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What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Casino Industry



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Any marketing specialist worth their salt will tell you that Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally transforming the casino industry. It is reshaping the way in which we operate, cater to players and manage their experiences.

Working at Mr. Gamble, I am quick to embrace everything new and innovative but I believe the industry as a whole will greatly benefit from more companies realizing the potential of this technology.

The Evolution of AI in Online Gambling

Throughout the eventful journey of AI’s integration into the industry, it evolved from a novel tool for data analysis to a crucial component in virtually every aspect of the gambling sector.

In the late 90s, during AI’s initial foray into gambling, its role was basic. It mainly focused on data analysis for operational efficiency and understanding customer patterns.

It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that the advent of more sophisticated machine learning algorithms led to predictive analytics. Casinos began using AI to not only analyze past behaviors but also predict future player preferences and trends. A decade later, AI systems even became capable of identifying and responding to suspicious activities.

Finally, nowadays the focus shifted once again, with new casino sites increasingly relying on AI to monitor player behaviors for signs of problem gambling.

As a CMO whose career has been closely tied to the industry for many years, I’ve experienced these changes firsthand. Surprisingly, AI often goes underappreciated, with many people either taking it for granted or choosing to ignore its benefits. With this in mind, I’d like to highlight the ways in which AI is helping the industry.

Enhancing Customer Experiences With AI

One of the most exciting applications of AI is in personalizing the customer experience. Imagine a scenario where a player walks into your casino, and AI-driven systems analyze their previous behavior, suggesting games that align with their preferences. The player wouldn’t have to scroll through the entire game library to find 3D slots or virtual poker.

This isn’t a far-fetched future; it’s happening now. By leveraging AI, we’re not just offering games but curating experiences that resonate with each individual, making them feel valued and understood.

AI in Fraud Detection and Security

Another critical aspect where AI has been a game-changer is security and fraud detection. AI algorithms can monitor gaming patterns, spot irregularities, and flag potential cheating or fraud. This capability is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our games and the trust of our players.

As a CMO, I understand that a casino’s reputation hinges on its fairness and security, and AI is instrumental in upholding these values.

A Boon for Marketing

From a marketing perspective, AI is a potent tool. It streamlines operations, automates mundane tasks, and provides insightful data that guide our marketing strategies.

Common wisdom dictates that for every 1 hour spent on creating ads, at least 2 hours should be spent on researching the target demographic. AI helps us cut down this work significantly, by segmenting our audience, understanding their behavior, and predicting trends. This leaves us with more time and energy to craft targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

With Christmas on the way, perhaps it’s time those on the fence dipped their toes into AI-assisted marketing.

Technological Limitations: AI and Biases

As I was writing this piece, it occurred to me how saccharine this all sounded, so I’m inclined to add a spoonful of salt. Long story short, AI is made by humans and thus may sometimes exhibit the same logical pitfalls as the rest of us.

A famous story about a faulty soap dispenser showed that even technology can show signs of racial bias. Trained exclusively by a group of researchers with pale complexion, the sensor did not trigger upon seeing darker skin, resulting in entire demographics of people not getting to use a simple soap dispenser.

Another story is about a Chinese woman whose friend was supposedly able to unlock her Face ID-protected iPhone X. The facial recognition software was plagued by the same bias as its soap-dispensing colleague.

This bears repeating: the AI technology by itself is neutral. AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on. Poor quality, biased, or incomplete data can lead to inaccurate or unfair outcomes.

While the old adage of “A poor craftsman blames his tools” was invented way before the coming of AI, its wisdom is as true as ever.

Other Challenges and Ethical Considerations

Speaking from personal experience, using AI is incredibly addictive. There is temptation to allow AI to remove all of your bottlenecks – perhaps a leftover from the startup industry with its commitment to solve everything with technology – but we must be vigilant of its shortcomings.

AI algorithms, especially those based on deep learning, can be highly complex and operate as “black boxes,” making it difficult to understand how they arrive at certain decisions or predictions. This lack of transparency can be a significant issue, especially in areas where explainability is crucial.

There is also public skepticism and mistrust towards AI, especially in sensitive areas like gambling and adjacent areas like digital art. Building and maintaining public trust is essential for the successful adoption of AI technologies. Used inappropriately, AI can exacerbate problem gambling instead of helping us identify and support those in need.

Lastly, remember that people are your most valuable resource. While AI can remove some of the pain points, it can never substitute the real person behind the screen. Some of the best ideas in Mr. Gamble’s history came as a result of just a simple ChatGPT prompt but team brainstorming.

Embracing AI for a Sustainable Future

AI is not just a technological advancement for the casino industry; it’s a paradigm shift. Despite some of the challenges, both ethical and technological, I still see AI as an invaluable ally in understanding our players better.

Whether you agree with this or not, the future of casino gaming from now on is intertwined with AI, and we at Mr. Gamble are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution, embracing the myriad opportunities it presents.

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TapNation and Immutable Partner to Onboard Millions into the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem



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TapNation and Immutable have teamed up to build an inclusive and diverse Web3 gaming future.

Leading French mobile gaming publishing company TapNation has partnered with Immutable — the preferred developer platform for building & scaling web3 games on Ethereum.

