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Galaxsys Reveals the Details Behind Latest Crash Game – Limbo Crash



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Galaxsys gaming studio proudly announces its latest game release, Limbo Crash. Prepare for a thrilling gaming experience with this intriguing crash game, which promises not just winnings but a rollercoaster of fun for players seeking a unique gaming adventure.

In Limbo Crash, players specify the bet amount and choose a preferred multiplier, anticipating the rising odds in the battery. Once the player presses the ‘bet’ button, the odds might stop at a random number and players win with corresponding odds if they match or surpass the chosen multiplier. Unlike most crash games, Limbo Crash lets players play independently, allowing them to set preferred odds at the beginning of the game.

Game Highlights:

Surprise Bonuses with Odds Interval
The game offers a special bonus called Odds Interval, unlocking additional bonuses when matched with the player’s chosen multiplier.

Interactive Visuals for Maximum Enjoyment
Limbo Crash prioritizes visually appealing and user-friendly design, ensuring the gaming experience is not just thrilling but also visually satisfying.

Multifunctional AutoBet
Switching to the Multifunctional Autobet mode enables players to configure more advanced and customizable options for automated betting.

Bonus System
FreeBet and FreeAmount bonuses provide an option to award bonuses to the players with terms set by the operator.

RTP and What Happens If Players Disconnect
With an RTP of 96.5% to 98%, Limbo Crash ensures a fair shot at victory. And no worries about disconnections; if it happens after a bet players’ winnings are safe and sound, automatically transferred to the balance.

Limbo Crash truly stands out as a captivating game that offers players a unique and engaging crash game experience. As players select their multiplier and await the odds in the battery to rise and meet their expectations, they enjoy a thrilling journey where every decision counts. The higher the multiplier chosen, the greater the challenge, introducing a strategic element that keeps players entertained throughout the game.

For more information, please contact:

Mark McGuinness

Mobile: +447970150907, e-mail Mark.McGuinness @Digitain. com.

visit www. Galaxsys. co

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CrashoSaurus Roars Onto the Gaming Scene!



Reading Time: < 1 minute


PopOK Gaming announces the launch of its latest adrenaline-fueled adventure: CrashoSaurus! Get ready to be transported through time in this heart-pounding journey where players team up with a fearless caveman to outrun a dino stampede.

In CrashoSaurus, players will dodge lightning strikes, evade gigantic rocks, and narrowly escape the jaws of carnivorous plants, all while the multiplier soars to dizzying heights. It’s a prehistoric party where every moment is packed with excitement and anticipation.


🎮 The Ultimate Gaming Experience:

CrashoSaurus offers an innovative online gaming experience where players can place bets on a rapidly increasing multiplier. The objective? Strategically cash out before the multiplier crashes! With every decision, players must weigh the thrill of holding on for bigger wins against the risk of losing it all.


💥 Multiply Your Excitement:

Survive the prehistoric chaos and cash in big with CrashoSaurus! Dodge disasters, rack up multipliers, and experience the rush of epic wins like never before. With every spin, players will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next big payout.


🚀 Join the Adventure Today:

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Jump into CrashoSaurus now and feel the Jurassic rush! Run, multiply, and cash out your way to victory in this epic gaming experience.

CrashoSaurus is now available for play, so don’t miss out on the chance to unleash your inner adventurer and win big!

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DGA: Danes’ Gambling Spend Increased in February 2024



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Denmark’s gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has reported an increase in gambling spend for February 2024. The total gambling spend on betting, online casino, gaming machines and land-based casino amounted to DKK 587 million in February 2024. This corresponds to an increase of 18.3% compared to February 2023.

The total increase in the gambling spend is due to increases in all four gambling categories. Among other things, the spending on betting increased by 32.5%. The growth in betting may be explained by a lower RTP in February 2024 compared to February 2023.

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Industry News

IDnow Bridges the AI-human Divide with New Expert-led Video Verification Solution



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IDnow, a leading identity verification provider in Europe, has unveiled VideoIdent Flex, a new version of its expert-led video verification service that blends advanced AI technology with human interaction. The human-based video call solution, supported by AI, has been designed and built to boost customer conversion rates, reduce rising fraud attempts, increase inclusivity, and tackle an array of complex online verification scenarios, while offering a high-end service experience to end customers.

The company’s original expert-led product, VideoIdent, has been a cornerstone in identity verification for over a decade, serving the strictest requirements in highly regulated industries across Europe. VideoIdent Flex, re-engineered specifically for the UK market, represents a significant evolution, addressing the growing challenges of identity fraud, compliance related to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes and ensuring fair access and inclusivity in today’s digital world outside of fully automated processes.

As remote identity verification becomes more crucial yet more challenging, VideoIdent Flex combines high-quality live video identity verification with hundreds of trained verification experts, thus ensuring that genuine customers gain equal access to digital services while effectively deterring fraudsters and money mules. Unlike fully automated solutions based on document liveness and biometric liveness features, this human-machine collaboration not only boosts onboarding rates and prevents fraud but also strengthens trust and confidence in both end users and organisations. VideoIdent Flex can also serve as a fallback service in case a fully automated solution fails.

Bertrand Bouteloup, Chief Commercial Officer at IDnow, said: “VideoIdent Flex marks a groundbreaking advancement in identity verification, merging AI-based technology with human intuition. In a landscape of evolving fraud tactics and steady UK bank branch closures, our solution draws on our decade’s worth of video verification experience and fraud insights, empowering UK businesses to maintain a competitive edge by offering a white glove service for VIP onboarding. With its unique combination of KYC-compliant identity verification, real-time fraud prevention solutions, and expert support, VideoIdent Flex is a powerful tool for the UK market.”

Whereas previously firms may have found video identification solutions to be excessive for their compliance requirement or out of reach due to costs, VideoIdent Flex opens up this option by customising checks as required by the respective regulatory bodies in financial services, mobility, telecommunications or gaming, to offer a streamlined solution fit for every industry and geography.

Bouteloup added: “Identity verification is incredibly nuanced; it’s as intricate as we are as human beings. This really compounds the importance of adopting a hybrid approach to identity – capitalising on the dual benefits of advanced technology when combined with human knowledge and awareness of social cues. With bank branches in the UK closing down, especially in the countryside, and interactions becoming more and more digital, our solution offers a means to maintain a human relationship between businesses and their end customers, no matter their age, disability or neurodiversity.

“VideoIdent Flex is designed from the ground up for organisations that cannot depend on a one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring their customers are who they say they are. In a world where fraud is consistently increasing, our video capability paired with our experts adds a powerful layer of security, especially for those businesses and customers that require a face-to-face interaction.”

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