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How does the iGaming industry attract professionals from outside the sector: EvenBet perspective.



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iGaming is a growing and highly regulated market that represents a real challenge for many companies to enter. At the same time, it’s a golden grail for all go-getters with unconventional mindsets. If you find it fascinating to work with different obstacles in your professional life, it’s becoming a source of huge income.


Alexandra Voronetskaya, the Chief Marketing Officer at EvenBet Gaming, was invited as an expert to “The Gaming Boardroom” podcast. She shared valuable insights on how to attract professionals to the iGaming industry and build an inspired and hard-working team where every individual becomes the company’s ambassador. 



Professional experience outside the iGaming industry brings a completely different point of view on how information is perceived and used in marketing tools. These tools help create non-standard, special products that are tailor-made for a certain market. 


  1. Always honestly tell people about all the hardships and obstacles they can meet while working in this industry. 
  2. Share the benefits and growth opportunities of working in the growing market.
  3. Find go-getters, achievers, and people with the same mindset looking for challenges. 


Managing a group of people who come from different backgrounds, experiences and age groups, and are based all over the world within various cultures, takes a lot of management. However, connecting with people from highly regulated spheres, such as spirits, for example, may be beneficial for both them and the company in the iGaming sector. These creative professionals are already used to overcoming regulation issues and know the path to success. 


At EvenBet, like in poker, we are eager to try something new, move forward, and take risks. Leading and differing from competitors takes a lot of energy, but you can succeed by recruiting a diverse workforce that includes men, women, and people of any gender and culture from all over the world. 



Managing diverse teams takes plenty of communication.  At EvenBet, we have managers based in France, Asia, and South America who come from different cultural backgrounds. And a completely remotely working marketing team located in different time zones across five countries. Despite that, we still successfully bring everyone together around one brand.


There are definitely some peculiarities in our communication. We face and have to deal with detecting early stages of burnout and mental issues. The best solution here is to be in touch constantly and confirm for the whole team a couple of rules that will help everyone be on the same page and actually feel every team member’s emotional status.


  1. The ground rule is to use emojis 🙂 They bring a sparkle of joy and a smile to your colleagues and are essential for fruitful communication without any obstacles. 
  2. Switch on the camera. Today’s businesses have many online meetings where marketing is impossible without emotions. If you switch on the camera, you can see each other exchanging positive energy and better understand the project’s idea.
  3. Blend offline and online meetings. Bring the whole team together, which is crucial for team spirit and energy. At EvenBet Gaming, we have scheduled a 15-minute coffee time meeting every week on Friday. It has become a tradition to chat, get to know each other, and never talk about work. 


It’s also essential for remote teams to have feedback sessions with their leaders, discussing the positive impact they had this month and what the next step of their career development is. 



If we are speaking about brand strategy and how it helps to work with leadership and improve HR issues, we should consider that the HR brand strategy is a part of the company’s branding strategy. When you have a good, well-perceived brand of your company with high brand awareness, you will have plenty of applicants only announcing that you are hiring. These people want to work for a company that creates unique products. With the help of a good branding strategy, you can attract better candidates with high hard and soft skills.


Companies with bigger brands that are better established in the market have higher chances of attracting candidates. But if you are at the starting point, create a unique, valuable selling proposition. It’s also a good decision to shake the community. Go to the professionals in the needed sphere, share the values of the company and the kind of market you are working with, and ask for recommendations. Now, when we live at the centre of tribe culture, and the basis of everything is feedback, it’s an awesome tool to ask for advice. 


One of the company’s values at EvenBet is trust. From the very beginning, we trust the team and any applicants we have. You’re halfway to success if you can create a brand that stands for something. The people that you employ bring the brand to life as they’re the ones who write the words for adverts, clients, and press releases. They’re the ones that the public sees. It’s crucial to create a brand culture and presence built on things like trust and authenticity. If you consistently drive that message through and nudge your team members all the time, then building that brand environment and culture is becoming gold dust. 



Bringing in professionals outside the iGaming industry relies on cultivating a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture. Companies like EvenBet Gaming show that using different professional backgrounds can boost creativity and strength. By clearly sharing the industry’s challenges and benefits, businesses can attract motivated people ready to face regulatory and market issues. This strategy brings new ideas to the company and helps develop unique products that excel in the competitive iGaming market.