TapNation’s strategic alliance with Immutable will see the French publisher leverage Immutable’s scaling solution for games that offers EVM compatibility, low cost, massive scale, and Ethereum security, while also transitioning TapNation’s sizable player base into the Web3 era.

“We are thrilled to start this new partnership with Immutable, one of the major players from the Web3 ecosystem,” says Philippe Lenormand, Head of Web3 at TapNation. “We’re sure that together we’ll drive our Web2 players into Web3 and take them on an incredible new journey.”

This will partly be achieved through the creation of more intuitive blockchain experiences and a user-friendly onboarding experience.

TapNation will start by enhancing the user experience with mechanics on two of its most popular published mobile games: Giant Rush (iOS & Android) and Parking Jam (iOS & Android).

With over 200 million downloads, Giant Rush is a hyper casual runner game in which players take on the role of a heroic adventurer tasked with defeating massive giants and collecting valuable treasures.

Meanwhile, unique puzzle game Parking Jam has over 15 million downloads and sees players take on the mantle of a traffic controller by manoeuvring cars around a crowded lot.

The partnership between TapNation and Immutable is currently in production, with a release scheduled in a couple of months.


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Imagine Live Launches New Adventurous Game Show – Robin The Fair



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Stand First

Imagine Live is excited to announce the launch of its newest game show, “Robin The Fair.” This simple yet adventurous show is set to captivate players with its unique and exciting concept inspired by the legendary Robin Hood.


Press Release

“Robin The Fair” takes contestants on an adventurous journey where the players should make a choice. Players participate in a card-based game where they are presented with seven rows; with two cards in each row. The game’s main objective is for players to guess a higher card from each row.

Imagine Live announced during ICE London 2024 that the best part about this game show is the unique game logic that engages the players to move forward through the game, reach higher rows, and get the most out of this adventurous game.


Key Features of “Robin The Fair”

The Robin Hood Concept: – The game operates from a themed studio. Set decorations and thematic elements create a visually captivating environment that evokes the charm and magic of Robin Hood’s legend.

Up to x5000 Multipliers: – A distinctive feature of the game is the Bonus Multiplier, which amplifies the win amount substantially. This adds an element of excitement as players aim for higher rewards.

Comfortable and Intuitive Interface: – The game’s interface is designed to be easy for both partners and players. The interface allows them to navigate effortlessly through the game. Imagine Live is confident that “Robin The Fair” will become a players’ favorite, offering a fresh and engaging perspective on the game show genre.


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Esports World Cup Reveals First Five Game Titles for Summer 2024



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Esports World Cup (EWC) Foundation this week revealed the first five games that will be part of the inaugural Esports World Cup this summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The addition of Honor of Kings, Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, StarCraft II to the Summer 2024 program underscores the EWC’s mission of bringing together diverse game communities for a truly global event.

“With a mix of storied PC games and some of the biggest mobile esports titles in the world, Esports World Cup captures the past, present, and future of esports,” said Ralf Reichert, CEO, Esports World Cup Foundation. “StarCraft II, Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Honor of Kings are all outstanding titles for the Esports World Cup. From the games that foundationally defined this industry, to the premier mobile titles beloved by a new wave of gamers, we are building the World Cup to connect with and elevate clubs, players, fans, and the entire esports community.”

The first set of titles features three games with rich histories central to the global popularization of esports. Franchises like StarCraft built standout esports ecosystems during the early days of the industry, and titles such as Dota have consistently shattered viewership and prize pool records throughout decades of competitive play. Counter-Strike 2 represents a new era for a storied esports title, which remains one of the most popular esports in the world 25 years later.

Mobile games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lay the foundation for a new frontier of esports – one that leans on the accessibility of the platform and opportunities to host top-tier competition anywhere a 5G signal is available. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is among the most-watched esports in the world by peak viewership, and presents an opportunity to engage an underserved, yet large and diverse, segment of esports fans.

Honor of Kings, the most-played mobile MOBA, is the latest title confirmed for inclusion in the Esports World Cup. Honor of Kings has announced a $15 million commitment to build the game’s international esports ecosystem. In 2024, its esports circuit will feature more tournaments than ever, with over 1000 events across global markets to support the game’s full international launch later this year.

Esports World Cup aims to bring this mix of platforms, genres, and fans together for the largest-ever celebration of gaming as a global sport. Alongside initiatives such as EWC Foundation’s Club Program, announced earlier this month, the tournament will help foster cross-game competition, connecting the audience to their favorite titles and new opportunities for fandom, and facilitating world-class tournaments in dozens of titles.

Participating publishers and games were introduced on social media through related videos that captured not only their unique IP, but the regions that have been integral to their esports history. The campaign highlights the rise of esports as a global sport and the convergence of these regions and their favorite games at the Esports World Cup in summer 2024. The full list of reveals and the cities featured in their CGI reveals to date includes:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Shanghai, China)
Dota 2 (Seattle, Washington, USA)
StarCraft II (Seoul, South Korea)
Counter-Strike 2 (Cologne, Germany)
Honor of Kings (Shenzhen, China)
Additional titles will be announced soon.

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