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Scout Gaming signs deal with market leading CIS operator Parimatch

George Miller



Scout Gaming signs deal with market leading CIS operator Parimatch
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Scout Gaming has entered into a license agreement with one of the market leading operators in the CIS region, Parimatch, to launch Scout Gaming’s market leading Daily Fantasy Sports product.

The partnership after it was announced that the Ukrainian president has signed a new bill to legalize gambling in Ukraine and start issuing licenses.

Founded in Ukraine 1994, Parimatch looks to build on its heritage to maintain a leading position in its home market. Parimatch is expected to be one of the first companies to apply for and obtain a local license in Ukraine.

“We are very pleased to reach an agreement with one of the absolute largest operators in the CIS region. We are impressed by how the team on Parimatch has grew their operations in the recent years and we are happy to further support their growth with offering our full product portfolio. Scout Gaming is currently putting all efforts to reach agreement with market leading operators around the world, this is an additional step in the right direction”, comments Scout Gaming CEO, Andreas Ternstrom.

“We are constantly improving our product offering and are very happy to be able to offer the market leading Fantasy product to our clients in a near future. Scout Gaming’s software will extend our already very successful sports offering and we are looking forward to a long-term successful co-operation”, comments Parimatch CEO, Sergey Portnov.

While the deal will have a limited impact on Scout Gaming’s 2020 revenues, the partnership has the potential to have a moderate to high effect on revenues in 2021 and beyond.

Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings kicks off first-of-its-kind DFS World Cup

George Miller



DraftKings kicks off first-of-its-kind DFS World Cup
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10 global teams will battle it out over two weeks to find the ultimate Daily Fantasy Sports nation

What: The DraftKings World Cup sets national teams of the best DraftKings DFS players from around the world against each other to determine the elite DFS playing nation, and to crown the first DraftKings World Cup Champion.

Ten teams from each country where DraftKings operates DFS are represented in this special two-week series that aims to both fuel the competitive spirits and sporting rivalry between nations.

Who: 10 teams of 10 players will be participating.

The teams include USA East, USA West, Canada, England, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland, Wales, Germany, Australia and the Rest of Europe, with each country having 10 players representing the nations. The individuals selected are some of the best DraftKings DFS players from across each of the countries as well as several ‘wildcards’ filled through qualifier contests.

When: The DraftKings World Cup will be run over two weeks, from 22nd October to 1st November.

The top four teams with the highest combined points in week one will progress to the final, with the remaining six teams eliminated.

Scoring: The teams will collect points by betting on six different events in the first week including the English Premier League (EPL), PGA golf, Major League Baseball (MLB), Australian Football League (AFL), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and the NFL. Only the top four teams will qualify for the final week where the events will be PGA, UFC, EPL, NFL and Nascar.

Week one has a total of six events. All 100 players enter each contest. If you get first place, you get 100 points for your country and if you get last, you only get 1 point. Second place gets 99 points, third place 98 points, and so on.


Yellow events highlighted above are the five Premiere Events, where points count as double (first place gets 200, last place gets 2).

Payout Structure: As this is a team competition, all overall prizes are split between team members. However, there will be individual prizes for the winner of each contest ($500 or $1000 for premiere events). The top prize is $10,000.

1st – $10,000 2nd – $7,500 3rd – $5,000 4th – $2,500

Engagement: To further build interest and engagement, DraftKings has created a shadow contest that will run alongside the main event where any DFS players can win a share of a prize pool if they beat the top score of those participating in the DK World Cup. All shadow events will offer $1,000 with the final contest NFL (11/1) being $3,000

A landing page will be live later this week which will be the one-stop-shop for those wanting to follow and it will include teams, live leaderboard, contests and shadow links etc.

Clinton Gray, VIP Manager at DraftKings, said: “Fan engagement is paramount at DraftKings and, ahead of a packed lives sports schedule next year, we are fueling the competitive spirits of our player base by launching a World Cup featuring teams from every country we are active in across an array of daily fantasy sports categories. It will be a thrilling two weeks of fierce competition and we look forward to crowning the first DFS World Cup team winners.”

A landing page will hopefully be live later this week which will be the one stop shop for those wanting to follow and it will include teams, live leaderboard, contest and shadow links etc.

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Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports betting growing in popularity across Europe

George Miller



Leadstar Media named 6th fastest growing tech company in Sweden by Deloitte
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has been one of the fastest-growing gambling verticals in the US in recent years. Leading the charge are fantasy sports giants FanDuel and DraftKings, which together have amassed over 90% of the market share for DFS. As with many other things, what starts in the US tends to make its way to Europe and fantasy sports betting is no exception.

Playing fantasy sports in itself is nothing new to Europeans, neither is using it as a form of betting. However, in the past few years DFS have grown exceptionally fast, this is in part due to the fact that the US has legalized sports betting in several states. When this happened in 2018, Americans were already used to DFS and it was a natural transition to start betting on them. It wasn’t long before this transition caught the attention of European iGaming companies, amongst them is the affiliate company Leadstar Media, who sees the potential that DFS possess. 