Furthermore, a strong, value-driven brand presence attracts professionals who are not just employees but ambassadors of the company’s vision and ethos. This happens thanks to a combination of marketing campaigns that present the brand from the right perspective. During the podcast, Alexandra Voronetskaya and Kate Chambers also discussed the role of marketing in HR strategy, what stands behind the brand name, and why social media plays a crucial role during the recruitment process. All these and much more can be found in our recent podcast.


Play By The Rules: Esports Legal Forum Announced for ESI Lisbon 2024



Reading Time: 3 minutes

ESI Events is proud to announce the launch of “Play By The Rules,” a pioneering legal forum dedicated to the esports sector, taking place as part of ESI Lisbon from September 23rd to 25th, 2024.

In cooperation with international lawyers Leonid Shmatenko (Eversheds Sutherland) and Rodolphe Ruffié-Farrugia (Clifford Chance) as well as Esports Legal News, this inaugural event aims to set the standard for esports-focused legal conferences worldwide.

Event Overview

ESI Events and the co-organizers intend for “Play By The Rules” to provide an unparalleled platform for legal professionals (attorneys, inhouse-lawyers, academics, and students), industry stakeholders, and esports enthusiasts to delve into the complex legal landscape of the esports sector. With a focus on player contracts, intellectual property, governance and regulation, streaming rights, and more, the forum promises a rich agenda filled with topical, fresh, and insightful discussions.

Key Dates

  • September 24, 2024: Play By The Rules Conference (Concurrent with ESI Lisbon Day 1 and taking place at the same venue)
  • September 25, 2024: Exclusive access for PBTR speakers, sponsors, and VIP guests to ESI Lisbon Day 2 and the SBC Summit

Themes and Focus Areas

“Play By The Rules” will cover a broad spectrum of legal questions affecting the global esports industry, through stage talks, roundtable discussions and focussed group networking, with an emphasis on creating actionable takeaways for attendees. Key areas of discussion will include:

  • Player contracts and rights
  • Intellectual property challenges
  • Governance and regulatory frameworks
  • Streaming and broadcasting rights
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms

Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend our evening social event, the ESI Film Festival at the MEO Arena with top quality food and beverage, gaining detailed insights into esports, gaming and intersecting industries as we shine a light on stories behind the screens.

ESI Lisbon 2024 Highlights

Running alongside the SBC Summit, which anticipates over 25,000 attendees, ESI Lisbon will feature:

  • Esports Leaders Summit
  • ESI Film Festival
  • ESI Hall of Fame
  • Checkpoint
  • The Clutch

Already confirmed attendees at ESI Lisbon include;

  • Formula One
  • Savvy Games
  • Samsung Ads
  • OverActive Media
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One
  • Twitch
  • ESL FACEIT Group
  • Electronic Arts
  • Ubisoft
  • City Football Group
  • Visit Raleigh
  • Team Liquid
  • Moonton
  • Visit Qatar
  • OG Esports
  • Wasserman
  • & many, many more

Sam Cooke, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Esports Insider said: “We are thrilled to launch ‘Play By The Rules’ in partnership with Leonid Shmatenko of Eversheds Sutherland and Rodolphe Ruffié-Farrugia of Clifford Chance as part of ESI Lisbon 2024. Our new esports legal forum represents a first and important step in addressing the complex legal challenges within the esports industry, providing a dedicated forum for discussion, innovation, and actionable solutions. By bringing together the brightest minds in esports law, we aim to set a new standard for legal excellence in this rapidly evolving sector.”

Leonid Shmatenko, Senior Associate at Eversheds Sutherland and Founder of Esports Legal News: “After an extensive search for a comparable event in the market, I found numerous conferences that addressed video games law but none that focused specifically on the unique legal challenges in esports. Esports is a rapidly growing field with its own set of legal considerations, and it is high time we had a dedicated platform to address these issues. I approached ESI with this concept and their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence made them the perfect partner. Together, we aim to set new standards in the esports law conference world, providing invaluable insights and fostering a deeper understanding of the legal landscape in esports.”

Rodolphe Ruffié-Farrugia, Counsel at Clifford Chance and co-founder of Esports Legal News: “For years now, esports has been a booming industry and we have witnessed the emergence of a wide variety of professional stakeholders, including the players themselves, their teams, the leagues, tournament organisers… Yet, the legal industry has not been as quick in adapting to the unique needs and high stakes at play in esports, no doubt because lawyers and gamers tend to evolve in different worlds. Knowing well these communities from within both personally and professionally, I have made it a mission years ago to build bridges between them. I feel very lucky to have found like-minded peers in Leonid and ESI to create this first-of-its-kind summit, a turning point in bringing esports and the law together.”

