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John Goodman Stars in Advertising Campaign for Slotomania

George Miller



John Goodman Stars in Advertising Campaign for Slotomania
Reading Time: 2 minutes


John Goodman’s newest role is his most unique to date.

The Hollywood star, currently starring in the hit HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, is scheduled to appear in a new advertising campaign for Slotomania as… a finger.

Here’s why…

A hilarious TV commercial, going out nationwide

Hollywood royalty John Goodman is starring in a hilarious new TV commercial for Slotomania – T he #1 Free Social Slots game in the world* and one of the top grossing apps in the Apple App Store and Google Store.

Animated as a talking finger, the star takes viewers through an average day in the dull and gloomy life of an index finger.

He’s endlessly tapped against a table, squashed against ‘boring buttons’ on a phone screen and ends up in many unpleasant situations. He even finds himself shoved inside a hairy nostril. John Goodman’s life as a finger is far from enjoyable.

But the situation isn’t hopeless – one download of Slotomania and life as a finger opens up to a new world of fun and enjoyment. “That, ladies and gentlemen, is excitement”, John Goodman proclaims, and no day is ever boring or repetitive again.

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania is the #1 Free Social Slots game in the world* that aims to provide its players with surprises and thrilling moments every single day.

Slotomania is a pioneering casino-themed game that offers daily entertainment and virtual prizes.
Players can increase their in-game loyalty benefits as they progress in the game.

Slotomania attracts 4 million players every month. confirming What makes Slotomania so popular is the fun, challenging and interactive gameplay. The game dedicates itself to providing daily excitement with thrilling moments. Daily excitement and making new friends are central to the Slotomania experience. As John Goodman’s character explains in the commercial, “you never know what will today spin”, from a “new free slot game” to a “new friend for life”.

The filming

The commercial was directed by Grammy Award Nominees Gal Muggia and Vania Heyman, most well-known for their work with major partners such as Apple, Nike and Coldplay for their music video “Up & Up”.

Filming the commercial with John Goodman was a unique experience for all involved as the cast and crew were treated to yet another entertaining performance from this much-loved actor.

The commercial will air across national broadcasting networks in the US starting October 5th 2020.

Speaking from the set, John Goodman said:

“It has been a lot of fun to film this commercial for Slotomania. I can definitely say this is a unique role in my career and the chance to act out a day in the life of an index finger was unforgettable! I really hope everyone enjoys the commercial and has as much fun as I did in filming it.”

Slotomania General Manager, Mickey Sonnino adds:

“I am very excited to finally share our new campaign for Slotomania. Slotomania has been an industry pioneer for over 10 years and we still have big plans for the future of our favorite game. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and exciting experience for our players every day and we are only getting started!”


SOURCE Playtika

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EU Ranked: The Sports Betting Capitals of Europe

George Miller



EU Ranked: The Sports Betting Capitals of Europe
Reading Time: 2 minutes


  • Recent +2,850% surge worldwide in people asking, “new sports betting sites…”
  • Google searches like “sports betting” currently highest in MALTA
  • Ireland, Cyprus and Romania among TOP countries in Europe for sports betting
  • Slovakia, Germany and Poland among BOTTOM countries in Europe for sports betting
  • Google searches for sports betting online are highest in Sweden and Ireland

There has been a recent +2,850% surge in searches for “new sports betting sites Hungary”, according to Google Trends. Which led to ask, what European countries are most interested in sports betting?

To find the sports betting capitals of Europe, TopRatedCasinos inputted several keyword variations into the keyword analytics section of SEMrush. 27 EU countries were inputted and analysed individually and searches per capita were considered, before final results were listed, to make findings more accurate*.

Interestingly, TopRatedCasinos’ research found that although Google Trends shows an increase in sports betting in Hungary, Hungarians are among the least interested in placing a bet on sporting events, ranking 20th overall for interest around the sports betting topic, with only 0.43 searches on average per 1,000 population.

The Results

TopRatedCasinos found average monthly searches like “sports betting” are currently highest per capita in Malta. In fact, in the last 30 days, there have been 2,420 individual searches around the topic, which equates to 5.48 searches on average per 1,000 population.

This is followed by high search results per capita in Ireland and Cyprus, with 16,610 and 3,470 sports betting searches on average per month, respectively.

At the other end of the scale, we find countries like Slovakia, Germany, and Poland.

In Slovakia, there are 1,690 searches (0.31 searches per 1,000 population) a month containing keywords like “sports betting.”

While in Germany and Poland, we find interest around the sports betting topic to be seemingly very low in accordance with population size. Germany for instance only had 0.29 searches on average per 1,000 population.



To find out the sports betting capitals of Europe, TopRatedCasinos inputted several keyword variations into the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEMrush. The variations included: “sports betting”, “sports gambling”, “bet on sports”, “online sport bet” and “online sports gambling”. Results for all 27 EU countries were inputted and analysed individually before final results were listed. All 27 EU countries were ranked in accordance with searches per capita, to make findings more accurate. was used to get the estimated population size of all 27 EU countries considered.

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Conferences in Europe

European Gaming complements the events portfolio with Virtual Quarterly Meetups and assigns Way Seer (Advisory Board)

George Miller



Reading Time: 4 minutes


European Gaming’s leading conference portfolio to be complemented with Virtual Quarterly Meetups starting 2021.


There is no doubt that virtual gatherings will still be a key activity for content sharing and networking in 2021 as well and we are adapting our agenda accordingly by launching the virtual European Gaming Quarterly Meetups series.

The quarterly meetups will complement the yearly conferences that will be hosted (if allowed) in hybrid formats, and will be strategically coordinated by the European Gaming Way Seers (Advisory Board).