– I can’t for certain say that what has happened in the US is the reason for the growth we see in Europe. But from what we’ve observed there’s been a growing interest in DFS since PASPA was overturned. In several of the European markets where we operate, the demand for DFS is higher than ever, especially in Sweden, says Jacob Ljunggren, Product Director at Leadstar Media

To capitalize on this, Leadstar Media have started to update their Swedish products to suit the new sports betting landscape.

– Our Swedish site is currently undergoing an overhaul and one of the things we’re focusing on is fantasy sports betting.

As of today, only 2 companies with Swedish licenses offer fantasy betting. Both are powered by B2B fantasy sports provider Scout Gaming. A company which Ljunggren praises as the best product in the European market when it comes to DFS.

– The products that Scout Gaming offer are really solid and the number of sports you can play on their platform are constantly increasing showing that they are really invested in what many people believe is the future of iGaming. However there are still some areas that can be improved before they are comparable to FanDuel and DraftKings, says Ljunggren.

Scout Gaming Group were quick to adapt their offerings when all major sports came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, launching CSGO fantasy. 

What do you think the future is for DFS betting?

– The potential in this segment is huge. Fantasy sports are about more than just betting, they offer a form of entertainment that we’re not used to. I think this is one of the biggest realisations our industry is going to see in the future. Betting is all about entertainment, and the iGaming industry is competing for people’s attention with other sources of entertainment such as Netflix and video games. Fantasy sports marries betting and entertainment perfectly, as you aren’t playing against the bookmaker but against other players. Also, fantasy sports appeal to a broader audience that wouldn’t normally place bets, says Ljunggren

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Daily Fantasy Sports

GoodGamer Corp Launches India’s First Daily Fantasy Sports and True Esports Gaming App

George Miller



GoodGamer Corp Launches India's First Daily Fantasy Sports and True Esports Gaming App
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Good Gamer Corp., a Daily Fantasy Sports and Esports platform, is pleased to announce the official launch of its GoodGamer Fantasy Gaming App.

GoodGamer is India’s first Daily Fantasy Sports and true Esports gaming platform. It will launch with cricket and CS:GO and add Football (Soccer), Valorant, Dota 2, a Quiz game and Indian Rummy before 2021. GoodGamer is the first to offer several other features, including prop fantasy contests, player injury reports, player injury alerts, an AI-based lineup optimizer, and private contests where the contest creators can earn a commission for creating and managing the contests.

In addition to the official launch, GoodGamer has signed an advertising agreement with Disney+ Hotstar, the official live streaming platform for all premium sports in India, including Cricket. GoodGamer will be present as an advertiser on the biggest T20 League tournament that begins in September in UAE. Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform that has changed the way Indians watch their entertainment – from their favourite TV shows and movies to sporting extravaganzas.

GoodGamer has signed international bowler’s, Umesh Yadav and Kuldeep Yadav as the Company’s brand influencers for the festive season to mark the return of cricket. Umesh Yadav is an Indian cricketer with 10 years of professional experience playing for multiple domestic, T20 league and national teams. He was the highest wicket-taker for India in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. Yadav also plays for the national team as well as multiple domestic franchise teams.

“India and Cricket represent an incredible opportunity for GoodGamer. With a cricket fan base reaching 900 million users, the return of franchise cricket on Disney + Hotstar is the perfect place and time for launching our app. Our app is also primed to gain access to India’s 350 million mobile gamers with CS:GO and our future launch of Valorant, Dota 2 and Freefire, The demographics in India couldn’t be better aligned with the unique sports and Esports focus of our Daily Fantasy app,” said GoodGamer CEO Charles Creighton. “We have planned to launch in the region for some time, but doing so just in time for this tournament is the icing on the cake for us. With all eyes on cricket through to the Final Match in November, our unique features will bring an attractive alternative to Indian DFS fans – fans we can keep engaged throughout the year with our year-round calendar of Esports & traditional sports contests, quiz games, and more.”

GoodGamer’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Good Gamer India Private Limited is located in Bangalore, India to manage operations, marketing and customer service led by former Vancouverite Ravi Nagarajachar, Vice President of Operations.

“Having lived in Vancouver, Canada, and now back in my native Bangalore, it’s exciting for me to be working with the team at GoodGamer to bring this app to Indian sports and Esports fans,” said Ravi Nagarajachar. “We’ve developed a fantastic relationship with leading Esports tournament organizers and marketing groups such as Skyesports of Chennai, one of the top Esports tournament organizers and casters in India. Skyesports will be leveraging their million+ followers, influencer contacts, and its 50 million users reach on Youtube to give us that rocket fuel for our launch here. So many cricket fans also love Esports, this is a perfect fit that makes sense.”

GoodGamer is offering a deposit bonus for every deposit a player makes to enter a DFS contest. Users can earn additional money by signing up for GoodGamer’s Refer-a-Friend program. The Refer-a-Friend program allows a user to earn up to ₹100 Cash Bonus for each referral and a 5% Cash Bonus on a friend’s deposit up to a ₹1000 Cash Bonus. The more friends a player refers to play in a real money contest, the larger bonus. Users may register after they download the app on


SOURCE Good Gamer Corp

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