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The Russian Association for Electronic Communications announces the new Gaming industry and esports cluster

George Miller



The Russian Association for Electronic Communications announces the new Gaming industry and esports cluster
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The Russian Association of electronic communications (RAEC) announces the creation of the Gaming industry and esports cluster.

The new cluster’s purpose is to solve practical problems in the communication field of communication with the media, opinion leaders and the general public.

Priority tasks will be:

  • Work with public opinion, convey a common industry position on the role of video games in society and their impact on it through a pool of experts, release and aggregation of information materials;

  • Identification, coordination and verification of unified data on the gaming and esports markets based on independent research and market participants ‘ own information;

  • Development of educational projects and activities.

The cluster is designed to bring together leading organizations and experts from the gaming industry and provide them with the necessary platform for communication with target groups, to become an intermediary between representatives of the gaming world and society.

The initial group of cluster experts includes:

  • Karina Konkova, Communications Director at MY.GAMES (cluster co-chairman in the “Gaming industry” direction);

  • Yaroslav Meshalkin, Chief Strategic Communications Officer at ESforce Holding (cluster co-chairman in the “Esports” direction);

  • Ilya Salamatov, CEO of META Publishing;

  • Artem Vinokurov, Vice-President of the Russian Esports Federation;

  • Elena Grigoryan, Marketing and Advertising Director at MY.GAMES;

  • Vladislav Arkhipov, PhD in law, head of the Theory and history of state and law department at Saint Petersburg state University, adviser to the practice of intellectual property, information technology and telecommunications of the international law at Dentons, author of the course “Legal esports issues”;

  • Sergey Glamazda, General Manager;

  • Stepan Shulga, Head of esports at Parimatch, esports evangelist;

  • Nikolay Petrosyan, Head of Media direction at ESforce Holding, Head of;

  • Olga Morozova, author of the “Igrology”, researcher at the Institute of Psychology in the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist of the Moscow center for video game research;

  • Anton Oleynik, General Producer of RuHub Studio;

  • Leonid Koen, senior consultant (sports industry and esports) at Odgers Berndtson Russia.

The cluster is open for new participants, and the conditions for joining the expert group are described on the official website of RAEC: All applications will be reviewed jointly by RAEC and cluster experts.

Sergey Plugotarenko, Director of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC):

“RAEC has long been interested in gaming and esports — not only as a hobby for employees, although many of us like to play, but also as drivers of the media and entertainment industry. For several years in a row, we held panels about video games within Russian Internet forum and Russian Internet Week. As a result, we realized the need for a strong communication platform, within which industry representatives can form a consolidated position and build a dialogue with society. This platform should be our new cluster. To create it, we turned to the largest market players and recognized experts, and as a result, we found a strong mutual interest.”

Karina Konkova, Communications Director at MY.GAMES, co-chairman of the RAEC Gaming industry and esports cluster:

“Games are one of the fastest growing segments of the global entertainment industry, with a global audience of more than 2 billion people. The role and prospects of this market in the digital economy are well understood by its participants, but not always obvious to audiences far from game development. We believe that open dialogue, systematic research and educational initiatives will allow games and esports to better identify their real economic potential and enable talented Russian specialists and developers to achieve success both locally and internationally.”

Yaroslav Meshalkin, Chief Strategic Communications Officer at ESforce Holding, expert on the esports mass culture on the Council of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, co-chairman of the RAEC Gaming industry and esports cluster:

“Video games and esports like to be periodically blamed for all the deadly sins, masking real social problems behind it. Thanks to RAEC, we are able to work systematically with the perception of games and computer sports at all levels that interest us. The second and no less important task that our cluster is designed to solve is the formation of a unified approach to market assessment, since now the figures of different research companies are very different from each other and need to be verified by the industry Association.”

The Gaming industry and esports cluster started working. You can find out about the results of its activities on the cluster’s page:


Astralis Enters into Strategic Commercial Partnership with Garmin

Niji Narayan



Astralis Enters into Strategic Commercial Partnership with Garmin
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Astralis Group has entered into a new strategic commercial partnership with Garmin, the global leader within wearable performance technology.

