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Welcome to Job Market - powered by European Gaming

Job Market – by European Gaming is specially designed for gaming and gambling industry professionals to find and filter the most rewarding roles within the vertical that can boost their career to the next level.

Are you looking to get hired or are you looking for your next career step?

The job listings found on this website are available for the following career levels in several categories:

  • Entry Level
  • Intermediate or Experienced Level
  • First-Level Management
  • Middle-Level Management
  • Senior, Executive or Top-Level Management and Chiefs.

You can browse the current open positions on the following link and apply for free.

Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies

Are you a company looking to recruit new talent or a Recruitment Agency assessing the HR needs of a client(s)?

We offer several options for you to list your open role(s) on Job Market. Attracting new talent has never been easier!

You can post a job offering on the following link for free!

Please note: If you are a recruitment agency, we will need to review your application before granting you the “Certified recruiter” status.

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