asian countries where fish games have been popular for years. 

The popularity of this game type has also spread to other countries in the region, including Brazil, Chile, and Peru. As players across Latin America continue to discover the excitement and potential rewards of fish games, likely, the popularity of these games will only continue to grow.

Mei Tu, Director of Sales and Marketing at KA Gaming, comments: “We are thrilled by the potential for growth that the Latin American market represents for fish games. With an assumed room for growth in this region, the numbers we see from Argentina are auspicious. While fish games have been popular in Asian countries for many years and have already gained a regular audience, the average monthly spins range from 12 to 25 million. In contrast, the figure of 8.5 million spins per month in Argentina alone is an excellent result, especially considering that fish games have only been gaining popularity for the past year and that slot games remain the most preferred option in the region. We’re excited to see how the popularity of fish games will continue to grow in LatAm and beyond.”



So why have fish games become so popular in LatAm? There are several reasons for this trend. For one, they are easy to learn and play, with simple controls and fast-paced gameplay that keeps players engaged. Additionally, fish games are known for their high payouts, which can attract both casual and serious players alike.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, has also noted that the easy entry threshold, allowing players to place small bets and still win, is a major factor driving the popularity of fish games in LatAm. 

“The trend we’re seeing among players in this region is to place small but regular bets, which sets them apart from players in other regions. Fish games have a high probability of winning due to the ‘frequent catches’ and low betting options.”

Additionally, Tatyana notes that players in LatAm prefer to place bets using mobile devices. Since many fish games offered by operators and gaming providers are mobile-friendly, this is convenient for players in the region, contributing to the increasing popularity of these games.

KA Gaming also highlights the reasons for the rising popularity of fish games in LatAm. Among them, there are the following:

  • Fish games have the element of player interaction in the same rooms (usually 4–6) as they compete to ‘hunt the big fish for big rewards, creating much excitement for the players

  • There are multiple stages of the game, such as the “big boss” stage, where the players expect big wins once they successfully ‘reel in the ‘big boss’

  • The dynamic movement of the fishes and other characters on the screen, the fast pace of the fish hunt coupled with colourful visuals provide a great gamification experience for players

  • In addition, the gameplay learning curve is low compared to other games. KA Gaming usually sets the minimum bet lower than a typical slot game, making it easy for players to dive into the game

Summing up the above, Mei Tu adds: “Good games will always be good, regardless of culture and geography. Fish games’ exciting and engaging nature attracts players seeking a unique experience. Physical table fish games have already proven popular in North America, so we believe that with proper exposure and availability in the LatAm market, fish games will also gain popularity. It may take some players a warm-up or educational period, but it will also attract new players to iGaming who originally enjoyed arcade games.”

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and KA Gaming have joined forces to provide top-notch content to operators in various regions, including supplying fish and hunting games to online casinos in LatAm. KA Gaming’s fish games, such as KA Fish Hunter, Poseidon’s Secret, Golden Dragon, Three Head Dragon, and Happy Food Hunter, are among the most popular titles among LatAm players in the content hub’s portfolio.

Tatyana Kaminskaya says: “We will continue to monitor the increasing popularity of fish games in LatAm. We recognise the potential for growth in this region beyond, and recommend operators to add this type of games to their online casinos The surge in popularity of certain game types reinforces this belief. Our portfolio boasts over 16,000 games available to LatAm clients, complete with API integration, exceptional service, and a range of tools that boost player engagement rates in online casinos. Notably, our recently launched Tournament Tool has already been tried out by several clients and has shown great promise.”


Bitblox bridges the gap between games of chance and games of skill



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From nodes to NFTs there’s a lot to learn in the often intimidating world of cryptocurrency, but innovative crypto predictions games provider Bitblox is here to make testing your token knowledge a fun and rewarding experience with its all-new price-based competitions.

Conceived as a way to introduce engaging, crypto-oriented content to the masses, the unique games provided by Bitblox combine elements of both chance and skill, meaning they hold equal appeal for those with knowledge of the market and those who are totally new to cryptocurrency.

Licensed in the Isle of Man, the company is pitched at operators and aggregators and will begin rolling out its titles in regulated markets in the coming weeks. This means online betting platforms will soon be able to provide players with access to an exciting range of Bitblox games that are all based on their ability to correctly predict the value of a specific token over a set period of time.

Among the provider’s current options, operators will be able to choose from Up or Down and Up or Down Turbo – both of which challenge bettors to predict whether the value of a cryptocurrency will increase or decrease over a 60 or 20 second interval – and 3 in a Row, which enhances this concept by allowing players to combine three different outcomes for massively increased prizes.

To generate further interest among casino players who are perhaps new to cryptocurrency, Bitblox also offers BitSlap – a game which introduces fun characters to the betting experience, making it more light-hearted and creating multiple potential branding opportunities for operators.