We observed, tested and now implementing a special format to our audience. The idea is to continue brining an efficient communication channel that allows participants to stay up to date in a comfortable way with the latest updates. Only the vital information will be shared during the meetups and we are also allowing the participants to add to the topics. It is important for the industry to share their knowledge among each other in an efficient way that also creates a conversation that leads to opinion forming. This temporary abnormal is pushing us out of our comfort zone of hosting traditional conferences and we the future looks brighter than it did in April-May 2020, even some might argue this”, stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

European Gaming Quarterly Meetups

The European Gaming Quarterly Meetups are designed to keep you up-to-date with what is fresh in the European gambling industry. The meetups also focus on countries in the EEA region and also on the CIS countries.

All the 4 meetups in 2021 are virtual and can be attended from the comfort of your office or home.

The virtual meetups will be organized quarterly and the calendar looks the following way:

  • February 11, 2021 – European Gaming Q1 Meetup
  • June 10, 2021 – European Gaming Q2 Meetup
  • September 09, 2021 – European Gaming Q3 Meetup
  • November 18, 2021 – European Gaming Q4 Meetup

The tickets are sold at the rate of 89 EUR per Meetup or you can benefit of the full year membership offer and save 25%. You can find more details about the passes here.

The meetups feature several panel discussions per region and topics that are joined by key industry experts, CEOs, C-Level Executives, Business Development Managers, and sometimes government officials/regulators.

All meetups offer the opportunity to network online in special break-out sessions, but also join a round table discussion which answers all burning questions of the industry at a certain point in time during 2021.

To receive constant updates about the registration opening and agenda updates, subscribe here:

Advisory Board

In order to fully embrace all hot topics and regulatory updates from the above-mentioned regions, the topics and discussions will be put together by a group of experts, which were hand-picked to join the European Gaming Way Seers (Advisory Board).

We honored to announce the appointment of the following experts:

  • Raffaela Zillner, LL.M (General Secretariat of the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG))
  • Nadiya Attard (Director of Sales at Relax Gaming)
  • Charmaine Hogan (Head of Regulatory Affairs Playtech)
  • Jessica Maier (Chief Risk Officer, Head of Legal and Compliance at Push Gaming)
  • Sissel Weitzhandler (Chief Compliance Officer at Play’n GO)
  • Bahar Alaeddini (Partner at Harris Hagan)
  • Joerg Hofmann (Partner at MELCHERS LAW)
  • Morten Ronde (CEO at Danish Online Gambling Association and Managing Partner at Nordic Gambling)
  • Pieter Remmers (CEO at Assissa Consultancy Europe)
  • Gustaf Hoffstedt (Secretary-General at the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling)
  • Andrius Gabnys (Attorney At Law – Gabnys Law Firm)
  • Dr. Simon Planzer (Partner at PLANZER LAW)

The excitement about 2021 is also shared by the above-mentioned experts and here are some inputs that were stated:

“It’s great to see European Gaming Media and Events challenging the ‘new normal’ of gaming conferences. I‘m delighted to be part of this journey as a member of the advisory board.”Jessica Maier (Chief Risk Officer, Head of Legal and Compliance at Push Gaming)

“This is a great initiative. I look forward to participating in this project together with the other members of the advisory board.”Charmaine Hogan (Head of Regulatory Affairs at Playtech)

“Regular exchanges of experts not only strengthen the industry’s networking, but also support the goal of keeping gambling safe, fun and responsible. I am therefore very pleased to support the project as a member of the Advisory Board.”Dr. Raffaela Zillner, LL.M (General Secretariat of the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG))

“European Gaming is the organization where I feel at home. It will be interesting to say the least to be involved as a member of the advisory board.” Andrius Gabnys (Attorney At Law – Gabnys Law Firm)

“European Gaming has developed into the obvious choice for anyone in search of knowledge and insight regarding the gambling industry. I look forward to not merely observe its future development, but take part of it.”Gustaf Hoffstedt (Secretary-General at the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling)

“I have come to know Zoltan as a self-made man who has learned to understand the gambling industry within a relatively short period of time and created a position for himself and his activities.

The boutique format conferences that Zoltan set up a couple of years ago definitely created a ‘must attend’ event for all of us that want to stay informed.”Pieter Remmers (CEO at Assissa Consultancy Europe)

For further sponsorship/speaking and marketing inquiries, make sure to reach out to Andrada Marginean (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency).

For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency).

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Scientific Games Signs New Instant Games Contract with Croatian National Lottery

Niji Narayan



Scientific Games Signs New Instant Games Contract with Croatian National Lottery
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Scientific Games Corporation has entered into a new two-year deal to provide lottery instant scratch games to Hrvatska Lutrija, the National Lottery of Croatia, continuing a successful two-year collaboration that has grown retail sales for the products 60% since 2018.

Scientific Games provides Hrvatska Lutrija with instant game portfolio management and has developed a variety of products to entertain Croatian players and drive maximum proceeds to financially support valuable projects that contribute to the development of society in Croatia, including humanitarian causes, science, education, culture, environmental and health protection.

“We are extremely pleased with the growth of our instant game product category since our relationship with Scientific Games began just under two years ago, and we look forward to continuing our good work together for two more years. The incredible growth of the product in this short time can be credited to Scientific Games’ global expertise fully developing instant game portfolios with both entertainment value and the Lottery’s beneficiaries in mind,” Mario Musa, President of the Board of Hrvatska Lutrija, said.

“There is great potential to responsibly grow the instant product category further in Croatia. As we begin to work even more closely to refine the offering, the future to create proceeds to the Lottery’s beneficiary is very bright. Instant games as a game entertainment category is not fully realized in many European markets, and the National Lottery of Croatia’s recent success is a tremendous example of the product’s potential,” John Schulz, SVP Global Instant Products for Scientific Games, said.

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