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the unmissable B2B esports, games and creator economy event and industry festival at ESI Lisbon. Secure your spot now with early bird tickets (Secure 33% off until August 23rd!)

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Critics Argue Australia’s Approach to Regulating Online Gambling is Becoming too Paternalistic



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Online gambling has become a globally successful enterprise with enormous growth worldwide and new platforms popping up all the time. As a result of all that popularity among gambling enthusiasts, it’s become a delicate balancing act for Australian authorities whose regulation of the industry is caught between needing the tax revenue and wanting to protect all involved while trying to avoid losing out to offshore competitors in the process.

However, some view Australia’s continuing crackdown on online gambling as going too far and heading in a direction that will eventually kill the industry. With a myriad of enticing platforms all over the world, there are plenty of offshore platforms waiting to pick up the pieces if that happens. Australian players are always on the lookout for perks related to the speed of payouts or ones that provide the least restrictive experience. According to casino expert, Sergio Zammit, casinos that offer fast withdrawals can process payments within minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks.

On average, offshore sites can offer players these kinds of perks more often as they are subject to less paternalistic regulations. Add to the fact that many offshore sites now offer the latest craze from online casinos and it becomes clear why Australia is in a tricky spot when it comes to how harsh a direction it chooses to take its iGaming regulations in. That craze is crypto gambling and it allows players at real money online casinos to bet and play using cryptocurrency.

As perhaps one of the leading adopters of cryptocurrencies so far through this initiative, the iGaming industry has seen interest soar in crypto casinos. It isn’t rocket science to figure out why. These types of platforms feature virtually instant payouts and far less restrictive sign-up processes since they don’t have to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) policies or even ID verification in most instances. This is because crypto gambling, like anything cryptocurrency-related, utilizes transactions that are verified using blockchain technology.

The entire appeal of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is that it’s able to produce a digital ledger that records transactions in a virtually immutable way that’s also free of central authority. As a result, in the online casino context, it can provide a far more private experience since transactions are recorded via pseudonyms, ensuring players can retain a degree of anonymity and discretion when playing. Add to that the fact that crypto casino platforms also often come with more generous welcome bonuses and feature provably fair gameplay and it becomes obvious why offshore platforms are becoming so popular all over the world.

In comparison, Australian online gambling platforms must adhere to strict guidelines in terms of following KYC and AML procedures and a myriad of other licensing requirements and rules that are aimed at harm reduction and strictly enforced. Many believe such a legislative regime is necessary to ensure fair play and responsible behavior from both the providers and players. However, others argue that it results in an overly paternalistic approach that is becoming fodder for offshore platforms that are more lax with their regulations, enabling them to keep lapping up Australian players in droves.

As a result, not only do Australia and many other first-world nations with progressive tax laws keep losing local players to offshore platforms, but they face losing higher and higher percentages of potential tax revenue that can amount to billions flowing out of the country too. When all of this is weighed against the harm reduction goals of Australia and other countries like it, it often doesn’t feel very worth it. This is likely because arguments against a nanny state stem from the fact that such a form of governance inherently creates a more stifling society, one where people will always gravitate toward behaviors that beckon them with the allure of a freer and less restrictive regime.

After all, nannies are meant to watch over and protect their wards, keeping them from harm at all costs. The problem is that nannies are meant to take care of babies and young children whereas state gambling laws are aimed at adults. Adults are meant to self-regulate, so keeping them from harm at all costs also means no personal responsibility or accountability need to ever be shown from their side.

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CreedRoomz to Showcase at iGB Live Amsterdam 2024



Reading Time: < 1 minute

CreedRoomz is thrilled to be part of iGB Live Amsterdam 2024, happening from July 16th to July 19th.

At iGB Live Amsterdam, CreedRoomz will showcase its latest gaming solutions aimed at enhancing player experiences and supporting operator success. Explore CreedRoomz’s diverse gaming portfolio, featuring a wide range of offerings tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the gaming industry.

Attendees will discover the live casino offerings including Generic API, Dedicated Tables & Studios, and land to live technologies designed to elevate gaming experiences. From classic favourites to innovative new games, CreedRoomz is committed to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Join CreedRoomz at Stand 12-B40 to explore exclusive previews of the company’s upcoming projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the team and explore potential partnerships.

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