Though all games are currently available in pool betting format, Bitblox has already announced that it intends to introduce fixed odds betting to its titles in the near future, with this enabling each operator to set their own prices. On top of that, the company is also exploring the possibility of adding both free-to-play and real money tournament versions of its existing content, with this added social aspect having huge potential to boost engagement and uptake among new players.

Brandt Page, CEO at Bitblox, said: “We know the world of cryptocurrency can often be a little daunting to the uninitiated, but with its fun and engaging price prediction games, Bitblox intends to create a new way of betting where players of all experience levels can profit.

“Combining elements of skill and luck, unique games like Up or Down provide the perfect stage for crypto aficionados to capitalise on their know-how while also offering an exciting and informative way for newcomers to learn as they play. With four titles already available and more to come in 2024, we’re sure they’ll change the way operators think about crypto-based betting.”

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OdiBets, one of Africa’s largest and most trusted betting operators announces new partnership with leading B2B games provider and acquisition and retention specialists, Incentive Games.

Through this collaboration, Incentive Games will integrate their bespoke Velocity crash games system to OdiBets’ platform, launching in the summer of 2024.

The launch will encompass a dynamic mix of gaming options, including:

  • Free-to-play Velocity crash game: This engaging format will allow players to experience the excitement of crash gameplay without financial risk.
  • Several pay-to-play crash games: OdiBets’ customers will have access to a selection of thrilling pay-to-play crash games, offering a chance to win cash prizes.

Incentive Games’ expert developers have meticulously crafted this suite to seamlessly align with OdiBets’ platform, guaranteeing a smooth player experience. Once live, the Incentive Labs team – a dedicated group of R&D, data, and AI specialists – will work behind the scenes to analyse user behaviour and preferences. This allows for ongoing optimisation and personalisation, ensuring OdiBets’ players receive the most engaging and rewarding crash game experience.

John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games, said, “We are delighted to partner with OdiBets, a leading force in the African gaming market. Their commitment to providing an exceptional player experience aligns perfectly with our vision at Incentive Games. We’re confident that our innovative crash games will provide an entirely new level of entertainment and help solidify their position as a top gaming destination in Africa.”

Wilson Gichuki, Head of Product at OdiBets, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Incentive Games. Their expertise in gamification will significantly enrich our platform, offering our users more interactive and enjoyable betting experiences. This alliance aligns with Odibets’ goal to deliver cutting-edge gaming solutions and diversify its entertainment options for its customers and the gaming industry.”

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Azerion Announces Launch of Habbo Hotel: Origins



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Azerion proudly announces the launch of Habbo Hotel: Origins, inviting players to relive the magic of the iconic virtual world as it existed in 2005. This thrilling release marks a major milestone in online gaming history, inviting players to experience the original charm and magic of the early Habbo Hotel.

Habbo Hotel: Origins allows players to relive the magic of the original Habbo experience, meticulously recreated to mirror its 2005 counterpart. With a focus on authenticity and community engagement, it provides players with a genuine and immersive gaming experience that captures the essence of the early days of Habbo. By fostering community involvement and preserving the nostalgia of 2005, we aim to reignite the passion of longtime fans and introduce new players to the charm of Habbo.

Today, we invite players to step back in time and experience the nostalgia of Habbo Hotel Origins. Featuring an authentic recreation of the game from 2005, this launch promises a fresh, community-driven approach to gameplay.

Exciting Features Await:

  • Users can launch the client from the Habbo Hotel Origins website.

  • Habbo Hotel Origins will host three hotels catering to English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking players.

  • As an 18+ game, Habbo Hotel Origins marks a deliberate shift in the target audience, offering a more mature and immersive experience. While retaining the essence of 2005, Habbo Hotel: Origins introduces necessary updates to comply with modern safety regulations. These include revisions to the call for help flow, additional profile options for enhanced privacy control, GDPR support for data management, and mandatory TOTP registration/login to bolster account security.

  • A Community-Led Journey: In a departure from convention, Habbo Hotel: Origins will adopt a community-led approach to development. In the InfoBus Park room, important questions about development and direction will be posed, with players empowered to vote on these questions and influence decisions, actively shaping the future of the game.

“We couldn’t be more excited to present Habbo Hotel: Origins to our players worldwide,” said Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, VP of Games and Content at Azerion. “This release is the culmination of countless hours of hard work and dedication from the Habbo team, highlighting the enduring legacy of Habbo. We invite players from across the globe to join us on this nostalgic journey and take a trip down memory lane with Habbo Hotel: Origins.”

“I am very excited that we are able to release something that the community has been asking for years. Now everyone come and see what made Habbo popular all those years ago!” continued Mika Timonen, Product Director of Habbo.

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