The partnership includes the promotion of the new Garmin Instinct Esports Edition smartwatch designed for esports athletes and enthusiasts. Astralis has already integrated the use of Garmin products in training and performance routines.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-founder and CCO Astralis Group explains:

“We always look for new ways to develop the game and our business. We share the same vision as Garmin when it comes to performance and health, and for quite some time, we have discussed how both parties could take advantage of Garmin’s expertise within performance technology, and our constant strive to progress and elevate the game.

“Entering a long-term commercial partnership across all our teams is a strong commitment from both sides. We look forward to this partnership, and we are going to be very active around promotion and marketing in the Nordic region.

“We see a massive potential as the co-operation will be fully unfolded over the coming months and years.”

David Ekander, Nordic Marketing Director, Garmin:

“We have been looking into the gaming and esports market for a while, as we see a great potential to integrate the use of wearable performance tech in the strive to optimise performance and health for gamers and esports athletes.

“Athletes all over the world use Garmin products to track and improve their performance. With the launch of our newest innovation Instinct Esports Edition, esports athletes can use the new feature to track and examine how their body responds to intense competition.

“It is our hope that presenting the many benefits of using our products to an audience, who might not have considered wearable performance technology a natural part of their lifestyle, can actually help not only the individual but also esports and gaming in general. In this respect, working with a brand and organization as Astralis is a good match to us. We share the approach towards health and performance and Astralis Group is one of the most visionary brands in esports.

“We have great expectations to this partnership and look forward to showing together how players can use our products to improve their game.”

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George Miller



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4Elements Esports (“4Elements”) and FWRDGG (“FWRD”) announced today the official merger between the two esports organizations. The new entity will keep the name of 4Elements Esports and will be headquartered in Luxembourg with a physical presence in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Over the last two years 4Elements developed its presence in the Benelux area and is now a recognized brand in the regional esports scene. The merger between both entities and their professional esports teams will give birth to the largest esports organization in the Benelux area with more than one hundred content creators, professional players, editors and staff involved in the success of the 4Elements brand.

“The last months have been intense and we have been working hard towards this merger,” said Joe Hoffmann, CEO of FWRD. “Instead of quarrelling we considered an alliance as being the right path to take in order to create a long-lasting esports brand in the region and position the organization as a top European contender,” he added.

After the merger, 4Elements will have professional esports teams competing in all major game titles including Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Fortnite, FIFA, Brawl Stars, iRacing and Rainbow Six. In the coming months 4Elements will also enter League of Legends, hence, adding an additional game title to the list.

“The level of competition in the esports market is high and is continuously increasing, as a consequence consolidation is a logical step if you want to position yourself on the international esports scene,” said Paul Helder, CEO of 4Elements. “We all share the same values and FWRD brings along a competent team with a strong expertise and a deep understanding of the esports market and mechanics,” he added.

Let’s give Benelux the flagship it deserves!

In the upcoming months, 4Elements is going to inform the public about serval new projects and undertakings, so stay tuned if you do not want to miss anything!


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F1 Esports Pro Series Event 2 – Media Conference Call

Niji Narayan



F1 Esports Pro Series Event 2 - Media Conference Call
Reading Time: < 1 minute


F1 Esports drivers Dani Bereznay (Alfa Romeo), Marcel Kiefer (Red Bull) and Cedric Thomé (Haas) are going to take part in a media conference on November 2 ahead of the F1 Esports Pro Series Event 2, which starts on November 4. Event 2 comprises Zandvoort (Netherlands), Montreal (Canada) and Spielberg (Austria).

Dani Bereznay is currently the most successful driver in F1 Esports history with a career point total of 327 heading into Event 2, which is one point ahead of Red Bull’s Frederik Rasmussen. Bereznay is currently third in the championship standings with 33 points to his name. Marcel Kiefer is competing for Red Bull this year, after turning for Racing Point last season. Kiefer has winning experience having won the Silverstone race during last year’s championship and has gotten off to a great start this season, achieving two podiums across Event 1. Haas’ Cedric Thomé will be looking forward to racing in Montreal again where he finished at the top of the podium last year, whilst driving for Renault.

Conference call schedule:

Marcel Kiefer: 15:00 – 15:20

Cedric Thomé: 15:20 – 15:40

Dani Bereznay: 15:40 – 16:00

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